F1 2020 My Team Career - Part 1 - The Beginning of Cooper Motors

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TmarTn2 10 månader sedan
!!! I. AM. SO. EXCITED. FOR. THIS. !!!
Apollo Nathan
Apollo Nathan Månad sedan
@Iker Lincoln Whoa! Took roughly 10 minutes but it worked!
Jake Hardy
Jake Hardy 3 månader sedan
Pelumi 123
Pelumi 123 3 månader sedan
Sorry bro but I'll work with the controllers coz this setup costs a worth lotta money like 100,000 dollars
Darthgrimlock228 5 månader sedan
Rig looks super cool
Jonathan Indy Cars
Jonathan Indy Cars 7 månader sedan
SD 7 I am so hapy
MR1NVAD3R YT 13 dagar sedan
tmartn2: hopefully we will take the fight to ferrari, red bull, and mercedes" me: laughs in tractor
Clinton Cross
Clinton Cross 14 dagar sedan
Yes work all of prack
Victor X Gamer
Victor X Gamer 27 dagar sedan
noice driving
noor ali
noor ali 27 dagar sedan
Trev in my region Cooper is an actual company😄😄...Cooper Motors Cooperation CMC
Jokers Squad
Jokers Squad 29 dagar sedan
Who else is triggered by him not using the paddles on the wheel?
Ayaan Farooqui
Ayaan Farooqui Månad sedan
Tara Hofmeister
Tara Hofmeister Månad sedan
Super cooper motors
Tinghaa Månad sedan
anthoine hubert died
Ntando Mbatha
Ntando Mbatha Månad sedan
talk alot
Juniasi Ridwan
Juniasi Ridwan Månad sedan
23:07 hahahahhaha its a flying guy hahahah
Pee2cold Månad sedan
You wasn’t using ERS on manual that’s why u got left behind
Aviation Hour
Aviation Hour Månad sedan
I hated that his uniform doesn't match the car and team.
jucieboy 2 månader sedan
but its a good video
jucieboy 2 månader sedan
you should set yure stering weel sens up to 76
LTAC turn1
LTAC turn1 2 månader sedan
nick de fries, 🍟😂 vrees
LTAC turn1
LTAC turn1 17 dagar sedan
@Freddie Fitzpatrick you don't get it
Freddie Fitzpatrick
Freddie Fitzpatrick 17 dagar sedan
EARX 2 månader sedan
Try and turn in eyrlier and less! beacause then you will not hav so much understeer!
Xx Faide
Xx Faide 2 månader sedan
Is this game on pc and console?
Marta Campins
Marta Campins 2 månader sedan
Marta Campins
Marta Campins 2 månader sedan
Marta Campins
Marta Campins 2 månader sedan
Alvin Ching
Alvin Ching 3 månader sedan
Wow much faster than pro f1 driver , next time pls play with a 100 diffculity
Mr Lime
Mr Lime 3 månader sedan
"Boattas" heres how "Bot-tas" there
The only Wan Gaming
The only Wan Gaming 3 månader sedan
I wanted to be your teamate tho. OwO
Jimmy James
Jimmy James 3 månader sedan
Your headset cable lines up with the menu box. Cannot un-see haha
Stiles C
Stiles C 3 månader sedan
i really like your videos. you explain alot of content. great videos
derobotlab 3 månader sedan
Did you just... put the number 69 as your team number? NICE
daviddd 3 månader sedan
I love this series so much it's so entertaining
Kayla Claiborne
Kayla Claiborne 3 månader sedan
valofinho. b
valofinho. b 4 månader sedan
I love f1
T S 4 månader sedan
Bro spend those credits
Marcus Wilson II
Marcus Wilson II 4 månader sedan
The math tho🤣🤣🤣
Anson Yong
Anson Yong 4 månader sedan
Why did you put hard tires on, just put on soft or medium tires
Daniel S
Daniel S 4 månader sedan
I know hard tyres suck all the time
Ired1rect 4 månader sedan
The bored cable subsequently note because lunge philosophically land despite a cold direction. macho, abandoned ferry
The Mailman
The Mailman 4 månader sedan
so we not gonna talk about how he could have gotten a porsche power unit
Nate Lumaye
Nate Lumaye 4 månader sedan
Drives 1:28* *lead* First race *lead*
ShmorphGod 4 månader sedan
Lungani Bhengu
Lungani Bhengu 4 månader sedan
Wait TOP right nfs players
Matt999killer S
Matt999killer S 4 månader sedan
Nice driving
Drex 9
Drex 9 4 månader sedan
I feel like Lando getting his first podium 🤣🤣🤣
FullThrottle8750 4 månader sedan
You would get disqualified if you put on the softs because you have to use 2 different types of Tyers during each race
Haz Podcasts
Haz Podcasts 5 månader sedan
This is why I live
Ron Really
Ron Really 5 månader sedan
That was good. Thank you
Oompa Loompa
Oompa Loompa 5 månader sedan
Him “failure reduced”, me: wait, your car can fail?!?
Ranbir Rahul Ghone
Ranbir Rahul Ghone 6 månader sedan
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith 6 månader sedan
U know ur playin on 0ai when u get pole in ur first race an automatic
everythi’n channel
everythi’n channel 6 månader sedan
dude you can pit during VSC
neonknight04 6 månader sedan
But why is only 15 laps? Can you adjust it to play the 56 laps or is just that option? Great vid by the way
Reabetswe Lekgera
Reabetswe Lekgera 6 månader sedan
REZ Guitar
REZ Guitar 6 månader sedan
i just did this race on 100% and I feel like death
Braeden Flaker
Braeden Flaker 6 månader sedan
Is your setup compatible with an Xbox 1? 2. What kind of setup is this and where can I get it? If I just have a tv will it work? Anything else I will need??
AJ & M Productions
AJ & M Productions 7 månader sedan
Is he using automatic transition And plus he knows nothing about cars and Ive been rewatching some of his older episodes and he’s not that big of a car guy (nor name of speech in general) Like my guy
Sabrina Parks
Sabrina Parks 7 månader sedan
I have just seen trev and chels
Rhmd Gaming
Rhmd Gaming 7 månader sedan
I’m making Bugatti motors changed my mind I made a Porsche
RCD sloth
RCD sloth 7 månader sedan
Thank you very helpful
[Redacted ]
[Redacted ] 7 månader sedan
video starts at 0:00
Emmanuel kk
Emmanuel kk 8 månader sedan
I'm the best at f1
Rogue Playz
Rogue Playz 8 månader sedan
19:40 im sorry but who else got pumped up listening to the engine reving and starting up
Ttvbtwbignoob 0930
Ttvbtwbignoob 0930 8 månader sedan
Can you try motogp 2020
Jose 8 månader sedan
Trev's team pulled a Ferrari with that tire strategy :(
its william
its william 8 månader sedan
hey trev dont let people go by like you did on the first lap try and get infront of them
FatKidJohnnyHeinz 8 månader sedan
Talking too much...
Landan Raley
Landan Raley 8 månader sedan
I farted
Chicken Nuggies
Chicken Nuggies 8 månader sedan
8:57 “recies”
Charles Pozerski
Charles Pozerski 8 månader sedan
What chair do u have?
Travis Johnson
Travis Johnson 9 månader sedan
I'm here rewatching this series cause Trev stopped making new episodes 😢
Silly time 83
Silly time 83 9 månader sedan
Nice video mate.👌 Nice content on your videos.👍
landon morel
landon morel 9 månader sedan
yeah you shouldn’t be turning your wheel that much
EW1000XP MLG 9 månader sedan
I am not good with names ether
Megan B.
Megan B. 9 månader sedan
Cooper Tires becomes Cooper Motorsports.
rahil patel 24
rahil patel 24 9 månader sedan
U should use manual gwarbox
Ikkaru Risan
Ikkaru Risan 9 månader sedan
27:28 Tell that to Brawn GP
Joshua Brooks-rossman
Joshua Brooks-rossman 9 månader sedan
Franco Hugo
Franco Hugo 9 månader sedan
"its Jesus"
Phillips Ava
Phillips Ava 9 månader sedan
Mark Wawszkowicz
Mark Wawszkowicz 9 månader sedan
My dad is the ninth best in the world
Danny W
Danny W 9 månader sedan
I am very excited
Sneaky Tineras
Sneaky Tineras 9 månader sedan
500 hundred dollar pedals your so lucky for getting them for free
Badger State Fishing
Badger State Fishing 9 månader sedan
The reason why they didn’t put the softs back on is bc, u have to run a soft compound and a hard/medium compound
Hayden 9 månader sedan
I don’t like that they put Anthoine Hubert in the game. He’s not alive anymore, why would they continue putting him in video games? I liked that they put him in the F2 update last year, but stop putting him in games, it’s just ridiculous.
Coolsquirtledude 5 månader sedan
Shut up dude it's called honoring a falling driver
Cooper P
Cooper P 9 månader sedan
Typical Melbourne weather four seasons in one day
sash ninja
sash ninja 9 månader sedan
Why did he not defend at all
Oscar Lopez
Oscar Lopez 9 månader sedan
Metro Samsung
Metro Samsung 9 månader sedan
I have formula1 2016 😂😂😂😂😅🙂
Clash Beanz
Clash Beanz 9 månader sedan
M. Merc
M. Merc 9 månader sedan
You should try to race with them paddle shift on the F1 wheel you have.
James Farani
James Farani 9 månader sedan
When i dont get a game i just watch u :)
Staaang 9 månader sedan
"It's Jesus" - Trev 2020
Joshua Watts
Joshua Watts 9 månader sedan
Melbourne is know for it rain (I'm an Aussie so I got that wrong... Shoot me dead)
J Farnsworth
J Farnsworth 9 månader sedan
Love it when you do these series my guy!!!!!
Dimi Panaa
Dimi Panaa 9 månader sedan
Ah Melbourne my home
Ivellios 9 månader sedan
I don't even watch racing, but you made it exciting.
Rouhin Datta
Rouhin Datta 9 månader sedan
Which f1 wheel are using in this game??? Can anyone tell me..
babajide adeyemo
babajide adeyemo 9 månader sedan
23:07 its Jesus olmaooo
Sil danjel
Sil danjel 9 månader sedan
That guy on water was hilarious
Ballooncoast 848
Ballooncoast 848 9 månader sedan
you have chosen a good team name
Kyle H
Kyle H 9 månader sedan
23:09 It's Jesus!... that got me
Andrew.animates 9 månader sedan
Just a lil reminder, you get a penalty if you keep the same tire compound on, so switching from soft, to soft would be a bad idea. Loved the video!!!!!!
JusJax Gaming
JusJax Gaming 9 månader sedan
this annoys me
John Nicholson
John Nicholson 9 månader sedan
75 is way too easy, I jumped in on 94, and I qualified 4th and won the first race, jusy shouldnt be happening 😅😅 gunna bump it up to maybe 107
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Yasak Elma
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