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Get set. The drivers of the 2020 F1 season present the ULTIMATE guide to anything and everything Formula 1, from points, understeer, to the race weekend itself.
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Polico Paul
Polico Paul 6 timmar sedan
Kimi is just epic:D
Mercedes Alves
Mercedes Alves 2 dagar sedan
carlos has great drawing skills
Pliskin313 3 dagar sedan
Cool video but poorly edited. How many times do we need the same explanation about flat spots
G P 3 dagar sedan
Im suddenly an F1 fan
chazzly191 5 dagar sedan
Soundtrack fresh out of need for speed 2
Adrian Wozny
Adrian Wozny 6 dagar sedan
Would be funny if the Japanese driver that albon mentioned was Tsunoda...
shaddapforever 10 dagar sedan
I would like to give F1 drivers a marker and a whiteboard and see if they could draw an F1 track from mind seeing how they go round and round on it with 100% focus each year.
Rebeca Moyano Sanz
Rebeca Moyano Sanz 10 dagar sedan
LOVED this!!! ♥️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Uche Oji
Uche Oji 10 dagar sedan
Riccardo tries to ROTATE the apex.
Ed V.
Ed V. 11 dagar sedan
Hamilton has such a shiny face
Steve Richards
Steve Richards 12 dagar sedan
thelox 4673
thelox 4673 12 dagar sedan
No one: Formula 1: Shows footage of oversteer whilst Lance is explaining Understeer
Thomas Richardson
Thomas Richardson 14 dagar sedan
Im surprised how incompetent these drivers are at knowing the physics behind different driving phenomenas.
arsy shah
arsy shah 14 dagar sedan
you already know lewis had to pass a formal writing test given by TOTO in order get the first seat on mercedes . "wolfe exams"
raouf frht
raouf frht 14 dagar sedan
riccardo is the kind of student who knows the stuff but just want make other students laugh hahaha
Utsuk Shah
Utsuk Shah 15 dagar sedan
Kevin explains understeer very well
Meagan Hilleary
Meagan Hilleary 15 dagar sedan
lol appreciation for lance’s explanation of understeer: “understeer is when the car... understeers” there was more but i found that part funny
Oʊdɪn 16 dagar sedan
8:08 don't tell me it was tsunoda xD
Johniepee 16 dagar sedan
Carlos with the whiteboard is the best 🤣
James H
James H 17 dagar sedan
Danny Ricardo is so likable. I just learned something or got myself more confused.
Haroun Ben
Haroun Ben 18 dagar sedan
Hamilton doesn't know what he is saying because he never experienced it
Emma J
Emma J 18 dagar sedan
sorry but the thing i focused on the most is how terrible the logo is on sainz... ‘splunk>’
Enilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes
Enilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes 18 dagar sedan
Carlos this teacher underrated
LockPickingMechanic LPM
LockPickingMechanic LPM 19 dagar sedan
That looks like a Renault engine he’s drawing.
1999sonicboom 19 dagar sedan
this is so helpful i only got interested in the sport recently thanks to a Netflix documentary
J Michael Barnes
J Michael Barnes 20 dagar sedan
I think this should have been all Kimi. I really want to hear his mumble of understeer.
CJ Wright
CJ Wright 20 dagar sedan
Maze-spin knows exactly what oversteer is.
TheOhMyLaNtA 21 dag sedan
Am I the only one who can’t stand stroll? Dim why dude just rubs me wrong lolol
Kliqs 22 dagar sedan
Pierre: apex is usually at the apex.
Vasanth Kannan
Vasanth Kannan 23 dagar sedan
Kimi: Winner gets 25 probably 😂
msf... 24 dagar sedan
Riccardo is fun teacher 😂😂
David Merxhushi
David Merxhushi 27 dagar sedan
(P ^ Q ) -> R ...... makes sense ..
K S 28 dagar sedan
Kimi: "We get points?"
Fraser McArthur
Fraser McArthur 28 dagar sedan
Kimi "everyone can count" Camera guy looks back at producer like "this guy"
Duke Skywalker
Duke Skywalker Månad sedan
Imagine in your first day at engineering degree and these guys turn up for the lecture! Haha
Kai McLoskey
Kai McLoskey Månad sedan
None of them said that the apex is the point which allows you to hold the most speed and brake the least. The point the semi circle of the turn hits to have the smallest angular curve
TheHandyGuy Månad sedan
Kimi's like "I have no idea and I don't care"
Tomas Stavik
Tomas Stavik Månad sedan
Pro tip: lower the volume of the cars and the music if you want us to hear what the guys are saying..
AN NGUYEN Månad sedan
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Aaran 06
Aaran 06 Månad sedan
Why get Latifi to explain points
platypat Månad sedan
It’s fun but not very informative
Imperial halal
Imperial halal Månad sedan
Kimi knows his stuff
Juan Billion
Juan Billion Månad sedan
Excellent Video! Explained a lot I did not know. @OutWeekToday Podcast
Fabio Balenzano
Fabio Balenzano Månad sedan
LOL, Kimi still doesn't know for sure how many points you get for 2nd and 3rd
TRANG VU Månad sedan
The abrasive sidewalk synthetically influence because statistic impressively trap versus a wise pvc. thundering, lowly sign
Lucas Santoro
Lucas Santoro Månad sedan
Shut up Lance! LOL
Christo Månad sedan
explain team orders
AidanBubs 118
AidanBubs 118 Månad sedan
"Winner gets 25, probably." -Kimi
Shawn H
Shawn H Månad sedan
Great drivers....terrible engineers
Artem Korobko
Artem Korobko Månad sedan
Maybe just me but that background music ruins the video, it’s hard to pay attention
Abel Krishna
Abel Krishna Månad sedan
Carlos knows how to explain a thing or two about F1
Deanna Kelly
Deanna Kelly Månad sedan
The brash certification antenatally identify because spain fifthly long with a noiseless witch. spurious, wet burglar
Ashish kumar Neela
Ashish kumar Neela Månad sedan
Kimi 😂😂😂😂
Raymond G.
Raymond G. Månad sedan
Locking up is when the tire(s) is not rotating or covering less distance than the the car itself?
prasad yesardekar
prasad yesardekar Månad sedan
Kevin is my teacher!!! Change my mind
Aldo _
Aldo _ Månad sedan
What do they mean by learning about the car? Do they get a new car every race?
Pablo Suárez
Pablo Suárez Månad sedan
pretty heartless to put latifi to talk about the points
tomtom Månad sedan
Great video
DWJ Månad sedan
what is the name of the background song?
Ben Hass
Ben Hass Månad sedan
Kevin Magnusson nailed the understeer oversteer explanation. I guess that’s coz he drives for Haas.
Gabriela Cambero
Gabriela Cambero Månad sedan
Albon is just adorableeeeee
• Rᴀɴᴀ • 23.
• Rᴀɴᴀ • 23. Månad sedan
Unknow Boudabsa
Unknow Boudabsa Månad sedan
5:00 bruh what’s going on in Kywiat head? Based on the car and race conditions?!?!?
Markus Månad sedan
ohhh they should involve the Mazaspin to explain the over-under steer
JackieChan Månad sedan
Feels like i'm attending a lecture in a discotheque...
2G Månad sedan
7:48 confirmed Albon was talking about Nirei Fukuzumi
THLEx2 Månad sedan
The music behind is so terrible 😂
GigaFrankyJ USA
GigaFrankyJ USA Månad sedan
AWD !!!! TOO MUCH POWER IN THE REAR... You'd save lives and trillions of $$$ And the races would be much more grittier. ALL WHEEL DRIVE !!!!
Kevin Putra Chandra
Kevin Putra Chandra Månad sedan
Carloz is the best teacher 😍😍
Boobs Daily
Boobs Daily Månad sedan
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Koah Ferrer
Koah Ferrer Månad sedan
can we just take the time to acknowledge that carlos was the best at this?
Will Shaw
Will Shaw Månad sedan
Who doesn't love and totally relate to Kimi Raikkonen
shira shvadron
shira shvadron Månad sedan
I can't hear anything with the music in the background.....
The Hh
The Hh Månad sedan
YellaFella Månad sedan
Kimi as the most experienced f1 driver of all time: "Winner gets 25, probably." 😂😂😂
Mate M&M
Mate M&M Månad sedan
Do we really need that dumb, empty music to understand what they're saying?
김원제 Månad sedan
1:30 too bad he knows so well....
cuptan p.r.
cuptan p.r. Månad sedan
Kimi Raikkonen, World Champion in F1, oldest driver on the grid currently: *can’t remember exactly how many points u get for different places* gotta love this guy 😂❤️
Christopher Builder
Christopher Builder Månad sedan
Less music more voice in the mix please
Jerry Magday
Jerry Magday Månad sedan
How much is salary of an f1 racer? Per year or per month?
Gustavo A. Ortíz Monroy
Gustavo A. Ortíz Monroy Månad sedan
Williams racer explaining points 😂 is like a bald guy explaining hairstyle
Bnio Månad sedan
George is that buddy who saves you from failing the test by giving you a brilliant crash refresher in the cafeteria 30 minutes before the exam.
Sonia Casillas-Alwaque
Sonia Casillas-Alwaque Månad sedan
My son has me watching F1 with him and now I’m super addicted!! Hoping to go watch in person this year.
VenkyVP17 Månad sedan
This was a plot to expose drivers lol
Hourmazd Farhadi
Hourmazd Farhadi Månad sedan
Does Kimi know where he is
Mariana Barbosa
Mariana Barbosa Månad sedan
Everyone except Raikkonen: passionate explanations. Lewis: Charming and simple presentations on subjects.
Joserider123 Månad sedan
Latifi has very nice teeth
LoLster Månad sedan
Carlos Science
LoLster Månad sedan
Kimi : 25 Probably...
Harshit Mohan Sharma
Harshit Mohan Sharma Månad sedan
Kevin was the most precise.....
Andrei Stoian
Andrei Stoian Månad sedan
they but latifi to explain how to get points:)))
Shaun Allen
Shaun Allen Månad sedan
Love how they have Latifi, a man who hasn't scored a single point in F1 to date, talking about the points he will never win in F1.
Nicolas Bocchino
Nicolas Bocchino Månad sedan
Kimi just guessing which positions get what points.
María Rosa Corrales
María Rosa Corrales Månad sedan
Carlos Sainz, the best student!! He got a 10+!!!
María Rosa Corrales
María Rosa Corrales Månad sedan
The answer to the apex is 10 points of this exam!!!
María Rosa Corrales
María Rosa Corrales Månad sedan
They look like students giving exams!!! :) :)
Zyne Sabor
Zyne Sabor Månad sedan
Sainz over explaining practice quali and race.. kiddo, you did not need a whiteboard for that 😂😂
Slimane Bouhali
Slimane Bouhali Månad sedan
No one Lance stroll : understeer is when u understeer Like i was born in my birthday
Eric22Gaming Månad sedan
oversteer= S🅱️inalla
MVedamo_23 Månad sedan
They are asking Williams drivers about f1 points...
kÿhXX Månad sedan
thank u- kÿhXX is learning.zzZ '*] 🪂🌍
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