Disc Golf World Champion Challenges 2 Noobs to 9 Holes | DiscDice Challenge | Jomez

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Watch more challenge rounds: sepost.info/vision/PLZ1LrAadOyA3ZUTHywelIUTyIXFpxiGTE
Watch the 2021 Las Vegas Challenge coverage: sepost.info/dev/video/uXndusqda36kmdM.html
Players: 2018 Disc Golf World Champion Gregg Barsby, Noob Thomas Gilbert, N00b Ezra Aderhold
Course: Innova | Wildhorse Golf Club | Las Vegas, NV
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JomezPro Månad sedan
Let us know what you think of these rounds! Upcoming coverage schedule is always available at JomezPro.com
Stetson Gunner
Stetson Gunner 2 dagar sedan
@Omari Kameron Yup, been watching on Flixzone for years myself :D
Omari Kameron
Omari Kameron 2 dagar sedan
pro tip : watch movies at flixzone. I've been using it for watching loads of movies recently.
50 Stitches Steel
50 Stitches Steel 21 dag sedan
Enough with the 30$ discs guys..Yeah they look cool but it's a bit ridiculous for a 15$ disc
backyardstrummer 25 dagar sedan
I'm always down with watching a practice round with Barsby on the card. Greg is the disc golf ideal, a true God of the sport
Simulated Fish
Simulated Fish 28 dagar sedan
these have been GREAT it is so nice to see the big players and everyone off the pressure of pro coverage. PLEASE keep these going!
Crazy Hand Grows
Crazy Hand Grows 9 dagar sedan
I love the KJ special spotlight on Hole 1 haha
Jr 07foto
Jr 07foto 21 dag sedan
Awesome! There should be more of these fun rounds with the Noobs ! cool stuuff
An Nguyen
An Nguyen 21 dag sedan
no videos from you guys in a week. are we going to get a Jonesboro practice round? 2021 edition
Darry Oliver
Darry Oliver 22 dagar sedan
Awesome. Loved the music too, had like a Pretty Lights vibe. Much love Jomez!
Daniel Penrod II
Daniel Penrod II 23 dagar sedan
Ezra wears a glove while driving? I’ve never seen that before
Daniel Penrod II
Daniel Penrod II 23 dagar sedan
What a bizarre OB fence roll.
FollowTheBazz 23 dagar sedan
They need to rename this sport into Simpgolf
Alex playz minecraft
Alex playz minecraft 24 dagar sedan
Nice Thomas 👌
chris bruchak
chris bruchak 24 dagar sedan
Anyone know why Ez is wearing a glove on drives?
chris bruchak
chris bruchak 24 dagar sedan
The barsbarian is the youngest old guy ever. Probably my favorite world champion ever. His personality is absolutely infectious.
backyardstrummer 25 dagar sedan
I'm begging Jomez to get JohnE in one of these videos....
S.0.S 25 dagar sedan
Greg and his mask lol, duechebag
LunarEclipse1788 27 dagar sedan
cute facemask on that conspiracy theorist.
agetori77 27 dagar sedan
Just a normal everyday par. No pictures on the scorecards! :D
Grant Chapman
Grant Chapman 27 dagar sedan
10:29 is Barsby doing a "Schwarzenegger" re: Ezra? If he is it's a perfect match 'cause Aderhold is basically Terminator
Grant Chapman
Grant Chapman 27 dagar sedan
4:05 the joy of throwing circles
seymourglass26 27 dagar sedan
4 days late on that April Fool's joke, guys. I expected a player as bad as me or worse, one of my friends.
Forehand Anhyzer
Forehand Anhyzer 27 dagar sedan
dude Gregg is hilarious talking about the old discs. i would burn with him for sure.
Robert McGarry
Robert McGarry 28 dagar sedan
The crushinator!
Douglas Loeb
Douglas Loeb 28 dagar sedan
i still throw the crush!
Thaddeus Maximus King
Thaddeus Maximus King 28 dagar sedan
So I play tourneys with people who wear Texas Chain Wreck shirts like Barsby. Basically me and Barsby are best friends now. Thanks Jomez for providing the footage !!
Colby Linn
Colby Linn 28 dagar sedan
Seen Barsby play, but never anything behind the scenes. Big fan of his after watching this!
A-Aron G
A-Aron G 28 dagar sedan
The Orc is still one of my favorite disc. Underrated today.
Tyler Tipke
Tyler Tipke 28 dagar sedan
I cant understand the dude in the black or is that just me
Austin Texas Law
Austin Texas Law 28 dagar sedan
barsby promoting discraft is so wholesome but also funny. innova/millenium is probably like wtf bro
Parker Stanley
Parker Stanley 28 dagar sedan
Zone literally says “ putt and approach”
Charles Cornwallis
Charles Cornwallis 28 dagar sedan
Ezra Tour Series Crush incoming
Marty Modus
Marty Modus 28 dagar sedan
And 11:58 is the longest roll-in to roll-away EVER!! And he SAVES it?!?!?!?!!
Martin ØP
Martin ØP 29 dagar sedan
What a trio🔥
Zim 29 dagar sedan
I want to see an alternate "wildcard" die, maybe only for approach shots, with stuff like: - Overhand / Upside-Down - Non-Dominant Hand - Roller - Heaviest/Lightest Disc in Bag - Newest/Oldest/Least-Used Disc in Bag - Swap Bags - "The High Route" / "The Simon Route" - Run it - Mini
Ryan Vanderburg
Ryan Vanderburg 28 dagar sedan
Wait till you see the WACO addition of this....lets just say, the TILT is involved. 😎
Adam Leber
Adam Leber 29 dagar sedan
Kevin Jones is the king of the pop-in.
Baked Crack3r Foy
Baked Crack3r Foy 29 dagar sedan
Zoey is the vibe! Played with her in Oregon, amazing person. This round is dope as fuck... love watching the Great Greg Barsby do his thing against the new bloods
Thomas Noelcke
Thomas Noelcke 29 dagar sedan
New challenge for Ezra, play a tour level course with nothing but a Nuke and a zone 😅
imopen2 29 dagar sedan
sales of the crush after this video 📈📈
Joshua Burgett
Joshua Burgett 29 dagar sedan
I think Greg needs to join bigsexyuli in a practice round
Patrick Dunseith
Patrick Dunseith 29 dagar sedan
"let's see if we can get a barsby throw-in here" 12:35 sure friggin' right, greg's face after $$$
Annelise Lowe
Annelise Lowe 29 dagar sedan
you need a graphic of the dice roll results to come up on screen.
John Hutton
John Hutton 29 dagar sedan
Would love to play a round with Greg B
Travis Obenshain
Travis Obenshain 29 dagar sedan
Your hole preview music is rad on this one. Props to the fella that puts that together
Jeff Rockwell
Jeff Rockwell 29 dagar sedan
12:01....when Greg got Dela'ed. Now you're all ready for Masters Cup Mr. Barsby~!
Samuel Ehrhardt
Samuel Ehrhardt 29 dagar sedan
Greg is the man. I've said it before and I'll say it again
ChrisWoj 29 dagar sedan
Only in Discraft's fever dreams is a Zone a putter. Thank you guys, a Zone is a mid.
Stian Sørensen
Stian Sørensen 29 dagar sedan
Why is Ezra wearing a glove?🤔
Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 29 dagar sedan
This format of video, with players micd up and no commentary is how y’all should film a tournament 👌🏻
Jason Abernathie
Jason Abernathie 29 dagar sedan
LOVE IT!!! After the roll away and the big putt save, "When you get a great break like that you gotta take advantage" -Greg Barsby
Seth Harcrow
Seth Harcrow 29 dagar sedan
jomez let me film I promise I won't miss any shots & always get good angles.
Matt Knight
Matt Knight 29 dagar sedan
The only thing I can say to Jomez or any of the other channels is "More Barsby." The guy has a super fun game to watch, he's hilarious and knowledgeable on commentary. Barsby for president!
steve gondosch
steve gondosch 29 dagar sedan
I need more Nate Sexton “on the course” commentary. He’s like the Jim Nance/David Fehrety of disc golf!
Hannu LR
Hannu LR Månad sedan
With a lot of new viewers on the channel you should have introduced the players better.
John C Cissel III
John C Cissel III Månad sedan
So much respect for Greg.
Jon Brandt
Jon Brandt Månad sedan
Fun video. For someone new to the sport it would have been great to have brief intros - name, latest tournament win or something.
JomezPro 29 dagar sedan
Thanks for watching and the suggestion!
Blindjager Månad sedan
The title is such a bait..
Mau :)
Mau :) Månad sedan
Dice roll. Ezra: Can I throw a Zone then?
Gavin Gibson
Gavin Gibson Månad sedan
Greg blessed ezra with one of his Discraft Jerseys! A played in shirt from the champ is such a treasure, that thing should go on your wall Ezra!
Lionel Martinez
Lionel Martinez Månad sedan
Barsby Magic!
Jon Reid
Jon Reid Månad sedan
Zone isn't a mid tho
Jeremy Boyd
Jeremy Boyd 28 dagar sedan
sure isn't a putter tho
Chad Heller
Chad Heller Månad sedan
Greg is my new favorite disc golf pro!
Robert St John
Robert St John Månad sedan
man ezra is getting some grade A advise from some true ogs of the sport....
Timothy Helley
Timothy Helley Månad sedan
Nate Sexton needs Barsby on his podcast asap
Justin Ryder
Justin Ryder Månad sedan
What glove is Ezra wearing?
Laurent Kosakowski
Laurent Kosakowski Månad sedan
Friction gloves. OG ultimate glove
Patrick Maisel
Patrick Maisel Månad sedan
Transition song is catchy af hahah I love it! Great content!
Joshua Cooper
Joshua Cooper Månad sedan
Really cool moment when Greg gave Ezra the retro polo. I hope he rocks it in his next tournament.
Brian Mantone
Brian Mantone Månad sedan
anyone know why Ezra is wearing a glove for some tee shots?
Brian Mantone
Brian Mantone 29 dagar sedan
@Ryan Vanderburg ahh I see
Ryan Vanderburg
Ryan Vanderburg Månad sedan
He wears it during practice rounds so his fingers don't tear
Florian Månad sedan
Barsby is such a cool guy, he is radiating good spirit, fun and that carefree attitude - very enjoyable to watch! Gilbert and Aderhold seem to be friendly and humorous dudes as well.
Ben Link
Ben Link Månad sedan
Barsby with the Omega4!
AZ Disc Golf
AZ Disc Golf Månad sedan
THANK YOU, We definitely need more barsby in our lives. Living legend!
Wes Månad sedan
Those dice are loaded towards anhyzer.
Wes Månad sedan
So awesome listening to Gregg talking about what discs he used to throw when he was with Discraft!
Anthony Hauf
Anthony Hauf Månad sedan
Kevin is always lurking lol
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson Månad sedan
“You get a great kick like that, you’ve got to take advantage!” 🤣
AR-13 Månad sedan
Chainwreck repoing DFW!! Thanks Barsby!!
Theredrockretard Månad sedan
I've got an 14+ year old orange crush if someone wants to buy! Four aces with it. All skip aces lol Also I have a 14+ year old champ wraith that apparently sought after..
Mike Souders
Mike Souders Månad sedan
"My face looks powerful, my body doesn't" -Thomas Gilbert lol
1andonlyMiro Månad sedan
The amount of anhyser on this video is too high
1andonlyMiro Månad sedan
"Would you say zone's a putter?" LITERALLY ON THE NEXT HOLE: "Would you say zone's a mid?"
Jon C
Jon C 29 dagar sedan
@Just Wondering thats exactly what i said when i replied to 1andonlyMiro
Just Wondering
Just Wondering Månad sedan
@Jon C no he didn’t get to throw it. Tomas and him put down their approach discs
Jon C
Jon C Månad sedan
@1andonlyMiro no they didnt. Thomas switched to PA and you can hear ezra say "zone is too fast then huh".
1andonlyMiro Månad sedan
@Josiah Berens they decided it was a putter literally one hole before
Josiah Berens
Josiah Berens Månad sedan
It's a tweener disc, and since they decided it wasn't a putter, it was a valid question for a mid.
Josh Russell
Josh Russell Månad sedan
Its Me
Its Me Månad sedan
The itchy hovercraft continuously cry because gauge alternatively strap except a spiffy night. trite, lopsided learning
Dustin Tolsma
Dustin Tolsma 29 dagar sedan
I agree, very astute observation
KentGaming Månad sedan
I would not be upset if Barsby was in every video
Adam Henke
Adam Henke Månad sedan
Been watching step putts in slow mo for a while and nearly all hop off their back foot before release. Let's put that out of C2 please.
Adam Henke
Adam Henke Månad sedan
I was watching them as something to improve my C!X. It was on my short list of things to improve and I can't commit to working on that knowing its not kosher.
Chris H
Chris H Månad sedan
Ezra's power is fricken impressive 28:25
Dirty Mike
Dirty Mike Månad sedan
old school vs new school I love it
HaikesXO Månad sedan
12:45 dude are you kidding me???? Unreal he made that after the roll
Justin Harris
Justin Harris Månad sedan
What putter does Barsby use ?
Josh Day
Josh Day Månad sedan
Even if KJ isn’t in the video. He’s somehow in the video
Kevin Burke
Kevin Burke Månad sedan
Greg needs a permanent spot on Jomez. I could listen to him commentating for the next 20 years.
b good
b good Månad sedan
Barsby is the man
Jezar Albaniel
Jezar Albaniel Månad sedan
Someone tell more about why Ezra is wearing a glove
Carl Rogers
Carl Rogers Månad sedan
The behind the basket camera shot of barsbys missed put on five was sick
Jake Olsen
Jake Olsen Månad sedan
More Barsby.
Sam Hazleton
Sam Hazleton Månad sedan
Check those dice for weights! Anhyzer on every hole lol
Cameron Gauldin
Cameron Gauldin Månad sedan
Glad somebody else appreciates the Crush like me 😢
Christian Vitale
Christian Vitale Månad sedan
Love me some Barsby
Cole Woodruff Music
Cole Woodruff Music Månad sedan
Gregg is the coolest guy on the planet.
McLain Erhard
McLain Erhard Månad sedan
You guys should cover a round of a World Champ vs. actual noobs! Now that would be quite a sight to see - and I'm sure most of us viewers would better relate.
Chris Reese
Chris Reese Månad sedan
Central Coast Disc Golf Champs vs Chumps is what you're looking for
Sean Carpenter
Sean Carpenter Månad sedan
26:40 Ezra's putt perfectly matched the line his hand took during the motion
A Chap
A Chap Månad sedan
WOOHOO finally a video from Jomez without The Jerm!!!
Josh Worthy
Josh Worthy Månad sedan
8:10 Barsby impersonating Dan Carvey's Ross Perot "Can I finish?" bit from SNL, while Ezra and Thomas just laugh awkwardly because they weren't even born yet when Perot ran for president in the early 90s.
Peter Gibson
Peter Gibson Månad sedan
This might be the most fun group to watch. All just having a good time, very supportive of each other. I would love to hang with them.
Zachary Harris
Zachary Harris Månad sedan
Dude looks like if you drew Uli from memory........
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