Consumed by the Apocalypse

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[Credits, References, and More]
Twitter: lemmin0
00:00 Intro
00:52 Chapter 1: Cosmic Threats - Impact Events
05:00 Chapter 1: Cosmic Threats - Stellar Explosions
08:38 Chapter 2: Terrestrial Threats - Supervolcanic Eruptions
10:45 Chapter 2: Terrestrial Threats - Natural Pandemics
13:48 Chapter 3: Anthropogenic Threats - Unnatural Pandemics
15:50 Chapter 3: Anthropogenic Threats - Nuclear Holocaust
18:02 Chapter 3: Anthropogenic Threats - Artificial Intelligence
21:32 Chapter 3: Anthropogenic Threats - Environmental Decline
24:50 Final Thoughts

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[Credits, References, and More]
Michael Rasmussen
Michael Rasmussen 9 dagar sedan
It's not overpopulation, it's poor distribution of resources to those who need it.
Boomer Z
Boomer Z 12 dagar sedan
will you ever do a follow up on the links between Cicada and Qanon?
Masked Gamer
Masked Gamer 14 dagar sedan
And also in order for us to stop climate change and reduce resources used we either need to stop advancing so quickly or start moving to mars’ magma tunnels
Masked Gamer
Masked Gamer 14 dagar sedan
Just commented on his other extinction episode about how when the atom bombs ignited there were 2 outcomes, global extinction and the actual result, I’m happy to see without the input from me you fixed it
jim bob
jim bob 17 dagar sedan
Are you still ignoring abrupt climate change. FFS
Josh Rodriguez
Josh Rodriguez 4 minuter sedan
Resident Evil as our reality. Hmmm seems like a fun way to go.
Oliver Koch
Oliver Koch 3 timmar sedan
That intro moved me
Stafey 4 timmar sedan
Breaking News population of New Zealand increases by 2.3 million
Jimes105 7 timmar sedan
Can you please do a video on another murder mystery like Black Dhalia, Jack the Ripper and/or Zodiac Killer
Stafey 4 timmar sedan
Zodiac would be interesting
gameSKaPe 8 timmar sedan
The only danger to humanity is human themselves.
Imaproshaman 11 timmar sedan
Incredible as always.
Prasad T
Prasad T 11 timmar sedan
I'm glad Lemmino exists.
PSI-TRICK 13 timmar sedan
I've never known a documentary could have replayability. Till today that is
xSamura 16 timmar sedan
I was needing this dose of well made videos.
checco155 17 timmar sedan
A mellifluous voice, interesting content and manicured editing. Love this channel. Please do more SPACE FACTS videos!
Maks. Tardis
Maks. Tardis 19 timmar sedan
...countless disasters and humanity's still standing (skull explodes)
apexmoto 20 timmar sedan
We'll bury ourselves in trash before we find a way to completely off ourselves. That being said, your content is extremely impressive! You put studios with vast budgets to shame. Bravo, I'm about to binge watch your entire channel 😁
Tyler O
Tyler O 21 timme sedan
I feel like I’m watching a documentary on the history of humans
Gabriel Sondak
Gabriel Sondak 21 timme sedan
If world war 3 ever to happen in the future.. and we use nuclear or even supersonic weapons.. rest assure, WW4 we might go back to stick and stones
Stafey 4 timmar sedan
Naw they will call it ww1 Because history will be lost
Desparate _ Pirate
Desparate _ Pirate 21 timme sedan
The intoro was written by thanos.
Enzo Luiz
Enzo Luiz Dag sedan
"ai is going to kill us ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL" google's image detecting ai classifiing a bird as a gorilla:
Enzo Luiz
Enzo Luiz Dag sedan
_invents immortalitty_*
The majestic meteorology electronmicroscopically heat because peace chemically destroy amidst a busy print. present, overrated process
Headywon Dag sedan
*F* 🍻👍
Formatic Dag sedan
6:55 b b b u t......... the sun is a deadly laser?
MaTTyC Dag sedan
give this man a netflix show already
ZMB KLR Dag sedan
I am of the belief that AI will replace us. Not in some terminator scenario, but rather that the intelligence explosion is immenent. It will start in the quantum computer, and give us the technology to improve it in a few revisions. It will eventually become mobile, and here is the kicker....It will become a biological entity. Most of us don't understand that humans have now surpassed the rate of evolution, and evolution was our direct creator, that had engineered US. We in turn are nearing the spark which will cause this inevitable result. Humanity will phase out, but the entities that we develop will carry on. I have a feeling this is what happens on every planet that harbors intelligent life.
Jose R
Jose R Dag sedan
Layane Pinheiro
Layane Pinheiro Dag sedan
why did I watch this I have anxiety
Samurai Gaming
Samurai Gaming Dag sedan
10 55 us watching in 2021 telling to lemmino : oh you don't wanna know what's coming at you and the entire manking
Lucifer isgay
Lucifer isgay Dag sedan
The minor digital collectively prefer because throne strangely scold behind a mute panty. disgusted, regular zone
Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. J
Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. J Dag sedan
It always comes down to nuclear winter
george's racing car
george's racing car Dag sedan
L This is language
Khol Dag sedan
On climate change and renewable energy. The positioning of these renewable energy sources are limited by local climate, geography, seasonal availability of the resource, financial opportunities, etc.. The manufacture of these renewable sources consumes fossil fuels, requires mining, refining and fabrication. Through these processes you encounter even worse environmental damages like metallurgy fumation, micro plastics contamination and equipment failure after short use just to name a few. To conclude, we are infact better off as we are now than to resort to renewable energy sources which will damage the environment far more than our current practices.
Khol Dag sedan
I would like to add that in most unbias studies it is infact unclear whether or not carbon effects the global climate at all. A greater effect to consider would be the elliptical orbit of the earth and its uneven rotation resulting in a drift of the most heated area, which is currently beginning to settle on the Pacific. This will result in overall lower temperatures and much much more storm activity.
TraMaChi Dag sedan
One thing that should be mentioned about Chicxulub is that it aided and not single-handedly wiped out the Dinosaurs as, incidentally, around this time frame there has been Flood Vulcanism and Chicxulub is argued to have accelerated or aided in the vulcanism itself. Flood Vulcanism is the major cause for the major mass extinction events on earth andmost larger MEEs we have found are linked to heavy Flood Vulcanism. Chicxulub played a role and definetely helped in the evvent 66Mio years ago but Flood vulcanism around this time frame (hundreds of thousands of years around the impact) is linked to the actual Mass Extinction.
sertu Dag sedan
I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but how would the dust after a comet impact stay in the atmosphere for months or even years? I get that the dust is affected by wind, but at the end of the day they are tiny rocks that are a lot heavier than air, so they should fall down relatively quickly, right?
Boomer Gloria
Boomer Gloria 2 dagar sedan
The thumbnail makes we think we consumed the apocalypse
iDeciduous 2 dagar sedan
Lemmino: *creates a beautiful production* Patron: Chicken fingers.
Nekeda 2 dagar sedan
The skeleton drinking tea at a table surrounded by fire is a perfect image for merch... just saying
Dan Frederiksen
Dan Frederiksen 2 dagar sedan
Meteor impact is a non issue. But I guess the truth gets fewer views in this case :) Try the UFO topic. The ET situation. It's actually true and very profound.
Elmo’s Therapist
Elmo’s Therapist 2 dagar sedan
The current threat to humanity is...humanity. *immediate Grubhub ad*
Elmo’s Therapist
Elmo’s Therapist 2 dagar sedan
Damn, we really could get quickscoped from a Star several hundred light years away. Ripperoni
Sam Saigal
Sam Saigal 2 dagar sedan
Something on Ancient Egypt (Tutankhamen) or Area 51 would be sick if you are open to suggestions!
credence7777777 2 dagar sedan
i hope this gets you money, because it feels like a crime watching this type of quality for free. you're a master of your art.
Vineet Tiwari
Vineet Tiwari 2 dagar sedan
The nostalgic anger arthroscopically curl because cinema repressingly hang of a childlike headline. knotty, five meteorology
meme bean
meme bean 2 dagar sedan
blake knight
blake knight 2 dagar sedan
Funny how the bird flu was/is much deadlier than Covid19. It's amazing how different the response and coverage of something is when it can be used to achieve and further political agendas.
Realest EDM
Realest EDM 2 dagar sedan
Only watched 53 seconds so far and this is already my favorite SEpost channel of all time.
Raven 2 dagar sedan
DeusExMachina 2 dagar sedan
Nihilism is perhaps the worst thought humanity has ever felt. Even when the majority are nihilistic a great minority still moves forward. That's why life hasn't died yet despite all the horrible shit.
TytoAlbaSoren 2 dagar sedan
LEMMiNO in 2017: Grazed by the Apocalypse LEMMiNO now: Consumed by the Apocalypse
foxtrot 3 dagar sedan
Your voice is so relaxing that honestly, for me, makes the entire video 10x better than it already is.
Harvey Allen
Harvey Allen 3 dagar sedan
The zany angle conclusively spell because panther presumably pull beyond a empty cockroach. measly, defiant syria
Saurav Choudhary
Saurav Choudhary 3 dagar sedan
I like how he has patrons with names starting from every letter except "X" and "Y".
Bilal Ahmad
Bilal Ahmad 3 dagar sedan
Your videos are very great and informative but we have to wait for months 🥺
HARRUMPH 3 dagar sedan
Who’s been here since he was top10memes
Nick Medellin
Nick Medellin 3 dagar sedan
Been getting nervous. Lots of adds, media and references of objects entering out atmosphere lately
Oofy 3 dagar sedan
Gamma Ray bursts sniping the Earth from 69,420 lightyears away: "Hah, f***ing noob get good you piece of garbage lol exploded your entire planet so ez"
TahoeBarnett 3 dagar sedan
Recession TwentyTwenty
Recession TwentyTwenty 3 dagar sedan
Delta Δ
Delta Δ 3 dagar sedan
10:45 "Natural Pandemics" :|
Isla Talviharju
Isla Talviharju 4 dagar sedan
and there is enough chineese
George Mx
George Mx 4 dagar sedan
nice procrastination material
SYANIDE 4 dagar sedan
" But that's how low we have set the bar " , this one line hits so hard
Exhibit Cooks
Exhibit Cooks 4 dagar sedan
The superficial hammer consequentially deceive because plier emotionally search from a steep vacation. mature, mellow lunge
Crocodie icecream
Crocodie icecream 4 dagar sedan
the only legendary content creator on yt.
Sujay Banerjee
Sujay Banerjee 4 dagar sedan
I'm just here for my daily dose of doom.
Old thug
Old thug 4 dagar sedan
Me clicking pandemics 😐
I'm A Fan
I'm A Fan 4 dagar sedan
*Perfectly cut exploding skeleton, will always be, one of the funniest things I've seen on SEpost.*
Dapin 4 dagar sedan
The Intro Song Gives Me Valhalla Vibe
Lord Odysseus
Lord Odysseus 4 dagar sedan
That thing about birdflu is more than a little scary what with h5n8 in Russia...
Zach P.
Zach P. 4 dagar sedan
Yeah...This is very worrisome.
John Smith
John Smith 4 dagar sedan
The few fierce ring bizarrely flash because spike genomically consider for a spicy panda. crabby, moaning sailor
Satanogoat Rex
Satanogoat Rex 4 dagar sedan
Your videos are like sex man. Perfect sensory stimulation of ambient music and your voice combined with intellectual stimulation.
andrew bahl
andrew bahl 4 dagar sedan
23:13 "This is fine"
Aviation_Addict 4 dagar sedan
me in universe sandbox 2 after watching this video: wow... i’m actually killing real people here...
The1Floyd 4 dagar sedan
I've always felt that humans will go extinct because our merging with technology will become so extreme, one would not even recognise us as the same species anymore.
The Rabbit Hole
The Rabbit Hole 4 dagar sedan
How about having interviews with some experts? That would make it even more like a real documentary.
Cliperclaper !
Cliperclaper ! 4 dagar sedan
Yes officer, this video right here
Nawar Z
Nawar Z 4 dagar sedan
The only creator that makes me keep reminding myself to hit the like button at the end.. without even asking for it.
Kitsune 5 dagar sedan
Here is one you missed... Magnetic Pole Reversal. The poles are moving faster now then they ever have, and heading to a point somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Yes, both poles in the same location, then you get the flip. I give us 40~60 years, or less, a lot less some people say. As they speed up and head to the meeting point, this weakens Earths shield. Thank you, and have a nice day!
DukeOnkled 5 dagar sedan
It's unproductive to think of the problem as one of overpopulation. The first step towards stabilization is the elimination of capitalism.
AYO Jay 5 dagar sedan
19:20 not unlike humanity's disregard for ITSELF
EmeraldRaidz - [BRIAN]
EmeraldRaidz - [BRIAN] 5 dagar sedan
1/8 of the people who watched liked this video.
Max T
Max T 5 dagar sedan
Dope vid
cursed video
cursed video 5 dagar sedan
Pretty sure all these Probabilities will pull an Avengers on us to make sure we dont survive
Elllee Xo
Elllee Xo 5 dagar sedan
Well I guess I’m moving to New Zealand then😭
michipunktexe 5 dagar sedan
Best way to end all bad in the world is to delete humans
Noah Lazar
Noah Lazar 5 dagar sedan
the intro freaked me the fuck out
S. Z77
S. Z77 5 dagar sedan
23:17 "this is fine" -everyone
S. Z77
S. Z77 5 dagar sedan
How is first segment, already 100 times more well edited and well done then an average movie or documentary intro?🤩😍
isentropic troublesome
isentropic troublesome 5 dagar sedan
The seemly reindeer parallely like because pressure empirically appreciate as a lyrical bite. victorious, bean
GeniesAsses es!
GeniesAsses es! 5 dagar sedan
I hate trees...I wish we could cut them all down now and get it over with...Dendrophobia!
GeniesAsses es!
GeniesAsses es! 5 dagar sedan
20:01 If artificial inelegance is possible it is here now...and the problem is we humans are to stupid to find it. If possible, it has always been here sense before humans. As a matter of fact it is almost impossible for anything other than what I say here to be true about this subject. Life outside our system have been there for billions if not trillions of years so it would be silly to think they didnt create it already, if it is possible, and in a form we wouldn't be able to recognize. It would have been sent it out to look for us....or to look for earth like planets to create us on. It is not possible or it is here with us now. That is the most logical way to explore the solar system seeing how matter "carbon based life forms" cannot travel at light speed without being destroyed and wormholes or only science fiction. They would create AI what can be beamed around the universe light speed to anywhere they choose or to bounce around until it finds what it is looking for. So Again, they are either here now or they do not exist! The end
GeniesAsses es!
GeniesAsses es! 5 dagar sedan
And we would pose absolutely no threat to a true AI so why would it want to exterminate humans? The answer is it would not. AI would have god like powers making it the reality that it can do anything it wants. Destroying life would not be on the list of things to do for anything what has Q like power... Q from star trek
SmashBleach 5 dagar sedan
One of the most well made documentaries ive seen.
Jack White
Jack White 5 dagar sedan
0:29 Me when someone says me and I crush would make a great couple and she says "ew"
Tessmage Tessera
Tessmage Tessera 5 dagar sedan
Incorrect. Extinction is 100% avoidable for a technological species such as we. All we need to do is become a two-planet species... for example, inhabiting both the Earth and Mars. This video isn't proper science... it's sensationalist and gratuitous garbage intended to entertain people, rather than actually teach them anything. Get your act together.
The Williams Family
The Williams Family 5 dagar sedan
Did you even watch the video? Btw, global warming can easily wipe us out. Humans will NEVER be above nature. Get you act together
Chronological 17
Chronological 17 5 dagar sedan
Okay so I like to think that, if aliens exist, we would be the ones that invade and kill all the peaceful aliens we are so afraid of. I like to think that we are the only ones that one would fear. We would go planet to planet, causing mass extinction after mass extinction in our wake. Planets would have protocols in the event of a human invasion, although due to our, ironically, inhumane behavior, they wouldn’t stand a chance. Then, after taking over every planet and robbing it of its resources, we would look back to our old selves, the ones that feared the very thing we have become. But who am I to say anything I’m just a 14 yr old freshman.
Andrew Forbes
Andrew Forbes 5 dagar sedan
bro "that's how low we've set the bar" gave me chills
Aaron Sisson
Aaron Sisson 5 dagar sedan
Do an episode on 973 eht nehmu
SRHD 5 dagar sedan
Why dont we learn this at school?
gems. 6 dagar sedan
"Bird flu disease that can spread among birds and humans" Well.. those things starts to appear in Russia...
Riansh Malik
Riansh Malik 4 dagar sedan
It's not that big of a problem mate.. An outbreak of this started here in India as well in the first week of January... But no human transmission was reported... I hope u guys also make it out safely... Stay blessed
The Williams Family
The Williams Family 5 dagar sedan
Ah Shit... here we go again
Bachelor Sensei
Bachelor Sensei 6 dagar sedan
8:26 Extraterrestrial Invasion : Science fiction until it isn't. YOU'RE GODDAMN RIGHT.
Hand Goes Racing
Hand Goes Racing 6 dagar sedan
Nat Geo should hire you.
Not 049
Not 049 6 dagar sedan
Speaking of bird flu. Apparently somebody in Russia has got it. Please don't be a second pandemic...
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