Hermitcraft 7: Episode 74 - FURNACE MONSTER

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Mumbo Jumbo

Månad sedan

In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo works on a gigantic automatic Minecraft super smelter in the blacksmith of GoodTimesWithScar's base. This automatic furnace array in Minecraft has 46 furnaces, smelting thousands of items per hour. We also remove Scars chest monster, and fill it into the Minecraft Chest Monster 2.0 we built in the previous Mumbo Hermitcraft episode.
SamosTheSage shulker box unloader: sepost.info/dev/video/uKOXnNp8p4KrorU.html
Super smelter: sepost.info/dev/video/sIfRydyShIvF260.html
Shulker box loader: sepost.info/dev/video/rJ-ny9dqkZaU2sc.html
Filming channel: sepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

GoodTimesWithScar Månad sedan
I thought the to-do book said at the bottom line: "DOOGS N STUFF" LOL
Ultra Violet Cookie
Ultra Violet Cookie 17 dagar sedan
THE GAMING MIGUEL 2 23 dagar sedan
Maybe it did ;)
Daniel Ghauri
Daniel Ghauri Månad sedan
@Filip Sichrovský lol
Fancy chicken
Fancy chicken Månad sedan
@Mumbo Jumbo you should put a bunch of dogs named jellie in their
Fancy chicken
Fancy chicken Månad sedan
Hi, you should try catch up on the cleo games you were detected you'll get no points
Ansh Palriwala
Ansh Palriwala 2 dagar sedan
Mumbo totally fanboying scar
Stupidity Ore
Stupidity Ore 3 dagar sedan
another thing you ask yourself when you don't have rythm: "Why cobble here? Why not cobble here? What is cobble? Where is here? Why am I here? Who am I to judge why the cobble is there? Maybe if the cobble could place signs it would place one on me saying: 'why mumbo here?'. Why are you here!?"
mark kennedy
mark kennedy 3 dagar sedan
scar is a god
River Rowan Phoenix
River Rowan Phoenix 3 dagar sedan
Miska koivisto
Miska koivisto 4 dagar sedan
the stone chest had a 196k of stone blocks 5:40
SchneiDeez25 5 dagar sedan
Lol he rote fyool. I love Britain
boltzz z
boltzz z 5 dagar sedan
ANDRO GAMER18 6 dagar sedan
I made a ultra super hyper duper smelter.... in minecraft Bedrock edition which smelts 320 items every 10 sec😎
Jamie Tallstone
Jamie Tallstone 7 dagar sedan
"what happens if i eat coke and mentos at the same time" my friends and i used to do this and see who could keep their mouth closed the longest lol
Miniwaffles Productions
Miniwaffles Productions 8 dagar sedan
"FYOOL" I died
Jerich Andrei Dizon
Jerich Andrei Dizon 9 dagar sedan
now you just temted me to drink coke and mentos at the same time but i dew wonder what whoud hapend
That Girl
That Girl 10 dagar sedan
That Girl
That Girl 10 dagar sedan
Hey. Go expensive instead of coal blocks for the super smelter lava buckets is what you want ! Or Scar ( ;
Noah 11 dagar sedan
Scar needs shulkerboxes to be a stackable item
Ben’s Slime n’ Stuff
Ben’s Slime n’ Stuff 12 dagar sedan
Wait scar owns the pacific laboratory where are you gonna build the red stone stuff?!?!?!
Logan Campos
Logan Campos 12 dagar sedan
Fyool. not feul. not fuel. fyool.
Roko Banjac
Roko Banjac 13 dagar sedan
His so called 2 brain cell move is to me a 200 iq play
cjp240573 13 dagar sedan
He never tested it so we could see it working 🥲🥲
Ali Ahmer
Ali Ahmer 14 dagar sedan
didnt you have a wither skeletoin farm then you have a supply of coal
Bo Yin
Bo Yin 14 dagar sedan
So you probably won't see this mumbo but I thought why not use smokers and blast furnaces for the super smelter like just make 2 seprate ones one for food and one for everything else
ES 15 dagar sedan
7:40 it’s things like this that make me laugh so much... I didn’t read the top until after I realized one of the lines didn’t say something like “agrucdflur”
phrog 15 dagar sedan
Your videos make me happy 😄
Captain jack sparrow
Captain jack sparrow 15 dagar sedan
17:11 W I D E
Dillon Curtis
Dillon Curtis 15 dagar sedan
Mumbo suicide plan eat mentos and drink coke at the same time
SIMP FOR DREAM 15 dagar sedan
I’m sorry, how many brain cells? Two? Really!? Two? I can’t even build a piston door I’m the one with two not you!!
JOUOC 16 dagar sedan
imagine a hermit builds the entire city of constantinople (or just the Hagia Sophia)
Reilly Silver
Reilly Silver 16 dagar sedan
Mumbo: ahhh lets play some hermitcraft Turns on pc .... opens minecraft.... selects suver.... Nec min. Pc go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Adityq Packs
Adityq Packs 16 dagar sedan
Coke and mentos in your mouth is just fizzy coke eternally
Bruno Jesus
Bruno Jesus 17 dagar sedan
You got me really interested with Hermicraft 7. It's amazing. It makes me wanna play, but alone, ain't that funny xd. Btw, you still have a "I O U" from Iskall, you could ask him to move all items
Rocky 85
Rocky 85 18 dagar sedan
Mambo you’re so good at Redstone I wish I was as good as you were trust me you’re awesome I’ve been trying to make more Redstone videos because of you
Ruby Chen
Ruby Chen 18 dagar sedan
Mr. Aksel
Mr. Aksel 20 dagar sedan
This is too big-brain for me
Andrew Yin
Andrew Yin 22 dagar sedan
Scar needs shulker boxes of shulker boxes of shulker boxes to fit his stuff.
Baby Grogu
Baby Grogu 22 dagar sedan
Your two brain cells shall now be dubbed Mumbo and Jumbo Edit : you actually have 1000000 IQ of Minecraft redstone mechanics and I only have 100 IQ and I have been watching you since 2018 for tutorials on Minecraft redstone you actually tought me to make a redstone piston door so thanks for that
Chris Windom
Chris Windom 22 dagar sedan
What happens if you eat mementos and soda?
Benson Gailey
Benson Gailey 22 dagar sedan
Man kept saying skars base, doesn’t remember that it’s his, smh
Small Calamities
Small Calamities 23 dagar sedan
So no one’s talking about the fact that he spelled ‘fuel’- ‘fyool’
ThatOneGalarian 25 dagar sedan
Cheese nummy nummy
NickJamesBud 25 dagar sedan
1 double chest of coal blocks will smelt 160 shulkers of items.... And mumbo made 3 of such chests...
Birch Olsen
Birch Olsen 25 dagar sedan
You made a new book
The Whoosh ツ
The Whoosh ツ 26 dagar sedan
Mumbo is confusing enough how confusing can ilmango be?
Music Nerd
Music Nerd 27 dagar sedan
Grian left a secret base in your base mumbo
Aspenpaw 27 dagar sedan
Andrew Hayes
Andrew Hayes 28 dagar sedan
everybody: wow mumbo smart mumbo: now thats what i call a two brain cell move
NieMonD 28 dagar sedan
Theory: Mumbo created the HCBBS just to build scar a storage system because scar’s chest monster annoyed him so much
Dalton Davis
Dalton Davis 29 dagar sedan
Is no one gonna talk about the bee wearing a dragon head at 17:35???
Archieb 07
Archieb 07 29 dagar sedan
Mumbo: builds insane super smelter. Also mumbo: FYOOL CHEST
Meme Pleyer
Meme Pleyer Månad sedan
Didnt you only have one braincell? Did Scar's base make you smarter
Sam Månad sedan
Anybody else wondering where mumbles new brain cell came from? Could have sworn he had one a couple episodes ago?
Syberyah Månad sedan
Holy *cow!* :O So Scar had a total of 3,078 *stacks* of stone. *:O*
Antuan Jones
Antuan Jones Månad sedan
Did anyone else Pause the video and run to the store for Coke and Mentos
megumin Månad sedan
i made a super smelter that auto smelts the item and smelted item goes into a chest that auto puts items to a shulker box and when shulker box is full a piston with a slab breaks it and i placed honey block under so it wouldnt fly away and the shulker box full of smelted item will be stored in a chest
Chase Liebman
Chase Liebman Månad sedan
Who do you think is the best builder? Scar or Grian?
Devanshu Kushte
Devanshu Kushte Månad sedan
Scar has so many items that it's better to go out and collect more if you need than to search in the existing pile of items!
Puffermcfishalot Månad sedan
But actually, what happens if u drink coke and eat mentos at the same time? I genuinely want to know now
Bowser254 Xbox
Bowser254 Xbox Månad sedan
It’s funny that Mumbo still calls his new base scar base
Trisha Trinidad
Trisha Trinidad Månad sedan
Redstone MMMMMMMMMM braincells killer MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
SciFiFreak185 Månad sedan
I know this comment is a bit late, Scar has already dubbed the sorter a "Chest Angel", but Mumbo thank you so much for building you/Scar a sorting system. Part of Scars hording problem is that he never knows where anything is so he assumes he needs more, so he gets more and then never puts anything up after he finishes a build, and it becomes lost forever (yes this is a repeating cycle). Hat's off, and thank you.
Abigal2020 Månad sedan
Hi you spelt it like fyool but it's spelt fuel
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson Månad sedan
Builds a "super-duper smelter" Doesn't show it working Sadness
hey um new
hey um new Månad sedan
Scar > Mumbo
Nyarlathotep Månad sedan
*When Mumbo and Scar Worked Together on a Large-Scale Redstone Building but with a Great Design Belike* Hermitcraft Server: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we're in Trouble.'
Loogi&Maro Gaming
Loogi&Maro Gaming Månad sedan
Fun fact: Scar is a legend
E Gaming
E Gaming Månad sedan
Mumbo stop referring that us scars base its ur base now
Bloody L, missed some episodes because i was burnt out of minecraft but came back to 30 episodes of content to catch up too. Good luck for me. (That along with watching Vtubers, *big sigh* )
Shrimpo Kidd
Shrimpo Kidd Månad sedan
1:24 Mumbai sound exactly like dream for 2 seconds
ArtMasterFrylock Månad sedan
When Scar gets his base back and he notices how long it takes for the items to organize, I would not be surprised if he tries to manually store his items and eventually becomes another chest monsters xD Who labels their chests only to store random things in it? No surprise.
Hayden Meier
Hayden Meier Månad sedan
Did he purposely spell fuel rong
Wolf 58th
Wolf 58th Månad sedan
Shop idea. Have supper smelters for rent pay diamonds to rent one smelter. Hermit gets to use for smelting needs need tons done? Rent more than one bank
Freezing Phoniex
Freezing Phoniex Månad sedan
Scar handles with double chests of items lol
irsyad phoenix
irsyad phoenix Månad sedan
This is madness.. 😖😖
L3thalGamer79 Månad sedan
Mumbo saying p: “chaffed to bits” Counter I I I I I I \/
Luka Birtas
Luka Birtas Månad sedan
Can someone Please explain to me why mumbo doas not have his base anymore?
Muineth G
Muineth G Månad sedan
Some members of the server traded bases for a few weeks.
Luke Gmur
Luke Gmur Månad sedan
9:38 I’m pretty sure your the aliens mumbo
Zerin Nichols
Zerin Nichols Månad sedan
F in the chat for my iPhone 5 that exxploded
Joshua Levin
Joshua Levin Månad sedan
Add a manual shulker cycle on the output so items don't get stuck if he inputs a less than full shulker box.
Damian Gleeson
Damian Gleeson Månad sedan
That one noob that joins: Steals the iron blocks from mumbo's base
חגי שרון
חגי שרון Månad sedan
mumbo jumbo how your minecraft looks that good
Dyno Månad sedan
I know I Didn’t watch scars video but I’m sure that tent belongs to jelly
Skiii Månad sedan
I didn’t even know you could automate putting items in a shucker box 😂
Absolute Weirdo
Absolute Weirdo Månad sedan
"You never apreciate something as much when you have it, but when it's gone you see a different side of it" Quote by me 😁
Learning Unity
Learning Unity Månad sedan
WOW, immagine actually swallowing a mentos immediately after putting it in your mouth and then drink coke after.... i need a video of somebody doing this XD
Device Dude
Device Dude Månad sedan
I think the industrial district is yours if grian still owns his barge
P M Månad sedan
HCBBS- Hermit Craft Big Base Swap; Not "Hermit Craft Big Industrial District Swap".
E rrupt Clayton
E rrupt Clayton Månad sedan
you forgot about your nether fortress farm
Simon Chen
Simon Chen Månad sedan
yzdirtrider Månad sedan
Ryan Santander
Ryan Santander Månad sedan
could anybody explain how he has almost an entire shulker box filled with elytra???
Meena Sarma
Meena Sarma Månad sedan
What about end crystals ?
ENDA DUDE Månad sedan
17:11 LARGO
Claudette Gentry
Claudette Gentry Månad sedan
Achevment unlocked 3 brain cells
TheGamerMoynul Månad sedan
I think he should have had the spanners emit a "dome" or "tall dome" around monument to protect it, maybe made out of cyan glass. My Inspiration came from avengers infinity war.
WizAArd Månad sedan
you made the hccbs though?
ShyGuy Man
ShyGuy Man Månad sedan
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | super long
Carter Kennedy
Carter Kennedy Månad sedan
you should have used a- blast furnace, its faster than a normal furncace. also a single block of Dried Kelp can smelt 20 items (or cook if you are making food)
Tyler Maule
Tyler Maule Månad sedan
If mumbo has got 2 brain cells, then I’ve been brain dead for my whole life
Tyler Maule
Tyler Maule Månad sedan
The industrial district isn’t part of your base, so it is still yours. Otherwise, you would own all of scars shops
EK20a Adrian Berg
EK20a Adrian Berg Månad sedan
Day 1 of telling mumbo that his sword only has sharpness 4
Ferris090 Månad sedan
Plot twist: Scar took mumbo's roof for all the stone
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