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Adam LZ

År sedan

RACE CAR CITY! What I'm most proud of is not how many cars I own - but how uniquely enjoyable each car is to drive. Each car is a different experience made to perform with an intention - and sounds sick! GIVE V2LAB SOME LOVE FOR ALL THE MONTAGES! - sepost.info
This video was WAY more involved than I thought - just parking the cars took nearly an hour. It's been something I've wanted to do for months and seeing all the cars together was a bit shocking even for me. I'm incredibly thankful for you guys enabling me to continue building these wild cars and am stoked for what's to come in 2020! Enjoy this hour long special!

angel mendoza
angel mendoza 19 timmar sedan
This dude is playing gta5 irl
FirstOrder Gaming
FirstOrder Gaming 19 timmar sedan
This mans garage is goals💥
-Envxy- Dag sedan
Me:Would you mind handing me that R34 GTR skyline. Him: Sure? Me: runs off screaming, “I JUST GOT MY DREAM CAR!!!”
chadonne knight
chadonne knight 2 dagar sedan
The black 350 or the yellow car I think sounds the best. I like the mustang sound also.
Bryan Gonzalez
Bryan Gonzalez 3 dagar sedan
I’ll gladly take the Shelby by 350 of yo hands of you dknt want it🥺 talking kinda down on my dream car
SBF HAWK 3 dagar sedan
My problem is I have to keep expanding to find room to house them all in.
Russell J Lowe Jr
Russell J Lowe Jr 3 dagar sedan
Power stroke sounded the best
iRican PlayZ
iRican PlayZ 3 dagar sedan
i will love one of the cars 😍
ancientSerpent 4 dagar sedan
nobody has been requesting this.
Izaak Mendoza
Izaak Mendoza 4 dagar sedan
Tony 4 dagar sedan
16:03 Rip juice
Oliver Law
Oliver Law 4 dagar sedan
S 13 even
Alison Chan
Alison Chan 4 dagar sedan
i recognise the lan evo from initial d but its slightly different lmao
Josh Bragdon
Josh Bragdon 4 dagar sedan
all those white cars yep. tax write off
Sir jack
Sir jack 4 dagar sedan
Can i have 1?😵
DakarriFindsOut 5 dagar sedan
Berthanada Lauber
Berthanada Lauber 5 dagar sedan
Adam you are my crush😻 ! I could watch your videos forever.
Mr. Prime
Mr. Prime 6 dagar sedan
*A dream of many*
Joshua Martinez Moreno
Joshua Martinez Moreno 6 dagar sedan
You already have the r 34 so you know what that means get a mk4 Supra
Benjamin Goodwin
Benjamin Goodwin 7 dagar sedan
22:58 notice how the mic cuts out because of how loud the frickin car is
YTK Johnny
YTK Johnny 7 dagar sedan
What year is the chaser
koolBOY8323 7 dagar sedan
honestly, the stock gtr was my favorite. low, unassuming rumble.
Zachary Shapiro
Zachary Shapiro 7 dagar sedan
The efficient stopwatch speculatively impress because soccer really rinse next a obtainable hardboard. fast, bored shadow
Alex Balt
Alex Balt 8 dagar sedan
I remember this dudes bmx videos
Adrian Prado
Adrian Prado 9 dagar sedan
Lmfao the 370z😂that shit sounded meannnnnnnn! #zeroy
Dino Habulan
Dino Habulan 9 dagar sedan
335i e92 sound the best.... My dream car...mybe one day i will own it😁 Im just interested if its Xdrive?
vogue mist
vogue mist 9 dagar sedan
The abstracted fight ecologically rescue because hip concordantly nail out a chunky swan. psychotic, good raincoat
KRS1 F30
KRS1 F30 9 dagar sedan
Damn, I remember when Adam started building the 335.. time files man
Jericho Yagin
Jericho Yagin 10 dagar sedan
Ngl u look like u would be a super nice cop
Arnav Jaret
Arnav Jaret 10 dagar sedan
quick question do we need to be really rich to own this kinda collection adam?
Landin D.
Landin D. 10 dagar sedan
still waiting for the drag race
CIR3N 10 dagar sedan
How do you have so much money
dxrkmemes 10 dagar sedan
When u just got done wit the casino heist and it only gave u 300k so u bout 200000000 cars with 20k
Dale Armbruster
Dale Armbruster 10 dagar sedan
Adam u should add an awd 3000 gt if u love that awd feeling could be your new fav ride
Im Reacly
Im Reacly 9 dagar sedan
Gross did you not see almost all his cars are Japanese
She belong to da shkreetz
She belong to da shkreetz 11 dagar sedan
20:33 bmw logo got me deceased 😂😂
daniel roman
daniel roman 11 dagar sedan
You only miss Honda nsx and you got my dream collection, good video, bmw 335i has the best sound
Rafael Flores
Rafael Flores 11 dagar sedan
How do you become a pro drifter ?
bob bob
bob bob 11 dagar sedan
Get a real supra plz
Crazycamber 4
Crazycamber 4 12 dagar sedan
14:45 Adam I think it’s carbon Kevlar
Crazycamber 4
Crazycamber 4 12 dagar sedan
I thought the s13 was his first car...
nate 12 dagar sedan
What’s the song in the intro??
Landyn Gil
Landyn Gil 12 dagar sedan
The truck sounds the best
Nate R
Nate R 12 dagar sedan
The platinum all day but I like diesel, I have three diesel vehicles lol so I have a problem
Christian Bentley
Christian Bentley 12 dagar sedan
White show car
Cole George
Cole George 12 dagar sedan
Your literally living in GTA 5
ElectricNick 22
ElectricNick 22 12 dagar sedan
Does anyone know the song he played for the s15. I really like it
Jaycob Kuchera
Jaycob Kuchera 12 dagar sedan
TheMiniME 12 dagar sedan
Only it’s remember the 335i
Trey Carrico
Trey Carrico 12 dagar sedan
Love the vid! Could anyone tell me what songs he used for the video? Adam LZ could you tell me??
Joe Botelho
Joe Botelho 12 dagar sedan
does the R34 have a mid resonator?
Joe Botelho
Joe Botelho 12 dagar sedan
1:16:25 2021, you mean
Joe Botelho
Joe Botelho 12 dagar sedan
370Z is the Cookie Monster
Joe Botelho
Joe Botelho 12 dagar sedan
26:30 sounds better than most ferraris
Joe Botelho
Joe Botelho 12 dagar sedan
next to that jump is the "rear entry corner"
Joe Botelho
Joe Botelho 12 dagar sedan
2:00 sounds like a jet engine all those engines running
Eden Urias
Eden Urias 12 dagar sedan
The car insurance 🤯
Aaron Taylor
Aaron Taylor 12 dagar sedan
370z wins!
Cole Barnes
Cole Barnes 12 dagar sedan
His s13 is is the hero car not kinda it is
RCLB 13 dagar sedan
Hey guys just posted this video compilation of full throttle launches donuts burnouts and pulls from bikes quads cars and trucks all of which are personal videos from over the past few years! Please check it out! sepost.info/dev/video/2IPXq5uahoXH17U.html
Splainted 13 dagar sedan
He hasent found his yt password
adam7x1 x
adam7x1 x 13 dagar sedan
We need an update in the 2021!
Q8 boy
Q8 boy 13 dagar sedan
53:55 song pls
Dallas Buchanan
Dallas Buchanan 14 dagar sedan
Like if you’ve been here since he was just kid with a bmx bike
Tim Wenger
Tim Wenger 14 dagar sedan
Adam hitting me right in the nostalgia with the old Beamer clips 😭😭😭
Jack Singer
Jack Singer 14 dagar sedan
Favorite sound has to be the 370z, without a motor in it...
Too_dirty 12
Too_dirty 12 14 dagar sedan
Man I watched you when you where talking about how you had to bubble letter names to see who could be your wife and you had 250k that you don’t care about followers you care about giving out content man I love you
2nd2NUN 14 dagar sedan
How can you drift? Is it faster than traction? I need to learn so much. I'm 50. I know about drift kits.
2nd2NUN 14 dagar sedan
Very intreresting car. not my cup of tea.
2nd2NUN 14 dagar sedan
love the first car BMW.
Rino Art
Rino Art 14 dagar sedan
You don't have a Dacia
sheldon hoveskeland
sheldon hoveskeland 14 dagar sedan
what does this dude do for money wtf
DGX Detailing Services Ltd
DGX Detailing Services Ltd 12 dagar sedan
Sucks alotta cack
Heavy_psych _king
Heavy_psych _king 14 dagar sedan
Your white Toyota chaser and the Z with no engine.
Kaden Lewis
Kaden Lewis 14 dagar sedan
oh yeah well I have a 1998 Toyota Corolla that my aunt gave me😎
Cade Wilshere
Cade Wilshere 14 dagar sedan
Does anyone know the song used in the ford truck montage?
Ssseth Aaadams
Ssseth Aaadams 15 dagar sedan
when hes talking about the gt 350 he sounds like hes trynna sell it
DRIFTKING 073 15 dagar sedan
Bro adam take that 370z to a two step battle but those revs
dawn cortes
dawn cortes 15 dagar sedan
One s14 is enough for me
Shane Ogden
Shane Ogden 15 dagar sedan
What is a tota car??
Caleb Hopkins
Caleb Hopkins 15 dagar sedan
My goal in life is to get to the point where I can call a gt350 my "beater daily" 🤣
Jamie Cannell
Jamie Cannell 15 dagar sedan
Can we rename is 350Z the 350LZ
Rexious 0
Rexious 0 15 dagar sedan
hey it’s been a while you still haven’t dragged all these cars together
Rexious 0
Rexious 0 11 dagar sedan
@mcrhockey oh right on thanks
mcrhockey 11 dagar sedan
He mentioned it in his most recent video, said he has a place lined up, just waiting to finish a build
SilentBrother - IV
SilentBrother - IV 15 dagar sedan
Definitely saved the best for last.. 😍🥵
tyler hophop
tyler hophop 15 dagar sedan
the nissan 350z and the bmw sounded sexy
Matthew Kingsmore
Matthew Kingsmore 15 dagar sedan
The GT350 100%
Jared Byers
Jared Byers 16 dagar sedan
When you decide to have a car meet with yourself.
Blake Bradley
Blake Bradley 7 dagar sedan
Luis Acosta
Luis Acosta 16 dagar sedan
Why dont u own a dodge demon or a challenger ?
Johnny Boii
Johnny Boii 16 dagar sedan
He got a car for each day of the month 😂 awesome 🔥🔥
Peyton Love
Peyton Love 16 dagar sedan
this is refreshing to see. not just 10 lambos and ferraris
Randy Ally
Randy Ally 16 dagar sedan
When the drag gonna happen
DriftForLife 16 dagar sedan
At 48:50 it looks like a lexus is300 turbo
Gage Aldridge
Gage Aldridge 17 dagar sedan
Nice water bottle man
FW Stance
FW Stance 17 dagar sedan
Not gonna lie the gt350 kinda sounds like a jdm
Justin Arthur
Justin Arthur 17 dagar sedan
White 350z/370z with no engine has the best sound
Jaylon Soares
Jaylon Soares 17 dagar sedan
Yeah you are at 199,000 likes now😂. We need that race
Jaylon Soares
Jaylon Soares 17 dagar sedan
Its about time you get a supercar and go crazy with it
Mc Simme
Mc Simme 18 dagar sedan
The Nissan skyline r34 gtr ist defintely the best one 😍 Adam in your fam i miss a Toyota Supra Mk4
Dxummy 18 dagar sedan
is it just me or was the guy talking about your third car in order that's in japan sound like he could voice over a forza game
Simon Pritchard
Simon Pritchard 18 dagar sedan
Why does his beamer actually sound like a 2JZ
Peyton McCann
Peyton McCann 18 dagar sedan
370z for sure! Vroom vroom
Stefan Weier
Stefan Weier 18 dagar sedan
are you redlining all of them while the engine is cold? Especially the Porsche??
Yikeo 15 dagar sedan
Did you watch the video? He had them all warmed up in the beginning
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