Eddy & Gus Go to LA

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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
please subscribe to all of these lovely boiz
Frogsreprettycool Månad sedan
Frogsreprettycool 4 månader sedan
Hey eddy do you make ice cream
insan 9806
insan 9806 6 månader sedan
So what you're asking me, is i should press that little red button that says subscribe?
Lukas Aaron
Lukas Aaron 9 månader sedan
FUCK. take a shot for every jump cut loooooool
Chubby Checker
Chubby Checker År sedan
Hey man. Just wanted to say that I'm pretty sure I'm going to be looking back on when I knew you were funny before you were famous. So just like...you know...remember that or whatever when your like rich and shit. Or dont. It's all good. Just...just wanted to say that I...uh...I like your...uh content. So yeah. Keep...keep up the good work.
Goggs 6 dagar sedan
6:42 nice cabin boys joke
My pp Itches
My pp Itches 7 dagar sedan
why is this the funniest thing i’ve ever seen
nurettin gündüz
nurettin gündüz 9 dagar sedan
everybody gangsta til gus says what’s up, takes his sunglasses off and scratches his face
Andrea Rupe
Andrea Rupe 12 dagar sedan
I love this 😭
patiotaiza 24 dagar sedan
You should add Drew and Danny's names in the title!
Doggo 25 dagar sedan
The eddy and Gus podcast
Gaming According to Peter
Gaming According to Peter 27 dagar sedan
I know this is fake. I know it is... but is it?
Tuna 29 dagar sedan
Is that Matt from supermega?
Jeff Jeff
Jeff Jeff Månad sedan
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Månad sedan
This vid made me so happy
thorn Librum
thorn Librum Månad sedan
Hey eddy little late here but nice job on the video I'm proud of you
Rider Missy
Rider Missy Månad sedan
I've never seen drew violent😂
Princess Bowtruckle
Princess Bowtruckle Månad sedan
It feels like so long since “Gus and Eddy go to LA” disappeared, I don’t even remember what happened in it and that makes me sad
christmastiger 2 månader sedan
I got so much anxiety seeing Drew climbing into a crib with shoes on, but still great youtube crossover!
LightninG 360
LightninG 360 2 månader sedan
2:11 Danny's dark side Also 5:37
M N 2 månader sedan
11:03 Chris starts the pandemic
Viktor Moonshine
Viktor Moonshine 2 månader sedan
this is the greatest content on youtube you dumb stupid idiot bitch
mati 2 månader sedan
danny and drew look like a very cute couple
Ted L
Ted L 2 månader sedan
Em King
Em King 2 månader sedan
my absolute favorite thing is when you guys do the "whats up?" thing when saying the wrong things for a bit
Micky Bubble
Micky Bubble 2 månader sedan
I love that Danny's the tough guy. And the road work ahead part
Narfi Bjarnason
Narfi Bjarnason 3 månader sedan
Where is the video with the Scientific Ocean bit? Was there a Gus and Eddy Go to LA? I keep searching for it and it just doesn't seem to exist and that's really annoying because I remember that video being great too
Kylie Southwick
Kylie Southwick 3 månader sedan
Eddy, Gus, Danny, Drew, and Chris? Blessed
Drizzt Do Urden
Drizzt Do Urden 3 månader sedan
Chris !? Daddy??
ria goyal
ria goyal 3 månader sedan
woah eddy without the stache
Adrian Gmiterek
Adrian Gmiterek 3 månader sedan
Abnormal Experience
Abnormal Experience 3 månader sedan
Yo I never realised how short Chris is lol, he's so cute
Jude Breheny
Jude Breheny 3 månader sedan
4 of the funniest guys on youtube all in the same place.
Wike Mazowski
Wike Mazowski 3 månader sedan
So basically this is a collaboration video with Gus, Eddy, and two of the same person
Graeme Irwin
Graeme Irwin 3 månader sedan
Speed humps killed me
Lupus Malum
Lupus Malum 3 månader sedan
Infinity War pales in comparison to this crossover.
Matthew Ford
Matthew Ford 3 månader sedan
i am watching this in 2020 and it's still relevant.
rigor mortis
rigor mortis 3 månader sedan
wait Jussasic Park took 65 million years to make? gues that's why its better than Jusraic World.
Nick Spencer
Nick Spencer 4 månader sedan
This is sick.
Luke Hennisch
Luke Hennisch 4 månader sedan
Wow. My favorite SEpostrs all in the same room together. That right there is comedy gold.
wow amber
wow amber 4 månader sedan
i had a sexual dream with Danny and now i can't look him in the eye
Just Add Glasses
Just Add Glasses 4 månader sedan
the speed humps bit had me in shambles dude
container of beans
container of beans 4 månader sedan
this should not be as funny as it is.
Courtney Robinson
Courtney Robinson 4 månader sedan
This video is criminally underrated wtf
katie kopacz
katie kopacz 4 månader sedan
Drew and Danny in video: bullies Drew and Danny in real life: unthreatening nice boys
Moth Man
Moth Man 4 månader sedan
i like that when it comes to beating up ebby danny is like “dont worry baby i got this”
Moth Man
Moth Man 4 månader sedan
the setting of 4:02 with their arms wrapped around each other is like a married couple who are both assholes but love each other too much to realize it
Dangus Momangus
Dangus Momangus 4 månader sedan
Oh the cringe "who's Airbnb!?"
zoep126 4 månader sedan
drew and danny being high maintenance is kinda killing me
Jackson T
Jackson T 4 månader sedan
Battle of the gay couples
Emily Tinder
Emily Tinder 4 månader sedan
"I don't know how to do NPR" might be the funniest joke I've ever heard in my entire life and I laugh uncontrollably at it every time I watch this video
kermit the dawg
kermit the dawg 5 månader sedan
how did i just find this??
SpirusOfH 5 månader sedan
best part is that there are pringles cans clearly on display in the background while they're scrambling to make a snack plate
Jonald Smithone
Jonald Smithone 5 månader sedan
I found all 4 of you guys separately and then here you all are
Uncle Ian
Uncle Ian 5 månader sedan
Wtf I so didn’t suspect Chris to be in this video
Cassidango 5 månader sedan
My friends and I quote this video all the time lmao
lnelson 5 månader sedan
Gus: We need a unit. 3.5 what? Drew: Five I lost it
Holographic Marlon Brando
Holographic Marlon Brando 5 månader sedan
the line "i dont know how to do npr" deserves more recognition. so does this entire channel, honestly.
Gabe 5 månader sedan
Why tf r u telling the only people that *do* know about the channel you stupid fuck?
Clone Boi
Clone Boi 6 månader sedan
i know its mostly a bit but when i watched this it made me feel baddd
incrediblysour 6 månader sedan
And then Cody and Noel bully Danny and drew
Blued Sky Forever
Blued Sky Forever 27 dagar sedan
what? where? i need to see that video
willem 6 månader sedan
Love that there are snacks on the table behind them
Patrick Loftis
Patrick Loftis 6 månader sedan
Danny is so good at being mean that it's concerning.
111 111
111 111 6 månader sedan
I love these bits because they start with a short joke but then just keep going
111 111
111 111 6 månader sedan
Imagine the person who rented out the airbnb watching this
ttd max
ttd max 6 månader sedan
gus saying “i don’t know NPR!” when chris starts choking is thee best bit
Nova Bear 18
Nova Bear 18 6 månader sedan
If the discremenated people of the U.S. never fought for equality and justice then the U.S. would have never had it in the first place.
gibus theinfamous
gibus theinfamous 6 månader sedan
Kimberly Elliott
Kimberly Elliott 6 månader sedan
Here we are in 2020, and Chris says this shit at 11:11.
Liliana Kuse
Liliana Kuse 7 månader sedan
Wow i think we need to cancel drew and danny :/
Tom Dang
Tom Dang 7 månader sedan
Yo fuck yeah Zebra Corner is a patreon supporter of Eddie?? That's sick boys supporting boys
Sophie Suskin
Sophie Suskin 7 månader sedan
6:15-6:47 I don't think I've ever laughed harder in my life
Georgia Overdrive
Georgia Overdrive Månad sedan
Oh my god, oh my god.
Sally L
Sally L 7 månader sedan
my 4 favorite boys in one airbnb???? my heart cant handle it
Ally L
Ally L 7 månader sedan
a danny and a drew out in the wild
Ellee Edman
Ellee Edman 7 månader sedan
This is after the fan fiction lol
Pootis Spencer
Pootis Spencer 7 månader sedan
chris is a tiny man
Mohannad 8 månader sedan
What a bunch of dinners
Casey Chapone
Casey Chapone 8 månader sedan
Why does Drew look taller in this video??
Polk - E - Dot
Polk - E - Dot 8 månader sedan
most ambitious crossover since that last ambitious youtube crossover
Forte 8 månader sedan
If you were a teen in the 80s you'd be the weird scammer that sells rated r tickets to 12 year olds
Kendal B123
Kendal B123 8 månader sedan
Wtf is this? A crossover episode?!?!?!
rob mitch
rob mitch 9 månader sedan
"Don't buy these" Never underestimate a tampon. I had to use one to cover up a gun shot before. They are amazing at that.
Pot Of Chili
Pot Of Chili 9 månader sedan
I really think that Danny guy and the other one aren’t funny at all. Eddy and gus is what I thought this video was about...
Madison Kite
Madison Kite 9 månader sedan
Scot Lyn
Scot Lyn 9 månader sedan
Honey doesn't work well in Canada :( I wish it did
Scot Lyn
Scot Lyn 9 månader sedan
I can now see why Gus has a hot girlfriend ( 6:36 ) and Eddy is single AF ( 6:26 )
silverjetplane 9 månader sedan
Searched this after seeing you guys struggle with it on the podcast haha. Found it just fine!
moooshroomdragon king
moooshroomdragon king 9 månader sedan
Chris used to have such a lovely smile before the accident
Ryan McCarty
Ryan McCarty 9 månader sedan
At least Eddy's is still up.
Kristopher Luna
Kristopher Luna 9 månader sedan
Neglect Sin
Neglect Sin 9 månader sedan
This video is do chaotic i love it
Adelaide 9 månader sedan
I just want to mention that I found you before I found Gus and I watch more of your videos. I know y'all don't actually have disagreements like that...but maybe this'll make you feel a little joy, idk.
mannav j
mannav j 9 månader sedan
the unbridled chaotic energy.....
Matt Bradshaw
Matt Bradshaw 9 månader sedan
Peani Sr
Peani Sr 9 månader sedan
Lmao I love the speed humps bit
shramo 10 månader sedan
Johnson and Burbank
Arie Vee
Arie Vee 10 månader sedan
“I don’t know how to do NPR” may be the greatest joke ever written
Ingrid 7 years ago
Ingrid 7 years ago 10 månader sedan
The face Danny does at 4:40 priceless
Ingrid 7 years ago
Ingrid 7 years ago 10 månader sedan
This is such a hidden gem!!
Kimberly Elliott
Kimberly Elliott 10 månader sedan
Wow. I know it's a bit, but I've never seen Danny be such an asshole. It suits him............ a little too well.
Riley Gabkcuf
Riley Gabkcuf 10 månader sedan
6:27-6:39 Yo, These guys FUCK
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 10 månader sedan
See Chris is Puerto Rican that's why he didn't understand the snack platter. Everyone loves my world famous bud light caps (they're store bought) and you gotta dip the ice in salt and the Alka-Seltzer is like an after-dinner mint
Daniel Schmidt
Daniel Schmidt 10 månader sedan
Danny and Danny look so good together. They'd make a great couple.
Narfi Bjarnason
Narfi Bjarnason 10 månader sedan
Was Chris wearing his own Christmas sweater in March?
Kartik 10 månader sedan
Wait, was this actually an AirBnB?? Doesn’t this become their apartment?
Craig 11 månader sedan
This is like the Avengers of commentary
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