Does Anyone Really Need Jump Cut Academy?

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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
whatup children of burback! please subscribe to all the lovely boys in this video (they make some of the best content on SEpost so support them or I'll disown you)
Eri Kawaii
Eri Kawaii 4 månader sedan
Hello Daddy Burback
Delta Storm
Delta Storm 8 månader sedan
Eddy...Thank the holy roommate Jason hasn't changed his underwear in 42 years thank you so much for calling his tourn ass out.
Desiree Abell
Desiree Abell 9 månader sedan
Nooooo!! I love you Burbank!!! 😭😭
Jason B.
Jason B. 11 månader sedan
Eddy, I don't like how you attacked me at the start of the video. I demand an apology.
a very chronic tonic
a very chronic tonic År sedan
jokes on you im naked
not Ella
not Ella 9 dagar sedan
That neck makeup on the first Lady looked so uncomfortable, I felt like I couldn't breathe just watching this
Monty Chambliss
Monty Chambliss 10 dagar sedan
I actually used to watch those videos when I was 14. Now that I'm almost 20 years old, I'm kind of ashamed of myself
Kyle Walt
Kyle Walt 11 dagar sedan
the fat distribution they did with the make up is so unnatural looking
Brody Deane
Brody Deane 12 dagar sedan
My god NakeyJakey!!!
Bisexual Femme
Bisexual Femme 15 dagar sedan
Why did they turn fat women into a social experiment?
Ryyi23 19 dagar sedan
The best thing a sponsor can do is let the person they are sponsoring do whatever they want for the ad. I am always way more likely to check out a sponsor if they let the content creator just do whatever.
hadoodle 23 dagar sedan
So they made millions of dollars in a year just by using the advice from these videos? Yup they made millions of dollars in a year just by selling these videos
talentless cult member
talentless cult member 26 dagar sedan
You know theres at least one jason in thier boxers 2watching this and they just got super paranoid
Jordan Gallagher
Jordan Gallagher 29 dagar sedan
Her neck is so unnatural looking
DependswhosAskin Månad sedan
In reality From everything ive seen its easier to pickup girls in a wheel chair, if your an asshole and not in a wheel chair than people just think he’s an asshole but if your in a wheelchair and an asshole people will think he acts like an asshole but he must be self aware because he’s been through so much.
Cameron Krueger
Cameron Krueger Månad sedan
I would have shit my threadbare boxers if my name was Jason
left field
left field Månad sedan Yoooo he back @Eddy Burback
Jessica Paul
Jessica Paul Månad sedan
"you sitting there in your boxers." Totally...
Walnut Månad sedan
This is the real cinematic universe
High Ping Gamer
High Ping Gamer Månad sedan
I feel like that 'social experiment video' fails to make amy valid point. Whether they are actors or not, I feel like they're trying to make these guys look like assholes for focusing on weight so much. But if I met a Tinder date who was clearly far far heavier than she was pictured, I'd be out of there in a heartbeat. I would go as far as mentioning that' it's dishonest and not okay.
Gcool243 Månad sedan
Brink is a classic
Fur-Shen Månad sedan
Funnily enough i actually signed up for this shit like 3 years ago As you can see it didn’t work
Boosted Månad sedan
$24 for one pair of underwear, jesus christ my wallet cries
Evelyn Okay
Evelyn Okay Månad sedan
I'm just disappointed they didn't do a social experiment video of women getting kidnapped by serial killers. Smh
Nick James
Nick James Månad sedan
My mom bought me this pair, asshole.
Jason Doheny
Jason Doheny Månad sedan
Here’s me in bed in nothing but a pair of boxers on. I’ve just been sitting here in bed for 5 minutes with only 30 seconds of the video played and I’m just don’t know how to proceed with life anymore Edit : just checked and there is a hole in the right cheek of my boxers
Nugget Bomber
Nugget Bomber Månad sedan
The lady looks like a carcass from doom eternal, or Mitch McConnell
Jennie Seiber
Jennie Seiber Månad sedan
When dude said "I know I'm in a wheelchair but what's in my pants-" I had to cut him off there and pause the video to take a break. You know, leave the room, calm down, tell my daughter I love her, try to restore a little faith in humanity before I could watch the rest of the video.
Mikołaj Florczak
Mikołaj Florczak Månad sedan
nah sorry im at 4:02 and i need to quit
Grant B.
Grant B. Månad sedan
The glare on your posters is distracting.
Jack Torrance
Jack Torrance 2 månader sedan
What’s up players
John Smith
John Smith 2 månader sedan
"and I'm wearing it right now" Prove it
Adog312 2 månader sedan
0:06 joke's on you, i watch your videos nude
Nan Anderson
Nan Anderson 2 månader sedan
Man I just love how pure NakeyJakey boy just went through all of his -script- I mean his well thought out feelings.
Cripple 2 månader sedan
My guy out here be lookin like pesci 4:14
Andrei Simionescu
Andrei Simionescu 2 månader sedan
I love this group of friends so much. NakeyJakey is the only one I'm not subscribed to, guess it's time to fix that.
mati 2 månader sedan
if i was a guy i wouldnt let 2 dudes like that teach me anything about sex lmao
Corgan Kelm
Corgan Kelm 2 månader sedan
gandalf 1420
gandalf 1420 2 månader sedan
the girls from the second video are all wearing mics. it’s either fake or very very sketchy
Chinchilla 2 månader sedan
Oh fuck he was eerily close to nailing the start of the video
James T. Well
James T. Well 2 månader sedan
I have a memory on snapchat of me recording my screen watching this and when he says my name I scream and the video cuts off.
James T. Well
James T. Well 2 månader sedan
Wait I forgot my SEpost name is a pseudonym my name is Jason. Obviously.
Grob 2 månader sedan
I didn't know my name was jason
Micky Bubble
Micky Bubble 2 månader sedan
Danny sounds so sad
Key Of all worlds
Key Of all worlds 2 månader sedan
That segment with them pretending to be handicapped reminded me how I saw this cute guy who was in a wheelchair and I was too shy to talk to him at first since I have anxiety. I finally work up the nerve to talk to him and he touches my boob without my consent, out of nowhere. I wanted to punch him so badly, but I knew I couldn’t because I’d look like the a**hole for punching someone who’s in a wheelchair so I just walked away. .____.
Aliana Gudding
Aliana Gudding 2 månader sedan
Wow. They really are some of the 1000 true fans. I wish I could be one as devoted as them.
Monika 3 månader sedan
I keep getting Emails from these guys lol
Bishopforhire 3 månader sedan
Not even joking I got a wheel chair add while watching this.
Gavin James
Gavin James 3 månader sedan
I used to watch this channel every day... I hadn't thought of it in years and now I hate myself again
Devin Osland
Devin Osland 3 månader sedan
Man, this Eddie Burbank guy is pretty funny.
Voidaken 3 månader sedan
Hey look, a loser who lies!
The dislike button
The dislike button 3 månader sedan
You completely nailed the first part about the sitting here in my old boxers the only thing is my name isn’t Jason.
EnderEli 3 månader sedan
No one: Jump Cut: *how to finger a girl*
Jfr Films
Jfr Films 3 månader sedan
i made the mistake of signing up for jumpcut, it's literally just him flexing
Troveion 3 månader sedan
I love just imagining eddy going to them and saying "could you read this script and make it really obvious that you are doing so?"
Troveion 3 månader sedan
0:09 simp meme forshadowing
Nifty 3 månader sedan
She looks like a toad from DyingLight
CZKnight 3 månader sedan
my name is jason how did he know?
no thin
no thin 3 månader sedan
Giorno: *breathes* Abbacchio: 11:01
s.g 4 månader sedan
For those of you who don’t know, a Sybian is someone from the country of Sybia
emilydotbug 4 månader sedan
WHAT THE FUCK they couldn't have just found a REAL overweight girl for their video???
cheesecat 4 månader sedan
Jokes on u I'm but ass naked
Coder1024 4 månader sedan
I just visited the channel. It's gotten worse. They've made more videos pushing their BS scam courses but now they view-botted them to make them seem legit. 3m+ views on a video and only 700likes/dislikes. Def seems fishy af.
Whippetywhoop 4 månader sedan
Oh god THE EDDY BURBACK knows my name
Zach Abraham
Zach Abraham 4 månader sedan
Hello I am one of Eddy Burback's 1000 true fans. Oh man, I am such a big fan of that good ol' boy. Funny boy. Handsome boy. Do you remember in Brink when the bad guys were just teenagers who got their skates paid for by their company? Haha, me too. Crazy, right? Anyway, buy Eddy's merch. I have some of it right here (SHOW MERCH THIS IS A NECESSITY) and subscribe to his channel or my name isn't ____________. Now I'm gonna read out my favorite moment in Brink. Gabriella, describing her mother's reaction to her being suspended from school: "There was screaming, yelling, and there was crying and hugging. It was very Peruvian! How'd your family deal with it, Jordy?" Jordy: "There was sitting and staring, and afterwards there was more sitting and staring. And for all I know my parents are still in the living room sitting and staring." Haha, what a film. Bye!
Marcus Mysteriously
Marcus Mysteriously 4 månader sedan
The phrase "uncanny valley" comes to mind.
XClawes 4 månader sedan
Like ur vids
So And so
So And so 4 månader sedan
This is why the kids in my neighborhood are so screwed up
Kevin Sundelin
Kevin Sundelin 4 månader sedan
If they hadn't made the girl look like an alien and actually gave her a normal looking double chin, it might've actually been convincing. But no, _everything_ has to look like like garbage.
Tanya Cockle
Tanya Cockle 4 månader sedan
She doesn't look like fat people actually do, like... she looks so fake
Apple Juice
Apple Juice 4 månader sedan
Binging your content and laughing a lot... Love your stuff! (This vid is older but hey why not)
no no
no no 4 månader sedan
I thought you were peeing lmao
james Reid
james Reid 5 månader sedan
High key I’m in love w kong
Sgtcrazyeyes 5 månader sedan
“Women are objects” -Eddy Burback
The_One_Titan 5 månader sedan
I see a person who takes Daddy Eddys words out of context
stealthboy 111
stealthboy 111 5 månader sedan
why you got to call me out for may underwear dude
PXZEL 5 månader sedan
Also, make some new videos dude
PXZEL 5 månader sedan
Krzysztof Hepner
Krzysztof Hepner 5 månader sedan
Gta online motorwars anyone?
Clint Daniel
Clint Daniel 5 månader sedan
Excuse me. Did he say ghettos of LA? Uhm, what?
Like Police
Like Police 5 månader sedan
Him telling me off for wearing old underwear Me not wearing any:😳
Decoy Account
Decoy Account 5 månader sedan
Oh man, the name Jump Cut Academy gave me flashbacks to an old Comedy Central show called Jump Cuts that got cancelled after 4 episodes. It was just a series of noteworthy short comedy films with video of men in suits jumping on pogo sticks in between. Good show.
Samir Bhatia
Samir Bhatia 5 månader sedan
Love your channel but nobody wants to buy a pair of boxers for $24
J Fowler
J Fowler 5 månader sedan
The beginning of this video creeped me the fuck out. I bought ne boxers a week ago tho.
Group B
Group B 5 månader sedan
i love how drew just went full robo-voice "or my name isn't UNDERSCORE UNDERSCORE UNDERSCORE UNDERSCORE"
Rusty Toenail
Rusty Toenail 5 månader sedan
I felt personally attacked from the boxer part
Mike Crocker
Mike Crocker 5 månader sedan
I shit you not I bought Jump Cut Academy when I was making decent money from my day job. I did the one time payment of $1000. It had some good nuggets of ideas but was not at all worth $1000. They sent me a poster though so that's cool.
Conklin03 5 månader sedan
She has that w o r m n e c k
CalMSalt 5 månader sedan
11:00 it's so easy to do a bit with 2 characters when you have glasses
Games For Cykits
Games For Cykits 5 månader sedan
lol my comments just gone, was it something I said about fortnite or dating videos still on trending?
PurpleQueen 5 månader sedan
Eddie out of context: “This is why I started a cult”
Star fish
Star fish 5 månader sedan
Psychologist: Eddy without glasses isn’t real, he can’t hurt you Eddy with glasses:
Zach Brown
Zach Brown 5 månader sedan
i’m not saying this to try and brag or anything but its really not hard to figure out how to finger a girl and you certainly don’t need an instructional video for it...channels like this make me sick ugh
Brandon Montreuil
Brandon Montreuil 6 månader sedan
I can tell Eddy is heavily influenced by Ethan Klein. Im not complaining either. Love h3
meme 6 månader sedan
I am wearing the same boxers I’ve worn since MIDDLE SCHOOL! And some day old socks...
TheTicain 6 månader sedan
When i hear an Indian dude talking my brain scream SCAMMER
Nis 3r
Nis 3r 6 månader sedan
All I see is a promo code for undies, where is our discount code for jump cut academy?
Patrick Loftis
Patrick Loftis 6 månader sedan
Him reading the video titles made me uncomfortable.
Bob Beathard
Bob Beathard 6 månader sedan
Epic crossover episode
Avery Bondeson
Avery Bondeson 6 månader sedan
NakeyJakey made me drop a like
Dax Robinson
Dax Robinson 6 månader sedan
Eddie be struggling because he posts twice a year
This statement is false Nothing is true
This statement is false Nothing is true 6 månader sedan
I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that silent night video Unless that was a different video with a different video with the same concept
Nega 6 månader sedan
Imagine how fucking stunned Jason was at the beginning.
Kat S.
Kat S. 6 månader sedan
Nakeyjakey reading that Brink part in front of copies of Brink was like it was cut directly from his video about Disney Channel Original Movies.
Molly Fairbanks
Molly Fairbanks 6 månader sedan
I’ve been rewatching all of your videos over this quarantine. I love you and your videos so much!!
jason lacy
jason lacy 6 månader sedan
My name is Jason and I almost watched this video in my boxers.... Spooky
Nega 6 månader sedan
Wait wait wait... how do you almost where boxers?
Cassandra Taylor
Cassandra Taylor 6 månader sedan
Eddy without glasses scares me
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