Gus and Eddy Hire an Online Psychic

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Eddy Burback

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback År sedan
also if you’d like to make the ghost’s vision true, buy my merch: and subscribe to gus
iB cHEEL 2 månader sedan
Is there an update?
Damary Perez
Damary Perez 4 månader sedan
I love you
Piano Raves
Piano Raves 5 månader sedan
Where tf are your feet?
Outogetyou Gotyou
Outogetyou Gotyou 9 månader sedan
I don't subscribe to cunts.
Max Gorden
Max Gorden 10 månader sedan
Got this as an ad, and I block all cookies
alien 999 de ponta cabeça Hermenegildo
alien 999 de ponta cabeça Hermenegildo Dag sedan
Holy fuck kasamba is so similar to the Brazilian word "caçamba" holy fuck that's so funny
davefucc Dag sedan
wasnt gus supposed to do a tour this year... and raven said he was going to do a "national entertaining show"
PogLemon 2 dagar sedan
I could watch a whole video of Gus and eddy making Italian jokes at each other
God Is An Atheist
God Is An Atheist 2 dagar sedan
11:25 I like the shirt Eddy, it's a great Coffeeshop.
Daniel Lazaro
Daniel Lazaro 2 dagar sedan
3:30 I thought a midroll ad popped up
Sarah Cole
Sarah Cole 3 dagar sedan
when she said she was picking up knives....... and their fan base sent them knives for weeks on end.........
Zeaxe 4 dagar sedan
im a cyclist let me teach you how to make cat juggling videos pls i am unemployed
Goofster n Gafster
Goofster n Gafster 4 dagar sedan
dude gimme ravens number imma call her up. she predicted gus being picked by comedy central
jacob nunemacher
jacob nunemacher 5 dagar sedan
Yo man start putting the music you use in the description cause you got me boogie-ing when I’m watching yo stuff
Andrew Tempalski
Andrew Tempalski 8 dagar sedan
It is October 12, 2020. Did you ever try the kittens and knives?
Conor Coad
Conor Coad 10 dagar sedan
Gus I NEED THAT Mickey/alien shirt. WHERE CAN I GET ONE????
Dominic Zipfel
Dominic Zipfel 10 dagar sedan
Eddys reaction to gus saying comedic juggling gets me no matter how many times i watch this video
Mandy Cook
Mandy Cook 11 dagar sedan
Dude she was like spit on till you told her about juggling
fuck around and find out
fuck around and find out 11 dagar sedan
this is why i cant give my friends tarot readings like if ur not brutally honest and in depth/specific about the interpretation theres literally no use, every "offical" tarot reading my friends have gotten have been like you will get good news and a family eventually like no SHIT
Colin Kehoe
Colin Kehoe 11 dagar sedan
Anyone else immediately get a commercial for these psychics after watching this
Harper Leo
Harper Leo 12 dagar sedan
lowkey she wasnt wrong
Buy Your Own Damn Flowers
Buy Your Own Damn Flowers 13 dagar sedan
Comedy center lady was spot on though....
Avocado 776 593
Avocado 776 593 13 dagar sedan
I got like like 3 psychic ads just watching this video
Hambone Syndrome
Hambone Syndrome 15 dagar sedan
She was right. The knives.
Anon 17 dagar sedan
i do tarot and astrology readings and i can tell you that kasamba is nothing more than a scam that preys on people who are going through stuff. real tarot readers and astrologers dont operate this way at all, it gives us such a bad rep.
Phillip Nungaray
Phillip Nungaray 17 dagar sedan
I started dying when he said comedic juggler
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water 18 dagar sedan
fuck david, all my homies hate david
Molly Lamoureux
Molly Lamoureux 21 dag sedan
could you guys hire a real psychic? i get that this app absolutely sucks and is full of scammers but i'd be interested to see you with a legit medium. anyway love ur vids
Morgan S
Morgan S 23 dagar sedan
Im a lady and I’m sold
cubbleshasreturned 23 dagar sedan
Am I the only who thought this lady was implying that gus would be on SNL?
Badusername2000 25 dagar sedan
i absolutely love tarot and spiritual shit, but when its turned into a buisness and feels completely fake, it makes it no longer fun
Jackson H
Jackson H 27 dagar sedan
Man, that pitch for the ladies really spoke to me I’m a man btw
Tyler Becker
Tyler Becker 27 dagar sedan
hey, eddy did you realize that in the kasamba chat ad they spelled job wrong. Sorry I'm not more interesting
The strange Chihuahua
The strange Chihuahua 28 dagar sedan
The strange Chihuahua
The strange Chihuahua 28 dagar sedan
Man: Are we going to get back together? Woman: *LASAGNA* Man: Heather, you need to take your medicine, I'm getting worried.
Aiden O'Neil
Aiden O'Neil 28 dagar sedan
Hey guys, it’s us, it’s Eddy, and Gus
Gaurav Barve
Gaurav Barve 29 dagar sedan
She low key called his tour
Iagan Foss
Iagan Foss Månad sedan
Raven is the impostor
Rick Polar
Rick Polar Månad sedan
She's not wrong, Gus does stab a lot of kittens in his profession especially in the past year
ClassicalHeroes Månad sedan
she predicted a tour
ClassicalHeroes Månad sedan
also the knives on the podcast
Antimo & Welles
Antimo & Welles Månad sedan
$17 x2 = $25
Danny the Dan Man
Danny the Dan Man Månad sedan
Petas gonna arrest Raven
Kamdestroyer Månad sedan
3:41 D O B
Jordan Beagle
Jordan Beagle Månad sedan
11:32 I feel kind of bad for David, 10 cents / minute is only $6 / hour, far less than minimum wage
Pieter Franke
Pieter Franke Månad sedan
Jugglin hahahahahahaha
JhongYT Månad sedan
My favorite duo "Us".
Tin Can
Tin Can Månad sedan
thats even more wack than a psychic in person.... even if you believed in that kind of thing.... terot cards, psychic readings require close contact as a prerequisite... and astrology? if i wanted that id look at a japanese magazine of the week. or just use google... but generally the whole belief behind that stuff requires physical contact of some sort, aka being near someone to "feel their energies" or something like that.... so by defenition doing it over the internet is impossible.... although i dont believe in mediums, psychics, or any astrology or anything.... but to be fair im on the fence about paranormal stuff in general, ive experienced weird impossible things before, that made no sense.... but whos to say what causes that kind of thing..... but i highly doubt chanting and burning sage all over your house is going to fix it. but there is ALOT we dont know.... take skinwalker ranch for example... weird shit happens there, and all people know is, its recordable... yet the only evidence is random spikes in radiation, which has actually caused injuries, in random places on the property for no reason, documented ones, gamma radiation, and microwaves..... and rf interference and electronics going haywire, as well as a magnetif field similar to a high powered niodinium... and the those random spikes in all 3 of those things plus all the weird sightings, lights, etc trhat have been recorded... its eerily similar to the bermuda triangle.... that place is a hotspot for high strangeness, and is accompanied by those readings in places where that happens, similar to bermuda.... i find it fascinating, scientifically. what could cause an unstable magnetic field, and unstable radiation patterns in a small area, and a very specific one... that replicates the bermuda triangle? and what does this have to do with recorded incidents coinciding with these readings of very weird not artifact-like activity in the recording, but a very defined object of sorts.
Pablito Månad sedan
Eddy has a amsterdam coffee shop shirt
banjo man
banjo man Månad sedan
For the 2 people that care, the song at 1:45 is call Reubens train
SavorySeaweed Månad sedan
At 4:40 those are literally just the Powtoon people.
High Ping Gamer
High Ping Gamer Månad sedan
The way she talked through that phone call being as general and vague as humanly fucking possible. Such an obvious con.
Joseph Cradler
Joseph Cradler Månad sedan
Smosh? Mind blown lol
Noellelovespandas Månad sedan
They got it right (the CallMeCarson game show)
Dead Meat
Dead Meat Månad sedan
Now I’ve got a bunch of psychic ads, thanks Edgy and Bus
Wombattler 24 dagar sedan
*Wedgie & Wuss
Gryphon Skaggs
Gryphon Skaggs Månad sedan
The fucking shirt shit my duud xD
Old Humble Distilling Company
Old Humble Distilling Company Månad sedan
For over $1000 an hour you can hire a pretty damn good call girl. Forget psychics.
Lynn Burch
Lynn Burch Månad sedan
Eddie's face during the call lmao😂😭
Jonathan Mills
Jonathan Mills Månad sedan
Did anyone else catch the second stock video? She's wearing her wedding ring on her right hand... I guess dead husbands can still cheat 😄
The VooJooze
The VooJooze Månad sedan
Melanie Månad sedan
KNIVES??? are you kidding me? Why was she right?
Chris Leone
Chris Leone Månad sedan
Not gonna say it .... Not gonna.... THAT'S.... SO .... *RAVEN*
666 Demons
666 Demons Månad sedan
I’m Italian and do tarot readings for my friends. The next time I do a reading when they ask what I see in their future Ima just say “I see some lasagna and a spicy meatball”
Only Dark
Only Dark Månad sedan
Does gus have dyslexia
Liana H
Liana H Månad sedan
Psychics technically cant be wrong because theyre so FLIPPIN VAGUE
Larkspur Sucks at Art
Larkspur Sucks at Art Månad sedan
"He said hEEhEE"
Ryan Short
Ryan Short Månad sedan
When the infomercial psychic predicts your comedy central special. . . . . . . . . . . Bruh.
Kai Fritz
Kai Fritz Månad sedan
She new about the knife guy vid
Prince Crow
Prince Crow Månad sedan
This kind of feels like my two dads are warning my about internet companies and online advertising.
Conan Big Sad
Conan Big Sad Månad sedan
lets get this to 1M views i was crying at the cat part
KiraRuby Månad sedan
I'm a lady who subscribed to you from watching gus
Lexi Månad sedan
I literally was laughing to tears about the cat turds omfg
Tyler Averett
Tyler Averett Månad sedan
Bruh what is that song in the beginning it’s kinda lit ngl
bing bong
bing bong Månad sedan
Poor Max 😥
Kaung Satt Thar
Kaung Satt Thar Månad sedan
Only Mob is psychic
bill bill
bill bill Månad sedan
Everybody talking about how Raven was actually right are demonstrating exactly why these type of scams work. The psychic says something so vague that it can be applied to everyone and then the person who got the reading interprets it to the events in their life. If it wasn't comedy central you might say the "something big/national" it was Gus' tour. If not his tour, then something else. Interpreting her vague words to something specific is doing her work for her. You draw random connections to things she said and convince yourself that her psychic reading was real.
Wombattler 24 dagar sedan
@Studio Space hello again, Mr hubble
Studio Space
Studio Space Månad sedan
bill bill So Underated
Asha'man Sedai
Asha'man Sedai Månad sedan
How did they lose 50 dollars at 10 cents a minutes? Wtf?
Taye Conan
Taye Conan Månad sedan
gus will be apart of a giant juggling clown orgy............. kewl
Michael Mcdowell
Michael Mcdowell Månad sedan
I say the turf scrapings are Eddys responsibility so clean up ur shit eddy, and make more money and keep Gus in his finerys or he's gonna leave; PS if u give me less than 4 stars I will hunt u down like a rat on a glue trap(I'm eluding to the use of alot of glue traps🤫)
Michael Mcdowell
Michael Mcdowell Månad sedan
I need to see some kittens and knives soon!
Michael Mcdowell
Michael Mcdowell Månad sedan
I couldn't keep my shit together while guys made that call
years .
years . Månad sedan
It feels like two middle schoolers prank calling a pizza place that sells chakras
years .
years . Månad sedan
3:42 dob?
Peirceson Lynch
Peirceson Lynch Månad sedan
Sullivan Bradford
Sullivan Bradford Månad sedan
The first lady was doing a trick most mediums and psychics do and keeping the answers vague which let's you apply whatever meaning your subconscious wants to impose on it.
Annsofie Artang
Annsofie Artang 2 månader sedan
I’m a lady :)
Nintendo Nerd
Nintendo Nerd 2 månader sedan
You know this is fake and it’s cold readings.
Spencer Lent
Spencer Lent Månad sedan
You might think that but no! Gus really has run off with Eddy and Sven and were last seen in the woods with crudely sharpened sticks and scrawny wild cats.
Luka Bell
Luka Bell Månad sedan
Idk the knives thing and the comedy special thing hit the nail on the head
James Burk
James Burk 2 månader sedan
It's funny that Gus has an LA county jail shirt on. It probably costs around the same for phone calls out of there. edit: btw, this is obligatory.
Tyler Lamb
Tyler Lamb 2 månader sedan
yo but raven deadass predicted the comedy central thing
Commander Cody
Commander Cody 2 månader sedan
it’s like that one episode of cowboy bebop
homegrowntwinkie 2 månader sedan
Eddy Burback is my father
Evelyn Okay
Evelyn Okay 2 månader sedan
It's sooo easy to manipulate people into giving you personal information, especially women, and using that to tell them what they want to hear. It's way easier if you can read their face b/c you can "invest" in their emotional reactions.
Nick James
Nick James 2 månader sedan
Gus, WTF if on your shirt?
Will Moon
Will Moon 2 månader sedan
Los Angeles County Jail
Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas 2 månader sedan
I had a dream where I choked @eddieburback to death and I regretted it immediately and had no idea why I would have done such a thing. I'm so sorry. I don't have the words, it was only I dream I didn't plan it, I'm a very nice person and I enjoy the comedic stylings of Eddie Burback and Gus whatshisname.
Felix Moffat
Felix Moffat 2 månader sedan
Guys you put your username as Eddy and then you were mad at Eddy when texting the psychic dude, so I think he was suspicious and that’s why he ended it.
lopsided 2 månader sedan
i like how all of them say "amazing as always." like litteraly all of them.
bewitchedBird 2 månader sedan
Im already subscribed gus but thanks for trying
Ognyan Ognyanov
Ognyan Ognyanov 2 månader sedan
I got a tarot reading ad below this video. Isn’t that ironic
Elmoe boi
Elmoe boi 2 månader sedan
Psychics are already scuffed as fuck but frpm what ive heard about "real" psychics you would need to be in person
Jacobra The Great
Jacobra The Great 2 månader sedan
Did this video come out before or after your video about the guy who always has a knife? Because Raven said...
zakesters 2 månader sedan
Raven definitely knew what was up by the time she started talking about knives; confirmed: psychics are real.
BigBoyJimbo 2 månader sedan
As someone who does tarot, it's very obvious when someone is just scamming. Puts a bad name on the community
Janos K
Janos K 2 månader sedan
I once heard a psychic lamenting how she was a 'high clairvoyant' but her family never help her with the dishes!
Ra 2 månader sedan
Okay but that one girl still picked up on the comedy central show and all the knives gus is obsessed with
Lemon_Boy 2 månader sedan
Why is the best part of any comedy video the outro
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