I Found the Greatest Animated Video of All Time

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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

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Minnie Mouse but worse
Minnie Mouse but worse 22 timmar sedan
I ship baldi and sonic now
TheSpaceBetweenOurHouses Dag sedan
This is like the third time I've watched this; I think it might be my favorite reaction video of all time. Also, I'm reminded of how much I hate the current YT algorithm; I never get weird stuff like Futuristic Hub recommended anymore.
Koala Sandwich
Koala Sandwich 2 dagar sedan
Baldy sounds like Toby Determined from Gravity Falls
Brody Deane
Brody Deane 2 dagar sedan
DUDE when eddy talks like balide he sounds like my grandma
Billy The Catfish
Billy The Catfish 3 dagar sedan
I used to watch futuristic hub when I was like 11 or 12 and now I wanna kill myself for watching that shit.
El Queso
El Queso 4 dagar sedan
To my knowledge Baldi is Horror game Villain
monkel 4 dagar sedan
This made me sick
FilthySewerRat 5 dagar sedan
She's blind as shit my guy
Jay Kent 1800
Jay Kent 1800 5 dagar sedan
I’m not sure if the animation was a joke or not
Moribund Phoenix
Moribund Phoenix 5 dagar sedan
I don't think Eddy has any idea who Baldi is
Techy Farm Boy
Techy Farm Boy 5 dagar sedan
6:15 S M A C C
GamersluckPro 7 dagar sedan
William Joseph Ford
William Joseph Ford 8 dagar sedan
I’ve been thinking and why ever pay for audible when so many youtubers are getting sponsered and giving me a free audio book; there are at least 100 already so........
KoKo Playz
KoKo Playz 10 dagar sedan
Baldi is a video game character and granny is a horror game
Tardistheif Productions
Tardistheif Productions 10 dagar sedan
The baldi thing is what he actually sounds like in the game, but he barely sounds like him
Dorian Dyck
Dorian Dyck 10 dagar sedan
The people that made this made a minecraft sex video once
Peemis 11 dagar sedan
I forgot that this video is 2 years old. Wth
*insert bad Name here*
*insert bad Name here* 12 dagar sedan
I used to watch his Minecraft animated he got so deep in the vids so he doesn’t know
Dubba2 Bubba2
Dubba2 Bubba2 12 dagar sedan
Make more of this
Little Avara
Little Avara 13 dagar sedan
You think this is bad, you should see monster school
The Darth Cader
The Darth Cader 13 dagar sedan
There’s this kid in my middle school that always makes a voice like that baldi voice and I don’t know if it’s because of these videos because it’s possible he watches these. He likes Minecraft a lot and watches youtube. I kinda feel bad if he watched this stuff.
Brother Molotov
Brother Molotov 13 dagar sedan
That video just gave me cancer
bonecollectorpro 14 dagar sedan
I’m not use to him not having the siccc stash lol
MrSpocksSox 16 dagar sedan
HellOOOooooo. Billy Crystal.
Ethan Rudiger
Ethan Rudiger 17 dagar sedan
So far we have Sonic from Sonic and Baldi from Baldi’s Basics playing the horror game Markiplier played called Granny and a scene with slender man in the background all taking place in Minecraft.
Eric Schnautz
Eric Schnautz 19 dagar sedan
Why is his ruler longer than the blocks if the blocks are one square meter? WHY EDDY TELL ME WHYYYYY
Stand up Today
Stand up Today 20 dagar sedan
Gus is way better
Rikki Sparx
Rikki Sparx 20 dagar sedan
Is sonic voiced by the Cool Cat guy
Generic_Person13 20 dagar sedan
I think they mad her float down the stairs so they didn't have to animate her
its ya boi jell
its ya boi jell 21 dag sedan
Amanda Benatti
Amanda Benatti 21 dag sedan
i wish there was a sequel to this
TartRobot 21 dag sedan
i think sonic was in on it
Primo Schnevi
Primo Schnevi 23 dagar sedan
This was a bit low for eddy... searching for fallacies in a literal adult swim-esque shitpost video... wow.
Charlotte Young
Charlotte Young 23 dagar sedan
Check out the Junji Ito manga adaptation of Frankenstein, it's amazing and very true to the original book - with one small change that I think Mary Shelley would approve of. Plus, it's a graphic novel, so it's a lot easier on the attention span :)
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water 25 dagar sedan
nice ass ps2 lookin graphics
Taylor 26 dagar sedan
Ryyi23 27 dagar sedan
It's kind of annoying that the only game he recognized is Minecraft and Sonic, but the "story" of the video is centered around the game Granny.
Ryyi23 27 dagar sedan
If you actually go and look at someone play the Baldi's Basics game, you'll see what they were trying to imitate.
Erel Levy
Erel Levy 28 dagar sedan
I'm still waiting for part 2, eddy.
Elle 29 dagar sedan
I know why I feel so wrong!! Sonic has no eyelids... So like when he blinks it's uncanny valley bad I've seen bad sonic animation but this takes the cake
Eldritch_Midnight Månad sedan
Why is no one mentioning that when she starts floating, slender man is just randomly in the background?!?
TateNoYuusha Månad sedan
It’s like a fing fever dream
D Bourret
D Bourret Månad sedan
It's literally granny
Sock's Streams
Sock's Streams Månad sedan
Baldi's voice sounds like a sassy kindergartner.
Jason Handy
Jason Handy Månad sedan
Guys I have a secret Eddys scared
Mariokid 007
Mariokid 007 Månad sedan
Am I the only one that noticed sonic was t posing when he got hit
Steel y
Steel y Månad sedan
i have a feeling he doesnt know what baldi's basics is
Stas Constantine
Stas Constantine Månad sedan
Eddy you dumb bum, Sonic IS too good for quarters. You seen how many rings the boi gets every time he runs? and his collection of precious MAGICAL emeralds?!
Neko Knight
Neko Knight Månad sedan
I LOVE FRANKENSTEIN SO MUCH!!! It’s honestly my favorite book of all time. I love it sooo much!!!
Kiki Sparkle
Kiki Sparkle Månad sedan
The autogenerated captions for the first part of the video are hilarious
Cramiam XD
Cramiam XD Månad sedan
His baldi voice is pretty good
Jacob Jacobi
Jacob Jacobi Månad sedan
I know where you were goin with that one eddy ~ - ^
Notthemaster Månad sedan
the voltswagon beetles engine is in the back hes lookin in the trunk techincally
Alex_W1308 2 månader sedan
.. well this is strange ... also baldi does actually sound like that so does granny and I think granny does smack you upside the head.. correct me of I’m wrong
Jacob Carminati
Jacob Carminati 2 månader sedan
it’s been so long that i forgot that there was a point when eddy didn’t have a moustache
Tomás Marcos
Tomás Marcos 2 månader sedan
I want the 360º version of that video dont ask me why, it would be simply epic
Alex Leandra
Alex Leandra 2 månader sedan
The Sonic voice really sounds like the guy from the soup store meme
Harris Lucchesi
Harris Lucchesi 2 månader sedan
I had to bleach my eyes
Firestier 2 månader sedan
bru h imagine not knowing who baldi is
I'm Sorry Rumham
I'm Sorry Rumham 2 månader sedan
Remember when Salad Fingers was super weird and unsettling and creepy, and it was *supposed to be that way?* And now this shit is supposed to be just a normal kids video and it's 100x worse
BZZC4S 2 månader sedan
How much for the keys
Soup 2 månader sedan
Ok so I'm a year late but there's a lot of context missing from this and the reason I know this is because I have a younger brother that was into this kinda stuff. Baldi was a stupid horror game that was popping off on kids SEpost where you have to find pages and run from Baldi. Granny is a mobile horror game that was also popping off on kids SEpost where you have to escape her house. This whole video is just a paradise for 10 year olds.
Malcolm Aaron
Malcolm Aaron 2 månader sedan
sonic's central eyeball is almost the same size as his head
TTVCLUTCH21 LOL 2 månader sedan
Abcdefg I’m watching this video while I pee want proof comment and you’ll see
Lamp Post
Lamp Post 2 månader sedan
I like the intro, y’know the lamp part...
Alex Griffiths
Alex Griffiths 2 månader sedan
Eddy, there's a game featuring Baldi. It's called Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. You should definitely give it a go.
Caleb Littler
Caleb Littler 2 månader sedan
Hey Eddy! Great video. I watched it and subsequently saw someone purchase a Baldi toy. I cannot believe you made them do that. I can't believe you planted a child to purchase a Baldi toy I guess I'm also surprised he has his own toy
Plomors 2 månader sedan
My little brother unironically watches this shit.
Kermit De froog
Kermit De froog 2 månader sedan
Eddy looks odd without his moustache I’m just so used to it
Dillon Flood
Dillon Flood 2 månader sedan
Love that I got a ikea ad because of those lamps
Wayne Strickland
Wayne Strickland 2 månader sedan
Gotta steal the robot from BigMoneyErik
Evan The Katt
Evan The Katt 2 månader sedan
7:04 god this makes me cringe
Angelina N
Angelina N 2 månader sedan
This animation is terrifying me atm
Rafael Warburg
Rafael Warburg 2 månader sedan
13:56 what is that cut!?!?!
Gabriel Picking
Gabriel Picking 2 månader sedan
so may be im one of the few people here who is young wneough to know every single character in this "animated" video
Kaaarm 2 månader sedan
There's a Windows "disconnected device" sound at 3:39
skepnoblade 2 månader sedan
Samuel Youker
Samuel Youker 2 månader sedan
My younger sister watches this exact crap lol
Meridian 2 månader sedan
the animation sucked more than a dyson vaccum, but your commentary was hilarious. 10/10
cooper thompson
cooper thompson 2 månader sedan
i dont think eddy has any context
Fabeldier 2 månader sedan
This is the kind of shit I wanna see when I'm high lmao
Monkeyojacko 2 månader sedan
I think I’ve seen this guy and he makes awful videos on purpose I’m pretty sure
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 2 månader sedan
He doesn’t realize who baldi is
Yeet Cheet
Yeet Cheet 2 månader sedan
I watched that channel as a child they used amazing
Vampe n
Vampe n 2 månader sedan
The ad was a lie you do need to sign up still jerk
Sloppy Phart
Sloppy Phart 2 månader sedan
Just so people know, this is Futuristic Hubs and he's STILL going with this shit. He's been going for years.
Bryce Brooks
Bryce Brooks 2 månader sedan
I'm aware nobody will respond, but does the code still work?
Andromeda 2 månader sedan
I never thought I would see Baldi get slapped violently with a baseball bat by Murdoc's grandma, but here we are...
Christian Hansen
Christian Hansen 2 månader sedan
Best eddy video
Mikal Lyngbø
Mikal Lyngbø 2 månader sedan
Whats a lamp
Erif The fox
Erif The fox 2 månader sedan
I have a dragon lamp
Ruler World
Ruler World 2 månader sedan
My little brother used to watch shit exactly like this when he was younger. He had to repeat 1st grade because these videos literally rotted his brain
News Reportee
News Reportee 2 månader sedan
Eddy, I love you from the bottom of my heart, but fuck this video, holy shit. Do more like this but please fucking stop.
uS cOlLeCtIvE
uS cOlLeCtIvE 2 månader sedan
Penglover 256
Penglover 256 2 månader sedan
I saw the first second of this shit animation and shat and puked all over my table
deep mind
deep mind 2 månader sedan
Was that the grandma from resident evil 7 ?
TACO TRUCK 2 månader sedan
Granny is mad that you didn’t like her cookies “oh no it’s not the bedroom “ you don’t want the bedroom with granny
SirTorture 2 månader sedan
Why is no one talking about the random slenderman appearance behind the Lady when she looks for them in the garage
Ryan Caulfield
Ryan Caulfield 2 månader sedan
Holy shit, I have the same fucking lamp
Ryan Caulfield
Ryan Caulfield 2 månader sedan
Small world
Makayla Hoeksema
Makayla Hoeksema 2 månader sedan
Is Eddy aware of who Baldi is? And does he know the Granny game? It seems like he thinks everything but Sonic and Minecraft is made up. Someone please inform me if he actually knows Baldi and Granny? lol
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