Everyone's Party Friend

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Everyone has that one friend who’s the life of the party, but being in charge of good vibes all the time can definitely start to take its toll.
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Courtney Miller // co_mill
Shayne Topp // shaynetopp
Damien Haas // damienhaas
Olivia Sui // oliviasui
Noah Grossman // noahgrossman214
Kimmy Jimenez // kimmydoesstuff
Jacklyn Uweh // jacklyn_uweh
Amanda Lehan-Canto // filmingamanda
Director: Ryan Finnerty
Written By: Sydney Heller, Olivia DeLaurentis, and Kurt Maloney
Editor: OnJonet Williams
Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
Head Writer: Monica Vasandani
Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
Production Coordinator: Jacqi Jones
Production Assistant: Andrew Harmon
DP: Brennan Iketani
Camera Operator: Kevin Rygg
Gaffer / AC: Dustin Bloodgood
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
Art Assistant: Alex Aguilar
Art Assistant: Austin Barrett
Wardrobe: Cassidy Kean
Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Stage Manager: David Hill
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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Tobias Tjøstheim
Tobias Tjøstheim 3 timmar sedan
Meg is the norwegian Word og me
Juben Domli Balandra
Juben Domli Balandra 12 timmar sedan
How is Kevin? xD
Mayank Singh
Mayank Singh 14 timmar sedan
I wish I was kevin
FOV Dag sedan
ty for subtitles
Miss. Danni Tiger
Miss. Danni Tiger Dag sedan
1:00 2:30 3:52
nicolemicha 3 dagar sedan
1:42 Courtney...
madi 3 dagar sedan
2:05 : happens Shaymien shippers: 👁👅👁
Chrisjen Vizzuso
Chrisjen Vizzuso 4 dagar sedan
ngl i love a lettuce crunchy taco with taco bell mild sauce. best freaking texture. with.. mild flavor
Gabriel Alum
Gabriel Alum 4 dagar sedan
pls briing back the shut up intro
Cool Kid
Cool Kid 4 dagar sedan
Is Bob Ross dead?
Giovanni Pope
Giovanni Pope 5 dagar sedan
Boring, the old smosh in 2011 was better
Gunar Gundarson
Gunar Gundarson 6 dagar sedan
Love the deadpan comedy at 2:44.
Jordan Thomson
Jordan Thomson 6 dagar sedan
just remember party guys have feelings
ThePlayer21 Leagendary
ThePlayer21 Leagendary 6 dagar sedan
Damn those biceps
Aaron 6 dagar sedan
@1:00 I so would too.
Christina Newby
Christina Newby 7 dagar sedan
I dunno is your tummy full
01halle 7 dagar sedan
Never found celebrities or actors attractive always thought I must be really picky then bloody Jimmy Kimenez comes along and I find I have a thing for funny women... Good to know I can pair that with the brunette thing. This could be on an episode of "we read your creepy comments" and I don't even care DO EEEIITT
Pannun Kaul
Pannun Kaul 7 dagar sedan
i relate to this on a personal level
JustJoshKidd 7 dagar sedan
Plot twist:they werent acting and this is real
rosegoldhiips s
rosegoldhiips s 7 dagar sedan
Why isn't Amanda ever on Try Not To Laugh? She seems like she's good at improv while also keeping a straight face!
cutsieberrii 8 dagar sedan
Anybody remember "SHUT UP!"
NYC Dancer J
NYC Dancer J 8 dagar sedan
😕😪😓People might not see this comment, but everybody stay safe and have a blessed day my God be with you all🙏🏾🙌🏾💗
Rintheous 9 dagar sedan
I screamed laughing at 1:13
Micah 9 dagar sedan
1:42 Cortney, what??! Why?!? 😂
Karakay Saunders
Karakay Saunders 9 dagar sedan
Takaru Harris
Takaru Harris 9 dagar sedan
They should have played that "De Da-Da Deet Diddly Dad" song just for the Smosh throwback
Big Red
Big Red 10 dagar sedan
Wow they really know how to make someone suicidal
Staci Lynne
Staci Lynne 10 dagar sedan
I’m just now realizing the design on Shane’s pants are from the cups in the 90s lol
Average Teen
Average Teen 10 dagar sedan
Prefect fit.
GGHalosLab 10 dagar sedan
Where did Anthony go?
cwolf201 9 dagar sedan
his channel named by his name *anthony Padilla* over 3 years ago after he told you and the rest of us he was leaving smosh permanently
Só Zimmer
Só Zimmer 10 dagar sedan
the lap dance joke made me laugh so hard i'm being evicted
Kathryn Leonard
Kathryn Leonard 10 dagar sedan
And yet, I feel like Kevin's "friends" are just jerks with how they treat him without acknowledging his feelings when he breaks down.
THE_STRANGE_VIEWER 10 dagar sedan
Video ideas for every blank ever: Every hospital ever, every construction worker ever, every mascot ever, every smosh ever, every author ever, every gen ever
MD_royal d2d
MD_royal d2d 10 dagar sedan
Nothing interesting here🤦🤦🤦🤦
ExoTic TWiiiST
ExoTic TWiiiST 10 dagar sedan
I was on this channel in 2007, what happened?
Pepti- 10 dagar sedan
wow, you guys really did fall off once Anthony left
Yousuf Ashraf
Yousuf Ashraf 10 dagar sedan
Some Every [Blank] Ever Ideas Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever When are you gonna do it?
real mr mantruble
real mr mantruble 10 dagar sedan
boring now i want the old comedy Anthony and ian
Melissa Thorn
Melissa Thorn 10 dagar sedan
"If I spin a top will it continue spinning forever?" Only one way to find out, come here Shayne😂
CAMILO XBOX 117 10 dagar sedan
Alguien sabe por qué no sale Ian ?
buff pumpkin rabbid
buff pumpkin rabbid 10 dagar sedan
All of this happened because 2 guys had a food fight
Jon Hearn
Jon Hearn 10 dagar sedan
That's some chaotic energy xD
A Person
A Person 10 dagar sedan
This just doesn’t hit like Anthony and Ian could, this just feels like a slap with a wet fish
Mohammed Sharba
Mohammed Sharba 10 dagar sedan
Bro just quit youtube
AlmightyG 10 dagar sedan
I remember when Amish was actually funny now they do whatever smh
Allegra Graham
Allegra Graham 10 dagar sedan
Congratulations on Smosh for hitting 25 million subscribers oh and I dare you to make a video sorry if you've already made a video on this every Easter ever just because you hit 25 million subscribers
gabriel rojah
gabriel rojah 10 dagar sedan
I miss the old smosh ✊😞
Madhavendra Singh
Madhavendra Singh 10 dagar sedan
They know it's not working why are they doing this?
John Emerald
John Emerald 10 dagar sedan
I miss Stevie
Jake Eduardo
Jake Eduardo 10 dagar sedan
Amanda singing The Hills are Alive in slowmo caught me off guard omg 😂
juanito peres alcachofa
juanito peres alcachofa 10 dagar sedan
Suban vídeos en español
juanito peres alcachofa
juanito peres alcachofa 10 dagar sedan
Pueden subir en spanish
BLND Gamer
BLND Gamer 10 dagar sedan
I remember the ld days when anthony and ian was the best people.
Cheyenne Peer
Cheyenne Peer 11 dagar sedan
-exisistential crisis intensifies- its... it's me. I'm Kevin.
Enclave 11 dagar sedan
They should really bring back Courtney freaking miller
Bacon Cat
Bacon Cat 11 dagar sedan
Is anyone else a subscriber from 13 years ago?
Silverman133 11 dagar sedan
1:45 SUS
Berna Leano
Berna Leano 11 dagar sedan
This is just....
Jmovie 11 dagar sedan
Kaloyan Ivanov
Kaloyan Ivanov 11 dagar sedan
Imagine being from the LGBTQ
Grand Theft Auto Radio
Grand Theft Auto Radio 11 dagar sedan
Bring back SHUT UP Cartoons
Barry Allen
Barry Allen 11 dagar sedan
Is this smosh? Where is Ian And Anthony? WTF REALLY???
cwolf201 11 dagar sedan
Ian- previous video. Ian- Smoshgames last week. Ian- likes to take breaks occasionally. Anthony told you and the rest of us over 3 years ago that he was leaving smosh forever by his full choice under his full control
Sakishima is an underrated setter Change my mind
Sakishima is an underrated setter Change my mind 11 dagar sedan
Friend: *cries* How she thinks we're gonna react: 4:31 How me and my dumbass friends would actually react: 7:47
Mercy111 11 dagar sedan
Smosh should do a "Every TLC 90 days fiance ever"
Yehya Elkheir
Yehya Elkheir 11 dagar sedan
Darren Sanders
Darren Sanders 11 dagar sedan
What happened to Anthony
cwolf201 11 dagar sedan
Well after he and ian told all of us over 3 years ago that anthony was leaving smosh forever, he's on his channel named *anthony padilla* where he uploads every week
Alan Calvillo
Alan Calvillo 11 dagar sedan
Let's Party
KG TV 11 dagar sedan
Yo Shane how does it feel to be in Fred the show as a talking cookie in episode five season one
Alex Tolar
Alex Tolar 11 dagar sedan
Ok but shaynes pants looked like the curtain from Elmo
imitableSnail51 11 dagar sedan
The fact ina ian and Anthony isn't even there I'm so sad
Tabish Rahman
Tabish Rahman 11 dagar sedan
Can't understand why these creators are still part of this shit. It looks miserable.
Cristian Marquez
Cristian Marquez 12 dagar sedan
Oh how the strong have fallen
Tabish Rahman
Tabish Rahman 12 dagar sedan
mizo mint
mizo mint 12 dagar sedan
Something tells me Shane doesn't party at all. He's more of an intellectual type, spends a lot of type taking care of his body and mind. Unlike me. Cause I just watched this...
Tygxs- 12 dagar sedan
Haven’t watched you guys since 2015 what happened with the other main guy forgot his name kinda looked like Justin Bieber
Duh its Icy
Duh its Icy 11 dagar sedan
Ian and Anothy R good Times..
Tabish Rahman
Tabish Rahman 12 dagar sedan
He left the channel years ago. And this channel is not what it used to be anymore. Check out video by j aubrey on smosh. It is now a corporate channel
CaptainCorps 12 dagar sedan
Do people really still like this corporate garbage of a channel? With forced diversity hires? 😂 and the same content for years
Jasper Kings
Jasper Kings 12 dagar sedan
7:54 Midsommar
Marissa .Gaumond
Marissa .Gaumond 12 dagar sedan
Sometimes I think smosh doesn’t know what the video will be about until they finished it
Longcowgaming 12 dagar sedan
Smosh is kinda bad now.
#jordyn Da cookie-
#jordyn Da cookie- 12 dagar sedan
Why?.......please explain.
Kevin C
Kevin C 12 dagar sedan
Taco bell doesnt give you diarrhea
cwolf201 12 dagar sedan
it does when it does. I've had those days. it's not pretty. I've learned never to eat taco bell as a quick lunch on doordash. places I emergency stop at to sit on the toilet for 30 minutes tend to need to wave crosses, burn incense, and scream holy words while calling on the spaghetti monster to remove the threat to humanity
LilCarCrash AKA TheFvther
LilCarCrash AKA TheFvther 12 dagar sedan
i cant watch this anymore
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 12 dagar sedan
Smosh is just dying now
Sagar Bhat
Sagar Bhat 12 dagar sedan
Haven't watched Smosh in over 8 years now until today, and things have changed. Wow, where is Ian?
Sagar Bhat
Sagar Bhat 11 dagar sedan
@Tabish Rahman yeah i have no clue what smosh is anymore. Last time was around early to mid 2013
Tabish Rahman
Tabish Rahman 11 dagar sedan
Oh boy..
Trev The Ripper
Trev The Ripper 12 dagar sedan
Man, I wish smosh was as good as it used to be.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 12 dagar sedan
@Trev The Ripper Idk how they could've messed up this badly, it's just straight up bad and unfunny
Trev The Ripper
Trev The Ripper 12 dagar sedan
@Joe Mama I wanted to enjoy this, I clicked with hope. "Maybe they've ironed out the issues with smosh, I'll give it a go." Followed by the entire video of me staring blankly, not a chuckle. Yet if I go to their videos from 2009 I'll laugh from start to finish.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 12 dagar sedan
It's pretty crap right now
Salvador Rodriguez
Salvador Rodriguez 12 dagar sedan
I knew smosh was done when Anthony dipped
brain dead
brain dead 12 dagar sedan
thuis is so funny and true thaNK You for posting thisyou saved my life
Plant 12 dagar sedan
I love kevins famous taco platter
Mud Barton
Mud Barton 12 dagar sedan
Thr Midsommar type ending killed me
San Rai
San Rai 12 dagar sedan
Dude smosh change so much to a point where I literally don't even know who owns the channel
TommyProductionz 10 dagar sedan
@San Rai Ian is the president of Smosh
San Rai
San Rai 10 dagar sedan
@TommyProductionz what happens to ian?
TommyProductionz 10 dagar sedan
mythical does
Matt Sodano
Matt Sodano 12 dagar sedan
This episode wasn't fun because it didn't have Ian in it. They should've made Ian the new god of fun.
super_ ubiitsa_2005
super_ ubiitsa_2005 12 dagar sedan
Joshua McDaniel
Joshua McDaniel 12 dagar sedan
i love how there is random chick-fil-a signs on the walls lol
Gael rv
Gael rv 13 dagar sedan
Hola Smosh :D, greetings from argentina
Rosa Juarez
Rosa Juarez 13 dagar sedan
Okay dude I watched it the Wii sports commercial that's on your channel and you forced and you forced to people that were in the commercial to play forever so I'm not actually need you to stop making them play or I'm going to report you okay and if I see the original family in the original commercial I swear to God I'm going to make you change it to among Us how to say you're going to become an imposter from among Us among Us is taking the world among Us is the game among Us is everywhere and we will not finish until we're done with the problem so yeah my crew is about to get you so I hope you have a good day and change it to among Us goodbye ahahahahahahahahahaha!
Raymond Aligular
Raymond Aligular 13 dagar sedan
"where is Kevin" "I'll do you one better, who is Kevin" "I'LL do you one better, why is Kevin
Jackamoo 13 dagar sedan
Bruh what the fuck happened to Smosh
Sam Palmer
Sam Palmer 13 dagar sedan
Did no one notice the pants shayne was wearing what the heck are those
Clo Yee
Clo Yee 13 dagar sedan
I love Smosh but their videos haven't been doing well lately 😭
Nitsua 13 dagar sedan
1:20 when you make food vs when mom makes the same thing
Billy Rannells
Billy Rannells 13 dagar sedan
Modern day Dionysus
Soonami Sapphire
Soonami Sapphire 13 dagar sedan
The story of this is so sad 😭 because it's real, i have so many feelings for him. Those aren't real friends, real friends stay with u and balance time pulling u out when they see u in trouble
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