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David Baddiel, Ed Gamble, Jo Brand, Katy Wix and Rose Matafeo attempt to hide 3 aubergines from Little Alex Horne, who must find them as quickly as possible.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

Brian Norman
Brian Norman 3 timmar sedan
Ed looks like an off-brand Elon Musk
Sir Derpington
Sir Derpington 8 timmar sedan
"My first instinct is to eat a whole raw aubergine" You and you alone my friend.
Woloblin 12 timmar sedan
My ADHD says no
Bubanic 13 timmar sedan
Well, I was today years old when I learned the English call egg plants, “Aubergines”
rachel moore
rachel moore 16 timmar sedan
I keep forgetting what those are actually called the more I hear it said this way
PandaCat ShiningStarSmilyXD
PandaCat ShiningStarSmilyXD 22 timmar sedan
They just had to put the smashed eggplant next to the baby head
Sai Vootukur
Sai Vootukur 2 dagar sedan
The smart and easy way out of this is to just flatten all three eggplants and stick them in your pants
MEKK the MIGHTY 2 dagar sedan
shoulda snapped them all in 2 and made him search for the 6 halves
epictacocat 2 dagar sedan
Just eat the one, it is still in the room.
k s
k s 4 dagar sedan
When it fell from the painting and thudded on the table 😂
k s
k s 4 dagar sedan
I'm really starting to fall in love with british tv. This is so funny.
Eli Van Drisse
Eli Van Drisse 4 dagar sedan
7:01 what is that laugh?!
Slothicusness 4 dagar sedan
Call them fucking eggplants don't use some harry potter curse against me
beasty4545 4 dagar sedan
British people: Aubergine Me: eggplant. Eggplant! EGGPLANT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rio Sol
Rio Sol 5 dagar sedan
Those are eggplants,,,
Kyler LeMieux
Kyler LeMieux 5 dagar sedan
I like how the first lady decides that just because she hates them, she can touch and move them. Lol not your room lady don't touch my shit
Anthony Qin
Anthony Qin 5 dagar sedan
the laugh track are so fucking annoying
Raphael Schmidt
Raphael Schmidt 6 dagar sedan
The approach of the last pal was so raw and british.
Raphael Schmidt
Raphael Schmidt 6 dagar sedan
The approach of the last pal was so raw and british.
Travis Fisher
Travis Fisher 7 dagar sedan
Knowing that cello tape and a knife was available, definitely could have made the task much more annoying. Cube it and scatter randomly through that card catalog system. Slice them thin and tuck amongst book pages on the shelf. And/or tape to center-back of the assorted hanging items. Thin slices packed into the seat cushions would have worked well also. Then hide one halved in 2 spots ... like inside that letter and set behind the picture frame (particularly if you taped some further in. That way the smell of a cut one is answered, but you have some obvious findings that would lead someone to believe they're looking for big pieces, not small ones. Do your cutting work under a folded back rug corner to hide the mess.
Jack is Best Boy
Jack is Best Boy 7 dagar sedan
9:51 That eggplant has better comedic timing than I do
Johnthebarbarian 8 dagar sedan
Haha british
Alexandra Delliou
Alexandra Delliou 8 dagar sedan
2020: 5667
liuliume 9 dagar sedan
Lu bearypie
Lu bearypie 9 dagar sedan
So I had to find out here that Eggplants are also called Aubergines?
J. Elizabeth
J. Elizabeth 9 dagar sedan
Me, an unassuming American: eggplant.
Shane Kayat
Shane Kayat 7 dagar sedan
Me, a South African: Brinjal
Xion Memoria
Xion Memoria 8 dagar sedan
They're round and white when they first start growing!
Laura F
Laura F 9 dagar sedan
@weasley313 To be fair, eggplants used to look like eggs
weasley313 9 dagar sedan
but..but... thats not an egg... thats not how eggs work
LHCreeper 9 dagar sedan
I was surprised no one joked about using a prison wallet...
ButterMonkeyFTW 10 dagar sedan
Master Spoiler
Master Spoiler 12 dagar sedan
It took me an unreasonable amount of time to realize that "Aubergines" is just a fancy name for "Eggplant"
Matt Walters
Matt Walters 14 dagar sedan
they don't call them eggplants in England? I wasn't aware of this britishism.
Queen of Kecleons
Queen of Kecleons 8 dagar sedan
Eggplant seems to be the oddity. As far as I am aware, they're called aubergines in far more countries than they are called eggplants.
cosmichero 2025
cosmichero 2025 16 dagar sedan
Holy shit I had no idea what a "Aubergines" was. I thought it was the stamp thing on the thumbnail. Then I was like oh those eggplants there are stacked odd
alex 17 dagar sedan
hiding 2 aubergines in the same place is genius. its becomes twice as hard to find them. chapeau
grognak the baby sucker
grognak the baby sucker 20 dagar sedan
Why is there laughing in the background. There aren't any jokes
Vidar Jensen
Vidar Jensen 20 dagar sedan
I'd unscrew the back cover of the lamp and place an aubergine (or rather a piece of it) in there
Cody Seren
Cody Seren 20 dagar sedan
What the heck is a Aubergine? Is it related to a eggplant?
Kevin 11 dagar sedan
Cody Seren I hope you're joking....
Sarra Campbell
Sarra Campbell 20 dagar sedan
Aren’t those eggplants? I’ve never heard them called aubergines, not sure if that’s a british thing though.
pryodiablo 20 dagar sedan
I'd have spent most of my time dicing then up and hiding them in just a fuck tonne of different places, imagine the amount of time you'd have to spend to put that back together
grimly105 21 dag sedan
damn this looks fun
WhiteVII 21 dag sedan
"I've not pointed at anything since, just in case" LMAOOOOO
Rolf 21 dag sedan
tv shows have become very intellectually challenging I see
Jacob B
Jacob B 21 dag sedan
i genuinely would have tried to eat them. I know someone who's uncle eats them raw with mayo.
Elisabet Eilertsen
Elisabet Eilertsen 21 dag sedan
Me just finding out that this show is in England as well! I watch the Norwegian one, but its called «kongen befaler» aka almost like simon says but the king demands
GrastTube 21 dag sedan
easy, all 3 up the arse!
Ur anus
Ur anus 21 dag sedan
Fun fact: raw eggplants aren't poisonous in any reasonable amounts. The deadly dose is 400 mg of that toxin, while the whole eggplant doesn't contain more than 13 mg. Just don't eat leaves and other plant parts, because those are waaay more toxic. Same goes for raw potatoes, except potatoes can turn green when exposed to sun - in which case never eat them raw, you're gonna get poisoned. Cooking them is fine though
Santeri Eilola
Santeri Eilola 22 dagar sedan
Use some thing To brake them In To pieces and hide them all araund you can argue that unless he finds every single bit notisable he hasnt found them all but brake all To 8 pieces and hide them in many many places all araund and tell when he has all of them
Santeri Eilola
Santeri Eilola 22 dagar sedan
Or eat some
Invictus Maneo
Invictus Maneo 22 dagar sedan
Its really weird that they don’t call it eggplant
Jason Simnov
Jason Simnov 23 dagar sedan
Man, the Yogscast has really changed, hasn’t it?
William Horn
William Horn 23 dagar sedan
MindOfGenius 23 dagar sedan
I would've cut one in half, then cut a 2nd one in half *as well as a very, very thin slice* from the 2nd one and hide that slice somewhere.
Mr42watson 23 dagar sedan
sad that no one cut it into tiny pieces and hid each one in the hundreds of drawers on the left
GraysonStone 23 dagar sedan
halfway through really hoping someone eats one
WhAT d0
WhAT d0 24 dagar sedan
6:11 "that's not an aubergine" lol
Trying To Learn This
Trying To Learn This 24 dagar sedan
As an American I have never seen this. But have laughed through this whole episode. Also it’s an eggplant lol.
Annabeth Yeung
Annabeth Yeung 22 dagar sedan
Eggplant indeed
May Burnham
May Burnham 22 dagar sedan
Nam Chanachon
Nam Chanachon 23 dagar sedan
Its a bloody aubergine! Honestly you yanks can't do anything right xD
SavageGreywolf 24 dagar sedan
raw eggplant isn't poisonous, so whoever told Baddiel it was was full of shit.
PenguinsIsPracticallyChickens 24 dagar sedan
Are the drawers on the card catalog false or otherwise non-functional? Otherwise, why didn't somebody just pull a few out of place enough that Alex would feel compelled to search them all?
Meliv 25 dagar sedan
Those are eggplants B.P.C
AllisonJuno 24 dagar sedan
british people call them aubergines (the french word for eggplant)
Sean Zoilo
Sean Zoilo 25 dagar sedan
I'm au bergine, I can hide pretty well...
Not You
Not You 25 dagar sedan
We call them egg plants in the U.S. I was confused for a second
Der Jeweler
Der Jeweler 25 dagar sedan
Hiding multiple aubergines in the same spot such a stupid move lol
Daniel Bell
Daniel Bell 25 dagar sedan
What in the world is an aubergine... oh! An eggplant. Gotcha.
Jaxton Allen
Jaxton Allen 25 dagar sedan
i was confused on what an aubergine was until i saw it and i was like oh an eggplant lol
Zach Smith
Zach Smith 25 dagar sedan
The comedic timing of 9:49 is glorious
Hunter Mallory
Hunter Mallory 26 dagar sedan
Gavin Riley
Gavin Riley 26 dagar sedan
Those are egg plants you pompous English. Man am I glad we won that revolution.
Tnk4me 26 dagar sedan
10:46 to think he would have won if he just zipped up gis fly and sat down.
mini muffinsxxx
mini muffinsxxx 26 dagar sedan
Its strange beain an American and beaing like you mean an EgG plAnT?!?
Obamathanosgoku -Obamanosoku the final memélord
Obamathanosgoku -Obamanosoku the final memélord 26 dagar sedan
... *HAHAHAHAHA* ... ... ... *HAHAHAHAHA*
Umbra Deus
Umbra Deus 27 dagar sedan
CC keeps correcting it to Hybrid Jeans lol
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 27 dagar sedan
Why did they put 2 in the same spot? 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
the real player
the real player 27 dagar sedan
in america we call them eggplants and they are a respected fruit here
TRiG (Ireland)
TRiG (Ireland) 27 dagar sedan
Ed Gamble is surprisingly beautiful when he laughs.
Juice 27 dagar sedan
A tat unfair because the more often he does it the more possible hiding spots he learns for the next search.
Cougar 27 dagar sedan
Would've eaten one of them 😂
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 27 dagar sedan
Hey Greg and I have the same socks
Alan Dampog
Alan Dampog 27 dagar sedan
egg plant hiding
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 28 dagar sedan
I'm honestly quite impressed with Alex's search skills
Adrian Golte
Adrian Golte 28 dagar sedan
I love this show so much, it is funny, promotes creative thinking and problem solving skills. And everyone involved is always hilarious.
C. M. Dore'
C. M. Dore' 28 dagar sedan
Gotta admit, I clicked on this just to find out what a aubergine was (Spoiler* It's an eggplant)
Heather C
Heather C 28 dagar sedan
I just had to Google "wtf is an aubergine?" Ahhhh eggplant.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 28 dagar sedan
Wtf is an aubergine
Anonymus Pumpkin
Anonymus Pumpkin 28 dagar sedan
i would have tried to hide a piece so well that alex has to give up and then bring it in for a prize task
Mikey Gallagher
Mikey Gallagher 28 dagar sedan
clicked on this video cause i had no idea what an aubergine was and took way to long to figure out they were talking abt the eggplants
Dr_1776 28 dagar sedan
Eggplant 🍆
benjamin haskell
benjamin haskell 28 dagar sedan
no, if he had to find the whole aubergine for everyone else, than it took him at least 8 hours to find the entire aubergine for the man that ate part of it. fair is fair, he ate half, so he didnt find it.
Shawn Read
Shawn Read 29 dagar sedan
Olympic Class Modelers Club
Olympic Class Modelers Club 29 dagar sedan
I have no clue what youre calling them, its EGGPLANT.
naolsonwriter 29 dagar sedan
I kept looking at the cabinet with a bunch of tiny drawers. If you could break it into a bunch of small pieces and distribute it randomly between the drawers it would take a very long time to find it all
Sarah Thomson
Sarah Thomson 29 dagar sedan
Why did they put 2 in the same spot? 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Rpretzel Dag sedan
Because they're English
BleachedBonez 29 dagar sedan
Hey Greg and I have the same socks
NatePlays 29 dagar sedan
this one is my favorite so far! lmao
Michael Airley
Michael Airley 29 dagar sedan
Wasn't that Rolf Harris?
stavik96 29 dagar sedan
2:56 that makes no sense, like you could hide it in literally any other place and it would be better than hiding it together with another one...
James Meyers
James Meyers 29 dagar sedan
I legit thought that said hide 3 aboriginals in this room, i just had to watch
ljamac 29 dagar sedan
utterly not funny
Austin K
Austin K Månad sedan
Wtf is an aubergine
Mshojat Månad sedan
Too bad this wasn't a task for Katherine Ryan, based on what she previously said.
Mshojat Månad sedan
I think that a small problem with this task is that Alex gets a bigger advantage the further he progresses in the group, since he learns the hiding spots of others.
Ethan Livemere
Ethan Livemere 2 dagar sedan
Yet somehow it took him progressively LONGER to find them (apart from the last one who barely tried) so the advantage is debatable
Noah Salvio
Noah Salvio 3 dagar sedan
But also, that's not the point of the task. Taskmaster is about thinking outside of the box and doing cool things to accomplish the objective, and the people that do that will be in first regardless of how well versed Alex is with the hiding places, because they won't be using simple hiding places
Noah Salvio
Noah Salvio 3 dagar sedan
The solution for that is to have him already familiar with all of the hiding places, which he probably is
Soronbe 5 dagar sedan
@eq2lornick There is a solution for this: do some practice rounds with the staff off camera. That way you will already know most of the hiding spots when you're doing it with the actual participants.
Hi i am Elecktro
Hi i am Elecktro 6 dagar sedan
You’re right but at the end of the day it’s just a game for fun. Nobody is actually winning anything important, you know.
Noel Jönsson
Noel Jönsson Månad sedan
I would just have eaten one eggplant and hidden the other ones poorly. It never said that they had to be whole. And since they wouldn’t have left the room he would probably never find them. Unless he takes this to another level.
Bert N Ernie
Bert N Ernie Månad sedan
David looks like an off brand John Oliver
Sycamore Valley
Sycamore Valley Månad sedan
As an American I giggle at the word aubergine, I am getting a lot of giggles in this video.
illegitimate0 Månad sedan
I am going to become a comedian so that I may one day get invited on Taskmaster.
BrokenCurtain Månad sedan
I instantly had the same idea for flattening the aubergine and hiding it under the carpet.
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