(Dire Straits) Sultans of Swing - Gabriella Quevedo

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This is my cover arrangement of Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits :)
TAB: www.musicnotes.com/l/rf7JP
SPOTIFY: open.spotify.com/artist/2k0pCkyV6hDINP2SL9A155?si=k_MeAwfqS8mYx6hmNRJ-uQ
FACEBOOK: GabriellaQuevedo9797/
INSTAGRAM: gabriellaquevedo97
WEBSITE: www.gabriellaquevedo.com/
TWITTER: GabyQuevedo

Tuning: D A D F A D (from low to high)

Dmitry Kotelnikov
Dmitry Kotelnikov 10 minuter sedan
Thank you very much for playing. When you smile at the camera, it's great. Greetings from Russia!!!
Cherry 12 minuter sedan
You are playing my favorite song!!!
Automatic No Static
Automatic No Static 30 minuter sedan
Such a beautiful Acoustic version of one of the greatest songs!
servet derer
servet derer 46 minuter sedan
RDS 48 minuter sedan
Absolutely LOVE it!! Fabulous work.
Rob Graham
Rob Graham 49 minuter sedan
gianniss jafari
gianniss jafari 50 minuter sedan
Максим Россолов
Максим Россолов 51 minut sedan
Выходи за меня!!!
omar auchette
omar auchette 55 minuter sedan
The dislikes are the Creepers and Phantoms this mighty beast has scared off.
Dan Ramos
Dan Ramos Timme sedan
That was fantastic. Thanks for leaving the tab. I've been trying to learn challenging things
Tommy Guns Dunleavy
Tommy Guns Dunleavy Timme sedan
Your gift to the world. Thank you
Dimitar Ivanov
Dimitar Ivanov Timme sedan
need headphones for that
Sharivari Timme sedan
You definetely need headphones for that. Beautiful.
namık kemal arsu
namık kemal arsu Timme sedan
If she can do that - she can do anything- she must have invented the word “flexible “ wow! Such mastery -
Paulo Fonseca
Paulo Fonseca Timme sedan
Awesome version!!! Keep pushing!!!
Kenjamonster Timme sedan
Thanks, Gabriella. I think I'm going to pick up that dusty guitar again. Inspired x
emrah kaplan
emrah kaplan 2 timmar sedan
Vb Doe
Vb Doe 2 timmar sedan
Играет конечно классно, но я больше офигел от пластики у девушки. Очень удачная
Jason Howes
Jason Howes 2 timmar sedan
I’m about to make a bonfire and just throw my acoustic in there.
Yip 2 timmar sedan
Better than the original
bravo Gabriella un morceau que j' adores magnifiquement interprété , tu fait passé beaucoup d' émotions dans ta façon d' interpréter . amitiés
Robert White
Robert White 3 timmar sedan
Her smile at the end is like the cherry on top of a sundae!
MORTIMER SCHNERD 3 timmar sedan
While she is playing, the little glances up with the Mona Lisa smile, I absolutely melt!
Pedro Perez
Pedro Perez 3 timmar sedan
You're so cool I'm just fool for loving you. But One day I hope to be able to play like you.🌪️🎼🤓
krillin2022 4 timmar sedan
bravo! i dunno what's prettier, u or the arrangement.
John Rigali
John Rigali 4 timmar sedan
Adding to my music favorites playlist.
John Leake
John Leake 4 timmar sedan
Thanks.... now I have to go find my old dire straits version.... which I have enjoyed for more than 40 years
bibi souri
bibi souri 4 timmar sedan
c'est super jolie :) bravo
Alessio P.
Alessio P. 4 timmar sedan
Complimenti per la tua genuina bellezza ,fantastica interpretazione e arrangiamento , avrai un'ottima carriera davanti a te.👏👏👏👏🙌🇮🇹
Marco Antonio Oliveira
Marco Antonio Oliveira 4 timmar sedan
Gostei muito...
Dirk Eicker
Dirk Eicker 4 timmar sedan
Error 4 timmar sedan
Poe 5 timmar sedan
dang! what's that smell like!
Kaltechgear 5 timmar sedan
Jon O'Neil
Jon O'Neil 5 timmar sedan
Tom Wynn
Tom Wynn 5 timmar sedan
Nice playing, but turn down the reverb.
Waqas Rasheed
Waqas Rasheed 5 timmar sedan
Go Sweden!
Mich Mich
Mich Mich 5 timmar sedan
88/5000 Wonderful ! And what a wonderful smile! How not to fall in love with you? What planet are you from? What a Universe of harmony and beauty. I am dazzled, under the spell of your talent and your beauty
Scott Clark
Scott Clark 5 timmar sedan
I wish I had that kind of talent. Beautiful - well done.
Andrew Tongue
Andrew Tongue 5 timmar sedan
Truly, a Spanish style at play, here - a little too larghetto for my liking - tho' it was accomplished. Nice finger picking.
WLK1965 5 timmar sedan
Holy cow! That was awesome.
Ariel Jacala
Ariel Jacala 5 timmar sedan
Brilliant - simply brilliant arrangement - grace and strength
Emmett Spencer
Emmett Spencer 5 timmar sedan
this is a timeless masterpiece, and wow played so well by this young lady. hats off bravo
Александр Марасин
Александр Марасин 6 timmar sedan
Pink Mist
Pink Mist 6 timmar sedan
The Rock Cop
The Rock Cop 6 timmar sedan
I can play rock and metal guitar licks all day...but for some reason, I've never been able to play an acoustic like this. ugh. Sounds amazing.
Котомир суперкласс
Котомир суперкласс 6 timmar sedan
Хорошо конечно арпеджио играет.но только баре не использует!
Dr. Liliana Galeano PhD
Dr. Liliana Galeano PhD 6 timmar sedan
G L 6 timmar sedan
music doesn't sync with hand movements at all, audio quality far too high for a sofa/living room recording. At the very least you should be honest that these aren't recorded on your sofa. If its yours at all.
Lou Ferrao
Lou Ferrao 6 timmar sedan
Fabio Calabretta
Fabio Calabretta 6 timmar sedan
so brilliant ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Michele 6 timmar sedan
davvero brava 😮
Steve Anton
Steve Anton 6 timmar sedan
That was great!!
Es Sol
Es Sol 6 timmar sedan
She is a good guitar player. I'm sure she can do a lot more interesting stuff than this. This is just cheesy.
Erik Hooper
Erik Hooper 6 timmar sedan
chill on the reverb my god
shahb2011 6 timmar sedan
Gavin Costa
Gavin Costa 7 timmar sedan
This was recorded in a studio or somewhere else. Definately wasnt recorded their. You can tell.
T1KKA 36
T1KKA 36 7 timmar sedan
You understand the thing
Luiz Franco
Luiz Franco 7 timmar sedan
amazing I am grabbing It to ableton to put a deep house into background at 120 bpm
snarfdwarf 7 timmar sedan
Wow amazing gona favorite this song for sure, and the audio quality is perfect. I guess you don't have any interest in singing but if you would take singing lessons for 1 year...the sky is the limit. :-)
Francis Josephus
Francis Josephus 7 timmar sedan
I was anticipating my favorite riff at the end. No riff. 😕
Edwin Bastiaens
Edwin Bastiaens 7 timmar sedan
wow, she makes it look like it is eazy peazy...
T1KKA 36
T1KKA 36 7 timmar sedan
So Your gifted
T1KKA 36
T1KKA 36 7 timmar sedan
Vadik Lubezh
Vadik Lubezh 7 timmar sedan
🌕 be happy 😊
Neptunian Moon
Neptunian Moon 7 timmar sedan
Tomek B.
Tomek B. 7 timmar sedan
The purest pleasure for eyes and ears. :)
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller 7 timmar sedan
It almost hurt my finger tips to watch this but it was so worth it.
CaptainVideo100 8 timmar sedan
You're very pretty!
Max van Rossi
Max van Rossi 8 timmar sedan
Sehr schön gemacht, ein Balsam für die Ohren !!!!!
Clayton Santos
Clayton Santos 8 timmar sedan
É na sutileza que reside a exuberância! Tudo lindo!
Bryan Puentes
Bryan Puentes 8 timmar sedan
Shaq Deisel
Shaq Deisel 8 timmar sedan
How did you memorize those note for note?
Hansi Müller-Mühle 2
Hansi Müller-Mühle 2 8 timmar sedan
very nice ❤❤❤❤❤❤
_S.J.A_ Slavashow
_S.J.A_ Slavashow 8 timmar sedan
super !!
Олег Крым
Олег Крым 8 timmar sedan
Garno !!! Гарно ,хоррошо
mahmoudi Mohamad
mahmoudi Mohamad 8 timmar sedan
tres joli merci
Pavel Vanek
Pavel Vanek 8 timmar sedan
This song should not be played anymore.
Paulo Criscuolo
Paulo Criscuolo 8 timmar sedan
Gorgeous and talented.... Congratulations beautiful lady...
Hagop Ghazarian
Hagop Ghazarian 8 timmar sedan
allthewayLive 9 timmar sedan
Poésie La Vie
Poésie La Vie 9 timmar sedan
Magnifique interprétation !
El Oscuro
El Oscuro 9 timmar sedan
Si dices sultana of swins tres veces frente al espejo se te aparece mark nofler en calzones.
Daniel Dubois
Daniel Dubois 9 timmar sedan
Il serait intéressant de voir de quoi sont capables tous les négatifs !!!!!
MrSottobanco 10 timmar sedan
Nice rich sound.
Çağca Savaş Gel
Çağca Savaş Gel 10 timmar sedan
Çok güzel
ICV 10 timmar sedan
Alain Seguin
Alain Seguin 11 timmar sedan
My favorite song. Great Job. Nicely played
Theo C
Theo C 11 timmar sedan
I hate youtube recommendations, this fucking video was recommended for like a week, they will still recommending this fucking video until you watch it.
Steve Stoddard
Steve Stoddard 11 timmar sedan
Beautiful playing and I love the sound of that guitar. What model Taylor is it?
Prendimi Beniamino
Prendimi Beniamino 11 timmar sedan
Que guapa!
Ronny Quahs
Ronny Quahs 11 timmar sedan
Amazing. Listen to it over and over agian!
teoman eastwood
teoman eastwood 12 timmar sedan
very very very good
Charly CK
Charly CK 12 timmar sedan
que hermosura la p.. madre!!
KC Hiker
KC Hiker 12 timmar sedan
This is one of the best guitar playing I've ever seen. Beautiful.
CJ Rocky
CJ Rocky 12 timmar sedan
i love it :)
Erik Sandner
Erik Sandner 12 timmar sedan
Hammer Baby - das ist echt nicht so einfach :-) Gratuliere!
Peter Berger
Peter Berger 13 timmar sedan
Beautiful, both - song and young lady... candle, redwine and this version of sultans..... wonderful
C Stew
C Stew 13 timmar sedan
Mark Rozario
Mark Rozario 13 timmar sedan
kiss kiss
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