Hermitcraft 7 but other Hermits record for me

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this episode of Hermitcraft season 7, Mumbo gets other members of the Hermitcraft Server to record for him. Mumbo has wanted to make Hermitcraft 7: Episode 78 for weeks, but building work has disrupted the flow, and that's where this idea came from! Mumbo works with Grian, Rendog and Iskall to create the first ever Hermitcraft episode with featuring Hermits!
Filming channel: sepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Brendan Pittman
Brendan Pittman 6 timmar sedan
I honestly enjoyed this more than normal HermitCraft episodes LOL
MERK_99 Merk
MERK_99 Merk 8 timmar sedan
Never ever enjoyed so much!
H1mikoYumeno 9 timmar sedan
iskall just slowly seeing it go down like “oh. ok.”
mochi boy
mochi boy 11 timmar sedan
APerson 17 timmar sedan
I just had to hear iskalls reaction one more time
Jazzy_ Pegasus
Jazzy_ Pegasus 19 timmar sedan
Mumbo: an easy simple redstone contraption Grian: simple simple simple simple Me: ....its the same person I dont see the difference
scott Lawhorn
scott Lawhorn 22 timmar sedan
Hardest I've laughed in a long time.... 😄🤣😂
UndeadSniper97 22 timmar sedan
Grian was by far the funniest with knowing nothing about Redstone but stuck through it will saying that it a flux capacitor.
hono50 Dag sedan
This is hilarious XD
Kiia K
Kiia K Dag sedan
Now every choice i ever make i will have to ask myself: "Would Bob Ross approve?"
Carsten Berggreen
Carsten Berggreen Dag sedan
BeaSt Dag sedan
Rensog LOL
不只是谁所无名找小二姐姐 Dag sedan
Hey, when did mumbo get 7 mil subs?! Last time i checked he was at 1mil
Jeff Brady
Jeff Brady 2 dagar sedan
Loved it!!! Sad/surprised you didn’t use the VW office again.
Wolfydawolf 2 dagar sedan
Alright, here are my reactions/opinions/idk on the different segments: The beginning/Mumbo: That is a VERY good plan First victim/Grian: this is so funny, Grian does not have ANY idea what's happening, he only knows that it has to do with redstone XD And now mumbo again: So Ren is next... Let's see XD Second victim/Ren: Ehh... Ren is now just reacting to what's happenin' lol... D I A M O N D S indeed. WAIT HE FIGURED OUT IT'S A VAULT :D Mumbo: Yeaaaa.... you did that indeed... OH NO THE PALM TREES- OH NO YOU DIDN'T- BWAHAHAHAHAHA Third victim/Iskall: W E A R E N O W S H O P P I N G yeah... who sits on the llama..? totally not him XD oh no... THE DISAPPOINTMENT IN ISKALL'S VOICE LOL yup... who built this... totally not the guy voicing it... The end/Mumbo: It has been entertaining for sure :D
Aᴋɪᴛᴀ 2 dagar sedan
Preparing eardrums. Vol7me:100 Eardrums:Dead
Sushil Chettri
Sushil Chettri 2 dagar sedan
The junks that grian mentioned at 5:07 was the password ^^ ,mumbo u are safe ....
Sebastian Cromarty
Sebastian Cromarty 2 dagar sedan
Grian for redstone commentary forever, please and thank you.
the_eye_of_end 2 dagar sedan
5:38 grian is sounding like he is doing some sort of opengl rendering tutorial
Munna Bhai
Munna Bhai 2 dagar sedan
Seriously he could have made that many diamonds if he made a shop where he will make the redstone contraptions for the others T_T
dewlover 2 dagar sedan
Loved it do it again sometime
Tofu Chutes
Tofu Chutes 2 dagar sedan
Loved this soooo funny ! Grian is a improv master !!!
Da Green Musketeer
Da Green Musketeer 2 dagar sedan
i love the fact that Grian just said "pocket change" to all of mumbo's diamonds
ChilledFoxx 2 dagar sedan
Is it sad that all the things grian said made more sense than Mumbo actually placing the red stone
Ram Karki
Ram Karki 2 dagar sedan
mumbo smeled rendog wrong
nhi vo
nhi vo 2 dagar sedan
Rendog just makes me so happy what a lovely man
Edins 2 dagar sedan
Pls dont do the voice thing agein pls I dont like how grain dos it
Edins 2 dagar sedan
I got ask what if u wold put there guardians so nobody can break in and in your base you have MILK
Edins 2 dagar sedan
7:10 thats the oposit of what mombo jombo wold say
Lisalvsjohn 2 dagar sedan
Mumbo, you must’ve just died laughing watching this back.... I know I did. 😂👍🏼
KingCheese99 2 dagar sedan
Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Grian: Bibbly bobbly box
Jack Cademartori
Jack Cademartori 3 dagar sedan
A true work of art.
Hazel Cappuccino
Hazel Cappuccino 3 dagar sedan
l totally forgot that it was voice over and wondered how Iskall knows code for vault.. and few other things..
Aminath Zeeniya
Aminath Zeeniya 3 dagar sedan
Helbereth 3 dagar sedan
Hearing Iskall's soul die slowly over the course of that clip was hilarious!
Stitastic 3 dagar sedan
time to do a HCBCS. what is HCBCS you ask? Well it's quite simple really (see what I did there?) It stands for: HermitCraft Big Channel Swap all of the hermits have to record episodes for the other hermits now
Xardan Gaming
Xardan Gaming 3 dagar sedan
Grian... you should come up with the names for these redstone stuff. It actually sounds better than their real names 😂😂
David Rice
David Rice 3 dagar sedan
I want you to do more of these
Usha Kiran
Usha Kiran 3 dagar sedan
Grian voice over is my whole test that i did not study for
Anonym 42
Anonym 42 3 dagar sedan
Grian:It can’t get any simpler than that Repeater clock:Yes it can
Hayden Holland
Hayden Holland 3 dagar sedan
You can hear Iskall's voice degrading as Mumbo goes on hahahaha
Potatoe123 3 dagar sedan
The combination: 1234
R2D2 fromstartrack
R2D2 fromstartrack 3 dagar sedan
grian had me rolling on the ground
Ella Harrison
Ella Harrison 3 dagar sedan
You can hear the pain in iskalls voice 😭😭
Rebecca Silverthorn
Rebecca Silverthorn 3 dagar sedan
LOLLIPOPS! LOLLIPOPS! Now and forever will I be calling them lollipops, I died laughing and had to pause the video I was laughing so hard! LMAO
Matthew Gonzalez
Matthew Gonzalez 3 dagar sedan
Bingo Bango Goober Gone
Chlorice Chlorice
Chlorice Chlorice 3 dagar sedan
4:38 🙃 “-In a position-oh, look green goblin! 😮 Goober-get the goober! 😦 Goo-goober gone.” 🙂
ÆÇÇØR 3 dagar sedan
Pretty good
Julia Browne
Julia Browne 3 dagar sedan
I have been inhaling and exhaling rapidly for a while now…
Kamura 3 dagar sedan
Khen Baird
Khen Baird 3 dagar sedan
WAIT A MINUTE, grian has a challenge to remove all doors so to complete the challenge grian would need to remove the vault door...
Harris Goolsby
Harris Goolsby 4 dagar sedan
omg this video will kill me with laugher XD
Sorceror Nobody
Sorceror Nobody 4 dagar sedan
I'm not sure Grian thought through the potential implications of the phrase "anatomical lollipops"...
EYJSRUK DTUGKTDU 4 dagar sedan
'Anotomical Lollipops' in f**king DYING
Ferris the Red
Ferris the Red 4 dagar sedan
I mean, obviously the flux capacitor just didn't work right. Maybe Grian should have a look at it, fix the redstone magic that Mumbo missed.
Void Champion
Void Champion 4 dagar sedan
Please do more of this its actually so funny
Rheanna Webster
Rheanna Webster 4 dagar sedan
Crying laughing at Grian’s voiceover, ‘this is really simple redstone’ 😂😭
Wombat Jedi
Wombat Jedi 4 dagar sedan
"Rensog" - Mumbo, 2021
Talon Foster
Talon Foster 4 dagar sedan
you should challenge both grian and iskall to do a video like this in HERMIT CHAALEEEENGESSSS
Caleb Thoburn
Caleb Thoburn 4 dagar sedan
Piano Experience
Piano Experience 4 dagar sedan
Mr Marshmallow
Mr Marshmallow 4 dagar sedan
Grian sounding like Todd Howard (it just works)
NNIVARK 4 dagar sedan
shuiwai tin
shuiwai tin 4 dagar sedan
Word of the day: *A N A T O M I C A L L O L I P O P S*
Notícia com Ç
Notícia com Ç 4 dagar sedan
Grian is officially capable of replacing Todd Howard at conferences
Pavol Klucar
Pavol Klucar 5 dagar sedan
Stefan Mitrus
Stefan Mitrus 5 dagar sedan
This is so good. I love how Grian explains redstone, lollipops yay.
TheCoolerWaffles 5 dagar sedan
Did Grian actually know what he was talking about?
Dylan Edwards
Dylan Edwards 5 dagar sedan
The EA store 17:23
Teomydude 5 dagar sedan
I want "It's moustache time" to be Mumbos new catchphrase
Tractic 5 dagar sedan
My favourite part was when grian did the voiceover it was soooooo good and a little funny
Guinea Pig Dance
Guinea Pig Dance 5 dagar sedan
I actually thought they are the one controlling mumbo, i thought Grian knew how to make that door ver easily. lol
Alec Baker
Alec Baker 5 dagar sedan
Mumbo do this all the time
Stijn Eppinga
Stijn Eppinga 5 dagar sedan
This is just, wow
PugSorta 5 dagar sedan
RENSOG???????????????? MUMBO EXPLAIN!!!!!! 8:03
SokPuppet 5 dagar sedan
Adding “slabbage” to my everyday vocabulary. Thanks Ren.
ThElite Doge
ThElite Doge 5 dagar sedan
i can still hear the minecraft sounds... in my mind
FozzenSir 5 dagar sedan
Ren*s*og Noises
random amalgamation
random amalgamation 5 dagar sedan
ren: you gotta hide that redsyone with some slabs and some stairs! elybeartmaker: WHO HAS SUMMOND THE MIGHTY ONE!
love2rogue 6 dagar sedan
how to craft? anatomical lollypops
mo.e 6 dagar sedan
Did you know,- Grian is friends with TheOdd1sOut?
Henrique Machado Moreira
Henrique Machado Moreira 6 dagar sedan
idea to profit: 1-go to a hermit 2-sell 1 diamond / 2 gold until 5 diamons are sold with one hermit 3-if the hermit wants more you ask him to give his gold life savings to get 20 more diamonds 4-PROFIT graph _______________________________________ +----------> / \_| / / / /
Henrique Machado Moreira
Henrique Machado Moreira 6 dagar sedan
idea to profit: 1-go to a hermit 2-sell 1 diamond / 2 gold until 5 diamons are sold with one hermit 3-if the hermit wants more you ask him to give his gold life savings to get 20 more diamonds 4-PROFIT graph _________________________________________ +----------> / \_| / / / /
Enabi Seira
Enabi Seira 6 dagar sedan
This is perfect.
メクル 6 dagar sedan
best mumbo episode this season
MeepGamer99 6 dagar sedan
anasonic loly pops? interesting.
Dakota 6 dagar sedan
I love how Grian tried so hard to know what was going on. Ren sounded like a news anchor And Iskall was dying inside
freja sørensn
freja sørensn 6 dagar sedan
Peace of the Puzzle
Peace of the Puzzle 6 dagar sedan
Getting Iscall to record that last segment was both cruel and ingenious!
Tamir Kraus
Tamir Kraus 6 dagar sedan
best episode idya ever lol u can totaly hear drom his voise how iskall is dying inside
diamond king139
diamond king139 6 dagar sedan
Grain is such a great actor 😂
A1 6 dagar sedan
Wow he discovered cut comms only 19 years after the cod community
Odeafun Aflopean
Odeafun Aflopean 6 dagar sedan
Hello Mumbo-jumbo, well done mumbo-friends.
nolson mack
nolson mack 6 dagar sedan
love it so much fun
PlanetNydro 6 dagar sedan
You can hear the pain in Iskal's voice... it is glorious.
Steven Voutchkov
Steven Voutchkov 6 dagar sedan
8:03 rensog
Caleb Saucier
Caleb Saucier 6 dagar sedan
I feel so bad for iskall It’s like when you draw something your proud of on the teachers whiteboard but then you find out it got erased the next day
The_SandyMaster 6 dagar sedan
Anatomic lollipops -Grian 2020
MrKrcklez 6 dagar sedan
how do i get gooder
Ben Wright
Ben Wright 7 dagar sedan
imagine he did this without tellling us first...
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