I Attempted a Speedrun (and got a world record)

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pure talent

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i wonder if cooking mama is single

Brooklynn Spicer
Brooklynn Spicer 47 sekunder sedan
Hey Jaiden when is Ari's birthday
박보연 4 minuter sedan
jaiden I live in korea and I wached your live strem so pleas make a video obout tofu
Boosted Sama
Boosted Sama 14 minuter sedan
Not sure if yall noticed but after she stated that her time could easily be halved and told speedrunners to take her cronws she deliberatly drew it as if its made from paper.
Global Warrior
Global Warrior 20 minuter sedan
Where is Aris birthday (again, again, again)
Do-not 27 minuter sedan
I keep going to this video and leaving this is my 3rd time on the video
Julian Servantes
Julian Servantes 47 minuter sedan
You know I have a faint memory of seeing all cooking mama for 5 milliseconds (Also hype for jaiden with life knoggin in collab”
dee luv
dee luv 48 minuter sedan
Hey jaiden how are you doing ps. Love your vids
Ike Duruibe
Ike Duruibe 59 minuter sedan
Anyone wanna learn about Jesus?
master noobek
master noobek 59 minuter sedan
I would like to see more speedrun
xXBluebossXx Timme sedan
8:50 me in admin swiping my card
Tulsi Patel
Tulsi Patel Timme sedan
oh my god I am so sad I checked the speedrun website and six more people have tried and they all got better times than Jaiden :( so sad
awamleh Abdul
awamleh Abdul Timme sedan
Would a person in a coma win the sleeping record or would it not count, im actually curious
Our not so perfect life
Our not so perfect life Timme sedan
Me : drinking water Her : I will be speed running COOKING WITH MAMA 2 DINNER WITH FRIENDS ! Me: phhhhhhhhh
Z!N Timme sedan
Speedrun minecraft
xXBluebossXx Timme sedan
Food wars is amazing
papyrus 79
papyrus 79 Timme sedan
Jaiden people are making inappropriate arts of you you need to know thisright now
Player 922
Player 922 Timme sedan
I got 3 minutes away from world record once , BUT IT WAS GLASS A ROBLOX GAME
Lolitrol Mp
Lolitrol Mp Timme sedan
oh yes, i remembered that time when every atoms were cooking mama.
pug mug
pug mug Timme sedan
Hey u might be mad but someone broke the burn the pie record
Aaron Diaz
Aaron Diaz Timme sedan
Sajid Manzoor
Sajid Manzoor Timme sedan
Also I still have no't found it yet
Toxic Timme sedan
Umm... Hey I randomly found this site on the internet and I thought it was weird that they knew this info about you.Just sayin its kinda weird
Just Dutchy
Just Dutchy Timme sedan
hey jaiden i am 11 and i just began with drawing on pc and animating do u have any tips for knowing what to draw i never have ideas to draw how do u have your ideas from Netherlands
Sajid Manzoor
Sajid Manzoor Timme sedan
I play that game on my Ipad and on my Nintendo D's! But I mostly do it on my Ipad because my Nintendo D's card is lost!!
Lucy Froelich
Lucy Froelich Timme sedan
I have this game but I kinda suck but I got 38 golden stars in counting
:3 R
:3 R 2 timmar sedan
i am speed
XxsadiexX 2 timmar sedan
I was just on tictok and I was just watching an add for the game I-
Mayte Martinez
Mayte Martinez 2 timmar sedan
0:32 small ant lol
Fawaz Imad
Fawaz Imad 2 timmar sedan
I looked up Cooking Mama 2 on speedruns. - The category has been added - Your run is yet to be added to the All Gold Medals category - You're listed as a moderator for the game - Under the Misc. categories is a category called "Burn A Pie", which as of time of writing has 14 confirmed runs. The world record is currently 2 minutes and 36 seconds. Congratulations, you're forever encapsulated in Speedrun history.
SMG2 // Flitch Productions
SMG2 // Flitch Productions 2 timmar sedan
How do you animate?
SMG2 // Flitch Productions
SMG2 // Flitch Productions 2 timmar sedan
How do you animate?
Luis Salceda
Luis Salceda 2 timmar sedan
Rip if you wanna Finnish all the cooking mamma games then
PuzzlePuddles 2 timmar sedan
wait but... didnt the first ever person who played cooking mama achieve the world record?
Ali Coldwell
Ali Coldwell 2 timmar sedan
still waiting on Ari’s 4th birthday...
Bob Jarla
Bob Jarla 2 timmar sedan
I wonder if she watches Dream (a Minecraft speed runner)
Benjamin Levinger
Benjamin Levinger 2 timmar sedan
hey jaiden did you know they made a new battle for bikini bottom and i would love to see you play it i've ben a fan since forever. it would make my year if you played this like a speed run
arvy galsim
arvy galsim 2 timmar sedan
0:41 a man of culture i see
Mystical Alolan Ninetails
Mystical Alolan Ninetails 2 timmar sedan
I smell simp in this comment
JASPER MARRIOTT 2 timmar sedan
i watched food wars and now i know how to cook:jaiden 2020
Zugman Family
Zugman Family 2 timmar sedan
Roman Pipolo
Roman Pipolo 2 timmar sedan
Jaiden your in life noggin now and ari’s getting more fame if your depressed stop by at the pixel household to talk I’ll be waiting....
Y337 n3ss
Y337 n3ss 3 timmar sedan
5:22 literally everyone writing a cooking recipe
Gian Patrick Bungcayao
Gian Patrick Bungcayao 3 timmar sedan
I really like your voice, I think it sounds cool
StrxwberryMilk 3 timmar sedan
omg i remember cooking mama-
Arthur Reis
Arthur Reis 3 timmar sedan
I loved the Karate Kid reference!
Quality Criticism
Quality Criticism 3 timmar sedan
Rylan JF
Rylan JF 3 timmar sedan
2 weeks ago... That means... Pokemon... Nuzloc... IN TWO WEEKS
Sofia Godoy
Sofia Godoy 3 timmar sedan
fun fact some people have tried the gold and gave up
Gacha lavy
Gacha lavy 3 timmar sedan
I love this because when I’m working I do it so much faster
ItsZhyroX [GD]
ItsZhyroX [GD] 3 timmar sedan
ya te superaron amiga
Narin Thapa
Narin Thapa 3 timmar sedan
Jaiden: tries and do the rice cracker : Me i can just get you a-:jaiden NAHHHH MY PROGRESS HERE :me:ok..
Karla Astorga
Karla Astorga 3 timmar sedan
Oh so this is why u haven’t uploaded in 2 months
eliu maldonado
eliu maldonado 4 timmar sedan
Eton Smith
Eton Smith 4 timmar sedan
The thing is, right as Jaiden posted this, I was REALLY into speedrunning. Keep up the good work, Jaiden!
Anonymous Gamer
Anonymous Gamer 4 timmar sedan
Jaiden is actually in 7th place in All Gold Medals leaderboard
Jayden Chan
Jayden Chan 4 timmar sedan
Wait... when is the Pokémon Nuzlocke coming
Chris Sayus
Chris Sayus 4 timmar sedan
So, as of right now, her All Gold Medals run is 7th...out of 7.
AngelShadoWolfie 4 timmar sedan
Hey I saw that! In the thumbnail you had the karate kids head band on! :)
AngelShadoWolfie 4 timmar sedan
cerb 4 timmar sedan
Apple pie burnt-cent
NerdGuy1988 4 timmar sedan
Do nintendogs video!
Jarrod Dobben
Jarrod Dobben 4 timmar sedan
Nice little hint there Jaiden origami King was pretty good
UN Omen
UN Omen 4 timmar sedan
Rank Player Time Platform Date 1st plank 2h 33m 04s DS ᴇᴍᴜ 1 week ago 2nd YuuuGames 2h 38m 59s DS ᴇᴍᴜ 2 weeks ago 3rd Monkeyfly 2h 41m 28s DS ᴇᴍᴜ 1 week ago 4th hellamagnus 2h 42m 20s DS ᴇᴍᴜ 1 week ago 5th runaway4444 3h 05m 10s 3DS 2 weeks ago 6th DjDonkey 3h 16m 49s DS ᴇᴍᴜ 2 weeks ago 7th Partycles 3h 43m 39s DS ᴇᴍᴜ 2 weeks ago 8th Kingofallturtulesus 3h 47m 30s DS ᴇᴍᴜ 2 weeks ago 9th EliKEK 4h 04m 03s DS ᴇᴍᴜ 2 weeks ago 10th LazyKidSPEEDRUN 4h 09m 16s DS ᴇᴍᴜ 1 week ago 11th HattinSS 5h 20m 34s DS ᴇᴍᴜ 1 week ago 12th KaiWasTaken 6h 00m 49s DS ᴇᴍᴜ 2 weeks ago Jaiden got 7th on all gold medals
Jarrod Dobben
Jarrod Dobben 4 timmar sedan
God I love ari
Sweet Lemon Creations
Sweet Lemon Creations 5 timmar sedan
Have you watched dream?
The Man
The Man 5 timmar sedan
time to break her dreams by some one beating it with a time of 2 hours then 1 then 30 seconds
Help 5 timmar sedan
Isnt there another cooking mama that is *SUPER VIOLENT*
The switcher
The switcher 5 timmar sedan
Ꮆ尺乇卂ㄒ! you gave it your 𝙗𝙚𝙨𝙩 𝙚𝙛𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙩 :)
The switcher
The switcher 4 timmar sedan
@bowen voowy Ꮆ尺乇卂ㄒ! you gave it your 𝙗𝙚𝙨𝙩 𝙚𝙛𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙩 :)
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 4 timmar sedan
I finishes in 5 hours lol
The Tylasaurus
The Tylasaurus 5 timmar sedan
I'm going to set the world record for ark survival evolved
ScribbleScrable 5 timmar sedan
I’m very sorry to say this someone passed you Jaiden 😔
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 4 timmar sedan
Sam 5 timmar sedan
did i only just realize jaiden might be a homestuck and come here to comment it? yes. yes i did.
Caius Vslooten
Caius Vslooten 5 timmar sedan
SOMEONE IS RUNNING COOKING MAMA TO well only the Apple pie bit stil
cactis boy 25
cactis boy 25 5 timmar sedan
Hey didnt you do a mario odyssey speed run with james and Adam
Weston James
Weston James 5 timmar sedan
i did a speedrun on among us and got a record
Hilos con CDsito
Hilos con CDsito 5 timmar sedan
Hahahhahha they alredy bet your speedrun
Imperialofficer07 5 timmar sedan
1:32.....that look she gives Jaiden
Joshua Vargas
Joshua Vargas 5 timmar sedan
They beat jaidens record oof
Gabriel Barbosa
Gabriel Barbosa 5 timmar sedan
Hey jaiden, i made a fanart but idk how to send it to you! My mom just dont let me have a twiter account because twitter is toxic and i took like 3 days to do that!!! I really want to send it but idk how, plz someone help me :(
Laserman 320
Laserman 320 5 timmar sedan
If cooking Mama was single, then she wouldn't really be a mama would she? Unless she's a step parent....or a cougar..... Wait is cooking mama a cougar or are you adopted?
Samuel Bergkvist
Samuel Bergkvist 5 timmar sedan
so yeah your record got broken almost instantly you are currently number 7 but thats only on all gold precent so you need MORE PRACTICE
• Shìnxx •
• Shìnxx • 5 timmar sedan
She's beauty She's grace She's the world's best cook from space-
Max Shadowz
Max Shadowz 6 timmar sedan
Imagine the slowest speedrun ever, how would it be?
QualityRiot 6 timmar sedan
TheLittle 51playz
TheLittle 51playz 6 timmar sedan
I finishes in 5 hours lol
DavidAvatarTheLastAirbender60 6 timmar sedan
Ah yes. Cooking Mama 2 game play
Julian Reid
Julian Reid 6 timmar sedan
I've watched this 5 times and I dunno why
CRINDER CRAK 6 timmar sedan
No entiendo nada de lo que dise pero la amo ojala Maiden ahora español saludos
αikσ 6 timmar sedan
"If you're under 18 don't look it up" Me: welp...too late for that
Joey Madrigal 94
Joey Madrigal 94 6 timmar sedan
oscar perez
oscar perez 6 timmar sedan
Someone made the speedrun of cooking mama "burn the cake faster"😂😂😂
craqjiwRBLX 6 timmar sedan
10:02 oh god no jaiden
Daniel Turner
Daniel Turner 6 timmar sedan
Ok so why you attempt speed run I tried one wen I was 8 I did A jedi game so I tried and I completed it in 1hour and it is so hard but I Completed it but I didn’t post on SEpost I have it on my phone right now
Gu4rdi4an 6 timmar sedan
Carl Montil
Carl Montil 6 timmar sedan
Yukihira soma
c l o u d y m o o
c l o u d y m o o 6 timmar sedan
Jaiden… I have watched nearly every single video you have and sometimes even watched them twice 😓 and you post not too often so what do I do now 😰
idriss ouazzani
idriss ouazzani 6 timmar sedan
Can you do a setup tour
Mohammad Ahmad
Mohammad Ahmad 7 timmar sedan
1:30 i played it when i was child i dont remember if its the first or second game
XxJcubxX 0409
XxJcubxX 0409 7 timmar sedan
Someone Ishere
Someone Ishere 7 timmar sedan
Jaiden: if you’re under 18 don’t look it up Me an intellectual: *hears* *it* *down*
TitanicTNT 7 timmar sedan
I honestly thought she would speed run something, but then I remembered that she’s an average girl who animates for a living.
Marcos 7 timmar sedan
I come her to say Jaiden is numer 7 in the "all gold" category of cooking mama 2