Donald Trump vs Joe Biden. Epic Rap Battles Of History

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Epic Rap Battles of History: Donald Trump vs Joe Biden! The 2020 Election Battle. Who won? Who’s next? You decide! Special Thanks to all our Patrons. Join our team:
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2020 has been a roller coaster of a year. We hope you enjoy the video. Stay safe. Stay well. We'll have another rap battle for you pretty soon :)
Beat Produced by: Hollywood Legends
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Donald J. Trump: EpicLLOYD
IG/Twitter: @theepiclloyd
Joe Biden: Nice Peter
Written by Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, Frak and the many most excellent contributors of our Patreon Writers Crew. Thank you to everyone involved.
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IG - @fraktheperson
Producer: Atul Singh
Director of Photography: Andy Chinn
Makeup and Hair: Maryann Yee
DIT: Josh Best
Video Editors: Ross Fearnley, Josh Best, Nice Peter, Javi Sanchez Blanco
VFX and Compositing: Josh Best and Javi Sanchez Blanco
Music Mixed and Mastered by: Nice Peter
Directed by: EpicLLOYD and Nice Peter
Shot on the RED Gemini
Edited in Adobe Premiere and After Effects
Recorded and mixed in Pro Tools
KeEp iN TOuch WitH Us OnliNe!

B -Mac
B -Mac Minut sedan
I wanna see jack sparrow vs Edward Kinwey
Davey .S
Davey .S 4 minuter sedan
Did anyone notice when it says EPIC RAP BATTLES where no one is rapping yet there is purple in the background because it's the color you get if you mix red and blue together
T I 8 minuter sedan
Lets see how biased this is
Demonic Shadow GachaYT8
Demonic Shadow GachaYT8 9 minuter sedan
I would love a rap battle between Steven Irwin and Coyote Petterson.
Hi There
Hi There 9 minuter sedan
Lmfao another classic
Jahmina Jeresano
Jahmina Jeresano 13 minuter sedan
'For the love of democracy, will you shut up, man?' I lowkey got Obi-Wan vibes from this one :D 'Anakin, my allegiance is to the Republic, TO DEMOCRACY!'
Deletin 17 minuter sedan
Fun fact, the person playing Biden here is the same actor for Abe Lincoln so that’s why Abe wasn’t able to show up
Brokengamer XBOXGamer
Brokengamer XBOXGamer 17 minuter sedan
"You call this a diplomatic solution"?
Richard Dakazo
Richard Dakazo 18 minuter sedan
Macho Man vs Kool-Aid Man
1 19 minuter sedan
I got a curve ball for ya...Popeyes Chicken Sandwich vs Chic-Fil-a's Chicken Sandwich...2 guys in chicken sandwich costumes...Have fun pals...
John Fosdick III
John Fosdick III 23 minuter sedan
Nice Peter had to do his rap off a teleprompter to make it legit
Elijah Padilla
Elijah Padilla 24 minuter sedan
ERB seems to be able to pick Presidents. Whoever raps first loses the race; Romney, Hillary, Trump, in that order, took the first turn.
Wednesday's Serial
Wednesday's Serial 27 minuter sedan
Well, Biden won.
Drew Dana
Drew Dana 29 minuter sedan
Jo biden was wrong about most of his lines
Justin Weisfelner
Justin Weisfelner 34 minuter sedan
AMEXICAN07 34 minuter sedan
Why do big SEpostrs say leave a comment when they don,t actually look at them.
General Raam
General Raam 42 minuter sedan
Trump 2020
Nicolas Brotherton
Nicolas Brotherton 44 minuter sedan
Lol, trump literally roasting himself sometimes. Top notch grammar 😂. Teargass 😂. Mans is roasting himself. Thank GOD that clown is out of office.
Dawn Weitzel
Dawn Weitzel 44 minuter sedan
doled trump
Ruan Dominguez
Ruan Dominguez 49 minuter sedan
I check daily for the behind the scenes :(
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson 50 minuter sedan
jim carrey vs adam sandler? You DICIDE!
02.Alexander Mervin
02.Alexander Mervin 58 minuter sedan
Hey, its from indonesia epic rap battles
02.Alexander Mervin
02.Alexander Mervin 52 minuter sedan
Nugget Addict
Nugget Addict Timme sedan
Tbh the beat without the beat drops sounds like nostalgic 2006 Roblox music.
Dylan Shadowstar
Dylan Shadowstar Timme sedan
Fun fact. Whoever goes first in a erb election rap, loses the actual election.
Dont Trust No One
Dont Trust No One Timme sedan
Trump: Ain't nothing gonna beat me! No person, woman, man, camera, TV! Me: So, Joe Biden is a Hippopotamus??
Bibz Timme sedan
Did anybody else saw the fly on biden head? 2:34 sneaky sneaky ERB
MegaRayGamiYT Timme sedan
2:34 OMG they put the fly in his hair YES
Michael Nixon
Michael Nixon Timme sedan
harris vs pence
IGI293 Timme sedan
Biden won the election and in this rap
Tom is meaningless without Jerry
Tom is meaningless without Jerry Timme sedan
Who won? Whos next? You LITERALLY decide
Derpa14 Timme sedan
DarkDivide Timme sedan
It's so weird that you put Epstein on Trump, when he disavowed him and Creepy Bill had a crazy number of visits to his island. Maybe better fact checkers are needed!
Max Tiede
Max Tiede Timme sedan
In the second half Biden went full out on Trump
Danger Ace
Danger Ace Timme sedan
Andy Brown
Andy Brown Timme sedan
Donald Trump is the only person to battle 3 separate people. I don’t know how but I know he likes that
Lawrence Johnson
Lawrence Johnson Timme sedan
Alex Trebek vs Sean Connery
Lechef V
Lechef V Timme sedan
Fly easter egg at 2:35
Angelo Mordini
Angelo Mordini Timme sedan
Red vs Black (or Blue) from among us
BalaTheHero9 Timme sedan
The video description says the Behind the Scenes was supposed to come out on ERB2 weeks ago. Where is it?
Jack Strickland
Jack Strickland Timme sedan
Did anyone else see LEGO Luke Skywalker in the bottom right at 3:30 ?
Keylon Ikner
Keylon Ikner Timme sedan
Slipknot v metallic
David Shaffer
David Shaffer Timme sedan
Master chief vs doom slayer
油管谷歌 2 timmar sedan
while everyone is expressed with the comment from 7 years ago. I am more impressed by the person in the production team who managed to find this comment from 7 years ago.
Erich Peterson
Erich Peterson 2 timmar sedan
Trump: The People aren’t swayed Me Knowing that Biden Has won the election: Sure. Tell yourself that.
Asperger King
Asperger King 2 timmar sedan
This didn't age well because those investigations proved somebody rigged for Biden even if he didn't have knowledge of it. Don't know why the russian joke isn't at Biden his son took millions from Ukraine which there is a paper trail to prove it. Gotta love propaganda.
J P 2 timmar sedan
Can't wait till the weekend for the next one!!
SDP 2 timmar sedan
Bts vs backstreet boys?
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine 2 timmar sedan
Sarah Connor vs Jill Valentine
Booky Animations
Booky Animations 2 timmar sedan
A caveman vs a “futuristic” man
Kratos of Sparta
Kratos of Sparta 2 timmar sedan
Biden cheated
OnEPuNcHFinaTIk022 2 timmar sedan
Wow lets see... 1st Trump loses the election Then he loses most of his court cases and now he loses the rap battle 😂 Poor donnie, 2020 is not your year 😂
myles smith
myles smith 2 timmar sedan
Bruh they even got Trump leaning forward
cheese ___
cheese ___ 2 timmar sedan
I personally found this one quite close
Zohaib Meer
Zohaib Meer 2 timmar sedan
UnspeakableGaming VS PrestonPlayz PLS
Poto 2 timmar sedan
Adam Smith vs Karl Marx
h2o ak47
h2o ak47 2 timmar sedan
Tom Hardy vs Jeff Hardy
Boom2 yt
Boom2 yt 2 timmar sedan
I love it
GV Singh
GV Singh 2 timmar sedan
I am just curious to know what where those Russian lines meaning ?🤔
Tic O’Toole
Tic O’Toole 2 timmar sedan
do eminem vs kanye west
Samerez 2 timmar sedan
I can tell this is inspired a bit from Killshot, by Eminem
Addy Burleson
Addy Burleson 2 timmar sedan
Henry VIII vs his wives
Henry Cook
Henry Cook 2 timmar sedan
Can someone explain the joke with the Russians to me?
J Shaw
J Shaw 2 timmar sedan
Without these two you wouldn’t have any material 😹
Zacky Boi
Zacky Boi 2 timmar sedan
Trump may have taken the L just bc Biden went off at the end of there but that line “Your campaigns like your family: crash and burn” might be the single most disrespectful line in ERB history. And “Maybe teach your son a thing or two about life, like there’s no hunting season for your dead brother’s wife!” was a CATASTROPHIC hit.
gohstr_games 2 timmar sedan
JAY G The Legend
JAY G The Legend 2 timmar sedan
Me when this first came out: Biden Won lol Me a month later: Biden Won lol
The Sounds of Chicago Knight
The Sounds of Chicago Knight 2 timmar sedan
All I’m gonna say is that they all got you All fooled
Fan Films Incorporated
Fan Films Incorporated 2 timmar sedan
“When they killed Jeffery Epstein-“ Everyone: “CALM DOWN EVERYONE. CALM THE FUCK DOWN. IT’S HAPPENING
Gregory Gayler
Gregory Gayler 2 timmar sedan
Biden won. That bit about epstein cut like a dagger! So good
reee army boi
reee army boi 2 timmar sedan
Even though trump got smoked I think trump
Fr3k3 3 timmar sedan
Trump had BARS in this and the Hillary one. I don't get why people were so angry over this being "one sided" lmfao. Biden was weak as shit
Tanner Stocker
Tanner Stocker 3 timmar sedan
Twilight vs Harry Potter
therealthomas jefferson
therealthomas jefferson 3 timmar sedan
Florida man vs polish man
Spell 3 timmar sedan
I don’t get the Russian thing
Imbatross the Scrub
Imbatross the Scrub 2 timmar sedan
Trump openly admitted that he's be getting help from foreign powers to shit on Biden, so there was a lot of noise about Russia possibly hacking this election. Needless to say, didn't happen lol, but he still accepted their help with the Hunter Biden conspiracy and possibly Tara Reade.
Michigan fan
Michigan fan 3 timmar sedan
Biden kicked his ass just like he did in the election
V4TYGER 3 timmar sedan
The rainbow orca
The rainbow orca 15 minuter sedan
Really still on that. Give up
Nicolas Stewart
Nicolas Stewart 3 timmar sedan
BIDEN 2020!
Evolution MAX
Evolution MAX 3 timmar sedan
ERB do *Margaret Thatcher vs Ronald Reagan*
Bionic Overload
Bionic Overload 3 timmar sedan
I came here for Lincoln
Daniel Banuelos for president
Daniel Banuelos for president 3 timmar sedan
I hate the thumb nail
Ma Louis
Ma Louis 3 timmar sedan
Biden already won TRUMP.
anime girl
anime girl 3 timmar sedan
Biden. In this AND the election xD
Don Sieghart
Don Sieghart 3 timmar sedan
Codreanu VS Ayn Rand
Joshua Woo
Joshua Woo 3 timmar sedan
and desperate cheeto
Joshua Woo
Joshua Woo 3 timmar sedan
listen to herro from the far east side
Matt 3 timmar sedan
Will you shut up man
Terry Sims
Terry Sims 3 timmar sedan
Honestly I think Jack Sparrow vs Captain Hook would be a good battle
Rory Coverdale
Rory Coverdale 3 timmar sedan
You should do United Nations v League of Nations!
Rory Coverdale
Rory Coverdale 3 timmar sedan
Or, better, Zamenhof (inventor of Esperanto) v Translate. I have some disses: Esperanto has only European languages, and is available on Translate. However, Translate is wildly inaccurate, has been known to have misogyny, and places more trust in the user than it should. (If you want a comeback, research the in/ich suffix, noting that "Ch" is "c" with a breve.) Duolingo, perhaps, could make an appearance?
Ej Simpson
Ej Simpson 3 timmar sedan
Honestly the song is better after the election for some reason
Brenna Bye-Foote
Brenna Bye-Foote 4 timmar sedan
Joe Biden
Turlx 4 timmar sedan
Damn Biden didnt stutter for once :0
Spaceinvader 6424
Spaceinvader 6424 2 timmar sedan
Yes he did lol
Ayden Bender
Ayden Bender 4 timmar sedan
Trump won
SuperVin Funny
SuperVin Funny 4 timmar sedan
Kevin (Home Alone) vs. Jigsaw (Saw)
Lou Garou
Lou Garou 4 timmar sedan
Roald Dahl vs weird Al?
Eli Allswede
Eli Allswede 4 timmar sedan
Gary V vs Tony Robbins
Cornelious 4 timmar sedan
Pence vs Harris
Eli Boich
Eli Boich 4 timmar sedan
Any one else see the fly on joe’s head?
Parker-and-Alex-shorts 4 timmar sedan
john ossof vs david perdue
Jack Demeo
Jack Demeo 4 timmar sedan
I wish yall had Jo Jorgensen jump in at the end.... Great regardless !!
Americanemia 4 timmar sedan
There's no democrats on Mt. Rushmore. Figures.
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