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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

It's the Holiday Season and I'm about to *demonetized*
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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
How many nuts did you guys bust so far!?
gabriel varela
gabriel varela 2 dagar sedan
@Drew B me too my girlfriend is my pc
Dani Cota
Dani Cota 22 dagar sedan
All 7
Aiden Pearce
Aiden Pearce Månad sedan
Les Reubeus 5
KJive Månad sedan
Timmy73 Månad sedan
D Diamond
D Diamond 3 dagar sedan
1:34 yw
VAP James
VAP James 7 dagar sedan
Unless Gus is on your entire feed after watching one video
M K 13 dagar sedan
I'll be honest Brent's video was actually a palette cleanser after the weird rape and murder one
Allen Virella
Allen Virella 15 dagar sedan
lemme get this straight you had a party AND YOU DIDNT BRING A NEUTRAL BUG
Jaime Capella
Jaime Capella 15 dagar sedan
you look like a thick steve from blues clues without the stache plus that green sweater
Dan Smoothback
Dan Smoothback 15 dagar sedan
Can firm, sour cream and onion crickets are choice!
the crankycrew
the crankycrew 16 dagar sedan
Neil Pun
Neil Pun 17 dagar sedan
spongebob second season, now on dvdee
Matt K
Matt K 20 dagar sedan
Eddys got the best like to dislike ratio of all time
Morgan Ludemann
Morgan Ludemann 22 dagar sedan
It makes me unbelievably happy that he loved seasons 1-3 of Spongebob so much
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith 23 dagar sedan
Global warming I’m looking at you eddy
Eric Schnautz
Eric Schnautz 29 dagar sedan
10:57 aged well.
gunlawful Månad sedan
4:15 feels like one of those trailers you see in the theater and never actually see come out
Ami’s Corner
Ami’s Corner Månad sedan
Toria Orbis
Toria Orbis Månad sedan
What flavor bug did he eat tho?? 🤔
Tom Ryks
Tom Ryks Månad sedan
Whoa no way you’re at 700k finally! Congrats Eddy!!!
Fart Smucker
Fart Smucker Månad sedan
Why is all trash comedy seem to involve people who are or at least dress and waste money on looking rich? I mean people who care that much about fashion to cheese it up with the usual check marks they think they need to hit for a society I just dont like one way or the other so its no surprise for them to also think stuff like this you seem on IG is funny.
Brandon Cummins
Brandon Cummins Månad sedan
Someone clip him saying " I wanna fuck that cat"
ThePhoenixAvalon Månad sedan
I really want to know what part of "breaking and entering with the intent to rape and murder the occupant" screamed "comedy" to anyone.
Diego Espada
Diego Espada Månad sedan
Spikes Shadow
Spikes Shadow Månad sedan
Sad to say this but Instagram is just fully sexualized at this point with all the ads on meme pages so we took the steps Eddy gave us, bit went the way he said NOT to go
Wopanater 2 månader sedan
I’m a joke that was made in 2008
Goldv0 Månad sedan
Cool buddy, you're not legally allowed to be on this site. lmao
Redstoneking 2 månader sedan
You said you'd eat bugS, plural and you ate a single one you cheater
Gloom Slayer
Gloom Slayer 2 månader sedan
And then, and then *wheeze* the song said "imma take yo girl" and he tried to take the girl!! Funniest shit I've ever seen!!
Big Poppa
Big Poppa 2 månader sedan
God damn it I broke my finger I blame Eddie
I exhibit the big hungry
I exhibit the big hungry 2 månader sedan
“Blame me for everything” Fuck you Eddy my girlfriend dumped me this is all your fault
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo 2 månader sedan
Hey, go easy on Eddy, I'll take the blame for him.
Hasenpfeffer 2 månader sedan
Seasons 1-3 of Spongebob also contain the best dirty jokes. So technically it’s made for adults
Joey K
Joey K 2 månader sedan
Brent in real life would have been like "wow dude thanks for the $18,000/month insurance"
Nyan Llamas
Nyan Llamas 2 månader sedan
I think the title was incorrect. You said "Exploring Instagram's Comedian Page" what it should have been was Exploring Instagram's "Comedian" Page.
Cory Does Stuff
Cory Does Stuff 2 månader sedan
You forgot about topic number 5: Tits.
Riley Walker
Riley Walker 2 månader sedan
Thank you so so so much for verbalizing the feelings I have when seeing these videos, I've been trying to come up with a word to describe these empty incomplete videos and haven't gotten anywhere. This was a good explanation lol 🤣
Shaquizzy Onizzy
Shaquizzy Onizzy 2 månader sedan
Idk y the bad instagram rape comedy videos allways make me laugh
Shaquizzy Onizzy
Shaquizzy Onizzy 2 månader sedan
@jane haviland i think its cause my sense of humor is in the gutter and its just so stupid I laugh
jane haviland
jane haviland 2 månader sedan
that’s a yikes from me, my guy
Sam Cathey
Sam Cathey 2 månader sedan
obulely he wants the boyfriend
Electric Kitten
Electric Kitten 2 månader sedan
Bro 4:58 a little ceasers add popped up lol
Patrick Connelly
Patrick Connelly 2 månader sedan
seasons 1-3 of ATLA was also phenomenal and that was made for kids.
Lach1503 3 månader sedan
Dude Eddy why did you make covid-19
Galaxy Duo
Galaxy Duo 3 månader sedan
1000th comment No I’m not sorry
I'm just Looking For my Watch
I'm just Looking For my Watch 2 månader sedan
Thankyou so much
Galaxy Duo
Galaxy Duo 3 månader sedan
1 more
Galaxy Duo
Galaxy Duo 3 månader sedan
1 more
Galaxy Duo
Galaxy Duo 3 månader sedan
2 more
Galaxy Duo
Galaxy Duo 3 månader sedan
3 more
Galaxy Duo
Galaxy Duo 3 månader sedan
4 more
Galaxy Duo
Galaxy Duo 3 månader sedan
Just 5 more comments
Galaxy Duo
Galaxy Duo 3 månader sedan
Just 6 more comments until 1000
Galaxy Duo
Galaxy Duo 3 månader sedan
Just 7 more comments until 1000
Galaxy Duo
Galaxy Duo 3 månader sedan
Just 8 more comments until 1000
Galaxy Duo
Galaxy Duo 3 månader sedan
Just 9 more comments until 1000
Galaxy Duo
Galaxy Duo 3 månader sedan
Just 10 more comments until 1000
Jackson Perrenoud
Jackson Perrenoud 3 månader sedan
fish man
fish man 3 månader sedan
He has a point spongebob slapped bruh
Jenna B
Jenna B 3 månader sedan
that first video is so problematic
jane haviland
jane haviland 2 månader sedan
that’s kinda the point 😂
Efghi sawyer
Efghi sawyer 3 månader sedan
Can't stop watching eddy.. 😭 Send help
Devin Osland
Devin Osland 3 månader sedan
Man, this Eddie Burbank guy is pretty funny.
jane haviland
jane haviland 2 månader sedan
it’s ebbi banquet
An3 3 månader sedan
I get that they don't make sense but for you to make a video about your feelings on Instagram "comedians" so people can watch that on SEpost makes even less sense than they do. You wanna be famous like they are? Be shallow and better looking.
The dislike button
The dislike button 3 månader sedan
But did he bust a nut?
dean sammur
dean sammur 3 månader sedan
SpaceDonut9 3 månader sedan
Eddy was behind the concentration camps in nazi Germany
Ben10 Fishing
Ben10 Fishing 3 månader sedan
Shitty youtube stars>>>>shitty instagram stars>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>every single person that uses tik tok
jane haviland
jane haviland 2 månader sedan
someone’s on straight tiktok, huh?
Spidey69dude •_•
Spidey69dude •_• 3 månader sedan
If I was just sitting there chewing on a bug all I could think about would be there gross little legs crawling around in my mouth 🤢🤮
Emo teen no.2958
Emo teen no.2958 4 månader sedan
Macho Fantastico
Macho Fantastico 4 månader sedan
Not really sure this can be called comedy in the first place.
TheKincognito 4 månader sedan
to be honest..the SEpost Trending Page is actual confirmed 100% Bullshit that no one should ever Visit. i can count on one Hand how often i Opened that Page. once the First Time and 4 Times accidentally.
Obi-wan kenobi
Obi-wan kenobi 4 månader sedan
James Anderson
James Anderson 4 månader sedan
at the time of this comment this video has 666k views, hmmm
Scum. 4 månader sedan
Ruumman the sunfish, shoutout to Danny Mullen
Chance Kearns
Chance Kearns 4 månader sedan
They make shit for children even though children arent supposed to be on Instagram
Sleepy Pup
Sleepy Pup 4 månader sedan
"The trending page is made for advertisements." The sad truth.
Skarwind 4 månader sedan
Many years later.... shit sells... kill me
MurderwolfGaming YT
MurderwolfGaming YT 4 månader sedan
Today this popped into my recommendeds I clicked and within the first 3.5 minutes there is a video about a girl getting raped
Abe Murillo
Abe Murillo 4 månader sedan
4:06 that is the worst looking pizza ever
KelseyLea Stoneking
KelseyLea Stoneking 4 månader sedan
130 in and I am DYING
KelseyLea Stoneking
KelseyLea Stoneking 4 månader sedan
litdemolisher 2003
litdemolisher 2003 5 månader sedan
Can't do this. I just can't.
babyhead 5 månader sedan
Best thing about getting into new youtubers is having a whole catalog of videos to go through
mrchefchef 5 månader sedan
Turned 16 on the day this video was posted. I am pleased
Dylan Ganz
Dylan Ganz 5 månader sedan
ok I know it's been 2 years and I'm late but your 2008 era youtube comedy comment, have you never heard of balloonshop?
Abby idk
Abby idk 5 månader sedan
I don't appreciate Lele Pons making fun of the LGBTQ+ Community. That is wrong
gabriella schmitt
gabriella schmitt 5 månader sedan
Come on man, ur too nice to say it. It’s ok, I will: Instagram “videos” r the failures of youtube. IG influencers r preemptively calling themselves TOO personable-less for youtube... 🤔 woah wait, does that mean they’re _SOMEWHAT_ self aware? 🤯 Either way, THEYRE NOT FUNNY OR CREATIVE OR CLEVER.
Justin G
Justin G 5 månader sedan
"just like Pepe le pew was like 'i wanna bang that cat'"
jane haviland
jane haviland 2 månader sedan
*i wanna FUCK that cat
Michael Russell
Michael Russell 5 månader sedan
that first one was funny lmao ngl
Greedy Fett
Greedy Fett 5 månader sedan
Honestly that was kind of funny, girl bumps into guy, guy immediately starts to undress.
Decoy 5 månader sedan
soop 5 månader sedan
omg that ruumman video stressed me out so much
ImpulsiveBeetle 5 månader sedan
“Brent Rivera isn’t doing anything wrong” Eddy 1 year later: “are you sure about that?”
Zackary Strange
Zackary Strange 5 månader sedan
Tbh I don't mind that first guy, black humor (I mean super dark not like racial humor) is my favorite
Kai Capone
Kai Capone 5 månader sedan
A lot of SEpost comedy is super creepy and about like stalking women and doing really toxic things
Zoopo Ismeh
Zoopo Ismeh 5 månader sedan
Take it back Spongebob is good up until season 7
61 seconds ago
61 seconds ago 5 månader sedan
The look of pure pain in his eyes when he ate the bugs...
Bobit boo
Bobit boo 5 månader sedan
That first video is literally just rape
Conspicuous tacos
Conspicuous tacos 5 månader sedan
The Santa Cruz Joker Show
The Santa Cruz Joker Show 5 månader sedan
I guess you could say it was... slimy yet satisfying
Eric Higgins
Eric Higgins 5 månader sedan
Me at 3 am: 0:13
CaT Ash
CaT Ash 5 månader sedan
U bitch aB the Paul Brothers but 20%of every vid intro is filler. Knock it off Btw:Fuck Jake n Logan
Bowser's Space Laser
Bowser's Space Laser 5 månader sedan
Oh wow I hate that that lelepons video was shot in the Ralph's behind my apartment. Big oof, right there.
Jamie Lopez
Jamie Lopez 6 månader sedan
In almost all of these videos, even ones made by women, the girls are always just sexual objects with no value as individual human beings like the girls don't stand up for themselves, they don't get to choose who they date, they get "stolen" and they do things that they clearly don't want to do just to please the men in the videos. So rare that you get an instagram sketch with a healthy relationship. It just makes me appreciate good and pure comedians like Thomas Sanders so much more.
Covey Carter
Covey Carter 6 månader sedan
I completely agree. There content is terrible. Once vine ended they spammed ig and youtube with there shitty content
Crunchy Donut
Crunchy Donut 6 månader sedan
It’s funny that eddy makes that spongebob analogy all the time
Rosalie Starkey
Rosalie Starkey 6 månader sedan
Eddy @ :16 is the cutest frame.
Anna S.
Anna S. 6 månader sedan
Oh cool, lele made a homophobic joke about how kissing girls are gross, tho in her defense I'd have the same reaction having to kiss lele or hannah
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