Full Diablo Presentation | BlizzCon 2021

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Blizzard gave us the scoop on all things Diablo at Blizzcon 2021. Here's every segment on Diablo IV, Diablo: Immortal, and Diablo II: Resurrected!

Issac E Howard Jr
Issac E Howard Jr Timme sedan
I own the old D2 and the expansion to it. Am I going to get an update or am I goin to get stuck paying for it? I assume the latter.
Joe R
Joe R 2 timmar sedan
this class has no defining characteristics. i just quit watching. also this head guy is about as charming as a potato.
tuffel 3 timmar sedan
oh wow ..the child of amazon and assasin we know from diablo 2... another content recycle..
Gabriel Pena-Lora
Gabriel Pena-Lora 3 timmar sedan
lol blizzard your some washed up hacks man
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo 4 timmar sedan
Me: volume at 10000 because audio is so low. Advertisement: HULU HAS LIVE SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!! damn near spilt my coffee!
Buğra DÖNMEZ 4 timmar sedan
I think Diablo II Remaster will leave behind the Diablo IV.
Joshua Ragan
Joshua Ragan 4 timmar sedan
am i the only one who cant take anyone with VEGAN tattooed on his arm seriously??
UNDER THE RADAR 5 timmar sedan
Well, since your saying we can customize and make this Rogue however we see fit; does he come with a pink speedo and a strap on?
J B 5 timmar sedan
Anyone else annoyed that they’re trying to sell us diablo 2 again, when we already own it ? Like with Warcraft 3? 4 looks cool and all but I’m iffy with blizzard these days
H1N1-VX 6 timmar sedan
meh... D:IV is the shite version of PoE 2.0
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson 6 timmar sedan
I hope these guys learned something from Path of Exile
Filius 7 timmar sedan
w3 remaster serve me as good reminder.
Zdravko Dochev
Zdravko Dochev 7 timmar sedan
Well to me diablo 4 movement/combat mechanics look like a cheaper version of Lost Ark which is similar to diablo playstyle :D
_fedemalu_ 8 timmar sedan
new Diablo game? i'm all ears....
Alexander Reeve
Alexander Reeve 9 timmar sedan
Diablo 4 = hmm might be good. Diablo on mobile = err just put it in the bin. Diablo 2 remastered = erection.
tymtrppr3 10 timmar sedan
resident sleeper, good thing they just re-released diablo 3 with one new class lol.
Nick M
Nick M 11 timmar sedan
this is NOT scary looking enough.. something about all the glowing assets look toooooo cartoonish still.. they're keeping too much d3
ShmoopyWigglePants 11 timmar sedan
I know that personally I would like diablo IV to bring back more of a diablo I and II vibe and be more like them but idk if anyone else feels that way
Finallizerr 12 timmar sedan
Werewolf looks so sick remastered; hyped!
gg3-yobm 12 timmar sedan
we all saw the sneak peak of gameplay of diablo 4. it looked like that bullshit mobile game like mechanic 5 skill slots almost like torchlight 3. l
Morgan Xu
Morgan Xu 13 timmar sedan
sad, diablo 4 would be such a good soul-like/ARPG game, yet it kept the old mood which is date back 10 years ago.
nuttythorn raaakyart
nuttythorn raaakyart 14 timmar sedan
Does Diablo 2 remaster have offline single player?
T Jimmy
T Jimmy 15 timmar sedan
i'm more excited for the remastered than the new one.
T Jimmy
T Jimmy 15 timmar sedan
first 4 minutes i thought is new assassin's creed game by Blizzard. damn.
Carlo Alicer
Carlo Alicer 15 timmar sedan
Lets hope Blizzard don't fuk up this one.
Kradse 15 timmar sedan
if you want a "authentic experience" just go play the original diablo 2
Anthony Arseneault
Anthony Arseneault 15 timmar sedan
One of the first and most iconic class ?? This is a Demon Hunter replica.... where is the good Ol Amazon with bow and javelins ? Not a mix of hunter and assassin ... and the OG knows where the ears come from
Laz Mesterhazi
Laz Mesterhazi 15 timmar sedan
Just to make sure to clarify... This isn't some sort of early April fools joke?
Thomas P.
Thomas P. 15 timmar sedan
Han Tran
Han Tran 17 timmar sedan
The cloistered tooth regretfully suppose because handle only phone aside a fragile supermarket. heartbreaking, panoramic barber
Samudra 1988
Samudra 1988 18 timmar sedan
Who need diablo 4 if you have diablo2 remastered?
Sgt. Jenkins
Sgt. Jenkins 18 timmar sedan
One of those ears belonged to Bobby kotick
Schubbey 19 timmar sedan
so diablo4 is more about diablo2 remastered?
DreamFactoryVideo 20 timmar sedan
Their cinematic 3D animations were better 10 years ago!
Charles Laine
Charles Laine 20 timmar sedan
Presenter: Hi. My name is Mr Jazzhands.
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 20 timmar sedan
"Is this a out of date April fools joke" I still remember!
luv das
luv das 20 timmar sedan
Cioè sarebbe uguale a diablo 3 ma con altre classi? ma che presa per il c**o è? ahahahahaha
Rider Alpha
Rider Alpha 20 timmar sedan
DH remastered?
Paul Yuen
Paul Yuen 20 timmar sedan
Just wanna tell Blizzard you have lost one loyal customer since 2019. Yeah that's me!
jamie benjamin
jamie benjamin 21 timme sedan
omg this is hubbys fav class of every single game ever!!!!
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 20 timmar sedan
see blizzard you can announce a mobile diablo without causing an uproar
Johnny Martin Johansen
Johnny Martin Johansen 21 timme sedan
Who the hell is going to be hyped about Diablo 2 Resurrected, considering the shitty job they did with Warcraft 3 Reforged?
michael jake usman
michael jake usman 21 timme sedan
a big PASS on diablo mobile
TheOJDrinker 21 timme sedan
hmm.... Path of Diablo.
X Lordia
X Lordia 21 timme sedan
after warcraft 3 reforged im thinking they're gonna fuck up diablo 2 resurrected
Simonas Zikas
Simonas Zikas 21 timme sedan
Ofc that ear sound is brutal when u have vegan tattoo
Justyna Orlowski
Justyna Orlowski 22 timmar sedan
I'm in love
retropwned 22 timmar sedan
very cool.
Premium Fruits
Premium Fruits 22 timmar sedan
Does anyone unironically think this will be any good? Anyone with an iq above 85?
Blotted 22 timmar sedan
We Just Cant Wait to Monetize The Fuck Out of You Because Our CEO of Activision is Diablo Himself.
krap101 23 timmar sedan
Is it funny I'm more excited about diablo 2 resurrected?
Evgeni Kavrakov
Evgeni Kavrakov Dag sedan
They promise freedom as usual BUT there might be 1-2 builds again that are the only good ones for the lategame.
ByMyRecords Dag sedan
Why is the audio so jacked up and low they dont want us to hear them speak!!!?
Kakesu Official
Kakesu Official Dag sedan
samira of league of legends :D :D :D
CrazyRetroJunkie Dag sedan
see blizzard you can announce a mobile diablo without causing an uproar
The Looker
The Looker Dag sedan
Do you guys don't have PC 🤣🤣🤣
Ken N
Ken N Dag sedan
Who's tired of grinding for Paragon level?
Lawrence F
Lawrence F Dag sedan
Stay awhile and listen.
Justin McAllister Prod
Justin McAllister Prod Dag sedan
Anyone going to ask if they will have Cow King servers!? That shit was lit!!!
Chris England
Chris England Dag sedan
this game looks lame af.
Kris Tran
Kris Tran Dag sedan
LOl this dude deadass reading from a script, zero emotion
Yves Hon
Yves Hon Dag sedan
not sure if all of u have the same feeling, diablo 2 remastered graphic feels like AOE2?
Yves Hon
Yves Hon Dag sedan
vomitted on my screen when I see Immortal .
kusai001 Dag sedan
Liked that video but was that fight scene animated on a potato?
Malachi gamerguy
Malachi gamerguy Dag sedan
Kick ass can't wait to try it!!!
Tom Storm
Tom Storm Dag sedan
I wonder how many of those tattoos he got when he was cross faded AF with his buddies.
0mega Zer0
0mega Zer0 Dag sedan
I just want the Assassin back from D2 in D4
Chris Walker
Chris Walker Dag sedan
huhhman Dag sedan
Oh blizzard you have fallen from grace....a long time ago.
dana kelly
dana kelly Dag sedan
The pricey badger extraorally sigh because freckle interestedly observe after a shy rock. salty, soggy team
Chaton Premier
Chaton Premier Dag sedan
I've been searching through the seven tombs of Tal Rasha and still haven't found what is he trying to convey with his hand movements
Greeb secret
Greeb secret Dag sedan
Ohmygooooooooooooooood, diablo 2!!! ^_^
Ryan Rowland
Ryan Rowland Dag sedan
my inner child is screaming rn. d2?! shut the front door after you take my money!
Phoenix Wright
Phoenix Wright Dag sedan
"Diablo 2: We'll try not to fuck it up like Warcraft 3. Maybe. Maybe not."
Luis C.
Luis C. Dag sedan
Fun story. Diablo 2 was the first rpg I ever played, I was around 14, I had only played a couple of fps games on pc. When I beat chapter 1 I thought that was the end of the game. I played with other characters only until chapter 1 and never went past it, the UI never really clicked with me because this kinds of games were so foreign to me and I wasn't a heavy PC user so clicking on random things felt dangerous. I didn't learn until the other chapters until about 5 years later when i was older and tried to replay it. Felt pretty dumb, but hey, new content for me lol.
David Tang
David Tang Dag sedan
These guys don't really understand Diablo 2. They turned D3 into an indefinite grind with Rifts and Primal gears. There are only so much you would farm before you are bored and wanting to move on. I feel they should bring back PvP and trading then remove paragon level and character bound gears. It's more fun to grind gears for my other builds for PvP. Not your rift guardian at 150 paragon lv. End game you should have a few Sorc, hammerdin, barb, amazon etc ready for switching when you are counter in a PvP
Spid88PL Dag sedan
Blah Blah Blah Cinematics 8/10. Demo 7/10. Blah and then... Diablo II RESURRECTED - finally! Yay! ✌
Clifton Roger
Clifton Roger Dag sedan
vegans always having to let you know they are vegan mr lama is amazing
SunnyDrizzle Dag sedan
Diablo II HD Remaster? *Laughs in Warcraft III reforged*
Tiago Carmo
Tiago Carmo Dag sedan
I don't care. Give me diablo 2... just that.
Joshua Finley
Joshua Finley Dag sedan
Letsssss goooooooo
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Dag sedan
But do you guys have phones?
STABZ Dag sedan
"Don't you people HAVE PHONES!!??" No, not all of us. But we do have memories, and we won't forget. Sorry, Blizzard, not sorry. Take your shit elsewhere.
Luurch's Coins and Games
Luurch's Coins and Games Dag sedan
Are there really any people that play mobile diablo? They must call it immortal because its like Jason vs. Freddy...why wont you die!
azzburn TumYeto
azzburn TumYeto Dag sedan
shit sons and ghiesmals, I would play diablo
Avid Writer
Avid Writer Dag sedan
Rogue = Amazon + Assassin. Got it
ziljan8888 Dag sedan
We haven't forgotten yet though..
BuzZ VideoZ
BuzZ VideoZ Dag sedan
Dialble 2 remastered... what Diablo 3 should've look like.
Marian Cabak
Marian Cabak Dag sedan
Not sure exact release date? Looks like the will play it by ear.
Mars1689 Dag sedan
More excited for the Diablo 2 remaster.
Casperarizona Dag sedan
Same engine! Hoped for something new. I feel like its Diablo 3 with a new Class.
Mr Buster
Mr Buster Dag sedan
Diablo Immortal "Visceral Combat" - and then goes to show anime style 0 blood fight sequence...
BadDaddyLama Dag sedan
Thank God DnD is still keeping it real F.n.OP... and for the kids
777weeks Dag sedan
That game has devoured hundreds of hours of my time I wouldn't want to dedicate to again just because of the demands of commitment it made me sacrifice. I will never say never but at the very least I would need a good necro class or a witch dr. Some kind of summoner class. I love love love leading an army so much it makes me feel more powerful and it seems more eventful. Theres not much to say about 1 follower op or not it's not interesting. I would like to take command of either worldly, unnatural, alien ,supernatural entity's. Caracter can be weak or what ever it takes to balance but no compromise if I can not summon atleast 4 followers untill the die or are unsummoned.
Andrew Scala
Andrew Scala Dag sedan
they'll shoot themselves in the foot and release D4 and the D2 remake around the same time lol
777weeks Dag sedan
I am not playing this game without either a necromancer witch doctor or summoning sorcerer. If they are not available I wont be playing this game again. I bought diablo 3x first for ps3 then again with the reaper of souls and then again on ps4 the ultimate edition that had the necromancer
EOD JAGER Dag sedan
We got one already. Is called Path of Exile
Greggles Dag sedan
God, I really hope this bring this to mobile.
Carlos Diaz
Carlos Diaz Dag sedan
You better not fuck up D2 like you bastards did with warcraft 3
Derek Jones
Derek Jones Dag sedan
Get your phones ready.
Mo's Tube
Mo's Tube Dag sedan
Patently waiting for the PS5 version to onload on.
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