Eminem - Higher (Official Video) Explicit

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Eminem - Higher (Official Music Video)
Music video by Eminem performing Higher. © 2021 Marshall B. Mathers III, under exclusive license to Interscope Records

Lander Velez
Lander Velez 9 minuter sedan
"Disappoinment for fans around the world" Eminem comes in Him: Oh shit oh no
Harold Captivate
Harold Captivate 15 minuter sedan
Eminem is a far cry of who or what he used to be. Back in the early 2000s and mid 2000's but now he's just old and played now.
Open Robe Robert
Open Robe Robert 51 minut sedan
Fire! 🔥🔥🔥 #OpenRobeRoad
Abhay Raj Singh
Abhay Raj Singh Timme sedan
Where is the lyrics guy??🙃
Melissa Locke
Melissa Locke Timme sedan
He does it again!!!! 🤩🔥 🤩🔥
nick Nguyen
nick Nguyen 2 timmar sedan
ufc 257 brought me here
Tom Goral
Tom Goral 2 timmar sedan
Tom MacDonald better
best 104
best 104 2 timmar sedan
shut up
Daro world
Daro world 2 timmar sedan
seria un sueño poder conocerte king of king!! q triste saber q jamas sucedera!
Lalith 16-335
Lalith 16-335 3 timmar sedan
Em the Billy 🐐
Enzo SorzGiano
Enzo SorzGiano 4 timmar sedan
Eminem proves that Age is just a Number🔥🤙🏻
Enoch Israel Rivero Chanona
Enoch Israel Rivero Chanona 4 timmar sedan
Eminem, please give a heart
Mr. Fine
Mr. Fine 4 timmar sedan
NA NA 4 timmar sedan
Yo you suck em you are not getting better
Pastorific 5 timmar sedan
Eternal Greatness💯💯💯🍻🍻🍻
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 5 timmar sedan
Julius Jesus Jeremiah Shane Harris
Julius Jesus Jeremiah Shane Harris 5 timmar sedan
Zach Malanoski
Zach Malanoski 5 timmar sedan
DAX or ME ive got lines burried all over like a squirrel even 20% the loot is more than i need let me hit the blunt that no one can keep up with my speed (ideology) cause I level is metaphysical, that allows me to sound clever and drop more bombs than Dresden, FUCK america i pack little erica in my heart and we are ready to leave so if you wanna, just follow me down the rabbit whole where i can be illogical tie a rope to my hand hold on so you dont get lost walk the wrong way and get your head cut off
Gibran laguna
Gibran laguna 5 timmar sedan
Fantástic ✨🔥🔥🔥
Shaolin master
Shaolin master 6 timmar sedan
Memphis rapper's destroy M
ProC's Inc.
ProC's Inc. 6 timmar sedan
ProC's Inc.
ProC's Inc. 6 timmar sedan
YEA yea
YEA yea 6 timmar sedan
Shame that you still ain't apologized to you're fans. Dissin them because of their political views. I've been a fan since I was 7. I'm 21 now, man. How tf could you treat us like this?!? "We're the ones who MADE you!!" So if that's how it is, then take you're communist beliefs and you're now trash music and shove it up you're a*$!!
Grayson 2.0 King of Dudu Vlog
Grayson 2.0 King of Dudu Vlog 6 timmar sedan
He’s 42
2019 2019
2019 2019 6 timmar sedan
I like your mushtash
Mazdarx-7 1997
Mazdarx-7 1997 6 timmar sedan
Mans still gonna be still the booth when hes 70 and still pulling like 500million views 🤣🤣
Du rap
Du rap 6 timmar sedan
Muito foda
David Miles
David Miles 6 timmar sedan
My mentor
javier resto
javier resto 7 timmar sedan
Eminem version of " Momma Said Knock You Out"!!!
Mic kelo
Mic kelo 7 timmar sedan
So cool
Dominick Dellaera
Dominick Dellaera 7 timmar sedan
Almost 50 still the best rapper
Kiretes Cortés
Kiretes Cortés 7 timmar sedan
You.Em por qué odias alos Mexicanos, Si Nosotros te AMAMOS
mohamed amine
mohamed amine 7 timmar sedan
the dude is getting younger ❤❤❤❤❤
Rollergirl K
Rollergirl K 7 timmar sedan
I’m wowed Tom Brady was named the “G.O.A.T” but Eminem should have been named that lol tbh
wavey will
wavey will 7 timmar sedan
Marshal is a goat . Fuck nick cannon 😂
Team Azorbi
Team Azorbi 8 timmar sedan
z b
z b 8 timmar sedan
Hands down the best in your time. A true legend of today..
Al Wawi / الواوي
Al Wawi / الواوي 8 timmar sedan
Piotr Antonienko
Piotr Antonienko 8 timmar sedan
Like wine he gets better with time I wounder is he at one point changes to a new artist just like he did from slim shady to eminem.
Hidra Tube
Hidra Tube 9 timmar sedan
World star EMINEM
The Company and country of Tra
The Company and country of Tra 9 timmar sedan
People who say Eminem is overrated are just 😒🙄. Em is the GOAT 🐐 admit it.
Damjan Vulić
Damjan Vulić 9 timmar sedan
Surprise surprise the king is back 💯🔥
jordanj daboss
jordanj daboss 10 timmar sedan
if you ever think your dumb just think about the 12k people who disliked this
Toots 10 timmar sedan
Told you I was the second coming of Jesus....bwah ha ha ha lol
It's me Damian!
It's me Damian! 10 timmar sedan
Dang dog nice beard
Mafioso1731 11 timmar sedan
He only raps good because he learned the alphabet. Otherwise you can't write music if you don't know how to read and write. What makes him different from everyone else though, is that only he can rhyme all letters in an alphabet. Eminem is an alphabetical genius. He can even rhyme letter "B" with "G". I tried to rhyme letters A with Z and I failed to rhyme alphabets on my first attempt. I never tried ever again.
New Life Energy
New Life Energy 11 timmar sedan
Omg that Dana white scene was fuckin hilarious 😭😭😭
Fatih Terim
Fatih Terim 11 timmar sedan
Merzy 11 timmar sedan
You are the goat
Ludwig van Beethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven 12 timmar sedan
The music today..
Siddharth Jain
Siddharth Jain 12 timmar sedan
He is kinda underrated I think,what others think?
GSB Anime&more
GSB Anime&more 12 timmar sedan
This song is just badasss!!!
Shubham Vishwakarma
Shubham Vishwakarma 13 timmar sedan
sepost.info/dev/video/ppmourOraY27s9M.html Check this out guys...this one is better
SiNeiTil Voldtekt
SiNeiTil Voldtekt 13 timmar sedan
Not getting poisoned in a mental ward in Stavanger, Norway. Pål.
lt25 13 timmar sedan
till i collapse recovery era
sasaxa cz
sasaxa cz 13 timmar sedan
love you bro legends never die :)
barsik one
barsik one 13 timmar sedan
Eminem nise music
7106 datnt
7106 datnt 13 timmar sedan
Eminem when he’s 130 years old : Make a rap named “Life”
Daniel Carpenter
Daniel Carpenter 13 timmar sedan
You need to make a diss track towards GenZ
Hell FervOur
Hell FervOur 14 timmar sedan
Always A inspiration 🔥
Irma Osorio
Irma Osorio 14 timmar sedan
Sven Herold
Sven Herold 14 timmar sedan
Eminem no. 1
Jordan18 14 timmar sedan
The goat is always destroying the mic
Omid Moradi
Omid Moradi 15 timmar sedan
Ezequiel Pintos
Ezequiel Pintos 15 timmar sedan
6 days and 15M of views. Simply a legend
HONTER FF 24 15 timmar sedan
Scott 15 timmar sedan
Tom MacDonald > Eminem
DJAFER AHLEM 16 timmar sedan
ملك الراب 💥💥💥💥
KOD Trayonex
KOD Trayonex 16 timmar sedan
بس هذي زفت
Boccardi Sebastiano
Boccardi Sebastiano 17 timmar sedan
loveble vedios.
loveble vedios. 17 timmar sedan
Yes emu.
Troy Goodman
Troy Goodman 17 timmar sedan
I’m really hoping you weren’t calling out NF on the Ringer dude. Nate is a way better rapper than you at this point. I used to listen to nothing but your music up until 4 years ago when I came across NF. He makes REAL music. And his music has made a way bigger impact on his fan bases lives then your music ever has. Don’t tear people down because you are losing fans. It’s immoral. And I’m happy to say that he’s saved my life serval times. Honestly hope you were just poking fun at it and not being fucking serious. Ur getting too old to be starting more shit.
XYZ XRIN KAZUMA 17 timmar sedan
Cyan_Insta _Gamer
Cyan_Insta _Gamer 17 timmar sedan
Also heard this song many many many times Just like all his music Can listen to all the time
Cyan_Insta _Gamer
Cyan_Insta _Gamer 17 timmar sedan
The GOAT The CHAMPION THE MAN The one that no one can ever cancel or stop The god of rap The legend himself Eminem
Korveus 17 timmar sedan
Eminem is literally the G.O.A..T No cap
Leon Daniel Scholz
Leon Daniel Scholz 18 timmar sedan
Perfect for Gym
Paskah Kakahis
Paskah Kakahis 18 timmar sedan
You nuts dude
Pauline Gaming
Pauline Gaming 18 timmar sedan
It's been a long time since you've been singing 😊
Flepical 19 timmar sedan
This video couldnt get any better. Some may say its the highest level of music video quality in the world. (I dont think that makes sense so just read the first line. That makes sense i hope.)
BLACK_ PHANTØM 19 timmar sedan
BTS cant Beat Eminem in rapping !😎
ZxC 19 timmar sedan
Eminem has the best music videos imo
Slim Shady
Slim Shady 20 timmar sedan
Slim Shady🔥
Jyoti Dhamija
Jyoti Dhamija 20 timmar sedan
Listening this song in 2x speed kuch samaj nhi aa rha
Guac Guac
Guac Guac 20 timmar sedan
Eminem still spitting fire boi this man will never stop he is truly a LEGEND
SHeva 1Gorian
SHeva 1Gorian 21 timme sedan
One on one💪💯💓
THE ICONIC 21 timme sedan
Damn i didn't know he still makes songs
Brinn Shorthouse
Brinn Shorthouse 21 timme sedan
B real and x new track kill this bubble gum shit
Brinn Shorthouse
Brinn Shorthouse 21 timme sedan
Do u still want me as a fan I liked trump
Mehdi Shamsitalooki
Mehdi Shamsitalooki 21 timme sedan
Mehdi Shamsitalooki
Mehdi Shamsitalooki 21 timme sedan
And Tay Swift💪🏻
Robert Germain II
Robert Germain II 21 timme sedan
I think he should collaborate with Chris Webby
MR PEWDS 22 timmar sedan
EMINEM vs MGK UFC 261 At the end Bruce buffer:and your winner by TKO EMINEM
SettoS TV
SettoS TV 22 timmar sedan
были и по лучше трэки =)
Wisnu 22 timmar sedan
Really That Jacket Again, 20 Year With The Same Jacket
Dudley and louise Venables
Dudley and louise Venables 22 timmar sedan
By far best song so far, best background music by far.
EnderPlayer'S 22 timmar sedan
Ecky Chriswana Chriswana
Ecky Chriswana Chriswana 22 timmar sedan
You higher lurrrrr😂😂😂
BÖH Hamsi
BÖH Hamsi 22 timmar sedan
This shif Fire🇦🇿🤜🏼
Shukla Roy
Shukla Roy 22 timmar sedan
Rick Marshall
Rick Marshall 22 timmar sedan
I’ll fight for him any day!!!!
Abhiram N
Abhiram N 22 timmar sedan
motivational vid < eminems songs
La Muchacha Albañil
La Muchacha Albañil 22 timmar sedan
Eminem es el pu70 amo! 🤩 Any body speak spanish here???! 😜
ernest ayatu
ernest ayatu Timme sedan
Kiretes Cortés
Kiretes Cortés 7 timmar sedan
Hey cuando dices que es el Pluto amo , no el es el Pluto Dios,llaaa jajaja
Kiretes Cortés
Kiretes Cortés 7 timmar sedan
Lumbalgia 9 timmar sedan
WOLFBURG7787 10 timmar sedan
Ados Korkados
Ados Korkados 22 timmar sedan
I broke into a sports store in 91 for a pair of the 5's. I'm in New Zealand. So we Lucky to even see a pair at that time. O.G. Pair with the NIKE air heel. My homey and me got in the store via a sky light. As soon as I hit the floor within the aforementioned sports store, thee alarm goes and Panic sets in, my partner in crime makes a run for it( still on the roof ) and leaves me High and Dry. Now I'm all alone , the store had an entrance that combined two stores. I break through to the other store and hide under a table with a Table cloth that covers the under side of the table. I think i'm well hidden and wait it out till the Police leave. The police come into the store to search, i think i'm good because they walking all around me. Officer lifts up the cloth and yells " I got him " I'm swiftly yanked from beneath the Table and slapped in handcuffs. Community Service and had to pay for damages to the stores. Did not Rat out my friend. Dogs tracked him to his house ,I regret it all. And learnt my lesson. I saved my $ for a time after that, went into another store because the 5's were in the display window. They had like 4 pairs left. None my size. I leave and take 1 last look at the display pair. Size 12, i ask and it's cool. I wore them nearly everyday after that. They lasted about a year. My friend and me used a Ladder to break in the store via the skylight. My older brother Nicknamed me LADDERMAN and teases me now and then with it. My favourite Pair of Jordans ever. And this song is pretty cool. P.s. I was 14 when this Happened, now a 32ppg 45 year old. HeHe. True Story . I have evidence. HaHa
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