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unthinq_ 12 timmar sedan
uhh... my dad is black..
Piano Raves
Piano Raves 14 timmar sedan
0:00 VSauce intensifies
NarlyWaves San
NarlyWaves San 14 timmar sedan
I like your stache very mmmmmmmm yes mmm hmhjmmmhh uh huh mmdmems yes
RobloxDude 14 timmar sedan
Disney+ has a watch party like feature too
Ned Nimbus
Ned Nimbus 16 timmar sedan
Netflix had that watch party shit but it didn’t work. Also amazon has some really niche shit on it too which is nice but at the same time you have to pay so much for content it’s like why pay for the subscription. Also fuck the mouse! I’ll never use Disney
yodathan 16 timmar sedan
Disney+ has now watchparty lol
Zoë MacGregor
Zoë MacGregor 18 timmar sedan
Wait netflix has the boys?
Playlists and Comments
Playlists and Comments 19 timmar sedan
A lot of people have talked about Amazon having actor bios and trivia. When I thought my parents had Prime (They didn't) I would read the trivia for all my favorite shows and movies. I remember seeing a completely inaccurate bio for Patchy the Pirate from SpongeBob. It said Patchy grew up on a pirate ship and lost his limbs in a battle with a sea monster.
Diana Rosales
Diana Rosales 19 timmar sedan
ulu is the new uwu
Ryan Govender
Ryan Govender 21 timme sedan
I got a very loud ad as Eddy said the ads were bad on hulu
Melissa Robyn
Melissa Robyn Dag sedan
Did you mean for the green parts of your shirt to act as a green screen
UrMomGei Dag sedan
H Mulford
H Mulford Dag sedan
While it's true that D+ doesn't have a lot of originals right now, don't forget they've got like seven Marvel shows and three Star Wars shows on the way. It sucks that Covid has slowed down the production, we would be getting them non-stop next year.
Zion Trask
Zion Trask Dag sedan
watch rim of the world it’s horrible
Barkugou420 Dag sedan
the amazon prime watch party thing reminds me of the netflix feature on xbox 360 where you could watch stuff in a little theater with friends xD
Casey Kreie
Casey Kreie Dag sedan
Make a video about how shitty this season of the Bachelorette is.
amelia Dag sedan
oh also- every time i watch a new episode or movie on Disney plus I have to go in and turn subtitles on. there's no way to turn subtitles on just like across the board, so that's fun.
Devon Macnerland
Devon Macnerland Dag sedan
How much is Eddyflix max +?
Epic Remarc
Epic Remarc Dag sedan
As much as I hate ads, at least Hulu has the original version of Buffy and not the shitty hd remaster like prime video
Maximum Overdrive
Maximum Overdrive Dag sedan
I draw on an iPad, so I like to use the split-screen feature to multi-task and watch something at the same time. However, the only streaming service apps that I found that actually split-screen are SEpost, Disney+, and Apple TV. Everything else minimizes the window to the bottom corner of the screen. If I wanted to split-screen, I’d have to stream them off of Safari.
Pandora & Friends
Pandora & Friends Dag sedan
hated that santa clarita diet got cancelled, idk where they got the 3 seasons rule from i will binge watch all seasons
Alosrin Goodman
Alosrin Goodman Dag sedan
Where is yahoo screen?
Pandora & Friends
Pandora & Friends Dag sedan
"i look like your dad" i think you need to be old old to pull that off
Satan 2 dagar sedan
Been an Eddyflix max+ user for many years now, but your new movie, "Sweeties" had me appalled!
YeEet me to space
YeEet me to space 2 dagar sedan
Disney + is not available in my country 🤷‍♀️
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 2 dagar sedan
Yo let’s make our own you should make this streaming service all the others steal from others so why can’t we?!! LETS DO THIS
CaseFace5 2 dagar sedan
which service would you recommend if I am really into birds...
HE K92
HE K92 2 dagar sedan
Can confirm, you're basically my dad's clone: my dad had the same mustache for many years. 😄
Rose McDuffy
Rose McDuffy 2 dagar sedan
i feel bad for asking, but just out of curiosity are you going to restock the yikes hoodies at some point?? love your work, and spectacular video!
Mehrdad Mirshamsi
Mehrdad Mirshamsi 2 dagar sedan
There is a chrome extension called Telepathy that lets you stream movies or episodes with other people on almost all the services.
a very chronic tonic
a very chronic tonic 2 dagar sedan
you dont look like my dad you kinda look like me to be honest
Eric Ratcliffe
Eric Ratcliffe 2 dagar sedan
"Another bird" Eddie I've heard you and Gus talk at length about the original Adult Swim line up before, don't you dare insult Harvey Birdman like that!
Lets Get Smarted
Lets Get Smarted 3 dagar sedan
you really just spent 20 minutes to say that u wish every streaming service was netflix, but with a 'watch party' feature that you have admittedly never used... imagine if you actually, i dont know, thought of some ways to improve netflix, instead of just saying every other streaming service should be like them.
Theo dore
Theo dore 3 dagar sedan
please tell me that, unlike netflix (and any other streaming service i’ve tried), EddieFlix Max Plus lets you organize and filter through your watchlist in a way like Letterboxd does, so I can actually find shit I’m in the mood for?
Papi Shai
Papi Shai 3 dagar sedan
honestly if Disney bought Netflix disney+ doesn’t have to be a thing and they can just put all the disney stuff, and fox stuff i would pay 20$ for it
iwannadie, y tú?
iwannadie, y tú? 3 dagar sedan
the watch party should have a video call option, audio only option, and a chat option!
Phat Boi
Phat Boi 3 dagar sedan
Are we not gonna talk about Cuties?
Jake AMAD Gamer
Jake AMAD Gamer 3 dagar sedan
Perfect. You did it. Keep up the great content
dballard01 3 dagar sedan
Hehe um it was funny when you said b*ob
Moses Mead
Moses Mead 3 dagar sedan
You don't look like my dad, you look better than my dad.
echospook 3 dagar sedan
I already like this channel
Sophia Hall
Sophia Hall 3 dagar sedan
Eddie where are you man
mehoyminoy 123
mehoyminoy 123 3 dagar sedan
Cable sucks Also prime has literally every movie imaginable, you name it, but most of that is like a microtransaction so that kinda sucks
Eabhas _doodles
Eabhas _doodles 3 dagar sedan
Disney plus has Hamilton
Tintin121 3 dagar sedan
My dad pays for a SEpost premium family thing cause he hates ads lmao
SofteLocke 4 dagar sedan
so like what about crunchyroll
Max Locher
Max Locher 4 dagar sedan
Thank you for using my name in it
TheSuperDaine 4 dagar sedan
Irresistable was really good imo kuz I'm just biased towards movies that have a news setting lol. But tbh I only watched it kuz I already had apple TV, I wouldn't have gotten apple TV to watch it lmao
sprout s
sprout s 4 dagar sedan
Netflix already has a watch party feature
Mopishfool 4 dagar sedan
RIP Quibi. That didn’t last long.
yuki kanegawa
yuki kanegawa 4 dagar sedan
There's actually a web extension that has watch parties for Netflix, Hulu, and Disney. Only for the website on Chrome but it's free and it's good. It's called Netflix Party on the chrome store but they've changed their logo to Tp so idk if it shows up different now.
Gemma Malone
Gemma Malone 4 dagar sedan
i only recently got disney+ so i could rewatch the early 2000s x men animated series, and i *hate* that i have to re-set-up subtitles *every episode*. they stayed on the tv through anything i watched, but i think that was just roku being a bro rather than disney+ itself. i don't watch anything w/o subtitles so it was v frustrating (i finished that rewatch so i might binge the mandalorian and then cancel before i get charged again lmao)
Aze 4 dagar sedan
Still want streaming services to allow you to create playlists that you can add shows on and just shuffle through the episodes. It'd solve the problem of overwhelming choice. Just click on a playlist and you're good
Jaker The Snaker
Jaker The Snaker 4 dagar sedan
the service is clean af but has a disturbing lack of young sheldon tbh
Ren Sparks
Ren Sparks 4 dagar sedan
Is my dad Julien Solomita?
Jackie Reynolds
Jackie Reynolds 4 dagar sedan
there was a news show with steve carrell and jennifer aniston?
Matthew Gawelek
Matthew Gawelek 4 dagar sedan
Drunk me got stuck in the Hulu UI for almost an hour once. Almost didn't make it out
OneFlamingPotato 3 dagar sedan
It’s great how this implies Hulu’s UI stole you and locked you away until you escaped
p m
p m 4 dagar sedan
dude u frickin killed qibi!
Dan Phelps
Dan Phelps 4 dagar sedan
2 things. First, I've actually been pleasantly surprised by Peacock. I wouldn't write it off so easily. As said elsewhere, the free tier is pretty great. There are minimal commercials and a ton of options for people who don't want to pay. It's kind of becoming my go to streaming platform for when I want to watch something but don't really have anything in mind and may not want to have to get really into something. I can always find something to throw on in the background while I'm doing something else, and while that may sound silly, it's how I consume a lot of TV. Secondly, I get the criticism of Disney not having adult content, but at the same time I'm kind of getting tired of how since HBO and streaming services have become more viable, every show now has to be rated tv-m and contain sex and cursing and violence. I don't mind that stuff existing and enjoy it when it's done properly, but now it seems like there is some kind of checklist that television producers use when putting shows together that says they absolutely must have x-minutes of sex, y-amount of f-bombs and at least z beheadings if you want anyone to greenlight your show. I used to complain about shows that DIDN'T push boundaries, but now it seems like they add it to shows that don't need it which, to me, just comes across as lazy. A good show doesn't need all that stuff to attract an audience and would only have it if it serves the narrative. Now mind you, I have a 7 year old son who is constantly around me, so that definitely plays a factor in my criticism. It's kind of annoying that I have to look so freaking hard to find something I can watch before he has to go to sleep. That is one reason I find myself using Peacock and Disney more often than not. Most of the peacock stuff was on network TV, so I don't have to worry about anything too bad, and Disney just flat out doesn't have it.
Hannah Finley
Hannah Finley 4 dagar sedan
P L E A S E restock the yikes crewnecks. plz.
Ben Stewart
Ben Stewart 4 dagar sedan
if u ask me prime video is the best streaming service
Galactic Lava Lamp
Galactic Lava Lamp 5 dagar sedan
I would like to see what you think of Onision?
May S
May S 5 dagar sedan
ok but fleabag on prime tho???
Cameron R.
Cameron R. 5 dagar sedan
rip quibi
Darth Molls
Darth Molls 5 dagar sedan
Haha. Hahaha. Quibi doesn't even exist anymore and it's legit been two weeks since this video 😅
The Rustorian
The Rustorian 5 dagar sedan
Wow, Eddy really fucking hates young Sheldon
Angely Ma
Angely Ma 5 dagar sedan
I didn't know hbo had a thing
Angely Ma
Angely Ma 5 dagar sedan
I'm super pissed disney doesn't have the dance along to ANY high school musical like it's the only reason I got it.
Nixon Lindell
Nixon Lindell 5 dagar sedan
Bro Eddie Burback is back and I love it. I wish we got more Eddie Burback videos tbh, but I'm going back to re-watch the classics. I can't seem to find any way to get the Eddie Burback merch that I want though. If only there was a way... Anyhow, stay Rad Eddie!
Nixon Lindell
Nixon Lindell 5 dagar sedan
Thank you for making us smile! :)
Swansimcil 5 dagar sedan
I just want to make more than one list or que or whatever we're calling it I want multiple curated lists for different moods
Koala GamingHD
Koala GamingHD 5 dagar sedan
The quibi bit hits differently now
GoodCrunchyTaco 5 dagar sedan
voice ai needs to replace the keyboard... only reason why I want an android tv lmao
JaykobTV 5 dagar sedan
You say Disney own everything but then complain there isn't alot of content...
Oziel Bernal
Oziel Bernal 5 dagar sedan
I don't like how one of the "it's amazon" is slightly off-center.
Sophie 5 dagar sedan
Does he not know that a Disney+ Hulu mash-up is already a thing ?
Holographic Marlon Brando
Holographic Marlon Brando 5 dagar sedan
after watching silicon valley, i start to wonder if the reason a lot of these streaming services have vastly different yet universally clunky UI is due to copyrighted algorithms. i imagine the structure of each service's UI is essentially an amalgamation of different algorithms and programming tricks. this could be why hbo max currently lacks the ability to track what we watch. its likely that they can't find an algorithm they like since some of the strongest ones were likely already bought out and heavily protected by netflix or hulu. this would also explain why even disney can't manage a decent UI. as you've acknowledged, they came late in the game and my theory is all the algorithms worth a damn were bought out and while disney could easily buy out other services, it will likely be a while before they buy out one of the big ones. who knows, maybe they're paying for programmers to form a new algorithm for them and are likely running into walls given that a lot of the most basic functions are probably copyrighted by the programmers who made them. but i could be out of my depth on this. as i've said, the extent of my programming knowledge comes from a tv show lol
Max Locher
Max Locher 6 dagar sedan
The best streaming service is: the worlds largest indoor ferris plua
Krazeyboii sup
Krazeyboii sup 6 dagar sedan
Soooo Netflix but with better content...
D. Falco
D. Falco 6 dagar sedan
I recall the Xbox 360 had a "Watch Party" function built into their Xbox chat party. Where if you and your friends in your audio chat party had the Netflix app, you could all watch the same show or movie together controlled by the party host. It even had an overlay where the bottom 1/6th or so of the screen looked like movie seats and you could see your parties silhouettes. It was pretty fucking cool in like 2010
Tim Fay
Tim Fay 6 dagar sedan
I just wanted to throw out there that Amazon Prime video has the X-ray view. Honestly my favorite thing about the service. When I see a random person in a show and I go, "where do I know them from" and then I can just pause and read their whole background.
heather chandler
heather chandler 6 dagar sedan
peacocks free stuff is so good though like they have every harry potter movie
phileon 232
phileon 232 6 dagar sedan
You don't look like my dad
Master Kenobi
Master Kenobi 6 dagar sedan
Disney plus doesn’t have adult content because it’s meant for family viewing experiences, while Hulu and Netflix are meant for; im so lonely and bored rn imma binge the entirety of office ;(
Torusaurus Rex
Torusaurus Rex 6 dagar sedan
I am amazed at how many tv shows people watch until I remember how much anime I watch.
SniffyTugBoat 6 dagar sedan
I've always thought that TV commercials were louder by design. like if you just have a show on in the background, the commercial would be louder to try and grab your attention for at least that advertisement's runtime.
Donté Miller
Donté Miller 6 dagar sedan
why are youuuuuu hilarious ???
IMakeBadVideos 6 dagar sedan
You got netflix when tubi is free
Hotpocket Jones
Hotpocket Jones 6 dagar sedan
Im so sad quibi is over
MovieRacket 6 dagar sedan
Quibi just went out of business LMAO
Julian Quazes
Julian Quazes 6 dagar sedan
Please make this a thing I love it I Pay anything for it
Aidan Tech and Video Games
Aidan Tech and Video Games 6 dagar sedan
7:50 Made me laugh b/c this was so true
The Color Red
The Color Red 6 dagar sedan
Peacock is actually pretty good they have a lot of movies for free
Lucas Colantoni
Lucas Colantoni 6 dagar sedan
Yeah i think I open Apple more than Disney plus so I’m glad you put that at the bottom, and I still agree it has nothing to take from when you have these other five. I still love the premium feel to their shows and Hailee Steinfeld’s “Dickinson” is worth supporting to me lol
SectorCodec 6 dagar sedan
Agree with everything except the rotten tomatoes bit. Please dont integrate that into Netflix.
LVBBoi 6 dagar sedan
Braylon Woodson
Braylon Woodson 6 dagar sedan
i like hulus shows better then netflixs and i like that unlike netflix anime they have like a whole extra season or two unlike netflix which only gives out lets say 2 out of 4 seasons
Braylon Woodson
Braylon Woodson 7 dagar sedan
As soon as you said Ads and Adblock popped up, idk if that was ur intention
Sukrat Singh
Sukrat Singh 7 dagar sedan
The return of the lost laziest and most inconsistent SEpostr
Muaawiyah Sulaman
Muaawiyah Sulaman 7 dagar sedan
Joshua Rieth
Joshua Rieth 7 dagar sedan
D+ just released a Watch Party mode.
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