Guy Bullies Gamer and Regrets It

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This is the greatest gamer revenge of All Time
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Catastrophic 4 timmar sedan
Holy Shit. Anyone who has seen Danny Gonzales' videos on Paul Zimmer, DID Y'ALL NOTICE THAT PAUL ZIMMER IS IN THE SECOND VIDEO??
Masashiro Knight of Cookieland
Masashiro Knight of Cookieland 6 timmar sedan
Ah yes ofc, I remember getting CYBERbullied at school. Man those real-life CYBERbullyings are the worst. Glad we got laptops soon thereafter so we could cyberbully each other online.
JAMES BERNARD 18 timmar sedan
Bro I could boddy any female streamer at fortnite or cod and I don't even play video games. The only reason why most female streamers are popular is because they are "hot" which I find disgusting.
Lillian Coleman
Lillian Coleman Dag sedan
Its sad that a few of these make me cry, no matter how much he was making fun of the video
WheelerCube Dag sedan
2:02 beat decision that he’s gonna make all year.
Leo 4 dagar sedan
The thumbnail lol
I_need _a_name
I_need _a_name 6 dagar sedan
Sussus Amogus
t h e h i g h b o y
t h e h i g h b o y 7 dagar sedan
You can tell it’s a Dhar Man video just by the thumbnail and title alone
Dishant Sharma
Dishant Sharma 7 dagar sedan
😂😂😂🤣😂😁😂🤣😂😁😂😂dUmB😁😁😂😁😁🤣😂😂😂😂😁😁😁IdiOt😂🤣😂😁😁😂🤣🤣 Mission accomplished *Rent* *Paid*
Aterhallsam 7 dagar sedan
That’s paul fucking zimmer in the video
ellobec 7 dagar sedan
I fucking hate Dhar Man. Even watching this is hard.
FBI Agent
FBI Agent 8 dagar sedan
0:27 did penguinz0 just roast easy swish sniper?
G Jones
G Jones 9 dagar sedan
Is the guy who writes this shit a 12 year old? So unrealistic.
D P 10 dagar sedan
U gonna cry? U gonna cry🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ario Syawal
Ario Syawal 10 dagar sedan
i cant even watch this through charlie's video, too cringey
Anand Singh Negi
Anand Singh Negi 11 dagar sedan
As a gamer gay i can confirm im made fun of
Salad Spin
Salad Spin 11 dagar sedan
Gosh darn it Game rat.
CHILD 12 dagar sedan
seeing sssniperwolf in this just makes me uncomfortable
Xeroff Plays
Xeroff Plays 12 dagar sedan
ClownGunMan 13 dagar sedan
Homeless Serj Tankian vs Short haired Snoop Dogg and Evil Rich Guy 50.0
MemmoMan 13 dagar sedan
3:54 amogus
The Law
The Law 13 dagar sedan
So the lesson here is: bully someone until they pay for your rent
unused channel, go to my about page
unused channel, go to my about page 14 dagar sedan
Cr1tikal is always funny in every situation and it's great.
Uriel F
Uriel F 15 dagar sedan
Morale of the story : be a douchebag, every single day, it pays off.
CowGaming 15 dagar sedan
Pshycomantis forgot to stop recording! (VERY RUDE)
Charles official
Charles official 15 dagar sedan
imagine playing a game with sniperwolf, that would be an absolute honor and like the greatest thing you did in your life
Brandon Loiacono
Brandon Loiacono 15 dagar sedan
0:30 ultimate smash
TheDumbGuy 16 dagar sedan
Bruh sssniperwolf isn’t even a gamer she reacts to stuff
HΞPHΛłSTOS 16 dagar sedan
1:30 as if anyone would care about that when apply for a job
Koreryn 16 dagar sedan
Who the fuck is sniper wolf lol
EliteTCulp 17 dagar sedan
Did dhar man comment on one of ur vids
ThexPhantomxAnimations 17 dagar sedan
Sssniperwolf is itself a wannabe gamer girl.
Edward chew
Edward chew 9 dagar sedan
@Standard You're mad that someone didn't simp your girl
Standard 16 dagar sedan
Your mad she got more money then you
Daniel Carney
Daniel Carney 18 dagar sedan
Oh those rascally 'ol white men... never helping the colored ladies carry those heavy boxes. Man, the thick & rich propaganda always has this weird, fake, afterschool show vibe to it. What is that? Is it all made from the same people somehow? Cheesy exaggerated wooden ass acting.
KarmyHD 18 dagar sedan
18 year old picks on 12 year old pogchamp
Premium Fruits
Premium Fruits 20 dagar sedan
It is so absolutely fucking bizarre to me that sniperwolf is still at all relevant. I haven't heard that name in almost a decade.
Duolingo 20 dagar sedan
"gamer gets cyberbullied at school" *SPEECH 100*
Cristian Axxxxel
Cristian Axxxxel 20 dagar sedan
Dhar mann makes me want to throw up with his shitty happy wholesome attitude
The Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper 20 dagar sedan
Imagine if everyone was like this girl: 5:39 I could say “penguinz0 you suck” and he starts crying and deletes his channel
Noah Hegi-Jones
Noah Hegi-Jones 21 dag sedan
JuSt ReMmEmBeR kIdS: bUlLy OtHeRs FoR yOuR rEnT tO bE pAiD oFf
Amazing Mastermind
Amazing Mastermind 21 dag sedan
Imagine getting called a wannabe streamer, while streaming, then fucking crying about it
Foxes Exist
Foxes Exist 21 dag sedan
Remember: the only way to be a good person is by stalking others
Modlons 22 dagar sedan
out of all the games they choose to showcase fortnite
ok 22 dagar sedan
Minibull 22 dagar sedan
How can they say his mum got a shitty car, its a modern VW like,
ign:Pepczenko 23 dagar sedan
im fucking died of the cringeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sans 23 dagar sedan
Guy: loses his job and will probably go broke Charlie Maguire: Gonna cry? Maybe piss your pants?
Gene Kim
Gene Kim 23 dagar sedan
The crazy centimeter possibly reproduce because yew densply concentrate within a talented authority. important, slow gun
Royal blitz
Royal blitz 23 dagar sedan
Dude i swear moist makes these videos so much better with his commentary such as 0:11
Gavin Duke
Gavin Duke 23 dagar sedan
>Cyberbullied >At school
Joseph Elliott
Joseph Elliott 24 dagar sedan
lol just wow
LIMIT Gaming
LIMIT Gaming 24 dagar sedan
the irony is that sniperwolf is a bully herself.
Ayeo capone
Ayeo capone 8 dagar sedan
Mega Million
Mega Million 25 dagar sedan
Among us
Jenson Cripps
Jenson Cripps 25 dagar sedan
The fresh blowgun acly concern because girl therapeutically slap near a uptight database. debonair, divergent dresser
filip_boucek 26 dagar sedan
wait, in america you just leave the dinner money on table and LEAVE?! What the fuck?
SHITTY end gaming
SHITTY end gaming 26 dagar sedan
why would you cry about getting called a bad gamaer and that u suck try playing league of legends toxic af community i like to shit back on them who say that i should delete the game
TacoSlav 26 dagar sedan
A Lonely Squid
A Lonely Squid 26 dagar sedan
ah yes if i give a bully some money he will stop bulling me dont solve your problems with talking solve them with money
OG Baby Bear
OG Baby Bear 27 dagar sedan
He's not subbed even though he watches them all the time
NotMonlikley 27 dagar sedan
I would like to see you and I have a good day at work today and I would like to have it owieueuyeyeye wythe eyeliner on her way home 🏠 is there for you for your hair done ☑️ I have some stuff that would work for you to come in tomorrow morning I have some stuff that would work for you to do the same things that iOS works and then the other stuff that
A dark web potion seller
A dark web potion seller 27 dagar sedan
5:25 As a Fortnite gamer They landed at separate locations (Tilted Towers and Salty Springs if I am correct.) Also the gameplay is from Chapter 1. Not epic.
Adam Djelassi
Adam Djelassi 27 dagar sedan
I'm sorry but sniperwolf was very distracting
Dylan Rogers
Dylan Rogers 27 dagar sedan
Last I saw her playing games it was cod Ghosts...not sure if y’all remember that one
Sam 27 dagar sedan
my name being sam
Stars On The Roof
Stars On The Roof 28 dagar sedan
I mean that is why people watch that streamer 😂
N A P K I N 28 dagar sedan
This is a message to psycho mantis: do you fuckin poop your shit pants? if not, then you arent a real gaymer
Niftey 28 dagar sedan
I wish they just got a decent actor to play sniperwolfs part instead of her, it would be far better to just create a big streamer character that did all the things sniperwolf does but even more convincing
L. 29 dagar sedan
Cr1tikal's commentary is the most funniest thing ive heard
sufian shalabi
sufian shalabi 29 dagar sedan
Guy Bullies Gamer and Regrets It
Kodell Allknowing
Kodell Allknowing 29 dagar sedan
OMG, how do i say this without sounding like a bully....the acting talent of everyone in this is beyond bad and then there was a wooden plank made to look like SSSniperwolf for SOME reason. Seriously though, that was beyond cringe.
Atta 29 dagar sedan
Oh hi paul zimmer- i mean troy becker- i mean russian spy guy
Sniperwolf isn't even a gamer anymore lol ffs
0riginal cool
0riginal cool Månad sedan
the only victims in his vids are black people who else knows that
Máša Riecka
Máša Riecka Månad sedan
am i trippin' or is that paul zimmer at 4:21
Shamer Zaihan
Shamer Zaihan Månad sedan
So moral of the story be a bully to some random twitch streamer? Until they give you money?
Myles Hoglund
Myles Hoglund Månad sedan
7:09 I love it.
Dipan biswas
Dipan biswas Månad sedan
Forrest Effected
Forrest Effected Månad sedan
yo i know what's wrong with gamer girl she just wants a CHEESE WHEEL
MrBeans Månad sedan
So the guy who did end up getting the job got it because he was a weak push over? and didnt stand up for himself or her. he literally said nothing lol
J. Herman Xaris Notes
J. Herman Xaris Notes Månad sedan
4:07 shameless plug my dud
itz me spexz
itz me spexz Månad sedan
sniperwolf has a fatty
OK bomber
OK bomber Månad sedan
Imagine getting cyberbullied at school
random kid yeah
random kid yeah Månad sedan
Phoebe Greve
Phoebe Greve Månad sedan
I- was that paul zimmer-
R K Månad sedan
Love how the crumpled paper just rolled over to Sniperwolf's feet.
M. Awater
M. Awater Månad sedan
Hey my guy, i truly love the videos but i have a hard time listening to the sound of the videos that you're commenting on. I know it's about you commenting and joking but it makes it hard to hear and understand what you are commenting about, if that makes sense? Do you mind turning up the sound of the video so I don't have to turn up my own sound? If I turn my own sound up to high you might destroy my eardrums by the sheer manliness of your voice and I'm scared...
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Månad sedan
These “mean characters” on this channel were written by the same people who wrote 80’s ski/snowboard movies
Hanash bin asif
Hanash bin asif Månad sedan
we all know why ssniperwolf is famous
DATNOOB 2.0 Månad sedan
5:28 wtf is that facecam placement
Soviet Union
Soviet Union Månad sedan
These videos literally melt my brain they’re so dumb
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Månad sedan
"god my back is KILLING me" "hey can I help you with the trash?" "welp guess your the new ceo"
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Månad sedan
Yeah, bosses totally care if you are a nice person for sure
Who damn Cares
Who damn Cares Månad sedan
Part 3: Sssniper Wolf adopts gamer girl!!! You’ll never believe what happens next
Nathan Richards
Nathan Richards Månad sedan
These videos are painfully fantastical
Skelequid Månad sedan
Charlie can make anything entertaining
Cyrus Zhao
Cyrus Zhao Månad sedan
0:11 nice
Hero Number Two
Hero Number Two Månad sedan
Sorry but sssniperwolf had almost no emotion in this vid. Its like she's straight up reading a script, unlike the other actors
Cole S
Cole S Månad sedan
ChernoBerno Månad sedan
Ehdjend cjcn elf dicbd jf jf fi kdeid jf epic die first
mercy Månad sedan
she got insulted twice and burst into tears wow
parkdon Månad sedan
1:09 forget Big name actors like Adam driver, dharr man has Aaron pilot
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Månad sedan
Zen BroX
Zen BroX Månad sedan
dharr mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Månad sedan
Hey PsychoMantis, 1v1 me on Siege 😡
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