I bought a TRANSPARENT TV for $7000 :*(

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Why on earth would anyone want a transparent TV?...
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GadzieGadanie 38 minuter sedan
idk if you can still se the image from the other side but if so, I think it would be cool if you have an open design house to place it between the living room and the dining room, so you can watch the tv from both sides
T_ 0nio
T_ 0nio 2 timmar sedan
"We english now bois" Yessssssssssssssssssssssss
oh Yeah yeah
oh Yeah yeah 2 timmar sedan
Mount it to the W A L L
Double_0_delta 6 timmar sedan
That's uh 14 dollars of dead pixel ya got thar
Lord Aidan
Lord Aidan 6 timmar sedan
12:49 there is one imposter among us...
MarekzAnglii 8 timmar sedan
This concept isn't anything really new. When I was in the U.S. about 12 years ago, I remember seeing about four transparent screens, hanging from a ceiling in a bar (and each one was twice as large as this demo TV screen), also there weren't any projectors in sight. The footage was visible from both sides (although obviously in reverse on the back of the screen). Sure, the resolution wasn't the best but I must admit, it blew me away back then!
Freeaccount662 8 timmar sedan
This would look nice in my room it’s like a hologram
Halamakitten 187
Halamakitten 187 11 timmar sedan
Lol i was stuck there (when laura swam in the air) lol
Andrew Stone
Andrew Stone 20 timmar sedan
Ughh, my transparent tv isn’t 4K. That’s got to be the most American thing I’ve ever heard.
A Ghost.
A Ghost. Dag sedan
Siakol Yano
Siakol Yano Dag sedan
Now make it smaller and turned into AR headset.
Saul Beatriz
Saul Beatriz Dag sedan
Linus meth tips
Don Omar
Don Omar Dag sedan
Linus is tripping balls ! hahah loved it
Yurii Sabodakh
Yurii Sabodakh Dag sedan
I think the death of those pixels was caused by shame due to 1080p.
Garett McDermid
Garett McDermid Dag sedan
good idea on the beard. welcome to manhood ;-)
G3M1N1J0K3R Dag sedan
Homeless tech tips
Andre Zenz
Andre Zenz Dag sedan
"Do you know how much one of these pixels costs?" Yeah: 0.34 cents. Well
Aniket Kumar
Aniket Kumar Dag sedan
I love this
Deviant Affinity
Deviant Affinity Dag sedan
So now while watching TV, you have to battle with screen reflections as well as whatever's behind the TV?
domicio Rodrigues
domicio Rodrigues Dag sedan
Só não dá pra assistir em ambientes claros
Make this ur window
Satvik Jayaswal
Satvik Jayaswal 2 dagar sedan
i keep telling ppl tv?SONY or LG no one else
FPSGeorge 2 dagar sedan
If they can figure out a way to put multiple panels in a row there, we'd have a chance at seeing "holographic" or "real 3d" tvs happening
Opacity 2 dagar sedan
lol broke *after*
Le Deer
Le Deer 2 dagar sedan
With that yellow tint and all those chineese symbols it has a strong Deus Ex vibe.
Mohammad Amin
Mohammad Amin 2 dagar sedan
New invention ,special edition, best
Smoll_fly 2 dagar sedan
my cats would knock that down real fast
Kaleb Rosenberg
Kaleb Rosenberg 2 dagar sedan
TheDoubleg94 2 dagar sedan
This is just a transparent Flex...
chichiboypumpi 2 dagar sedan
I'm happy with a big smart tv, Japanese or Korean brand, even if I have money to burn, I won't be getting that c-pos/pocs
David Damico
David Damico 2 dagar sedan
You mention spending $7k on this device in a disbelieving way, quite often. Although I have been an Apple user since 1985, I feel the same way about spending 1K+ on an iPhone. Why do it when there are many basic smartphones which will do the job just as well. It's wasteful.
Akash Aki
Akash Aki 2 dagar sedan
Still new screen able upcoming 🤔
xKaz Anims ,
xKaz Anims , 2 dagar sedan
Did you use honey?
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos 2 dagar sedan
I haven’t got one dead pixel on my 2009 IPhone 3GS (that cost less than £30) And you pay 7k for like At least 20 Dead pixels? Wow
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos 2 dagar sedan
Valentino Hell’s PIMP
Valentino Hell’s PIMP 2 dagar sedan
You have way to many tvs for multiple life times could you donate one to me
Gareth Davey
Gareth Davey 3 dagar sedan
I’m just as shocked by the socks and sandals Linus is wearing...
Billy Ch.
Billy Ch. 3 dagar sedan
12:50 Linus just got replaced with a PRC agent looking like the real Linus
Paper Planes
Paper Planes 3 dagar sedan
I bought an invisible one. Beta version.
NorthNoken 3 dagar sedan
I would literally do anything to get that pc bec i was stuck with a laptop that is 32 bits 2 GB of ram for years
Nithin Noyal
Nithin Noyal 3 dagar sedan
I was waiting to see from the other side
Galaxy explorer Al-jibouri
Galaxy explorer Al-jibouri 3 dagar sedan
I love you man cuz u just crushed our small dream down 🤣
David Fowopé
David Fowopé 3 dagar sedan
Nah! We're done with transparent TV. Give us Ceiling TV so, we can play games all day while lying on bed. And don't forget to make robots that will clean us up, serve us foods, and brush our teeth.
Fiddleron 3 dagar sedan
It's dumb but it's cool
Vishal Chauhan
Vishal Chauhan 3 dagar sedan
Human : This display is very reflective. Not good. Also human : Buys $7000 transparent TV
GamingWithBenedict 3 dagar sedan
xXBXXNXx 3 dagar sedan
This tv may have some small issues and may not be perfect but holy crap how far we’ve come with technology is just omg amazing how can a see through screen not atleast be a little bit impressive
Kira Senpai Yandere
Kira Senpai Yandere 3 dagar sedan
I rather buy the newest Alienware Laptop with 7200$. Much worthy for this shit from china 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. You lost your money man.
Bookybapoco 4 dagar sedan
Try getting me now ring horror movie girl that crawls out of my tv
Affes hatem
Affes hatem 4 dagar sedan
I love this Tv to be honest. 7000$ is too much for a tv, but the technology is new, so I think it’s worth it.
Kpop Empire
Kpop Empire 4 dagar sedan
Transparent TV looks good when it's off. Most other TVs look ugly when off.
Sage VI
Sage VI 4 dagar sedan
imagine watching horror movies with this and when you turn off tv the girl is still there
HeyDan1983 4 dagar sedan
11:58 NO
Venkatesh K
Venkatesh K 4 dagar sedan
I expect these kinda bizzare tech from unboxtheraphy.. But it's not the same from some time now.. Thank u keeping bizzare tech alive..
HeyDan1983 4 dagar sedan
But why....
Lamine Layaida
Lamine Layaida 4 dagar sedan
You just want to show, that's bad product... If it was USA product you won't be talking like this, I think you will say it is the newest tech, tech from space.... Blablabla China just killed everybody else
Lamine Layaida
Lamine Layaida 4 dagar sedan
Just tell the truth Linus , China killed the rest of the world with their new tech, I tell you the reason about transparent TV, I think is the intro to hologram TV I think their tech is freak now, just confess , China woke up with big slaps to the world
Sypticle 4 dagar sedan
the world is slowly becoming more like Detroit Become Human.
Rich M
Rich M 5 dagar sedan
VOVID barrier is what I caught
swamy sriman
swamy sriman 5 dagar sedan
Does this mean goodbye to "the notch"?
Wesley Jackson
Wesley Jackson 5 dagar sedan
We got it... it cost 7k
Bran Man
Bran Man 5 dagar sedan
Y'all are absurd in your opinion of this TV. It's great, I would pay $14,000 to have one....
André Portugal
André Portugal 5 dagar sedan
Most fun (and expensive) Covid barrier
Hanna Maria
Hanna Maria 5 dagar sedan
honestly I couldn't give less of a shit about the size of the pixels. I mean. IT'S FUCKING TRANSPARENT.
OkDevs 4 dagar sedan
I seen u before nice 👌 hanna banana mode
Ultimate Games
Ultimate Games 5 dagar sedan
Sambro 5 dagar sedan
this could definitely be used to make that dystopian cyberpunk look where every facade of a building has ads on it
Даниил Рабинович
Даниил Рабинович 5 dagar sedan
Can you make a window out of this?
Wicky Shahi
Wicky Shahi 5 dagar sedan
its the first gen of tranparent tv u cant expect best
Yorka Seona
Yorka Seona 4 dagar sedan
2nd gen
Bangkit! 5 dagar sedan
it is obviously better to buy a non-transparent 4k monitor. 7k is toooooooo much!!
Isakk 6 dagar sedan
1960: "I bet they'll have flying cars one day in the future!" 2020: "we have the office on our window"
frosts maker
frosts maker 6 dagar sedan
He is not the real Linus. You are the Impostor. Let's vote for him.
S.L.S 6 dagar sedan
Zero Tolerance
Zero Tolerance 6 dagar sedan
Must be nice to be able to just throw $7k around like it's nothing.
AetheralMeowstic 6 dagar sedan
_I gotta get this crate off this big waste of money!_
zacharoni vevo alt
zacharoni vevo alt 6 dagar sedan
Ok hear me out, imagine you have this as a gaming monitor, and like you have the desk in the back of a room so that the screen is covering your view of a door or something, you get a tab where it's just black so you have a window to see thru and like, you don't have to peek or something it's like a big window
Julian Santos
Julian Santos 6 dagar sedan
2:34 "that was when I was allowed to travel" this seems so vague and threatening. TF kind of felony did Linus commit??
MrKouik 6 dagar sedan
I so wanted to see the back of the TV....was not showed...:(
Days Games
Days Games 6 dagar sedan
12:29 legend says linus is still stuck in the tv
Alex 7 dagar sedan
Just buy a freaking glass and HD projector you'll save more than $6000 lol
Alex 7 dagar sedan
This is the definition of Overpriced Crap lol
Aaron Holst
Aaron Holst 7 dagar sedan
you can tell its not linus because he doesn't make the smoothest transition to the sponsor ever
TheRogueMage 7 dagar sedan
I'm curious how much he makes from this video because I doubt he would do a video on a $7000 tv unless it was sponsored and he made at least $10k off the video.
booring2 7 dagar sedan
looking at this, and what phone he is having... we live in a future once as a child been dreaming
Odimus 7 dagar sedan
ok yeah but why its just worse than a regular tv
Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom 7 dagar sedan
What does this dude do with all this shit he gets when he is done? Honestly...anyone?
NCS AUDIOBLAST 7 dagar sedan
That linus in the tv wasn't real... He didn't do an LTT store plug...
Mat P_
Mat P_ 7 dagar sedan
dude the end of the video made my day xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
XxmrsnipesxX 7 dagar sedan
it would have been hilarious if he just bought a tinted piece of glass
broken potato
broken potato 7 dagar sedan
You should really review the xiaomi mi 34 inch 3k, 144hz, curved ultra-wide gaming monitor which goes for about 350$
Smokey Twixxie
Smokey Twixxie 7 dagar sedan
Its not about that you can see things through the screen, its about evolution. it looks futuristic. it almost looks like a hologram screen.
Matthew R Anderson
Matthew R Anderson 7 dagar sedan
If this video gets 200k likes, Linus will count EVERY individual pixel on this TV.
Ling Yuan Leow
Ling Yuan Leow 7 dagar sedan
you not gonna test it in a dark room or something? that's disappointing bro...
Paul Catalano
Paul Catalano 7 dagar sedan
It seems like, if it wasn’t so expensive, it could be used for someone who needs to oversee a shop floor, for example, but be on a computer at roughly the same time. They might be able to spot safety issues and such they wouldn’t normally.
Prabath Ranasingha
Prabath Ranasingha 7 dagar sedan
plz help me to buy gaming pc
Jumbie & MHR
Jumbie & MHR 7 dagar sedan
This is actually an effective marketing strategy or showing high end luxury, this could be placed behind the secretary desk or in a meeting room :) so very much commercial use instead of personal
Brisa Soto
Brisa Soto 7 dagar sedan
También le faltó que fuera touchscreen 😔
Speed King
Speed King 7 dagar sedan
10:57 oh hi Andy - hi.
Professor 8 dagar sedan
I don't understand how this TV will be useful in real life🤔
Timo Ernst
Timo Ernst 8 dagar sedan
They should add a 2nd layer to the back of the display which fills with black gas or fluid when it‘s turned on. This way it becomes an actually usable TV and looks really dope in your Living room when not turned on in „transparent mode“.
BuncGaming 8 dagar sedan
What if this replaced all your windows! In your house
We got the Kick-Proof TV from China!
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