Deno - Lingo ft. J.I & Chunkz (Official Video)

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Deno - Lingo ft. J.I & Chunkz
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Lyrics -
Now your talking my lingo
Big stacks
Every day we making cash, making cash
Hop out the cab
1,2,3 with the gang
Money mad
Everything we do for the bag
Making cash
Hop out the cab
1,2,3 with the gang

Cos money mad
We ain’t ever had no bags
Really came from the bottom of the ground
So it’s crazy now we got bands
Me and you is a different ratio
Counting up my p’s while I’m on the radio
Aiming for the top, You n*ggas are way below
Saw a big cheque, then I got my mother a yard

I don’t wanna do it, but they all gonna make me do me right,
Empty out the clip at the audience, like it’s movie night,
Baby in the UK, put you on a sooner flight, I ain’t tryna put it in your mouth if you don’t chew it right
She a little bad thing, and she got an accent,
I can see the Louis Vuitton, upgraded your fashion
You deserve a stylist, I can make it happen
She gonna use my lingo in her caption

Now your talking my lingo
Big stacks
Every day we making cash
Hop out the cab
1,2,3 with the gang
Money mad
Everything we do for the bag
Hop out the cab
1,2,3 with the gang

(Uh) She rocking with my lingo
She used to see my shop outside the window
She was riding with me even when I been low,
But now it’s different
So tell me when you need me
She told me bout her CV
Bad little freaky ting like Riri
For you it’s Celine cos it’s normal,
Dominican, Nigerian, Somaliana,
She bad she make me wanna be her baby father
Shit changed, is it me or are you capiana
Or is it maybe cos I hit a miliana

Take her out to eat we going Benihana
Flights from the ends take her to Bahamas
Make her do the deed, while she’s in her Prada
She calling me daddy, but I’m the Don Dada

Now you’re talking my lingo
Big stacks
Every day we making cash
Hop out the cab
1,2,3 with the gang
Money mad
Everything we do for the bag
Making cash
1,2,3 with the gang

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Deno Driz
Deno Driz 28 dagar sedan
Bilalaz Bilal121
Bilalaz Bilal121 6 timmar sedan
Inception 11 timmar sedan
Levi Taylor
Levi Taylor 4 dagar sedan
@Clxrkzy are you mad chunkz its sick
CTS-10 4 dagar sedan
Yusuf Akbar
Yusuf Akbar 4 dagar sedan
came from nothing to an M4 then to a farrari superfast i tink
Palqiis Abdi
Palqiis Abdi 22 minuter sedan
Palqiis Abdi
Palqiis Abdi 23 minuter sedan
Siidokey wallakay
Palqiis Abdi
Palqiis Abdi 26 minuter sedan
Walkaya manshalaha hormar fiican huno wanku jecelnahay
mjim 49 minuter sedan
Is this on spotify???
JAYTECH Timme sedan
Did anyone else notice swarmz
Jennifer Ndipp
Jennifer Ndipp 3 timmar sedan
Jarangi Bro
Jarangi Bro 5 timmar sedan
Is that swamp sitting next to chunkz
uvne 7 timmar sedan
J.i bodies everything
Abdur Raheem
Abdur Raheem 7 timmar sedan
Man like JI
sumo seth
sumo seth 8 timmar sedan
chunks ruined it
Remz Remar
Remz Remar 10 timmar sedan
I wot to be in a song whit u deno
PlayboiJxice 12 timmar sedan
Lowkey J.I Ruined the song
Bah Lesly bin
Bah Lesly bin 14 timmar sedan
Amazing 😉 Love the steps
Prince Hamid
Prince Hamid 14 timmar sedan
fat guy
uraskingforiturdyingforit 23 timmar sedan
Deno and chunkz never disappoint!!!!!
Macho Man
Macho Man Dag sedan
We need a remix with Aitch 🔥
Shwisnsn Dag sedan
Came For Chunkz. Stayed For Chunkz.
Shania Nikita
Shania Nikita Dag sedan
Smashed the video👀💥
BradLaneUK Dag sedan
boys,you smashed
yacine dahim
yacine dahim Dag sedan
This is cold
VØRTEX - LXIX Dag sedan
Cant stop listening
Leah Westwood
Leah Westwood 2 dagar sedan
I love this song so much it’s stuck in my head
ITZ OT 2 dagar sedan
Chunkz x Deno is just a different breed, vocals are there
Luke Hill
Luke Hill 2 dagar sedan
Chunkz Yano, man like fucking chunkz
Abdur Raheem
Abdur Raheem 2 dagar sedan
Congrats to chunks with the weight loss shows you can do anything put your mind to it song lit 🔥🔥🎧🎤
y2skitz 2 dagar sedan
wallahi, never thought jokeman chunkz would sound like this musically
Khalid Ben Tawfik
Khalid Ben Tawfik 3 dagar sedan
00:50 J.I. got me trippin with that verse, that was smooth ! 👌🏾🔥
PYRO 3 dagar sedan
"Empty out the clip on the audience like it's movie night" Jeeeeeeee JI went hardddd
Mayami Afton
Mayami Afton 3 dagar sedan
I haven’t heard of him?
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson 3 dagar sedan
Chunkz my brother keep shining.
chosen 1
chosen 1 3 dagar sedan
likkle man at the end!!
Danny Ward
Danny Ward 3 dagar sedan
chunkz i did not nkow uoir a rapper o only now niko ominala
Ciâra Bingham
Ciâra Bingham 3 dagar sedan
Jay Bourton
Jay Bourton 3 dagar sedan
Omg this tune is banging
Noulto 7
Noulto 7 4 dagar sedan
Reader Jesus loves u and died for ur sins to save u from hell he rose on the third day and if you repent and trust Christ he will give eternal life 💕
Max 4 dagar sedan
Every day we making cashhh~~~~🥶🥶🥶🥶
The man With the truth
The man With the truth 4 dagar sedan
English chris brown
YBR Prince
YBR Prince 4 dagar sedan
'Everyday we making cash'🔥🔥💯
Chinx Amo
Chinx Amo 4 dagar sedan
Soon on top
544R4 4 dagar sedan
🖕🏻❤️ in love with the song
544R4 4 dagar sedan
The fact that deno said he on de radio I. Listening to it rn on the radio well ..... I were
Lewis Lic
Lewis Lic 4 dagar sedan
This tunes underrated 🔥🔥🔥
Josh Quirke
Josh Quirke 4 dagar sedan
Bodied it❄
Debko Kamil
Debko Kamil 5 dagar sedan
Shes callings me daddy but im the dontada
Charlie Taylor
Charlie Taylor 5 dagar sedan
seeing ji come up over years is acctually mad this guy is something different🙌🏽the goat
Ya Boy Kiarn
Ya Boy Kiarn 5 dagar sedan
I swore I just saw Swarmz in this vid
Rixsoh 5 dagar sedan
Crazy how much weight chunkz has lost...
Tajriyaan Ahmed
Tajriyaan Ahmed 5 dagar sedan
Ramadan special
Youngboii Makki
Youngboii Makki 5 dagar sedan
worlds_ Base
worlds_ Base 5 dagar sedan
UnKn0wN Ôñ_ ÏG-_-
UnKn0wN Ôñ_ ÏG-_- 5 dagar sedan
Sassys Child
Sassys Child 5 dagar sedan
Hi it Destiny
Sr. Supreme
Sr. Supreme 5 dagar sedan
J.I snapped🗽 but Chunkz tho 🔥
vyfo 5 dagar sedan
i cant be the only one finding out he's 18
Sir Sambo
Sir Sambo 6 dagar sedan
Switched off after 40 seconds. "Everyday we making caAssh" how about you find a hook that isnt a bullshit fucking clichè thats been said 6 billion times?
Callum Stevenson
Callum Stevenson 6 dagar sedan
Good 👍 music 🎼 Demo driz
Charlie Taylor
Charlie Taylor 6 dagar sedan
wait this is cold
ARJAN BHAMBRA 6 dagar sedan
Come on chunksinio $$$$
Huzzy Wuzzy faum
Huzzy Wuzzy faum 6 dagar sedan
How gay can this get
Josh S
Josh S 6 dagar sedan
First song I heard from chunkz but wtf I thought he was a joke he’s hard af😂
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson 6 dagar sedan
WraithPaths 6 dagar sedan
Joe Kermeen
Joe Kermeen 6 dagar sedan
Chunks moving up in the world 🔥
Mark Mower
Mark Mower 7 dagar sedan
These have to make another song together
SWZ 7 dagar sedan
J. I carried idgaf what anyone says
Ibra !
Ibra ! 7 dagar sedan
Everyday we makin caaash🔥🔥
crystal plays roblox
crystal plays roblox 7 dagar sedan
Yoel Aron
Yoel Aron 7 dagar sedan
niko has a cracked voice you have already been roasted by darkest
TheGaming Guy
TheGaming Guy 7 dagar sedan
Chunkzs forehead is bigger then my future
Too Certii
Too Certii 7 dagar sedan
its muneeb
its muneeb 7 dagar sedan
Ahhh this is tooo hard 🥶🥶🥶🥶🤧😤❤❤💵💰💰💰💵
TheAmazingJJ1 1
TheAmazingJJ1 1 7 dagar sedan
Hard as
Afah TV
Afah TV 7 dagar sedan
Hard 👀
sundus mohamud
sundus mohamud 7 dagar sedan
sheeshh this is good 🥶🐐
Mdotz 7 dagar sedan
Gavin Bonner
Gavin Bonner 7 dagar sedan
almost 2 of the 3 minutes of this song was the hook. let that sink in.
Gavin Bonner
Gavin Bonner 7 dagar sedan
@TyrellJr lol... I have. And if I havent, that wouldnt change the fact that this song is lazy, derivative, and repetitive.
TyrellJr 7 dagar sedan
ok and... you make a song then
Gavin Bonner
Gavin Bonner 7 dagar sedan
boy that was not a good experience
Mozkiller123 8 dagar sedan
J.I ruined it
Hash Hussain
Hash Hussain 8 dagar sedan
Wtf chunks he got half naked girls sitting on the namaaz prayer mat
Bob Askey
Bob Askey 8 dagar sedan
J.i jus carried the whole song ngl 😂😂
TyrellJr 7 dagar sedan
no he didnt
Mr Juvie
Mr Juvie 8 dagar sedan
Whats the somali girls name tho 👀
King slayer
King slayer 8 dagar sedan
Nah they mocked it how they puttin likkle man in the back 😭😭😭😭
Fornite / Roblox
Fornite / Roblox 8 dagar sedan
Why do you have dollars and pounds? Not to be rude
Hxrley Clapz
Hxrley Clapz 8 dagar sedan
J.I deno chunkz 🔥🔥🔥
Roly From Derby
Roly From Derby 8 dagar sedan
Ma'isah Finch
Ma'isah Finch 8 dagar sedan
Chunkz is officially a 🐐🥶
AVB 81
AVB 81 8 dagar sedan
why is curtis jones in this vid?
solomon campbell
solomon campbell 8 dagar sedan
Chunks goes hard , likkle African carebean ting as well ( baby fadda )
Adam Benmimoun
Adam Benmimoun 9 dagar sedan
How has this not got more views
A . H
A . H 9 dagar sedan
Chunkz went in hard 💯
Derival drip
Derival drip 9 dagar sedan
the best collaboration on earth
matt pe
matt pe 9 dagar sedan
Rip cadet, deno carrying on his legacy
Max 5 dagar sedan
Another person tryna get likes come on man stop its old
daily vlogs with ur girl
daily vlogs with ur girl 10 dagar sedan
Makein caaash
lilkhan Studio
lilkhan Studio 10 dagar sedan
MY BRO MET U TODAY OMG!!! Such a miracle I wish I was there XD
Jay 10 dagar sedan
Nice to see you making bro!
Louise Adasa
Louise Adasa 10 dagar sedan
The chorus melody could’ve been better x
Youtuber Rozonexkt
Youtuber Rozonexkt 10 dagar sedan
This is big for chunkz im proud of you brudda
american children boys =)
Maro George
Maro George 10 dagar sedan
Ksi lessgoo 🔥🔥
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