Did Late Night TV Change in 2020?

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Eddy Burback

2 månader sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 månader sedan
hey stupid! hey dumbass! you can get my shirt at www.yikesshop.com/
The Weirdo :/
The Weirdo :/ 2 dagar sedan
If an employee told me this…
A Pinhead
A Pinhead 11 dagar sedan
No need to be so mean
Pritam Tamang
Pritam Tamang 15 dagar sedan
@Cjhl 0 p
Pritam Tamang
Pritam Tamang 15 dagar sedan
@Cjhl 0 p
Pritam Tamang
Pritam Tamang 15 dagar sedan
@Cjhl 0 to p
Robert Sallow
Robert Sallow Dag sedan
This is without a doubt, my favorite channel ever.
zeeadaj 3 dagar sedan
Papa Billydeth
Papa Billydeth 3 dagar sedan
You should put another circle shape to the left of your shoulder to create balance
Josiah 4 dagar sedan
And john oliver stays exactly the same lol
BarelyTsunami 4 dagar sedan
I will say, even though he wasn't mentioned, that John Oliver's consistency in his 'Last Week Tonight' segments is awesome
Maya Koorapaty
Maya Koorapaty 6 dagar sedan
The way the Conan examples actually made me laugh compared to literally all the rest
Bastard Kitten
Bastard Kitten 6 dagar sedan
I highly suggest you listen to Conan's podcast "Conan O'brien Needs A Friend" if that's the sort of thing you enjoy. Conan and his guests are nearly completely unfiltered in that format. I even heard Tom Hanks drop a few F bombs. it knocked the breath out of me tbh.
Daniel J. Vaughan III
Daniel J. Vaughan III 6 dagar sedan
Hey, I liked the sea captain.
Stones Pebbles
Stones Pebbles 7 dagar sedan
OMG are those sweaters retired now?!?!?!?
Stones Pebbles
Stones Pebbles 7 dagar sedan
Damn I'm glad I bought 2 sweaters before they were sold out! Was about to buy another color buuuuutttttt...
Nicole Scheffel
Nicole Scheffel 7 dagar sedan
i bleach tie dyed my yikes shirt and it bleached way faster than I thought, and all i could say was 'yikes'. it was fitting
becky potato
becky potato 7 dagar sedan
I love how Conan seems to be the internet’s favourite late night host lol
MAGA COUNTRY 8 dagar sedan
Main stream comedy went woke and it now completely dead. I haven't watched a late night show in over a decade. If George Carlin was resurrected he would immediately kill himself when he realized people like Lilly Singh are successful comedians in 2020.
BJLBWS 8 dagar sedan
Conan is still on top. Come @ me!
Sugar Rookie
Sugar Rookie 8 dagar sedan
I didnt think I'd come out of this video adoring the artistic and comedic ability of Conan, shit
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 10 dagar sedan
Who's Lily Singh?
Jess McPherson
Jess McPherson 11 dagar sedan
eddie do you edit your own videos? I feel like theyre little odes to each style
CaliTex2010 12 dagar sedan
We have to get Eddy on Conan's podcast
LIFELESS ENERGY 12 dagar sedan
Let’s just say this politics need to stay out of comedy
faber4044 12 dagar sedan
Have John mulanys eyes always been so far apart? If so I don’t remember that
theoriginalshew 13 dagar sedan
Craig Ferguson's interviews were always great because it DID seem like an actual conversation.
King Awesome
King Awesome 13 dagar sedan
What about the daily show with Trevor Noah?!?!
Maddie Turtwig
Maddie Turtwig 14 dagar sedan
You are so underrated. Also my yikes hoodie gets compliments EVERYTIM i wear it mostly because my family is thankful i put on clothes
Stephen Obisanya
Stephen Obisanya 14 dagar sedan
Somehow you always manage to neglect the impact of Craig Ferguson on late night. Were his show still on air, he’d have adapted seamlessly.
Bailey Wong
Bailey Wong 14 dagar sedan
Corden's garage set looks like it belongs to a right wing radio host and I automatically hate it
hddd 14 dagar sedan
raycons suck
Charlie Rios
Charlie Rios 15 dagar sedan
Omg Ray Jay is dead!!!
Damien 16 dagar sedan
4 eddy burback videos in one year?? who’s this guy!?
Chase H.
Chase H. 16 dagar sedan
Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show was probably the most underrated SEpost-esque of them all. Talking robot skeletons, men dancing in horse costumes, interns wearing BDSM leather, dumb little props, purposely awful transition animations. Having pactically no budget is when the creative comedy really comes out. Craig was absolutely ahead of his time.
Jon, Rad Cowboy
Jon, Rad Cowboy 16 dagar sedan
Ive always loved conan. Best late night show ever
Jelle Hondelink
Jelle Hondelink 16 dagar sedan
I always forget that kimmel and fallon are two different people
Hey there
Hey there 16 dagar sedan
Eddy: gives decent criticism Lily probably if she ever reacts to this: "hes an angry virgin"
Mysterious Person
Mysterious Person 17 dagar sedan
I disagree. It is not aging.
Sam Labbato
Sam Labbato 17 dagar sedan
I love how it's cool to be normal now
Seiyuōkami Himura
Seiyuōkami Himura 17 dagar sedan
Lol. I seriously just got an ellen ad.
dAkId 18 dagar sedan
Hello Eddy. I Know you probably won't see this, but I just wanted to say that I got the new Yikes merch, and I love it!
Eli Elite
Eli Elite 18 dagar sedan
sepost.info/dev/video/2HbHmrmCZqXMwJQ.html Make a video on this please. 😂.
Ben Stewart
Ben Stewart 18 dagar sedan
When will my king return to SEpost
kkjstin 18 dagar sedan
Eddy da yetty
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water 19 dagar sedan
why does eddy sound like a less obnoxious version of trump
CrampedTurtle 10 dagar sedan
Skela 20 dagar sedan
How do you still not have a million subs yet? But Drew gooden does...
ThatShortGuy 20 dagar sedan
lol i thought this was the same video as before because the thumbnails were similar (usually i watch ur videos the day they are released)
Situatie 21 dag sedan
Edward Bareback
Amelia Rose
Amelia Rose 22 dagar sedan
You should talk about Craig Ferguson hehe
Phatpipes 22 dagar sedan
This is the first video of yours I’ve watched, and I love it. I’ve always thought about this, and your channel has so many other great videos on similar topics. Relevance is golden Dude, and you have nailed it. Can’t wait to binge and watch more of your content!
Levi Burdick
Levi Burdick 22 dagar sedan
I need a embroidered hoodie
Lord Orochimaru
Lord Orochimaru 23 dagar sedan
A month has passed where is the video.
Nolan Mitchell
Nolan Mitchell 23 dagar sedan
What is that woolly caterpillar doing on his face
TomatoBoy20 24 dagar sedan
Mithridates of Parthia
Mithridates of Parthia 24 dagar sedan
I actually laughed at the Conan bits, I didn’t know he was this funny.
Marcus 25 dagar sedan
Do you look like Edmund Kemper on purpose?
Pepper 25 dagar sedan
“Stay out of social situations if possible” Me: *is forced to go to school* “fuck”
AstroVision Media
AstroVision Media 26 dagar sedan
Derek Mitchell
Derek Mitchell 26 dagar sedan
Bring back the knees shirts
Jacqueline Haines
Jacqueline Haines 27 dagar sedan
No Trevor Noah??
Kepris_ 27 dagar sedan
I want yikes merch, but it's all sold out. I'm incredibly sad.
Robert Cassistre
Robert Cassistre 28 dagar sedan
Eddie come home!
Nathan Buth-Chavez
Nathan Buth-Chavez 28 dagar sedan
I haven't really watched late night shows beyond a clip here and there since I moved out of my parents' place in 2015. Might need to circle back and watch what some of them have been up to this year 😅
The Running Toaster
The Running Toaster 29 dagar sedan
Jordan Schlansky is probably preparing his body in various different ways rn
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown 29 dagar sedan
Eddy, I hope this message finds you, I recently got a cozy crew neck at Kohl's on sale for $6 and it's the best financial decision I've made this year, all about that crew neck energy now, also I love your videos and your editting style, conan rocks, and you make your videos at whatever pace you want man you're killin' it
DomsVids 29 dagar sedan
Jord Månad sedan
Keep up the good work and congrats in 700k subs!
Lars Månad sedan
Love your videos man, keep it up!
SkankHunt42 Månad sedan
The golden age of late night imo was the end of the bush era and some echos of that at the end of Obama. Jon Stewart being my favorite.
HappySloth29 Månad sedan
You forgot the eirc andre show
Bodhi Teraguchi
Bodhi Teraguchi Månad sedan
Aja Månad sedan
Also, unlike Letterman, Conan never put Jennifer Aniston’s hair in his mouth on his show against her will.
Mavrick Alexander
Mavrick Alexander Månad sedan
Conans always been my favorite late night host(and I don't watch late night cause they're all typically the same) conans slightly different. I love the self depreciating humor and humiliation of it. Its fun and tends to feel less "fake" I guess.
Nicole Månad sedan
✨ earbuds ✨
JhongYT Månad sedan
Mr. Edwin, I think you forgot to remove the Groucho mask.
Milki_W6ze Månad sedan
699k subs nice
Gloomy Blooms
Gloomy Blooms Månad sedan
Talk about bird scooters again. Please :)
Conner Broeker
Conner Broeker Månad sedan
I hate Seth Meyers
Conner Broeker
Conner Broeker Månad sedan
Monologues are fine
swag tubby
swag tubby Månad sedan
699k subs nice
Iagan Foss
Iagan Foss Månad sedan
SGN by John krasinsky is the best actor Owned youtube channel our there. Check it out
Zac Revier
Zac Revier Månad sedan
Eddy is ripped now
sullie bob
sullie bob Månad sedan
Trek Bee
Trek Bee Månad sedan
eddy and gus are living together?
jacob nunemacher
jacob nunemacher Månad sedan
Yo my guy I’m tryna see more of your videos g I’m missin ya, not to hound or anything but you, Gus, and Sven hit different than the rest of your tube
Alex C.
Alex C. Månad sedan
Trump 2020
CrampedTurtle 10 dagar sedan
Isaiah Richards
Isaiah Richards Månad sedan
Sorry bud I love ya but you look and sound like a heavier set Cole Hersh
Alexander Robichaud
Alexander Robichaud Månad sedan
Genuinely awesome video
dragosanie Månad sedan
I don't know much about late night television but wouldn't that Larry King guy be the oldest?
JC Denton
JC Denton Månad sedan
The Dick Cavett Show is great!
Dracula Tod
Dracula Tod Månad sedan
Hi Eddy, I know this isn't really the type of content you would normally make but I've discovered a SEpost account that's whole thing is making fun of dead people like a day after they die... their name is Swag Adam and I simply want their account to be raported and deleted and I dont know how to get enough attention to make that happen. I only found out about them because I googled Grant Thompsons name and his video was one of the first to show up.
WTFOliver Månad sedan
has all this nu "late night" gone directly onto yt, like full episodes? I've always been interested in this type of show but I've never really tried to follow anything but going trough some of these shows that have happened during quarantine would be fun, if they are easily available in full.
Red Baran
Red Baran Månad sedan
Conan is the worst late night host. He's not funny.
Fart Smucker
Fart Smucker Månad sedan
Watching Conan pander so insufferably hard to BLM when people cared, but not really, about George Floyd was hard to say the least to watch
kiko S
kiko S Månad sedan
You’re looking more fit
Azeem Dheen
Azeem Dheen Månad sedan
I found out about conan only a year ago. I wish he was younger.
Mr. DRIP Månad sedan
I saw from the lunch club podcast you like avatar well I got don watching all episodes who is your favorite character mine is zukos uncle iroh
Molly Skattberg
Molly Skattberg Månad sedan
the 500 people who disliked this were probably just mad that Eddy said Kimmel/Corden are boring
Tom From Eddsworld
Tom From Eddsworld Månad sedan
Eddy I regret to inform you that Brent Rivera is on Nick
Not Available
Not Available Månad sedan
if only my precious Eddy could get to 1 million subscribers maybe Covid would go away?
Andres Fuentes
Andres Fuentes Månad sedan
Seth is really killing it in late night game!!!
William Thomas
William Thomas Månad sedan
Holy shit eddy is only 23?!
Virtualabyss 715
Virtualabyss 715 Månad sedan
All of the other late night hosts trying to do letterman instead of trying something new is like in metal gear solid when everybody misinterpreted the boss’s will
Nicolas P.
Nicolas P. Månad sedan
Eddy's gonna get cancelled when Ray J dies abruptly in a month
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