I CARE A LOT Trailer (2021) Rosamund Pike, Eiza González Movie

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I CARE A LOT Trailer (2021) Rosamund Pike, Eiza González Movie
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Hood Barbie
Hood Barbie 41 minut sedan
Real sound about white
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 2 timmar sedan
Excellent film ... No flakes here.. luvvvd every minute 🙌
Evolution War
Evolution War 3 timmar sedan
So a movie about a sociopath robbing/scamming elderly people for herself? Ye a hard pass as i call it.
G Herbo
G Herbo 6 timmar sedan
Movie is highly unrealistic lol
potatopeelerfairy12 9 timmar sedan
Court ordered probation or "treatment" as they call it functions much like the long term care facilities in this movie. By quite similar types of people. Especially in the cases of "Lifetime probation". Not forgetting to mention private prisons as well.
M. N.
M. N. 9 timmar sedan
The cast is simply fantastic here. Everyone gives credit to Rosamund Pike, but I must say each character here is perfect due to the talented actors.
Howard Tan
Howard Tan 11 timmar sedan
She is cool
E H 11 timmar sedan
Don’t watch this horrific movie.
_wazzy.l_ Ŵ
_wazzy.l_ Ŵ 12 timmar sedan
Fuck this garbage movie Just finished it found out she got capped and now I lowkey love the movie
Richard C
Richard C 13 timmar sedan
No one beats Karma, not even Rosamund, ending
Darth Shaggy
Darth Shaggy 14 timmar sedan
The first 5 minutes of this was awful and cringe and the writer should quit using Twitter as a screen play.
Grace Sullivan
Grace Sullivan 16 timmar sedan
Excellent movie!!!
GunNutAmendmentII 18 timmar sedan
Great idea for a movie. But terribly constructed.
King 19 timmar sedan
She got the 10 diamond and the jewelry told her one piece of those diamond coast 200 Grand, it means around 4 million dollars , but she ask 10 millions... 😂 Common netflix. I hate this kind of stupid movies. Then Carla is a fkn thief how can u make her a hero ! ! If u agree click like
Barney Barnes
Barney Barnes 20 timmar sedan
One of dumbest movies I have ever seen .
Smokey Rosario
Smokey Rosario 21 timme sedan
Such a long time for me that a brilliant movie like this one comes out. I give this movie a 10/10. A MUST WATCH!!!!
Adaptive Blur
Adaptive Blur 21 timme sedan
What garbage of a movie.
Colm Magner
Colm Magner 22 timmar sedan
A thoroughly unpleasant movie.
John Doe
John Doe Dag sedan
Its not free being ruthless and heartless it comes with a price.if you watch the ending u know wat i mean
Huracan360 Dag sedan
How tf did she manage to overpower a Russian mob boss, what a load of BS
Aaron O' Flynn
Aaron O' Flynn 7 minuter sedan
Started getting ridiculous fast
Lance Mannion
Lance Mannion Dag sedan
Mart Angelo Labrague
Mart Angelo Labrague Dag sedan
What a demonic mindset 😂 But I loved the ending,the way she dies 😂
Jennifer Cameron
Jennifer Cameron Dag sedan
What a stupid movie. The background music is irritating. I couldn't wait to see the END.
Huracan360 Dag sedan
Yeah my ears were bleeding, especially during the scene when her car sunk in the lake.
guisalera1 Dag sedan
Such a satisfying End. 😌
Little Wanderer
Little Wanderer Dag sedan
Her voice gives me ptsd.
Jason Lam
Jason Lam Dag sedan
I love this film. But it is getting some hate. Which is a shame. A lot of people are upset about Rosamund Pike’s character. And they’re right!!! You’re supposed to be hating her!!! I don’t think 💭 🤔 you’re supposed to be rooting for her, when she becomes as successful as she was towards the end, she’s pretty much pure evil. You don’t get to become that rich and powerful, without stepping over some people and we’ve already seen how ruthless she can be, a LIONESS as she puts it. When she finally got her comeuppance, it was richly satisfying! There were no heroes 🦸‍♀️ 🦸‍♂️ in this movie, not even the lesbian relationship could save this woman. And yes, like everyone else in the world 🌎, there are some really bad lesbians out there. Just because someone is part of an oppressed minority group, doesn’t necessarily make them kind and good. This was a great movie! I think some of the reasons people criticized this film is that they misunderstood what the movie was trying to do, which was criticizing in a VERY LOUD ANGRY VOICE, just how corrupt CAPITALISM can be. How our obsession with wealth & power can demoralize someone to do very bad evil things. This isn’t a “YOU GO GIRL” female empowerment movie. The movie uses that as bait to hook 🪝 you in and makes the viewer COMPLICIT in the crimes, and you thought 💭 you were cheering for the lesbian couple to win against some hoodlums, then it pulls the rug from under you. And people don’t like to be tricked. They get ANGRY!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Like I said, this is an excellent and very smart film.
A High Ferret
A High Ferret Dag sedan
The ending could've been better. Instead of having the first dude kill her, could've just had Peter dinkledge's character kidnapper again and kill her off. He already has a reason, she screwed him over and his mother. He could've said something along the lines of "I used you to create this legal empire, now I'm done with you and your wife". Then successfully kill her. Her wife should've died along side her
Huracan360 Dag sedan
You should have been the director. Would have made the film far better.
Mardin Najat
Mardin Najat Dag sedan
I don’t understand the 228 dislikes! What exactly did you dislike about this movie?! It was a masterpiece !
DeviantMoore Dag sedan
Well, I think many people were triggered because this is unfortunately a very very real issue that occurs with the elderly. Also, people don't like movies where there is not even one good person. None of the characters in this movie were good, or even close to good. All evil. Makes people see humanity for what it really is and further lose faith. That could be a reason behind the dislikes. This isn't exactly how I feel myself, but just a guess on what could be going on in other people's minds.
The Golden Altar
The Golden Altar Dag sedan
Stupid movie. Great ending
Caleb Dag sedan
Dude this move is pure shit! A good premise ruined by a fucking amateur director!
Maddie R
Maddie R Dag sedan
i want rosanund pike to suffocate me
fakhri rayhan
fakhri rayhan Dag sedan
Gone girl 2
Nic Gonzalez
Nic Gonzalez Dag sedan
stupid actor. I hate this person in gone girl and here. And in rl
kangax Dag sedan
Lesbian lion taking on the russian mafia... lol what a joke
k k
k k Dag sedan
This is sick i hate part of the ending because the scheme was grown to a huge corporation but the very ending is lovely i just wish her girlfriend got ..... as well they deserve it
Anja Steinkamp
Anja Steinkamp Dag sedan
Absolut genialer Film 👍
Marina Maq
Marina Maq 2 dagar sedan
After watching this film I’m truly scared, what if this happened to my parents
Jordyn Maldonado
Jordyn Maldonado Dag sedan
Take care of them and it won't
Marie Mae
Marie Mae 2 dagar sedan
that main character is so awful.
Huracan360 Dag sedan
Detestable Main Character
Jacob O'Flynn
Jacob O'Flynn 2 dagar sedan
Anyone know the song?
Mark Jacobs
Mark Jacobs 2 dagar sedan
She would have save a lot of trouble if she just let that woman go...but ohh no “ she never loose” almost cost her her life and her partner’s life.
maximus decimuss
maximus decimuss 2 dagar sedan
I just watch the whole movie in 2 min wow
BrobriRodri 2 dagar sedan
James Percell
James Percell 2 dagar sedan
I never hated a woman so much ever she played this movie I hat that pasty woman
Neptunefn 2 dagar sedan
She's a type of evil that hasn't even been discovered yet...
Neptunefn 22 timmar sedan
@DeviantMoore well said
DeviantMoore Dag sedan
Oh, it's been discovered. We knowingly see it everyday but we successfully force ourselves to see otherwise. There's at least one nice person you know who you are sure deep deep deep deep down within yourself cannot be a good person. Yet, we force ourselves to see them in a positive light so we may not further lose faith in humanity...
LostInAwareness 2 dagar sedan
Spoiler alert It was extremely satisfying when she died lol
Cynthia Jones
Cynthia Jones 2 dagar sedan
kameyou 2 dagar sedan
The most unbelievable scene is how a half dead person saved herself from a drowning car crash. Stopped watching it seriously after that.
Huracan360 Dag sedan
Or how she managed to overpower a dangerous Russian mob boss with a tazer.
Ishmael Moh
Ishmael Moh 2 dagar sedan
This was one if the best movies I've watched in years.
Derek Meek
Derek Meek 2 dagar sedan
Woke sht
Mighty God Of Thy H*ps
Mighty God Of Thy H*ps 2 dagar sedan
1:31 It's true.
Capt Chemo
Capt Chemo 2 dagar sedan
Fonzie Bulldog
Fonzie Bulldog 2 dagar sedan
Good story who they wasted the end in completely and that was sad when the ladies should have ended up in the dessert.
Professor Barmental
Professor Barmental 2 dagar sedan
Great movie , excellent ending
Ratheking86 Ratheking86
Ratheking86 Ratheking86 2 dagar sedan
I watched it shut pissed my off how this shit really be happening
Shadow Banned
Shadow Banned 3 dagar sedan
Rosamund Pike is amazing in this movie I literally hate her guts all the way through lol
José Ari Ojeda Murcia
José Ari Ojeda Murcia 3 dagar sedan
One of the most ridiculous movie 🍿 I've watched for long time. Really disappointed.
Terry wuwu
Terry wuwu 3 dagar sedan
this is shit
Josh Sartain
Josh Sartain 3 dagar sedan
Just watched this, it sux. Unrealistic and ridiculous 🙄. Don't watch it, I'd rather poke my eyes out
Orenthal Mudbone
Orenthal Mudbone 3 dagar sedan
This reminds me of the scandal Sandpiper crossing did to the elders in better call Saul
ike ru
ike ru 3 dagar sedan
Elder abuse, so cool 🙄
Huracan360 Dag sedan
At least she pays the price for it I guess
Sherren Steal
Sherren Steal 3 dagar sedan
I fucking love this! hahaha!
RelativeBadger 3 dagar sedan
Started off quite dramatic, but soon turned into Sesame Street - and far, far too long
Ava Akhter
Ava Akhter 3 dagar sedan
who else can’t stand her in the movie?
Tol Vill
Tol Vill 3 dagar sedan
hate the feminism bullshit
applejuice76 3 dagar sedan
The anxiety drew me insane.
Lucio Aceves
Lucio Aceves 3 dagar sedan
Good acting. Not so great story. There are tons of things that don't add up. I give it ⭐⭐ no more!
Orsis Rutherford
Orsis Rutherford 3 dagar sedan
Reminds me of Call-girl Camela Harris and her rise to power.
Oscar Campo
Oscar Campo 3 dagar sedan
At the end. Marla got shot and then dies. Have a good day.
T Murphy
T Murphy 3 dagar sedan
This movie was horrendous. Waste of time
Jewel ofthenile
Jewel ofthenile 3 dagar sedan
I was so happy with the ending. That guy deserved to have closure and he got it lol
DeviantMoore Dag sedan
I wish he would've chosen a better way of doing it that wouldn't have landed him in prison. He needed to be more calculated and stealthy. Now he won't get to even visit his mother's grave.
Huracan360 Dag sedan
But then again he will be put in prison and he won't ever see his mother :(
VASSH 3 dagar sedan
Love how these 2 women prevailed and took on a Russian mob and some how were the most stupid rookie henchmen of all time. Movies like this are getting corny. No I’m not a misogynist, so don’t take it as that.
77,777,777 views 2 dagar sedan
unrealistic for sure good movie up until a certain point
Moh hisenberg
Moh hisenberg 2 dagar sedan
I agree with you 100% real Russian mobe would cut her piece by piece when she talks they feed her to 20 raged pidbulls and regarding his mother they would send 2000 goons to retrieve her and burn the whole nursing home down to the ground, this film is just shit
merlin hoot
merlin hoot 3 dagar sedan
Why the fuck this have 32% audience rating? Mainstream audiences have no culture when it comes to film.
Kyle 3 dagar sedan
Movie really had me triggered
TwoGun Gunnar
TwoGun Gunnar 3 dagar sedan
Wanna watch a 2-hour movie about someone you hate? This movie was terrible. There was NOTHING about the main character that was cool. It is possible to have a story about an Evil Villain, and write it such that the audience is rooting for the villain. It can be done. But there was NOTHING to like about this person. She's not the sort of Evil Villain you enjoy watching. She's the sort of Evil that you want to see beaten to a pulp and thrown into a Turkish prison and beaten some more. This is made even more annoying because she's so strong and competent and awesome at everything. Imagine if Rey was a scheming, lying, larcenous sociopath. She SUCKS. You keep waiting for her to get her comeuppance but she never does. The end result is a frustrating, annoying, and deeply unsatisfying story.
m m
m m 3 dagar sedan
You see I didn’t watch the trailer and just watched the movie first. And oh my goodness everything came at me like a twist.
Virgocx 3 dagar sedan
I hate this movie so much it’s actually insane
lu cifer
lu cifer 3 dagar sedan
Omg I just saw this trailer at work.. going to go home and watch it
lu cifer
lu cifer 3 dagar sedan
I really waisted my sleep time for this damn movie ..... No it blew
Make or Break 73
Make or Break 73 3 dagar sedan
I’ve enjoyed this movie so much and so happy that Pike’s characters was killed at the end because she was the lowest of the low in everything...
Flyboi Clarkston
Flyboi Clarkston 3 dagar sedan
She is not as gorgeous as some ppl make her seem... still a great actress
Victoria Millman
Victoria Millman 3 dagar sedan
By far the worst movie I’ve seen in a long time. Glorifying and encouraging greed and taking advantage of the vulnerable to reach your goals. Also pushing today’s modern feminist bull crap. I was excited for the ending but it was truly disappointing, I wouldn’t waste your time.
inigojuancarlos 3 dagar sedan
I can’t believe Pike was that movie called Wrath of the Titans
Simon Brierley
Simon Brierley 3 dagar sedan
the judge is an idiot. simple solution. mandatory independent assessments regularly by different doctors all the time. cant stop access to family or phone
shockwave0108 3 dagar sedan
Watch this movie I guarantee you will never wish death on 2 individuals so much I hate these 2 female characters they portray
truestory 3 dagar sedan
This freaking movie... Wow. So good!
The Handler
The Handler 3 dagar sedan
When will this be out in Europe though? My Netflix isn't showing it yet. UGHHH
NM G Dag sedan
It’s on Amazon Prime in European regions. I’m not sure why...
Heather Clark
Heather Clark 3 dagar sedan
Dont make money for them based on sick stories.
Heather Clark
Heather Clark 3 dagar sedan
The films they are churning out on netflux are just sick and twisted, and viewers are just taken in. Who are the makers of these films?
sky flores
sky flores 3 dagar sedan
Movie was terrible. They try to make you sympathize with 2 women scamming old people out of their wealth. They kidnap a mob bosses mother than he goes into business with her? Bad writing.
Spingebill Killed My Parents
Spingebill Killed My Parents 3 dagar sedan
If there's any person i want dead at my own will and no shame at all, this woman is the one.
Spingebill Killed My Parents
Spingebill Killed My Parents 3 dagar sedan
You mess with me or my family belongings, you're dead as hell
Dany Grap
Dany Grap 3 dagar sedan
Trash. Period.
ddaeng 3 dagar sedan
I find Thanos is more acceptable than this evil person.
Veronica 2 dagar sedan
dramatic virghoe
dramatic virghoe 3 dagar sedan
Uncut Gens but make it for the 🌸 𝓵𝓮𝓼𝓫𝓲𝓪𝓷𝓼 🌸
C.H 3 dagar sedan
So..at the end she needed a mans help to step her game up. And the lowly man shoots her. Karma
POLLIN 4 dagar sedan
Szmira aż ręce opadają. Dno które zmierzalo dobrze jak Titanic, pozniej bylo podobnie. Szkoda czasu na ogladanie tego dna.
I'm watching you sleep
I'm watching you sleep 4 dagar sedan
Oh, it's netflix.. In the trash it goes.
Elijah Last
Elijah Last 4 dagar sedan
Great film!
Tinalicious Sim
Tinalicious Sim 4 dagar sedan
Just watched this movie and I don't like the end, I'm smelling a sequel probably 😏😎
Huracan360 Dag sedan
I like the ending because she dies
Bisexual Misanthrope
Bisexual Misanthrope 4 dagar sedan
Donde ver desde españa?
Mordecai 4 dagar sedan
That was a great movie. And that director knew what we wanted and teased us till the very end and it was so satisfying! Is that law really a thing there? That stuff can make any sane person totally crazy in several days.
Mordecai 4 dagar sedan
@Marnielle Lloyd Estrada Then the reason should be the exact thing, that is happening in this movie. Lots of money eaters.
Marnielle Lloyd Estrada
Marnielle Lloyd Estrada 4 dagar sedan
Yes and it is happening. Lots of documentaries about it. Can't believe nothing is still done til now.
ChillaxTraxx 4 dagar sedan
Abuse disguised as care is real and alive in 2021.
David Martin
David Martin 3 dagar sedan
It sure is
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