Film Theory: DEATH NOTE-How Deadly Was it?

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3 år sedan

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DEATH NOTE is my favorite anime series by a long shot, and that's because it really puts me in a moral quandary. Is KIRA a hero after all he's done? Can we consider it justice when the number of people he's murdered is more than the total number of Japanese convicts? Well Loyal Theorists, in this episode, I dive into the math in order to bring these questions to the surface for you!
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CosmicShip 3 timmar sedan
At the beginning where MatPat says "Yup- 25 best episodes" I checked, and if those were actually the episodes he liked, then MatPat didn't like the episodes after L died. Understandable.
sakatababa 5 timmar sedan
japanese are reluctant to prosecute and they do only when conviction is guaranteed. if you are in front of a judge in japan you are 99.9% guilty... they do not tolerate crime...
Cosmic Comic
Cosmic Comic 16 timmar sedan
I don’t understand how near got a hold of the real notebook and made it fake even though he didn’t know where it was or who really owned it
Yellow Enn
Yellow Enn 17 timmar sedan
280,000 seriously? It's that small? I thought it would be more than that. lol
LRmizz 19 timmar sedan
The intro was 🔥
Karolina Świergała
Karolina Świergała 22 timmar sedan
Anyone thought about how it was possible to write 200 000 names in one notebook? Have Ryuk been sticking new pages to the note or sth? xD
Lorcan K
Lorcan K Dag sedan
If I write my name in the death note and put the date down 100 years from now does that mean i can't die until then?
amature sandwitch
amature sandwitch Dag sedan
and all of this because ryuk was bored
Andrew Morrow
Andrew Morrow Dag sedan
Just watched the series last week. I only watched it because I liked the movie, as controversial as that might seem. And it’s AMAZING. One thing I did say after watching it was that after L died, the series went kindve downhill to me. MatPat’s mention of that in the video makes me feel less crazy, Lol
Praveena Praveen
Praveena Praveen Dag sedan
just asking what happens If you write your own name in the death note
Gilby Rey
Gilby Rey Dag sedan
Okay I might be a bit insane because I talk to myself and answer but this, this it's just on a hole nother level of insane
Croatoan EagleEye
Croatoan EagleEye Dag sedan
Video starts "BARS"
counting 2 dagar sedan
Tick Tock Time is running out!
cobra_kai_fan 2 dagar sedan
Do a how to survive death note plz mat
Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luffy 3 dagar sedan
I guess covid has killed more people than death note
SCT Karter
SCT Karter 3 dagar sedan
Mikami was honestly hilarious. Bro went from so chill to DELETE ✍🏽DELETE ✍🏽DELETE ✍🏽DELETE ✍🏽
Kokichi Grape
Kokichi Grape 3 dagar sedan
Some people fangirling/fanboying over L me some other people fangirling/fanboying over matsuda.
Milan Idicula
Milan Idicula 3 dagar sedan
You forget about Kiyomi Takada
Jama 3 dagar sedan
Kira is low-key actually a racist way of saying killer lool. They said so in the anime that it was based on the English word for killer
Christopher Salfarlie
Christopher Salfarlie 3 dagar sedan
Goku is not a human therefore he can not be killed by the death note. the book states that any humans name that is written in the book will die
Jack Kemp
Jack Kemp 3 dagar sedan
I’ll make a theory and make ends meet it
H.M. Murdock
H.M. Murdock 4 dagar sedan
Well if your intentionally mispell a name on the Death Note, the writer dies, so...
Thomas Beckham
Thomas Beckham 4 dagar sedan
Goku vs. Light Yagami Winner: Light Yagami
Taylor GreenBlue
Taylor GreenBlue 4 dagar sedan
Pretty sure, while Light was actively working in the NPA after L died, Misa was killing criminals too. Maybe you included this and I missed it, but I do recall in the magna at least (anime too I believe) Light telling Misa to focus more intently o killing certain criminals or something like that.
Terry Fulds
Terry Fulds 4 dagar sedan
a few huge problems with this theory. 1. It looked like only 2 columns of names each with a corresponding date. The instantly cuts your 243k in half. But then you also have to think that in his first 5 days he has a lot of stored up names from the rest of his life. But after he took care of them he would have to research more people. This means that his first 5 days are no indicative of his average at all, and if anything his average would be VASTLY slower than that. And then lets realize that eventually he would run out of "bad people" for various reasons including "hey, any time any newpaper does a story about anyone at all, they die. Lets not make stories about people anymore"
Maddy F
Maddy F 4 dagar sedan
Wow if only my writing was that epic
Loveless Prince
Loveless Prince 4 dagar sedan
I’ll use the death note....a lot.
Luis Huerta
Luis Huerta 4 dagar sedan
Yagamay not yagami
Rocco LoFaro
Rocco LoFaro 4 dagar sedan
That intro was so funny lol
apple tree
apple tree 5 dagar sedan
If kira was real i would support him But i dont want a government to replicate it because would doing it via guns and death sentences instead of striking fear into criminals operations they just make the public mad But if the notebook was real the obvious answer is to abandon your life. Let go of all you know.find a food source and a tv then never leave an underground room never stopping the killing until you either die or no criminals remain
Gavin's gaming
Gavin's gaming 5 dagar sedan
he good
Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro Kamado 5 dagar sedan
This vid inspired me to watch death note now it’s my second favorite anime
electric_ bunny
electric_ bunny 2 dagar sedan
Glad to hear that
Nutter ButterCentral
Nutter ButterCentral 2 dagar sedan
Wait A Minute...
AtomzMakeStuffz 5 dagar sedan
Me: gets death note but remember this problem Me: *writes* note: *KILLER* every killer in the world: *dies* innocent: *lives* world is happy
Javid Productions
Javid Productions 5 dagar sedan
You have to be thinking about their face and give their real name.
Ian Shofner
Ian Shofner 5 dagar sedan
The first number you come up with, 62.4 kills per day is short. He filled minimum of 3 pages not two.
Mrs_ Sniffles
Mrs_ Sniffles 5 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who went back and watched the whole death note show before watching this to avoid ✨spoilers✨
Matthew Sargeant
Matthew Sargeant 5 dagar sedan
The name “Kira” is literally supposed to come from the word “Killer”... it’s not a racist way of saying it, it’s the inspiration...
ElbappotS 5 dagar sedan
I forgot how nostalgic the intro was
Jake Bush
Jake Bush 6 dagar sedan
I have a dig bick
Lunados 34
Lunados 34 6 dagar sedan
I knew it was deadly, but I didn’t know it was THIS deadly. Holy crap
John-paul Farrington hoyle
John-paul Farrington hoyle 6 dagar sedan
L is the same as 11 from stranger things that’s a theory film theory
I'm Bob
I'm Bob 6 dagar sedan
And yet y'all still be simping 🤧
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 6 dagar sedan
Bam Bam
Bam Bam 7 dagar sedan
Do you know you should make a cartoon theory
Sam 7 dagar sedan
Light killed when he had evidence (he had access to a police record) and he only killed easier when he was disturbed.
Elijah Aaron
Elijah Aaron 7 dagar sedan
i could see Goku winning if he went into his maximum power and kills kira on the spot since at his max or when he's in MUI he's faster than a normal person can see and since he can move without thinking at all and since kira would have to write Goku's name then after look at Goku but keep in mind that we don't even know Goku's last name and if kira has to write the name it would take more than a second and looking at how fast Goku is and how much damage he does he certainly would have a solid chance of beating kira no doubt
NOOBMASTER 69 7 dagar sedan
Can u do if light became a shinigami theory please matpatt
F. B. I
F. B. I 7 dagar sedan
If Kira won he would have killed 100x the amount of that
BANKAI SUPREME 7 dagar sedan
goku would obliterate kira before he can write anything down
More Cyber
More Cyber 8 dagar sedan
What is your real skin look like rick
troup 7
troup 7 8 dagar sedan
NO, BECAUSE goku isn't human, or is he
NAT20 8 dagar sedan
the movie sucked end of story
Gede Nums
Gede Nums 8 dagar sedan
I know that I’m a little late, but can you please make a theory about Seven Deadly Sins?
Paul Cozma
Paul Cozma 8 dagar sedan
Why not use a printer? Rip pages, link to an api if there is one, and let it print...
Kawaii 8 dagar sedan
Me when I type something to someone I didn't want to send DELETE DELETE DELETE
Ayoub D. Kujo
Ayoub D. Kujo 8 dagar sedan
Lmao I litterly just binged it to watch this, I see why you like it
Hydrex seal
Hydrex seal 9 dagar sedan
It was garbage
Amour AS
Amour AS 9 dagar sedan
Anime Dikshu
Anime Dikshu 9 dagar sedan
bro goku real name is kakarot
•ëŃŤêřñÄĻ_MĩďŃĨġħŤ• 9 dagar sedan
so Light kinda just prevented more murders than he caused.
Bill Bob
Bill Bob 10 dagar sedan
I got a good joke: Who is Light’s dream girl? shaKIRA xd thought of this in shower
Anton Byström
Anton Byström 10 dagar sedan
One big flaw to the argument. The notebook would have to have thousands of Pages to have room for all the names. So, he couldn't have killed that many
Brooks 9 dagar sedan
The notebook never runs out of pages.
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones 10 dagar sedan
But is he only killing the one person or is he killing every person in the world that happens to share the name he writes down?
preston affleck
preston affleck 10 dagar sedan
My shinigami name would just be Seeger
Archey Archey
Archey Archey 10 dagar sedan
i think death note only works on humans so goku is safe
CaptnPockets 10 dagar sedan
Oml he said the line XD
Micheal Malloy
Micheal Malloy 10 dagar sedan
Light: You see the the world, I see a target rich environment
osiris_i10 10 dagar sedan
How much money did he spend on pens?
smilo 11 dagar sedan
goku cant be killed by the death note since he's not from earth and the death note only works on humans
Smithsonian smith
Smithsonian smith 11 dagar sedan
Awesome and cool!
Smithsonian smith
Smithsonian smith 11 dagar sedan
Holly molly...
Jan 11 dagar sedan
Few thousands of pages within 3 flimsy books?
shushila subba
shushila subba 11 dagar sedan
I am her child
lool roofle
lool roofle 11 dagar sedan
Me at 10:05 a minecrafter, a stack of names!
dogfan 2020
dogfan 2020 11 dagar sedan
turn on subtitles during 0:25
j qwelin
j qwelin 11 dagar sedan
I think the reason was there but the education was not.
Temerold 12 dagar sedan
I'll take a Diet Coke, and drink it!
Andres Diaz de Leon
Andres Diaz de Leon 12 dagar sedan
Light was never wrong
AJ Pestanas
AJ Pestanas 12 dagar sedan
The theory that Light is just killing people in a list of criminals just sounds not like Kira. Remember, he placed countermeasures to prevent the tampering of his Death Note, orchestrated the forgetting of people's memories, etc. Point is, he's CAREFUL. The only time he acts carelessly are the first 2 kills. If he was just going by a simple list, it wouldn't require Misa being on a computer too; it would just be a simple list and copying and pasting those names on the Death Note. Instead, they are RESEARCHING these criminals based on the data collected by the police (via his dad's access), and passing judgment that way. To say Light is just killing criminals on a whim without much thought doesn't sound like Light.
Kool Aid
Kool Aid 12 dagar sedan
Matpatt: It would be a miracle if this video wasn't flagged by SEpost's as being an advertiser the miracle: (casually approaches Matpatt.)
Noah Gobah
Noah Gobah 13 dagar sedan
What is death note
purby 13 dagar sedan
mat pat cracks me up!
author Morgan
author Morgan 13 dagar sedan
Prajwal Meshram
Prajwal Meshram 13 dagar sedan
Dino Ricky
Dino Ricky 14 dagar sedan
Do you know over 1,000,000 people died in all the wars the USA was in so less then the prison population and more then all the kiras
Crosiiee 14 dagar sedan
Well technically Near’s name was Nate. Nate River I think
AJ__suppabored__ 15 dagar sedan
Do one piece
Jim DA
Jim DA 15 dagar sedan
Mat Patt missed the scene where he mentions the copycat doesn't factor in circumstance or questionable evidence. Hence the research
Clock Eye
Clock Eye 15 dagar sedan
25 of the best episodes because after 25th episode L was'nt there.
Paul Aspland
Paul Aspland 15 dagar sedan
Ok but the bigger question than Goku vs Kira is.... Kira vs... That immortal dude from talentless nana.
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 15 dagar sedan
How did he even get caught, he played it a bit poorly tbh
Dino Xander
Dino Xander 15 dagar sedan
Me:when I screw a text up DELETE DELETE DELETE DELETE
Ronin Hatari
Ronin Hatari 16 dagar sedan
Im still mad they killed L, I would have been happy if L killed Light earlier instead of 10+ episodes after Ls death that lowered the shows quality
Zoor edits
Zoor edits 16 dagar sedan
Am I bad person for supporting light
Houss Iam
Houss Iam 16 dagar sedan
L did already those calculations....and how he found light.
Deeprit Pandey
Deeprit Pandey 16 dagar sedan
You could have said it sucked the movie i mean
Your Local Vocaloid Fan
Your Local Vocaloid Fan 16 dagar sedan
the intro script deserves fifty freaking _awards_
Teknostreem 34
Teknostreem 34 17 dagar sedan
8:21 But like then how many pages does a death note have?
Xlcusiv Content
Xlcusiv Content 17 dagar sedan
so can Light beat Goku? No,the Deathnote only works on humans and it's obv proven Goku isn't human.
Understandable 18 dagar sedan
One second I’m writing something in my death note hmmmmm the death note film DELETE DELETE DELETE
Understandable 18 dagar sedan
Weeb nation raise up
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