F1 2020 - Vietnam Track Guide

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PJ Tierney

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Here is my F1 2020 Track Guide for Vietnam / Hanoi. 🙂 If you're struggling to keep the car between the barriers, this may help. 🔰
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Originally set to take place in early 2020, the Hanoi Street Circuit in Vietnam is unique in that it is a new track that featured in an official F1 game without being used in its respective season.
Without real-world data to use as reference, players may have a hard time with it's 23 turns and tight barriers.
In this F1 2020 tutorial I take you through each corner in great detail, showing you some of the things I watch out for on every lap.
00:00 - Vietnam Track Guide
00:39 - Turn 1
01:30 - Turn 2
02:12 - Turn 3
02:48 - Turn 4
03:11 - Turn 5
03:41 - Turn 6
04:30 - Turn 7
04:55 - Turn 8
05:36 - Turn 9
06:01 - Turn 10
06:29 - Turn 11
07:49 - Turn 12
08:12 - Turn 13
09:28 - Turn 14
09:41 - Turn 15
09:46 - Turn 16
09:47 - Turn 17
09:51 - Turn 18
09:58 - Turn 19
10:22 - Turn 20
10:36 - Turn 21
11:05 - Turn 22
11:37 - Turn 23
12:33 - Get Better at Racing Games
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PJ Tierney
PJ Tierney 4 månader sedan
🔥 HOTLAP? 🔥 I'm looking to add Hotlaps to all videos after Spain (China and Netherlands are next). I didn't do them before for a number of reasons, the main one being I recorded Australia, Bahrain, China, Vietnam and Netherlands on the same day 🙂
M R Månad sedan
I absolutely hate this track. With a controller this track is undrivable.
JWallace Racing
JWallace Racing Månad sedan
Great Video! I just started playing F1 2020 as well as launched my SEpost Channel! Trying to learn the tracks so I can Race decently haha. Thank you for the breakdown.
PJ Tierney
PJ Tierney Månad sedan
Good luck with your channel 🙂
Toni faleh
Toni faleh Månad sedan
Love this guide. Thank you very much!
PJ Tierney
PJ Tierney Månad sedan
Happy to help 🙂
Wanne Månad sedan
exactly wahat i was looking for, just straight up track guides in a good lenght with every corner just right out explained. rly helps me as i try do drive without abs and ideal line right now!
PJ Tierney
PJ Tierney Månad sedan
Good stuff, having seen Nico Rosberg’s videos I wanted to do something similar 🙂
RA7Gaming 2 månader sedan
Ur a legend. Deserve more views and subs!
PJ Tierney
PJ Tierney 2 månader sedan
Thank you 🙂 All the usual stuff helps in that regard, people liking/commenting/sharing etc. Thanks for the support 👏🏻
pepe the real
pepe the real 3 månader sedan
Great explanation ❤️
Akbar aman
Akbar aman 3 månader sedan
very very informative
C Jordan
C Jordan 3 månader sedan
Really really helpful man!!!! Keep it up.!!!!!!
Sachin Ubhare
Sachin Ubhare 3 månader sedan
pj i had started making f1 helmet desgin i have to show u that how can I tweet u iam new on tweeter now i made one account to share drawing with u can I send u
PJ Tierney
PJ Tierney 3 månader sedan
@PJ_Tierney is my username so tag it in a comment and I'll take a look.
Giorgio 3 månader sedan
niiiice one! keep it up!
ollie cane
ollie cane 3 månader sedan
This comes just in time, I’ve got a league race here on Sunday! Great vid, keep it up ❤️
AH Racing
AH Racing 3 månader sedan
Thank you so much! They have so much detail and u explain very well, helped me a lot! Btw I have a question, ik u r a social media manager at codemasters so u of course do know a lot about DiRT Rally 2.0. So I was just wondering if u think it would be a good buy even tho I already have WRC 8 and if u have played WRC 8, which game is better?
PJ Tierney
PJ Tierney 3 månader sedan
I haven't played WRC, but from what people tell me, it does the modern stuff better than DiRT, but DiRT's really good at the historics. If you like classic rally cars I'd say DiRT Rally 2.0 would be a good fit for you.
Malden Warren
Malden Warren 3 månader sedan
Thanks for sharing! Would be really great if u included a few setup tips - particularly wings and suspension! Thks again
PJ Tierney
PJ Tierney 3 månader sedan
Setups are tricky because they're bespoke to everyone. I do have some basic setup videos that can apply to every track though, I recommend different presets for each one.
Kwstakhs m
Kwstakhs m 3 månader sedan
You helped me a lot !!!!
PJ Tierney
PJ Tierney 3 månader sedan
Hope it's useful, good luck out there 🙂
Daronne Calvin
Daronne Calvin 3 månader sedan
Vietnam feels alot like Baku to me
PJ Tierney
PJ Tierney 3 månader sedan
Baku with more twisty bits and fewer castle walls.
Razvan Moldoveanu
Razvan Moldoveanu 3 månader sedan
Thanks I needed a Vietnam as I haven't even driven a full lap of the circuit XD
PJ Tierney
PJ Tierney 3 månader sedan
Hope this helps 🙂
Carl Marcus
Carl Marcus 3 månader sedan
Nice Vietnam My friend said its a hard track Is it really a hard track or a bit easy
Carl Marcus
Carl Marcus 3 månader sedan
@PJ Tierney Hmmm makes sense Exited for the next maps especially for Japan, America and canada
PJ Tierney
PJ Tierney 3 månader sedan
I think people say it's difficult because it's new. They haven't driven it for years like Spa or Monza.
Teunver 3 månader sedan
yessss been waiting for this
Harry 456
Harry 456 3 månader sedan
Love your guides so much. Thanks so much
PJ Tierney
PJ Tierney 3 månader sedan
Glad you like them!
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