I made your dumb ideas in Minecraft...

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I decided to make your dumb ideas in Minecraft, and here's what you came up with. I am not proud of you. Video heavily inspired by Michael Reeves. You're awesome.
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Outro music: Kokonoku - Delicious!
So I made your dumb ideas in Minecraft... Now while this is not a fundy Difficulty, or a Minecraft, but video, I think it was still funny and enjoyable to watch. I hope you enjoyed it!
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Fundy 7 månader sedan
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Andrew Groge
Andrew Groge 20 dagar sedan
F for FUCK
Tangerine Månad sedan
Ivone Valéria Santos
Ivone Valéria Santos Månad sedan
I subscribed 🙂
diana Weck
diana Weck Månad sedan
At least our ideas are not stupid
Foxy the pirate
Foxy the pirate 2 månader sedan
I heet you
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez 41 minut sedan
Minecraft but if you breed animals you get op items
extremegamer 1456
extremegamer 1456 Timme sedan
I miss fundy
Titan Spencer
Titan Spencer 4 timmar sedan
Titan Spencer
Titan Spencer 4 timmar sedan
I dont know
I dont know 4 timmar sedan
9:22 corona be like
Poppy Barker
Poppy Barker 4 timmar sedan
Sanchir Enkhtal
Sanchir Enkhtal 5 timmar sedan
It true thirds you tube bug
Светломир Раднев
Светломир Раднев 6 timmar sedan
Fundy livs in the Nether :p
lilly gamer
lilly gamer 7 timmar sedan
Pls make a tnt house and boom dead house
Life Around Me
Life Around Me 7 timmar sedan
They are not garbage you are rude
Life Around Me
Life Around Me 7 timmar sedan
You are rude
joão bosco
joão bosco 17 timmar sedan
my dumb ideia: makke a mlg with a bucket of lava no creative and end minecraft with dream skin
Kevinator Jay
Kevinator Jay 18 timmar sedan
make minecraft with rtx on
Mackenzie Oakes
Mackenzie Oakes 18 timmar sedan
8:47 pig step
JadeMoon 21 timme sedan
Mimecraft, but dirt is replaced with tnt. ;-;
Nathan Liu
Nathan Liu 23 timmar sedan
Megan Laub
Megan Laub Dag sedan
im canadian
Noah Firth
Noah Firth Dag sedan
i wish i could shit in minecraft
Haleema KIANI
Haleema KIANI Dag sedan
Henry Waid
Henry Waid Dag sedan
f***ing make the ender dragon a chicken dragon
Nakai Hairston
Nakai Hairston Dag sedan
we was supposed to be forever alone but ended up with a dance party with creepers smh
Viktoria Nikiforova
Viktoria Nikiforova Dag sedan
Fundy can you read mrbeasts if he comment and pin him
Viktoria Nikiforova
Viktoria Nikiforova Dag sedan
You shall do Minecraft but it’s all triangle world and do a poop Minecraft world
pokebrouserkat Dag sedan
5:04 when you open the video capture screen that shows your screen that shows your screen that shows your screen
Unknown User
Unknown User Dag sedan
5:33 HowToBasic
Frankie Smith
Frankie Smith Dag sedan
i miss Fundy
Kata Migácsné
Kata Migácsné Dag sedan
i miss fundy
shivanghi ranjan
shivanghi ranjan Dag sedan
Neighbor Vadim
Neighbor Vadim Dag sedan
Matt Damon!
HootHit Dag sedan
Make a working digital tv
Just Seff Stuff
Just Seff Stuff Dag sedan
I wanna see someone do a run of Minecraft with the Forever Alone thing on
Noah Dukat
Noah Dukat Dag sedan
Legitimate idea: Create the cuckoo. Do not attack the chicken or you will be swarmed. This goes for other mobs as well, if a skeleton shoots a chicken they will be murdered. Possibly, you can use a chicken as a meat shield to trigger the effect on enemies.
Kid RedGlow
Kid RedGlow Dag sedan
minecraft but, everything is reversed, trees upside down, diamonds are like wood, you beat the game back words, all the crazyness like that
A CM Dag sedan
You should try playing games with some of those mods you made or have others play them
Hayden Edgmon
Hayden Edgmon Dag sedan
Minecraft but it's Matt Damon. Me: Yep thanks, I really wanted to stare at Private Ryan's face all day.
Shadow 2 dagar sedan
Caroline Baff
Caroline Baff 2 dagar sedan
I miss funds
Game Dev
Game Dev 2 dagar sedan
Fundy Trieng to sing*
AnimeBoo 2 dagar sedan
React to this video called you made fundy cry
jabee jose
jabee jose 2 dagar sedan
Make you mc world say fuck
Sunset_ Playz123
Sunset_ Playz123 2 dagar sedan
3:37 - 3:38 omg the cuts make it funny! More like Fundy! 😂
Rana Mahabir
Rana Mahabir 2 dagar sedan
minecraft but everyting is void dumb idea?
Body Tuition
Body Tuition 2 dagar sedan
I miss fundy
Khaizan Japakkal
Khaizan Japakkal 2 dagar sedan
Minecraft but nukes appear in 7 seconds
maria chechak
maria chechak 2 dagar sedan
I never subscribed
Liam Atayde
Liam Atayde 2 dagar sedan
You should make a jet pack
Felicia Hunter
Felicia Hunter 2 dagar sedan
I think Minecraft should add like a little thing like a little thing so say if something doesn't work like redstone kind of like the fire light or whatever it's called Redstone light but you can turn it off and on
Terra *
Terra * 2 dagar sedan
10:12 BANIDO
AVTG Squad
AVTG Squad 2 dagar sedan
Let’s goooo ya foxy stud
Cooper Doyle
Cooper Doyle 2 dagar sedan
Code 2 dagar sedan
He do sound like michael reeves tho
junior's channel
junior's channel 3 dagar sedan
*Oh... **_O O O AHH NO_*
Giboos Montażysta
Giboos Montażysta 3 dagar sedan
Michael reeves ripoff
Жика 3 dagar sedan
I mis fundy
Eliso Mamporia
Eliso Mamporia 3 dagar sedan
your photo (fox) is so cute
LPS Sadie
LPS Sadie 3 dagar sedan
Could you do a Fox called Fundy and when you name he is your character
Phoenix Baez
Phoenix Baez 3 dagar sedan
CREEPER.,. Aww man... So we back in the mine swinging your pickaxe from side to side side side to side..
Dheeptha Sreejith E
Dheeptha Sreejith E 3 dagar sedan
6:08 made me laugh
eve s
eve s 3 dagar sedan
Minecraft but if you step an enderman: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
eve s
eve s 3 dagar sedan
Minecraft but gardians & a fish switched powers
eve s
eve s 3 dagar sedan
Minecraft but blocks have gravity
Tyler Alexander
Tyler Alexander 3 dagar sedan
9:10 i think you messed up forever alone
Your Daily cursed emoji
Your Daily cursed emoji 3 dagar sedan
Minecraft but it's has *mechanical things*
C Lowe
C Lowe 3 dagar sedan
make iphones in minecraft plz do it
Nick Mav
Nick Mav 3 dagar sedan
I subscribed and I checked it everything is fine...
Bubbl1e gum1 Assassin
Bubbl1e gum1 Assassin 3 dagar sedan
Make garfeald
Code-elf1 -_-
Code-elf1 -_- 3 dagar sedan
Pigs dance
Melissa Poor
Melissa Poor 3 dagar sedan
Do Minecraft but everything's bababy
Carolyn Clinkscales
Carolyn Clinkscales 4 dagar sedan
UwU 4 dagar sedan
Charlie ._. Randomperson
Charlie ._. Randomperson 4 dagar sedan
Minecraft but villagers can fight
merkexxl 4 dagar sedan
Do dragon ball
Daxi 4 dagar sedan
@quackity wow you are in dirt block!!!
Prince Pinlac
Prince Pinlac 4 dagar sedan
i want to make mobs FATT
Mischa Schuurman
Mischa Schuurman 4 dagar sedan
i'm a furry in real time and im sorry for the shid thats happening right now i'm sorry about this
Live Where You Love
Live Where You Love 4 dagar sedan
I miss fundy
Odie Parpan
Odie Parpan 4 dagar sedan
Minecraft but mining ores is fliped coal + mined = diamond
Aubury Wyatt
Aubury Wyatt 4 dagar sedan
I miss fundy
Ąýąąň Siddiqui
Ąýąąň Siddiqui 4 dagar sedan
I miss fundy
Declan Kuiper
Declan Kuiper 4 dagar sedan
are you dutch????
Stephanie Parker
Stephanie Parker 4 dagar sedan
・Mina・ 4 dagar sedan
@Tommyinnit @Ph1Lza Great job✨✨✨
Quinn Aubke
Quinn Aubke 4 dagar sedan
"egg" should've been a collab with how to basic
Barbara Amaker
Barbara Amaker 4 dagar sedan
I miss fundy
NetMakerYT 4 dagar sedan
6:22 oh
mikalie 5 dagar sedan
so, are you saying that you had to CALCULATE where your ***hole is lol
Dylan Silva
Dylan Silva 5 dagar sedan
POV:Wumbee has joined the chat
al3x4y0u yet
al3x4y0u yet 5 dagar sedan
they're high,😩⚠️they're high😍⚠️they have✋🤯✨dr0gas ⚡💥dr0gas ⚡💥 las dr0gas ❗❗❗LA MENTE 😭🌿 LAS DR0GAS ❗😡 LA MENTE☠️❗⚠️
Hajime Hinata
Hajime Hinata 5 dagar sedan
On the forever alone the creepers have a Player phobie
Lindsay Miller
Lindsay Miller 5 dagar sedan
i miss fundy
AdamJM 5 dagar sedan
aiko. 5 dagar sedan
" The next one will prolly be fine " the next one: *matt damon*
stormin_norman64 5 dagar sedan
I wish the mobs yeeted
keatsoontiktok ultimate
keatsoontiktok ultimate 5 dagar sedan
I miss fundy
Velbro586 NL
Velbro586 NL 5 dagar sedan
Babwasnoob Gaming
Babwasnoob Gaming 5 dagar sedan
When you tried to spawn a chicken 6:20
Kelly Anand
Kelly Anand 5 dagar sedan
Marcia Lembo
Marcia Lembo 5 dagar sedan
Minecaft but cats are very very very very veryVery very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really very very very very annoying
Red The Maniac
Red The Maniac 5 dagar sedan
Title: i made ur dumb ideas in minecraft Me: thats rude to the ideas they made
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