I'm a FAILURE!? (ft.13 Year Old Me)

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Eddy Burback

4 år sedan

Sorry about that guys! Won't happen again!

ChrisE827 27 dagar sedan
His channel used to be called ZAStudios wow.
ChrisE827 27 dagar sedan
100th Comment.
That's Jonah
That's Jonah Månad sedan
Seeing Eddy have a strict upload schedule at all is weird. Seeing Eddy have such a strict schedule that he uploads twice in one week is the Twilight Zone
Drew Hedrick
Drew Hedrick 3 månader sedan
Baby Burback
NotHorror 5 månader sedan
he do be glown up
bobby bracamonte
bobby bracamonte 5 månader sedan
Watching old Eddy videos and ,That hot sauce challenge would make a fun drinking game. 🍻
ACDGamer 7
ACDGamer 7 5 månader sedan
Benjamin Schussel
Benjamin Schussel 5 månader sedan
Young eddy is now old eddy
dumb loser
dumb loser 6 månader sedan
eddy i love u
Perry Dunetz
Perry Dunetz 8 månader sedan
I wonder what happened to 13 year old eddy’s brother Drake Bell
TheZsully 8 månader sedan
Hey guys I just got a haircut so I figured I would hop in here to apologize. Sorry
Bekah Duke
Bekah Duke 9 månader sedan
Sovern Gaming
Sovern Gaming 11 månader sedan
Eddy your vids just keep getting better and better......
GarrMatey428 11 månader sedan
"almost at 10,000" this video is kind of its own throwback now. congrats on being at 411,000 subs, Eddie
McFarland Geoffroy
McFarland Geoffroy 5 månader sedan
Congrats for 610,000 now
dumb loser
dumb loser 6 månader sedan
he should have more :(
rikiti År sedan
How does one manage to look in their thirties at barely twenty? I'm twenty four and am still mistaken for seventeen-eighteen (thank you, Rite Aid employee, for tossing that gem when I forgot my ID).
Madihah Zulkifli
Madihah Zulkifli År sedan
eddy is cute younger eddy is too cute 😳
Price Rowland
Price Rowland År sedan
Wow this Eddy Burback guy could really take off in the next few years, I wonder if he has heard of Gus Johnson. I feel like they could work together and make some really good videos. He definitely should do a podcast too. It is the year 2016.
Austin Forbes
Austin Forbes 5 dagar sedan
bro this eddy burback guy should watch out for the covid-19 pandemic i am a time traveler
Jericho Renn
Jericho Renn 3 månader sedan
Yeh that's my not very funny joke :)
Andy Bradley
Andy Bradley 3 månader sedan
Jericho Renn no the comment was made post-The Gus and Eddy
Jericho Renn
Jericho Renn 3 månader sedan
He knew it was comming
huh dot gov
huh dot gov År sedan
That was the perfect video Eddy of my age
Anant Nigam
Anant Nigam År sedan
Nah you're not a failure :)
Allison Krueger
Allison Krueger År sedan
Almost at 10k wtf bruh you’re at 300k now how do you feel
Jenna Easley
Jenna Easley År sedan
Little eddy was adorable
Jake Cormier
Jake Cormier År sedan
Podcast Bois wya
Demi Harper
Demi Harper År sedan
Nicole Marie
Nicole Marie År sedan
Your voice hasn’t changed at all and I hate it
NEMusic År sedan
Betchu had the shits for days.
Lissie Lamb
Lissie Lamb År sedan
E boi in the beginning Me- no beard, so young E boi at end Me- WHA SMALL BOI
quan År sedan
eddy are you ok
Erica Thigpen
Erica Thigpen År sedan
No offense Eddy, I love you and everything but this video is almost as bad as the video of 13 year old you
Sophia Crandall
Sophia Crandall År sedan
the only thing that has changed is the hair
taliyah 2 år sedan
Not enough m i l k
Ric Ferr
Ric Ferr 2 år sedan
Yes. You are a failud. Falure. Failure.
flaurosan 2 år sedan
he watches his own videos, what a loser
Obama Llama
Obama Llama 2 år sedan
1) the audio is in one ear 2) the video quality is so bad 4) you have a _bowlcut_ 7) W h y??????
Lauren G
Lauren G 2 år sedan
I think we need an updated version of the hot sauce challenge.
La Li
La Li 2 år sedan
What a snacc
Waffle Maker
Waffle Maker 2 år sedan
You chose the wrong map to do a hot sauce challenge
Brothello 3 år sedan
Hey 13-year old Eddy! If you're still taking suggestions for video ideas, I think you should start making fun of bad movies. I know it isn't the most original idea, but I think you could really come into your own with it, ya know? Like develop your own little niche on SEpost. Please consider it. You could make running jokes too. Like you could fall down or something. I don't know, that was just one I thought of off the top of my head, but you could get creative with it too or whatever. Anyway good luck with the let's play, and I hope you don't get a stomach ache with all the hot sauce you've been drinking.
Liam Straub
Liam Straub 8 månader sedan
if only he knew
100watts 3 år sedan
I give your videos 9/10 not enough water
Liz Mitchell
Liz Mitchell 3 år sedan
sorry about the hair i just got a haircut
Madihah Zulkifli
Madihah Zulkifli År sedan
WHAT ???
Liz Mitchell
Liz Mitchell 3 år sedan
Grace Motley
Grace Motley 4 år sedan
Yeah dude, I remember the challenge XD...
Grace Queen
Grace Queen 4 år sedan
Hey, you guys are cool.
Emma Secord
Emma Secord 4 år sedan
Hai, so, I really like your guyisessss *forgets how to spell* videos and I think you guys have done really good in your youtube career. You guys have put out some very good videos and I hope to see more in the future! I apologize if my grammar or spelling is off, its curently 5:15AM and I should probably go to sleep. But anyways I really enjoy your videos, I wish you luck in your career, and you guys will defintanley *forgets how to spell, again* become youtube stars! Kay byee!
dylan merten
dylan merten 2 år sedan
Emma Secord This comment might give me a mental disabilty.
Chris Clarkson
Chris Clarkson 4 år sedan
always funny vids keep it up☺
135792183 4 år sedan
I can't wait to see you grow and see what more youll have to offer down the line, i found you from lets make a short film on ifunny, do you personally post on ifunny? it would be interesting to see someone transition from ifunny into youtube
Gummi Bro
Gummi Bro 4 år sedan
u got featured on ifunny so I am here
Christopher Fitzpatrick
Christopher Fitzpatrick 4 år sedan
me 2
Tanner Griffith
Tanner Griffith 4 år sedan
10,000 subs congrats
Cos_ Mic
Cos_ Mic 4 år sedan
We're almost at 10,000 subs ------ when I watched dis vid u guys had 9,999 subs
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson 4 år sedan
Michael Yamamoto
Michael Yamamoto 4 år sedan
please never stop making videos
M Salim
M Salim 4 år sedan
its tuesday...IM WAITING
Hermit the Crab
Hermit the Crab 4 år sedan
Your content is pretty funny and if you keep putting this quality into your videos you will become huge
Mifries 360
Mifries 360 2 månader sedan
Good call hermit this aged well
maxx 4 år sedan
Matt Meyers
Matt Meyers 4 år sedan
Eddy you were bad at COD
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
matt I was recording it with a dazzle capture card that caused the feed to the tv to be delayed, so everything was a second off
Draven Duncan
Draven Duncan 4 år sedan
in my opinion you are the funniest person on SEpost
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
holy shit thank you! the monster devouring these comments called "my ego" thanks you as well!
Xavier Infante
Xavier Infante 4 år sedan
Haha eddy=bae
Seth Noel
Seth Noel 4 år sedan
So do you live alone then? I mean 3AM.....
Arkham Villains
Arkham Villains 4 år sedan
You should try this again
Ryan Kaplan
Ryan Kaplan 4 år sedan
Can you do another hot sauce challenge
Tony Bandana
Tony Bandana 4 år sedan
Nice vid n3rd...jk keep up the gud work
The Question
The Question 4 år sedan
If you got ifunny u should follow Zad Studios
Pyzkey 4 år sedan
Dad why
Sugar Cookie
Sugar Cookie 4 år sedan
Why aren't you bigger than pewdiepie yet? Unsubbed
Sugar Cookie
Sugar Cookie 4 år sedan
+ZADstudios pewdiepie doesn't laugh double unsub
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
this made me laugh
Jaden Lopez
Jaden Lopez 4 år sedan
That's why😂
S 4 år sedan
Best cringe video ever ❤️😂
jamjamcamjam the hell man
jamjamcamjam the hell man 4 år sedan
I did that challenge when I was 12, minus the COD stuff. It wasn't as painful as everybody would have you believe
With Love, Thomas
With Love, Thomas 4 år sedan
aspiring filmmaker a.k.a. future homeless person LOL
Brian Hill
Brian Hill 4 år sedan
answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110729133054AAIyvfX OH MY GOD GUYS HE ADVERTISED ON YAHOO ANSWERS LMFAO
Brian Hill
Brian Hill 4 år sedan
@ZADstudios Lmao
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
I approved this as not spam because I am proud of my cringe heritage.
Brandon Walmsley
Brandon Walmsley 4 år sedan
That challenge seemed rather idiotic to do, no offense.
Requiae 4 år sedan
He was 13. What did you expect?
Melvin 4 år sedan
I think that's the point
The Guy
The Guy 4 år sedan
are you more popular on youtube ir ifunny?
TheRealFlyingMonkey 4 år sedan
How did you guys get into film? Like im going to a local college for cinema studies and i love watching movies but when it came to making them i always felt awkward about it. How do you guys overcome that to make such great content?
Robert Glazer
Robert Glazer 4 år sedan
Lmao I tried to make a gaming video on goat simulator. I got a compilation of clips. I made some jokes. I though it might come out good but then watched the final product and it was just so far from funny and that was it for that idea.
Jeffrey Wilke
Jeffrey Wilke 4 år sedan
dat boi
MJ louder
MJ louder 4 år sedan
Honestly you guys are going to be the next big thing, your videos are well edited and produced, and also you guys are fucking helarious (I don't know how to spell I am actually only 5 years old) I'm betting you will be at over 100,000 subs by the end of the year as soon as your stuff starts getting noticed more.
Iplex Games
Iplex Games 4 år sedan
+Hannah dowling um... I think you just fell for some unintended bait...
MJ louder
MJ louder 4 år sedan
+Hannah dowling it was a joke I am 16
Darren D.
Darren D. 4 år sedan
I tried making a gaming channel a few years ago. Except it was Minecraft and the cringiest thing in existence.
Gary Lvov
Gary Lvov 4 år sedan
Shouldn't you be at work since it's past nine?
Lax Everything
Lax Everything 4 år sedan
Yea dummy
Destin Piagentini
Destin Piagentini 4 år sedan
Replying to SEpost comments at work? I'm disappointed in you, Eddie.
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 4 år sedan
I schedule our uploads. So I uploaded it last night and set it to release now!
kayj905 4 år sedan
"1 view"
Darren D.
Darren D. 4 år sedan
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