Every classic track in Codemasters F1 Games

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Every classic track, using F1 2010, F1 2013 and 2016. I added Imola as the last turn is different in F1 2013.
F1 2010
00:00 Bahrain - Endurance Layout
02:08 Valencia
03:48 Turkey
F1 2013
05:14 Estoril
06:35 Brands Hatch
07:42 Jerez
09:12 Yeongam
10:56 India
12:31 Nürburgring
14:15 Imola
F1 2016
15:48 Hockenheimring
17:15 Sepang

Pownrend 21 dag sedan
Well that was an unexpected success for this video, +15 000 views in 5 days thanks to SEpost algorithm (and rumors about F1 2021 and its classic tracks probably). I just did it for the fun and because I love those tracks, I'm sorry for the bad shifting especially in F1 2010 which was not a game I used to play. Hope you still enjoy it, thank you all for the caring comments and the love for F1
AlexisBeast456 21 dag sedan
Also keep up the good work
AlexisBeast456 21 dag sedan
I have memories of when I won a race in the virgin car in the wet
Sarthak Sharma
Sarthak Sharma 3 dagar sedan
Which track was the toughest to nail down?
Maks Klugiewicz
Maks Klugiewicz 6 dagar sedan
Idk why, but I'd love F1 to come back to Korea
Pownrend 6 dagar sedan
Sectors 2 & 3 were good thanks to many racelines but unfortunately this was not very crowded and most of the overtakes took place in the 3 boring straight lines
Ethan Whisman
Ethan Whisman 6 dagar sedan
I'm just going to say this in the video game since Valencia was always the best I mean it might have not been the best in real life but for the video game it just outdoes Monaco and Singapore cuz it feels like it's scaled enough you can actually race It personally it feels like you're not going to hit a wall every 2 seconds maybe it's why I like Russia I mean I hate I hate Russia's pit entrance but But I hate a lot of the street courses nowadays especially Monaco God I miss turkey being in the game I love that place I think if you put them as classic tracks and maybe had them just there it would make the game maybe a little interesting for the player along with the real the real life schedule because I think it would open up the player to have more choices of how the schedule is made But I would love to have brands hatch Korea the tracking in India in the game especially the track in India I love that track that track was fun having Malaysia in the game but not as like an official track just as the classic track you can go to and maybe putting career mode I just think that would be fun I am partial to Malaysia because in the very first F1 game I played it was the first place I won at so it's always going to have a soft place in my heart
Mark Thiel
Mark Thiel 9 dagar sedan
Wait ... does Tour de France mean "Lap of France"? :O
Simon Brunner
Simon Brunner 12 dagar sedan
Why did they include this layout of Imola in F1 2013 when they had the old versions of Estoril and Jerez without the chicanes that were added in 1994? The old Imola layout with Tamburello and Villeneuve as high-speed bends would be much more fun (in a game, where the obvious safety concerns don't apply).
Gseric47 12 dagar sedan
Me: about to think about playing F1 2011 again SEpost Algo(Al for short): *".....so I know this great guy-"*
Tempest Manöver
Tempest Manöver 12 dagar sedan
вот это графон!
salamipitza 13 dagar sedan
if only the teams would share the track data they feed into their sim with Codemasters we could have all the great tracks in the F1 games
Baaf Schaf
Baaf Schaf 13 dagar sedan
so codemasters decides to implement classic hockenheim track and choose THIS version? supergeneral...
Pownrend 13 dagar sedan
In F1 2016 (and F1 2010, 2012, 2014, 2018, 2019) this was not a classic track but the current track in the calendar. I labelled it "classic track" because it is not longer used in F1 2020
SoWimDP31Plus 13 dagar sedan
It's sad to think that in 2013 codemasters added a bunch of tracks that were not in the championship and in 2020 we got around half of the tracks that WERE in the championship...
David Duncan
David Duncan 13 dagar sedan
good video, enjoyed that. forgot how good some of was (turkey, korea, india and sepang). hoping EA/codemasters get imola and portimao right in F1 2021. good effort mate
a.d.e _official
a.d.e _official 14 dagar sedan
Giuly Festucci
Giuly Festucci 14 dagar sedan
Hockenheimring is not in F1 2013. ;-;
Pownrend 14 dagar sedan
I don't know if this is a statement or a question. In 2013 the Nürburgring hosted the German Grand Prix
max hates everything
max hates everything 14 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who misses the Bahrain endurance Layout?
salamipitza 13 dagar sedan
yes, you are
Akis_ Mikon
Akis_ Mikon 15 dagar sedan
WOW!! Never realised how bad the Indian track was until I grow up ... Constantinopole & Imola the bests ❤
yoshimitzu93 16 dagar sedan
Valencia was so underrated.
Ivan Macias
Ivan Macias 9 dagar sedan
Valencia was an even bigger snoozefest than Barcelona was.
yoshimitzu93 15 dagar sedan
@Pownrend Yeah, maybe. But I think it would work pretty good nowadays with that DRS or potentially next year with the new rules. Shame it came at the wrong time.
Pownrend 15 dagar sedan
The track was great but unfortunately it produced quite boring Grand Prix even if some moment are unforgettable (Webber/Kovalainen and Alonso's victory)
Doodlebob 8964
Doodlebob 8964 16 dagar sedan
I hope they add imola and mugello
Toby Zapanta
Toby Zapanta 16 dagar sedan
This is the thing that new F1 tracks like Yas Marina and Sochi is missing. The *Identity*. Whenever you drive on these tracks you can feel the track and the car as if they are all a part of you. They just have these magic that you don't get in today's circuits anymore. If ever I am wrong, perhaps it's the cars today being too wide and long.
Ivan Volf
Ivan Volf 16 dagar sedan
Of course some of tracks are in F1 2013, which i dont have 😧 i only need that game and F1 2017 for full collection
Graf Gingula
Graf Gingula 16 dagar sedan
Brands Hauch seems way too wide now these das (comparing it's Layout in ACC)
Brad Owen
Brad Owen 17 dagar sedan
we were really blessed with F1 2013 and we didnt know it
Mikulitsi 17 dagar sedan
Man great recommended video
Pownrend 17 dagar sedan
Thank you ;)
Bray Loveridge
Bray Loveridge 17 dagar sedan
those gear boxes didn’t last another day
Master Tealc
Master Tealc 17 dagar sedan
I hope the 2021 Imola wont just be a Retexture of this one (Except last Chicane removed.)
Sulphurous 18 dagar sedan
I don't understand why they removed these. They should have included them in the current F1 games.
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz 18 dagar sedan
I had a lot of fun with f1 2010. Think its the only one where I completed a season lol
# Queiquattropazzi
# Queiquattropazzi 18 dagar sedan
Bello il video, bello tutto...ma accellera piu veloce mi nonna
Neto Peixoto
Neto Peixoto 18 dagar sedan
Stewart Grindlay
Stewart Grindlay 19 dagar sedan
Always loved Korea and the India tracks.
Pequeño Ze
Pequeño Ze 19 dagar sedan
Your shifting puts me too nervious, upshift a bit earlier bro
Gabyzen64 19 dagar sedan
Sepang 😢😢
88Nikolajsen 19 dagar sedan
Engine is not running smoothly
Giannis Giakisikloglou
Giannis Giakisikloglou 19 dagar sedan
is this the 2010 f1 game?
Pownrend 19 dagar sedan
For the first three tracks, yes
Elias Ato
Elias Ato 19 dagar sedan
If we do get 2 classic tracks in F1 2021 I want Kyalami and Hockenheim or Nürburg
F1sherman52 19 dagar sedan
Adam stewart Prestage
Adam stewart Prestage 19 dagar sedan
I have to say it you over rev the hell out of the cars you would go so much faster if you shifted up earlier mate.
Felipe Sánchez
Felipe Sánchez 19 dagar sedan
Next Hanoi like track "without race" hahaha
GilGameS 19 dagar sedan
Do u have some graphic mod installed for F1 2013? It looked too good to be the original game.
GilGameS 19 dagar sedan
@Pownrend Wow okey, thx
Pownrend 19 dagar sedan
No, it is one of the reason I still love this game. The graphic settings were the highest and the game was at 1440p. I exported the video in 4K to avoid SEpost compression. But I think the game can be a little better with Nvidia settings which I didn't use
TheWithoutTower 19 dagar sedan
They made Estoril as a DLC or classic track in F1 because it was in 1999 last time?
Pownrend 19 dagar sedan
Yes it was part of a DLC. This Estoril layout has been used from 1972 to 1993. Another layout with a different turn 9 was there until 1999
Gideon Ratke
Gideon Ratke 20 dagar sedan
Santiago Ariza
Santiago Ariza 20 dagar sedan
2:08 In my opinion this should be the Spanish gp
Matthew Morgan
Matthew Morgan 7 dagar sedan
@Santiago Ariza There’s nothing to give a chance to because the track is dead. Furthermore, it had its chance and it provided 4 terrible races and one good one. It’s proven itself to be a shit track and it does not deserve to return to F1.
Santiago Ariza
Santiago Ariza 7 dagar sedan
@Matthew Morgan i think that would be nice to give it a chance it’s just my opinion
Matthew Morgan
Matthew Morgan 7 dagar sedan
@Santiago Ariza And apart from 2012 who actually overtook there? And this was with more racy cars, too, in today’s cars Valencia would be on the same level as Abu Dhabi.
Santiago Ariza
Santiago Ariza 7 dagar sedan
@Matthew Morgan i guess has a lot of hard braking points to overtake
Matthew Morgan
Matthew Morgan 7 dagar sedan
No. It’s even more terrible than Catalunya. It’s not fun at all to drive and it’s generally terrible for racing (there were NO OVERTAKES AT ALL in 2009). 2012 was a decent race flattered by a close field of cars and strong drives across the field. Every other race was shit.
geosal61 20 dagar sedan
Please get the grammar right! it is track not tracks.
CHAEYOUNGSHI 20 dagar sedan
Yeongnam is interesting
Samiutu ._.
Samiutu ._. 20 dagar sedan
I think every track in the world should be included in the game
Confused Oxygen
Confused Oxygen 20 dagar sedan
Not possible lol
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 20 dagar sedan
Respect for F1 2013 one of the best games They've gone backwards with the tracks Just copy paste it into the new game Codies,i dont care about how old the renders are, honestly one thing that doesn't get me back to F1 games is the track choice limitations,like Asseto Corsa or PC2 ,there are a lot,plus mods for AC,so they have to compete with them,at least 30 tracks,so not every season i have to go to the same old tracks in the same order
[[Insert Name]]
[[Insert Name]] 20 dagar sedan
Omg I love old estoril
MULTI 21 20 dagar sedan
Why is Hockenheim in the video?
MULTI 21 20 dagar sedan
@Pownrend do miss Malaysia my home GP
MULTI 21 20 dagar sedan
@Pownrend aight loud and clear thanks buddy
Pownrend 20 dagar sedan
@MULTI 21 I labelled "classic" every track that is not a calendar, so if I follow my own definition, yes ;-) I doubt this track will be used in the future F1, the owner does not want to pay to host F1, in a few year it will be considered a classic (not as classic as the Old Hockenheim though)
MULTI 21 20 dagar sedan
@Pownrend oh ok. Do you really consider that a classic tho?
Pownrend 20 dagar sedan
Because it is not in the calendar anymore
Vaibhav Mugulavalli
Vaibhav Mugulavalli 20 dagar sedan
All the circuits in the video are fricking amazing and. I really want them back on the f1 calendar
Alfa King
Alfa King 20 dagar sedan
In the near future I hope for a full classic map pack done by codemaster of past tracks f1 has visited like Adelaide, classic hockenheim ,Valencia and even more, I also hope they add a Grand Prix mode where you can have a my team/driver career where you can fully customise a season to your liking swapping out tracks for others and at different points in the year I think that would be fantastic. It would also be cool if they added a full classic grid of cars like how on the 2020 game we have 3 cars from 2010 imagine all the teams
Altsu 20 dagar sedan
ɪᴛ's ʙᴀʜʀᴀɪɴ ɴᴏᴛ ʙᴀʜʀᴇɪɴ
Iain Hartley
Iain Hartley 20 dagar sedan
Malar Button
Malar Button 20 dagar sedan
My mans your going to break the rev limiter if you keep upshifting that late
ً 20 dagar sedan
and why aren't they in the current games?
Pownrend 20 dagar sedan
@ً I agree, that's what they did in F1 2013. I guess they don't have time (or money) to do this, considering they have to add many tracks every year and update the current ones. But I would love it
ً 20 dagar sedan
@Pownrend but they could still add it into the game and put it under category historical tracks like MOTOGP does
Pownrend 20 dagar sedan
They are not in the F1 calendar anymore
Gorando 20 dagar sedan
Korea is such an awkward track
Rodrigo Garcia
Rodrigo Garcia 20 dagar sedan
Wait, Jerez’s layout is wrong. It’s the MotoGP layout (it was the first layout used there but years later they introduced a chicane before the last corner)
Pownrend 20 dagar sedan
Did some reasearch, they used this layout until 1991 (there is an onboard of Alain Prost on SEpost). Then it became a long curve. The Moto GP layout now has the long curve at turn 5 and the chicane before the last corner indead. In F1 2006 Champioship Edition they use the Moto GP layout
Jaiden Brisley
Jaiden Brisley 21 dag sedan
Quick word of advice, maybe upshift a little bit earlier, saw that you kept bogging down a bit, other than great video 👏
Onur 7
Onur 7 21 dag sedan
16:40 what a small steering wheel
eskimosPL is Drivin'
eskimosPL is Drivin' 21 dag sedan
Add Vietnam to that list, I can't see it coming back at all. The track that has not been raced.
James Masey
James Masey 20 dagar sedan
I don't even know why they get rid of tracks and don't keep them on the game after codemasters spending all that money to make the track for the game
ThreeFire 21 dag sedan
Passe les rapports plus tot mon fréro
Thevin Wijesiriwardena
Thevin Wijesiriwardena 21 dag sedan
your shifting is a little too early if you dont mind the comment although i loved the vid i gave you a sub
Sanok Maynik
Sanok Maynik 20 dagar sedan
too early????
NicoF1er 21 dag sedan
I don´t remember Imola in 2013 game, was it a mod or something?
Pownrend 21 dag sedan
It was a part of a "Classic DLC", with Estoril (Brands Hatch and Jerez were probably in the base edition)
Mauricio Aular
Mauricio Aular 21 dag sedan
Codemasters has track info for practically everything F1 has raced on for the past like 10-12 years now. It would be AWESOME If they updated the graphics and released all of those tracks in the coming F1 games as additional content. I wouldn't even mind if they came in DLC. Like imagine wondering what it would be like racing a 2021 Mercedes through Valencia street circuit or something like that.
Sanok Maynik
Sanok Maynik 20 dagar sedan
sadly licensing probably wouldn't allow that
Noor Azfaruddin
Noor Azfaruddin 21 dag sedan
My favorite track: Sepang International Circuit.
FormulaManuel 21 dag sedan
Hello Mr Algorithm
Diego Miguel Menjivar Ochoa
Diego Miguel Menjivar Ochoa 21 dag sedan
They should add a classical circuit selector to formula 1 2021, so there will be more variety of circuits, not just the same as always
Markus Herold
Markus Herold 21 dag sedan
RIP to Codemasters why does EA have to ruiun these Studios?
flash mcqueen
flash mcqueen 20 dagar sedan
bruh the game is not even out yet and you say that
Sanok Maynik
Sanok Maynik 20 dagar sedan
they are literally not making the game
Joshua Meyer
Joshua Meyer 21 dag sedan
Maybe upshift a bit earlier?
Rodrigo Lamonato
Rodrigo Lamonato 9 dagar sedan
One more thing: obviously 500% arcade on the physics. I can tell by the car reactions on cornering.
Joshua Meyer
Joshua Meyer 17 dagar sedan
@Racing Leagues oh yeah, I remember that, but then surely one should know about this, and upshift earlier than you usually would.
Racing Leagues
Racing Leagues 17 dagar sedan
Before the new era would come into F1, the F1 games had this gear issues where you couldn't change gears immediately if it reached the maximum revs.
TimmyTheSnail 18 dagar sedan
Honestly this was bugging the hell out of me. Sounded like the car was about to explode
Sneaky Snake
Sneaky Snake 20 dagar sedan
Or take the corners at least with some acceleration
Berre Timmerman
Berre Timmerman 21 dag sedan
Just watching those first two being labelled as 'classic' makes me feel hella old
Levin Dropp
Levin Dropp 12 dagar sedan
Vietnam 🤣🥲
Fer M.
Fer M. 20 dagar sedan
yesterday cars as classics hits hard
Rapip 20 dagar sedan
and Sepang
Pinco Pallo
Pinco Pallo 21 dag sedan
Cool video mate, love it!
TheHaiko99 21 dag sedan
Giulio Romano
Giulio Romano 21 dag sedan
4:32 *invalidated lap time - corner cut*
Rishi 12 dagar sedan
Extended Track limits.
Phillip Risgaard
Phillip Risgaard 21 dag sedan
Sepang Better be back on the calendar soon
Ivan Macias
Ivan Macias 9 dagar sedan
@Midas yes, apparently in South East Asia MotoGP is much bigger than F1.
salamipitza 13 dagar sedan
all depends on when are they willing to pay big to get back in
Aiman Azman
Aiman Azman 20 dagar sedan
@Midas hate to say it but its tru
Midas 20 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure the guy who runs it wants Moto GP more than F1
JackoVX 20 dagar sedan
Unfourtunately Sepang is slowly getting lost. Hopefully it will recover like Istanbul which was used as parking lot not so long ago
R3RS 21 dag sedan
Valencia was a good track
Angelo Esta
Angelo Esta 21 dag sedan
Bahrain not Bahrein
David Wang
David Wang 21 dag sedan
Alexander Wood
Alexander Wood 21 dag sedan
I loved Valencia because on F1 2011 career, Nico, Michael, Lewis, Seb, and Fernando spun, and I made my favourite driver ever Heikki Kovalainen win in a Lotus/Caterham
Patrick Lomasney
Patrick Lomasney 21 dag sedan
Patrick Lomasney
Patrick Lomasney 20 dagar sedan
@James Masey thanks, Malaysia is my favourite circuit
James Masey
James Masey 20 dagar sedan
17:16 is Malaysia
V 21 dag sedan
HEy guys, Im looking for a classic F1 game to play on pc. I have F1 2013 which does not work with my T300rs wheel. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to ge it working or which older titles I can play? Cheers guys!
Elle02 2 dagar sedan
F1 Challenge VB
bube_jakob 20 dagar sedan
Try assetto corsa with mods.
ROBLOX Trucking
ROBLOX Trucking 21 dag sedan
Grand prix 4 (dont know if it has wheel support)
mattshiz 21 dag sedan
I loved the classic tracks on F1 2013. Estoril was amazing, especially trying to take the first corner flat out.
Mono gaming 57_glitch trap_Ē2ŷcomputer virus
Mono gaming 57_glitch trap_Ē2ŷcomputer virus 21 dag sedan
We need Istanbul back
Sicco De Groot
Sicco De Groot 21 dag sedan
how quick would a modern f1 car be around estoril yeezzzzzz
Daniel Hamdi
Daniel Hamdi 22 dagar sedan
All those tracks in F1 2021. What i would pay for it to happen... Who gives a shit about "Create your team " honestly ? What do we do once the carrer is finished ? We go online. So more "Good" tracks we have, better it is.
Niklas 18 dagar sedan
the myteam mode was literally being asked for for years. there are so many people enjoying that mode. I dont know anyone who enjoys online in F12020. dont reflect your opinion onto everybody.
oli gordon
oli gordon 22 dagar sedan
what about sliverstone bridge layout
Pownrend 22 dagar sedan
I checked that, you're absolutely right, the Silverstone Bridge Layout was still there in 2009, I could have included it since Codemasters did F1 2009 (not a very good game infortunately)
the Game, Review and Reallife Channel
the Game, Review and Reallife Channel 22 dagar sedan
I hated F1 2012 and i was 14 back then 😮 * those ugly rev sounds all the time all the same, makes agressive
CheatingCheetah 26
CheatingCheetah 26 22 dagar sedan
brands hatch is so much larger in the game than in real life ! Or maybe it used to be larger but they made it narrow later ? I don't see why they would do that though
Jack Shewan
Jack Shewan 21 dag sedan
I know what you mean in real life the track is significantly narrower. The wideness might be because its set the track layout as in the last Grand Prix there.
Pownrend 22 dagar sedan
Most of real onboard cameras use another FOV which could make the track narrower (and the car looks faster). I think there is no such deformation in the F1 games which could explain your point, but I can't be sure
Tom Quick
Tom Quick 22 dagar sedan
'Classic Tracks' includes the one off layout the used with the Bahrain endurance layout... JESUS
Tom Quick
Tom Quick 21 dag sedan
@Pownrend but they’re not ‘classic tracks’ so the title is hella misleading 🤷‍♂️
Pownrend 22 dagar sedan
It includes every Codemasters track no longer used in F1 2020. I could have added the Singapore sling chicane which is there in F1 2010 at least but this is just one turn
aquamillo 22 dagar sedan
i miss sepang ngl
Puto Alves
Puto Alves 22 dagar sedan
Signed by Raacing Storm Advice for you try to custumise your car to give mor speed and turn on the low tracion control ;)
MG99 22 dagar sedan
They still haven’t changed Bahrain Turn 2...
Boston Tom
Boston Tom 22 dagar sedan
i just want codemasters to make old hockenheim ring :(
LarsC17 22 dagar sedan
Bahrain endurance was actually used in 2010 so its only logic its in the game
Pownrend 22 dagar sedan
Yes I labelled « classic track » every track/layout that is no longer used in F1 2020
Red Badger
Red Badger 22 dagar sedan
Same with Turkey, Korea, India, Valencia, sepang, nurburgring etc. Only Imola, Brands Hatch, Jerez and Estoril are classic tracks, the rest were in these games because they were on the calendar
Lumberjack 22 dagar sedan
the only thing I hate about this video is your inability to shift
XBR4Da 23 dagar sedan
I don't get why they got rid of the classic tracks from F1 2012. I hope they bring back Imola and Jerez at least
James 19 dagar sedan
@XBR4Da licenses cost different amounts depending on the game they're for, though. A track will demand more money from Codies for an F1 game than the SMS for Project Cars, purely because F1 games will sell much more. Same with cars. Look at Assouto Racing - fairly big lineup of real cars, yet it's a mobile game with undoubtedly a much smaller budget than any of the racing games on console.
RPG RAP 21 dag sedan
@Tai_Fuud but imola is not the only „new“ track?
Karlo 21 dag sedan
Imola Jeddah and portimao will be added. They said they’ll add 2 classic tracks and I’m guessing it’ll be Turkey and Nurburgring
ACCURXT3 21 dag sedan
Henrik Ottosson
Henrik Ottosson 21 dag sedan
It was in 2013 :-) F1 2013 that is.
Nice Garry
Nice Garry 23 dagar sedan
i swear people take the curb because its cool to do, slows you dowm
Bruno Lang
Bruno Lang 22 dagar sedan
They do it to extend the track limits so they can make as little steering input as possible which ultimately makes you faster, so no sir, you are wrong
Nice Garry
Nice Garry 23 dagar sedan
@Theo Ratcliff yeah but it also wears the tires down quicker and hard on the suspension, and takes off speed
Theo Ratcliff
Theo Ratcliff 23 dagar sedan
It means you can carry more speed through a corner
Boaz 23 dagar sedan
nice video man!
martoto77 23 dagar sedan
I can go faster round Jerez in the FW12.
Pownrend 23 dagar sedan
I did not attempt to do hotlaps, I had to do this lap in the Grand Prix mod because there is no audience in Time trial, meaning full fuel and already 6 laps done with the tyres (in F1 2013 the tyre wear is very low)
bonovento 24 dagar sedan
There are rumours saying there will be 2 classic tracks in F1 2021. I hope for Istanbul Park and the Nürnburgring.
Luisa 9 timmar sedan
They will be Imola and Portimao
MG99 2 dagar sedan
@Gufo_Tave Still not sure if it'll ever appear on F1 2021. I somehow doubt it. Codemasters probably won't want to invest the time and resources into building a track just for this year. They had time to work on Imola and Portimao, the game releases in 2.5 months, and I doubt we'll see Istanbul.
Gufo_Tave 3 dagar sedan
@MG99 Istambul will replace Montreal this year in F1 calendar
Dominic Viner
Dominic Viner 5 dagar sedan
[̲̅G̲̅α̲̅l̲̅α̲̅x̲̅y̲̅g̲̅м̲̅] 7 dagar sedan
Old hockenhein would be nice
João Coelho
João Coelho 24 dagar sedan
estoril circuit so good
Chris 24 dagar sedan
'your ICE is suffering from some wear' .....
TundeTheEpic 20 dagar sedan
*ok that’s great news*
rainger 20 dagar sedan
career mode players be like
rainger 21 dag sedan
"we will be seeing a decrease in power"
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