Eddy: A Hero's Story

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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
Danny and Gus are my biggest fans.
Justin Grover
Justin Grover Månad sedan
Im your real biggest fan. I've tied down all my family and friends and forced all of your videos upon them. Are you proud of me? ARE YOU?!? I DID THIS FOR YOU! *for legal reasons: this is a joke*
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee 3 månader sedan
Yes I am.
Pineapple Pants
Pineapple Pants 3 månader sedan
Okey donkey
Ric Ferr
Ric Ferr 2 år sedan
Yes they are Eddie. I´m also trying. I ..love..... i love you.. not in a gay manner. Just... ok. Where´s your algore , algorytmic . Alghorythm. I can´t spell it. Thank you very much.
NotTheRealDeadpool 2 år sedan
If that's what you need to tell yourself Eddy.
Joshua Shain
Joshua Shain Månad sedan
Am I tripping or did your sub count jump from 500k to 700k in like 5 days
Justin Grover
Justin Grover Månad sedan
Aww I met my wife on match.com So I guess I can actually endorse that you should use it
H14nry Månad sedan
I’ve never seen someone who gets so many comments from other youtubers
yup sure
yup sure 2 månader sedan
Idk y but this hits different in 2020
Blue Tooth
Blue Tooth 2 månader sedan
0:23 I’m so used to eddy having a mustache that this looks normal to me lol
Rando BroccoliBoi
Rando BroccoliBoi 2 månader sedan
I feel like Eddy with no mustache is a child, but Eddy with a mustache is 48.
Shakeel Ali
Shakeel Ali 3 månader sedan
Eddy's friends bullying him is my favourite running joke on this channel.
bleeto 1213
bleeto 1213 4 månader sedan
this was foreshadowing for the mustache
Alex Phalon
Alex Phalon 4 månader sedan
I clicked on this thinking it was an Oxhorn video because oh my god the thumbnail is like dead on what his are like haha
Veronica Hall
Veronica Hall 4 månader sedan
you're my hero eddy
Princess White
Princess White 4 månader sedan
Why is this the best video
Carly Welch
Carly Welch 5 månader sedan
0:25 is just 2020 eddy
ACDGamer 7
ACDGamer 7 5 månader sedan
Lukus Hartmann
Lukus Hartmann 6 månader sedan
Yo, where's the Linkedin link?!
Liam Courtney
Liam Courtney 7 månader sedan
Eddy predicted future eddy with that mustache
Seth-Ezra The God of Bread
Seth-Ezra The God of Bread 7 månader sedan
Wow that was sad
Jazmine Lakey
Jazmine Lakey 8 månader sedan
Eddy you certainly changed my life 🤩
Deadpool_Slaps 8 månader sedan
Y'all are silly
Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】
Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】 11 månader sedan
Hahah this channel is a flippin' trip... I never know what the hell is gonna happen when I click on a video
Danny Danny
Danny Danny År sedan
4:20 Mic Dong
Soup Gutterz
Soup Gutterz År sedan
Edward Burback. Edwin Burback
Timothy Beard
Timothy Beard År sedan
putting on the fake mustache and calling himself not eddy just made him look like himself now
Mo JustUs
Mo JustUs År sedan
Eddy is Batman to Gus' the Joker.
rainemaker12 År sedan
What song is this, it’s so pretty. I know it’s an old video but it’s so calming
Megan Conklin
Megan Conklin År sedan
Anyone else hear a doorbell during the title screen??
toasty År sedan
I have 36 subs I'm special, too
rebornreaper År sedan
Dang I was really hoping to connect with Eddy's LinkedIn D:
Bruno Santos
Bruno Santos År sedan
Where's the Facebook link, Eddy?
BT 900
BT 900 År sedan
Why do i want to strangle this man while simultaneously wanting to make love to him not like at the same time but like either or and i dont mean this in a bad way like i really like his content but like both seems really appealing like i am 100% a child of burback but god does strangling him sounds nice but then i could just make love to his sweet knees love you eddy boy keep pumpin out those bangers °¬°
Nikki År sedan
I’m disappointed that Eric isn’t at the bottom of the desc. Lmao
puumpkenn År sedan
You’re so attractive I’m drooling annnnnnd I’m logging off now
Omega År sedan
DID YOU TELL HIM I WASNT GOOD AT LIL LEAGUE!? hahahaha i lost it. Thats gold Eddy
Jess Iman
Jess Iman År sedan
lmao i liked this vid eddy but ido like ur videos okay people do like them lmfaoooo
SenpaiSlayerUwU År sedan
I'm so proud of this platform
Intense Flavours
Intense Flavours År sedan
L. Solveig
L. Solveig År sedan
Eddy, you are my hero. This was so sad and adorable and funny, I love it.
Nazifa Hasan
Nazifa Hasan År sedan
This deserves more views
ItsJustChurch År sedan
I do love you, Eddy.
Ric Ferr
Ric Ferr 2 år sedan
My name is Ricardo. Some people call me Ricky. And i am still here in spite of all odds.
Dani Kat
Dani Kat 2 år sedan
How can anyone not love Eddy!!!
a dolphin eating children
a dolphin eating children 2 år sedan
Harmony 2 år sedan
This is like something Michael Scott would do lol
Vera Smolyakova
Vera Smolyakova 2 år sedan
Macabre 101
Macabre 101 2 år sedan
I was watching you play Baseball but all I could think about was those sweet supple knees.
Aaron Turner_Music
Aaron Turner_Music 2 år sedan
3:50 thanks for the shout out
cosppro 2 år sedan
Self-Deprecation THE MOVIE
Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert 3 månader sedan
Self-Deprecation the person
Playstation 2 controller
Playstation 2 controller 2 år sedan
no im a hero
Joshua C
Joshua C 2 år sedan
5:40 He didn't include all the links
whalesharknoise ???
whalesharknoise ??? 2 år sedan
You could probably just use eyelash glue for that mustache tbh
Danny RAWner
Danny RAWner 2 år sedan
Talking smack about someone's little league stats will create conflict. As shown here
Ally Rubbo
Ally Rubbo 2 år sedan
This is my favorite video from you, it deserves 1 million views.
Bailey Demas
Bailey Demas 2 år sedan
Omg I love u... when vine was alive I would physically cringe at these people u react to!!! And ur sense of humour warms my belly. FOLLOWED ON TWITTER!!!!
Hobie V
Hobie V 2 år sedan
This actuallly si great
MrFredstt 2 år sedan
God bless you
Sujata 2 år sedan
Um I think I'm in love with you?? What now
Cora Musgrave
Cora Musgrave 2 år sedan
holy shit hahahahahaha
jessica jones
jessica jones 2 år sedan
I love you
Rebecca Orton
Rebecca Orton 2 år sedan
How does he not have more views he's actually so funny wtf
Perry Layne
Perry Layne 2 år sedan
Keep killing it Eddy. Love your content
Sansa Stark
Sansa Stark 2 år sedan
ive watched your videos you uploaded 1 year ago because im fucking addicted !!!
Rebecca youssef
Rebecca youssef 2 år sedan
Keep uploading! Your so funny! I love your videos! the subs will keep coming!
Marcella C
Marcella C 2 år sedan
I’d date eddy
Marcella C
Marcella C 2 år sedan
Eddy you’re so cute
Tyler69420 2 år sedan
Damn Edward you have grown so much
Krystal 2 år sedan
5:02 me after attempting to intimidate someone
Sigrid Naglé
Sigrid Naglé 2 år sedan
I screamed when I saw Danny
based alfredo
based alfredo 2 år sedan
This feels like a great big story video
based alfredo
based alfredo 2 år sedan
You need more subs
Fordon Greeman
Fordon Greeman 2 år sedan
Definitely not Eddy is hot
COLOutsideWave 2 år sedan
The best SEpostr on the platform deserves some glue for his fake mustache.
Oscar Nordström
Oscar Nordström 2 år sedan
There's no funny videos (nor videos at all actually) on Eric's channel.. Just saying..
Emanuel Poche
Emanuel Poche 2 år sedan
im so desperately in love with you
Stasia 2 år sedan
Your videos are fucking amazing. Can't wait to see you blow up.
Innes Gibson
Innes Gibson 2 år sedan
What happened to Danny’s upside down disease or did you edit it to make him normal
gamerman360 2 år sedan
Eddy? Oh you mean the guy with perfectly shaped and symmetrical knees? yea he's pretty cool
Laura 2 år sedan
Eddy, you forgot to link your LinkedIn. How are we supposed to make you LinkedIn famous if we don't know where to follow you?
beepo 2 år sedan
eddy you are always first trending in my heart
beepo 2 år sedan
oh no sorry i just subscribed to eric and now he's first
Ahmed Nasser
Ahmed Nasser 2 år sedan
Eddy's humor is truly authentic, no exaggerated performance at all.
Stan Rodger
Stan Rodger 2 år sedan
I fucking loved this
Cahlia Plett
Cahlia Plett 2 år sedan
Ummmm I’m feeling scammed? Where are Eric’s videos Eddy?!? WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THEM EDDY??
Doris Tuppence
Doris Tuppence 2 år sedan
Haha he should have a movie on SEpost red
kendo s
kendo s 2 år sedan
oh i thought your last name was burbank
nerdnow 2 år sedan
Not the hero we deserved, not the one we needed, and not the one we wanted. But heès got the knees
Lil Dou
Lil Dou 2 år sedan
This is the 1st time it’s showed in my sub box
Random Person
Random Person 2 år sedan
You remind of George O'Malley from Gray's Anatomy. And that makes me slightly more attracted to you.
meri 2 år sedan
this gave me heterosexuality
Yakob Engel
Yakob Engel 2 år sedan
Where's Drew Gooden in this comment section?
At 2015071
At 2015071 2 år sedan
This channel deserves million subscribers
why 2 år sedan
0 out of 10 video not enough man ass
AsainKid34 2 år sedan
Eddy, can you adopt me as your child and then simultaneously leave me under the pretense of “picking up a pack of smokes”?
White Corey
White Corey 2 år sedan
iiiiiiiiiiit's boner time!
ImAllexx 2 år sedan
He really is the best
Robbie D
Robbie D 4 månader sedan
I’m Allen
McRancher År sedan
Snake lmao
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
nobody was doing what I was doing
Luke Regan
Luke Regan 2 år sedan
Take a drink everytime one of these youtubers stutters for "comedy"
Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy 2 år sedan
Eddy, are you really moving to LA? I hope it doesn't change you.
Zachary Roussie
Zachary Roussie 2 år sedan
Thatdorkwithglasses 2 år sedan
Man that call out at the end of the video #dead
Thatdorkwithglasses 2 år sedan
I fucking LOST IT when you started talking about the mustache glue, send help
Dev Ramachandran
Dev Ramachandran 2 år sedan
I thought that this was about edd gould
Duncan MacKenzie
Duncan MacKenzie 2 år sedan
This brought me tears, beautiful
Grant Chauncey
Grant Chauncey 2 år sedan
Hey that was funny. Nice job Eddy
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