Guess The Billionnaire, Win $1,000

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FaZe Jarvis

2 månader sedan

Guess The Billionnaire, Win $1,000
Data from Forbes. @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Adapt @HanRidge @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Kay
The billionnaires in this video are Elon Musk from Tesla, Jeff Bezos from Amazon, Steve Jobs from Apple, Kanye West, Kylie Jenner, Mark Cuban, Tim Sweeney from Epic Games, Jay-Z, Mark Zuckerburg from Facebook, P. Diddy, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates from Microsoft, Larry Page from Google, and Bernard Arnault from Louis Vuitton
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📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

Vishal Khanna
Vishal Khanna Dag sedan
Nicko going ssj3 on 3:07
Hotdog10 2 dagar sedan
Lol 😂 the Habanero is 300k scovils not even close to 3mil
Zixxify 3 dagar sedan
No rockfeller?
Cameron Tuleya
Cameron Tuleya 3 dagar sedan
Habenaro pepper is only 100 thousand scovile units
RAZEMONEY7 4 dagar sedan
Tiqo gong like goku
The crazy Russian
The crazy Russian 4 dagar sedan
Habanoros are supposed to be 130,000 to 150,000 scoulville
Jaxson Ball
Jaxson Ball 4 dagar sedan
Jarvis face at 5:08
wilf prim
wilf prim 5 dagar sedan
Domanic Greathouse
Domanic Greathouse 5 dagar sedan
A habanero is only 300,000 scoville units
Gaming Mario Unbox
Gaming Mario Unbox 5 dagar sedan
3:07 Me when I lose in Mario Maker VS
Jose Torres
Jose Torres 6 dagar sedan
I also said p hub
Unmesh 6 dagar sedan
Where's the indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani ?!
XL leader
XL leader 7 dagar sedan
7.32 bro Alex
Tarek Abayazeed
Tarek Abayazeed 7 dagar sedan
The thing is that a habanero has has 5 thousand scovilles so what?
Parker Playz
Parker Playz 7 dagar sedan
My step mom choved a hobanaro down my throat
SodaLegend gpodf1rblx
SodaLegend gpodf1rblx 7 dagar sedan
Pointed you didn't bler it
JD Janssen
JD Janssen 7 dagar sedan
No habaneros are 500,000 scovilles watch spice king tik tok
BrodyP20 7 dagar sedan
It is 300,000 not 3,000,000
Candy FN
Candy FN 9 dagar sedan
Where is bill gates
Xslash Royal
Xslash Royal 8 dagar sedan
Siddhant Mulay
Siddhant Mulay 9 dagar sedan
Lol (2:16)
clus yellow
clus yellow 9 dagar sedan
i see that picture at noahsnoah lol
Dylan Torralba
Dylan Torralba 9 dagar sedan
fu Alex
Dylan Torralba
Dylan Torralba 9 dagar sedan
Golden Heart
Golden Heart 10 dagar sedan
clutchz ishaan
clutchz ishaan 10 dagar sedan
Plus when Jarvis got shocked my knee got an shock
rnaseem 10 dagar sedan
4:33 sais 1-1 when its 2- 0
chris gaming
chris gaming 10 dagar sedan
7:37 what did he sayyyy????
Neiro Pähn
Neiro Pähn 10 dagar sedan
Guess The Billionnaire, Win $1 000 000 000
Mobi PLAYZ 10 dagar sedan
Hahahahaha 😂
Storm 10 dagar sedan
Guess the billionaire win a billion dollers
GAMER X 10 dagar sedan
Dvchug 11 dagar sedan
Austin DeVille
Austin DeVille 11 dagar sedan
My cousin literally just tattooed Elon girlfriend
Sup Dog
Sup Dog 11 dagar sedan
Elon musk owns Tesla
Aries Xiong
Aries Xiong 11 dagar sedan
It Steve jobs
TrickyTrey Cool
TrickyTrey Cool 11 dagar sedan
It’s not 3 million schools
TrickyTrey Cool
TrickyTrey Cool 11 dagar sedan
It’s not a habanero
Baleegh Ahmed
Baleegh Ahmed 12 dagar sedan
I know none of them
Luca Simonette
Luca Simonette 12 dagar sedan
3 million big lies Carolina reaper is 3 million
Real StepBroCommunity
Real StepBroCommunity 12 dagar sedan
7:36 wtf
Lucas FG
Lucas FG 12 dagar sedan
They say 1-1 but score says 2-0 4:33
Rogethan Ronaldan
Rogethan Ronaldan 12 dagar sedan
eoic games faceeeeeeeeeeee
Alexandraaa Postolachi
Alexandraaa Postolachi 13 dagar sedan
350 k not 3mil
Raxx _XD
Raxx _XD 13 dagar sedan
The “hobonaro“ it really a bell pepper 😏
Je Hsj
Je Hsj 13 dagar sedan
0:23 not even close,and they aren't even spicy bruh
Raed Faheem
Raed Faheem 13 dagar sedan
Faze clan shuld kick u and frazier
Kevish playz
Kevish playz 13 dagar sedan
Pijus Kaušius
Pijus Kaušius 13 dagar sedan
A habanero pepper is 100,000-350, 000
Xxjay_xxi YT1
Xxjay_xxi YT1 13 dagar sedan
Where micheal Jordan his is 1.6B
CompassPvP 13 dagar sedan
I only know like 3 of them
Jon Lenz
Jon Lenz 14 dagar sedan
Elon musty
NotShadow X
NotShadow X 14 dagar sedan
They said they lost their home but isnt thst the faze house?
Probst Family
Probst Family 14 dagar sedan
Michael Jordan
Jackbox 14 dagar sedan
My cousin has that shock potato and he is eleven he put the shock potato on the max power taze and held the hole time and did not even react
Timely Tea
Timely Tea 14 dagar sedan
That pepper is 200k scovill unit
Lilteen official
Lilteen official 14 dagar sedan
Spice king be watching
Sanela Jovanovic
Sanela Jovanovic 15 dagar sedan
NIKAN why u lyin a Habanero is 150,000 it can’t be over a calorina reaper cuz that’s 1 million
Flisks 15 dagar sedan
Evenutally you'll become a billionare by doing all of these 1000$ videos lol
Mr.SlimJim 15 dagar sedan
Picture: More Picture: Buzzer: Buzz Buzz Buzz Hannah: alahhelebshal Adapt: Steve Me: Not knowing anyone
It’s gaming time Let’s play
It’s gaming time Let’s play 15 dagar sedan
When Nikan was eating that pepper I thought he was eating a carrot...
Helen Welch
Helen Welch 13 dagar sedan
Same... 🥲
Belal Hama
Belal Hama 16 dagar sedan
This guy really said that the habanero is 3 million scoville BruH . ghost pepper is only like 1.4 million
Brian Torbron
Brian Torbron 16 dagar sedan
Bro the most visited cite my and Alex were thinking the same thing😂
Flure Asasin
Flure Asasin 16 dagar sedan
Is it just me or is there a random dollar to the 1000
thomas beckman
thomas beckman 16 dagar sedan
She only has $900 million
thomas beckman
thomas beckman 16 dagar sedan
Kylie Jenner is not a billionaire
Ismail isiktan
Ismail isiktan 16 dagar sedan
Imagine Nikan and Bradley Martyn 1v1 in a boxing match
Daisy Ong
Daisy Ong 17 dagar sedan
Dynamic duo
Daisy Ong
Daisy Ong 17 dagar sedan
RushighCowcat 17 dagar sedan
Habanero is not 3 mil lol
Stürm Beast
Stürm Beast 17 dagar sedan
nikan is full of sh*t the carolina reaper is 3,0000 scovill units
Tim5635 18 dagar sedan
4:31 1 and 1
Jonah Gordon cyr
Jonah Gordon cyr 18 dagar sedan
It 100000
Jonah Gordon cyr
Jonah Gordon cyr 18 dagar sedan
Habanero pepper is not 3m
Ethan Ree
Ethan Ree 20 dagar sedan
Bring these back
Mr Man
Mr Man 21 dag sedan
Is that to big that's what she said
JAIDEN CEPHAS 21 dag sedan
It’s the BOOM for me
Ergys Pro
Ergys Pro 22 dagar sedan
Dong drink water after eating pepper it only makes it wors
hafidz286 22 dagar sedan
0:22 Habannero pepers is not 3 mil is 350.000 Scovilles units.
Beast Titan
Beast Titan 22 dagar sedan
Habanero is not even close to 3 million😂
DMT G 23 dagar sedan
DMT G 23 dagar sedan
When nikan is hot it is hot
Aarav Patel
Aarav Patel 23 dagar sedan
6:26 LOL thats why this season epic games hate bananas BECAUSE he is A FISH (you were right tiko fortnite doesnt like bananas this season)
Brooke 23 dagar sedan
Grxxvy2K 19 dagar sedan
April BIll
April BIll 26 dagar sedan
Kanye West is close to being a billionaire but if he gets like 66,000 more dollars or pounds he will be a billionare
Nikki & Craig Ross
Nikki & Craig Ross 26 dagar sedan
A habenero is 300,000 scovile units not 3 mil Nikan
HUSSEIN AL MOKDAD 27 dagar sedan
Nikon simp for hanna
Jaret Fernandez
Jaret Fernandez Månad sedan
This is my favorite tap it I watch this all the time
Sinh Vo
Sinh Vo Månad sedan
I literally only knew 2 of them
Chansey x Chanson
Chansey x Chanson Månad sedan
Chansey x Chanson
Chansey x Chanson Månad sedan
Finally somebody that can beat necon
Michael Bohannon
Michael Bohannon Månad sedan
Dude Nikan freaks out from seeing 150 bil from the French guy when there was 190 bil likeeeee lol
Jennifer Woodford
Jennifer Woodford Månad sedan
I think ur amazing nikan
T0X1C ON STICKS Månad sedan
Kay was looking at his phone for names
GTH Agar
GTH Agar Månad sedan
When she said hadid i thought my mum called med
YT EVAN DP 7 Månad sedan
It is great because you see people cry 😂
Baby Is Mad At You
Baby Is Mad At You Månad sedan
5:03 Jarvis: Oh shit Me: THEY DIDNT CENSOR IT LOL
Vincenzo Herreres
Vincenzo Herreres Månad sedan
3:59 yo Nikan what u lookin at
Jordan Walker
Jordan Walker Månad sedan
Because you think of good content
Qwaurts Månad sedan
Nikan sad he hates spysy food but he over reacted in the vlog in jarvis video but is so chill in this video he only sad It's f ing hot that's all he so dramatic 😆
UE DRAZ Månad sedan
Plz don’t hate on me but the hottest pepper is Catalina reaper and it is 2.5 million one the scovol so that’s not 3 mill
UE DRAZ Månad sedan
Carolina reaper
Krishnama Chary
Krishnama Chary Månad sedan
Probably the last billionare You forgot the indians Mukesh ambanu
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