Commercials That Still Haunt My Dreams

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Eddy Burback

5 månader sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 5 månader sedan
if you want that hoodie that I'm wearing at the end go to
Theonethey call
Theonethey call Dag sedan
@Young Dick yep
Young Dick
Young Dick Dag sedan
@Theonethey call falcCff camcmFLGKgAfmfMvmcLFmcclClCcCkk ma ckmm ma C A mccLL ma lVkckLkakClgCcMMcmCmCC C ckmCcmlFAll ma CcMcmLcc ca KckFMM MA C CA CLGcCll ma kCC ca McmmCC ca fMM ma lcc C mcLfmcflFKfkcMcmcclMCC C LmCC ca ClcCllclcKCklcclCL a
Milk Fish1
Milk Fish1 25 dagar sedan
“and it’s not an issue and you’re also of age...” Got me with that last one
extreme dumbness inc internał
extreme dumbness inc internał 2 månader sedan
I don't tho
Nintendolightswitch 2 månader sedan
Oh my omg god, guys, feb 1 is my birthday. thanks for the gift, Eddy.
Lynzi Hearns
Lynzi Hearns 56 minuter sedan
You look about 20
Tshinakaho Nthangeni
Tshinakaho Nthangeni Timme sedan
As a member of genZ, we claim you.🙂
420 hollow
420 hollow 4 timmar sedan
Wendy's pioneered cringe comedy
a a
a a 8 timmar sedan
I feel like your style of video is so good that you are sort of limited that all you do is make videos about television. I think that you could make videos about other topics too and that they would still be good because of your talent. Maybe you have already done this and I am just new to your channel so I don't know.
lopsided 10 timmar sedan
wow, you're 23, i thought you were like 22-24.
August Tandy
August Tandy 11 timmar sedan
dont you shit on the slap chop guy or I will haunt your dreams
Luke Dugan
Luke Dugan 12 timmar sedan
I need cash NOW!!!
Master Kenobi
Master Kenobi 13 timmar sedan
Billy mays: Mighty Putty! Eddy: I just want to buy this Me: so Phil swift with hair?
Raiden TheKat
Raiden TheKat 22 timmar sedan
The funny part of all this is a memes "authenticty" is determined by its popularity. Its a trend in todays age to instantly not enjoy anything made by "Adults" (which is a fucking broad term and the max age is shifted based on whos making the argument lol ) , authority, or if its from a company or something official. ( basically authority) So ironically the Old spice commercials are actually at the pinaccle of not only ALL memes, but AD memes as well. Its jsut like stated previously, you cant actually acknowledge this fact because then you would be siding with "authority". To put it into an example. Imagine a dad making a joke, EVERYONE of the kids laugh, but then they all stop and go wait, we cant laugh at that, its a dad joke... thats uncool. They know its funny, they want to like it and are actually battling their inner selves, but they refuse to enjoy it based on the fact that the "HERD" tells them they cant. Wow i think ive just solved the NPC crisis as well.
Ray 23 timmar sedan
The Nibbs
The Nibbs 23 timmar sedan
Sham-wows are actually really stinking good
I_hart_ camo
I_hart_ camo Dag sedan
Oldspice was so long ago it's all about IndiHome PaketPheonix now
Rufus Gude
Rufus Gude Dag sedan
you forgot phil swift😢
aaron w.
aaron w. Dag sedan
14:00 i had an anxiety attack
KarIgnishaYumi Dag sedan
Love old spice. Ug i never like wendys ds. Also my teacher is like the second line related to the wendys family. Wendys twitter is funny though. Oh JG money commercial you made me remember nooooooooo. Omg the chef commercial.
Mr_Skwuid Dag sedan
when the Wendy's ad came on I physically cringed and got goosebumps
Mya Esuk
Mya Esuk Dag sedan
my mom bought like ten shamwows and it pains me to say that they all worked wonderfully
Rachel McDonough
Rachel McDonough 2 dagar sedan
How DARE you not mention oxy clean?!
Aaron Beavin
Aaron Beavin Dag sedan
He mentioned billy mays bro
Alice 2 dagar sedan
oh my god that ad was SUCH a throwback, I remember hearing it on the bus on the way to school
Sergey Meyer
Sergey Meyer 2 dagar sedan
Woah woah there Ed did you just gloss over Wendy's entire Twitter roasts. Whoever controls that account knows how to clap back 👏👏
Heather Welch
Heather Welch 2 dagar sedan
U look older than me im 28
leifboi 2 dagar sedan
Gator blades are actually really good
Skeleton crusader gaming
Skeleton crusader gaming 2 dagar sedan
The shamwow towel doesn’t work for shit
Seiyuōkami Himura
Seiyuōkami Himura 2 dagar sedan
Buy the shamwow today! Its a total sham! Wow! *o*
Samuel Streb
Samuel Streb 2 dagar sedan
i have a shamwow and it sucks
Multus Sanguis Fluit
Multus Sanguis Fluit 3 dagar sedan
My parents got a sham wow, it was shit
Rachel Hay
Rachel Hay 3 dagar sedan
Katherine Deleon
Katherine Deleon 3 dagar sedan
My dad has a couple of shamwows he uses to dry his truck after washing it. They are pretty freaking great, kinda like a microfiber but you can wring it out way better. #NoWaterSpots
Ueda Yuuji Fan
Ueda Yuuji Fan 3 dagar sedan
What about the Go Compare guy. He's worse than J.C. Wentworth.
Terri Dixon
Terri Dixon 3 dagar sedan
Why does the chef ad give me chills like I was looking in the comments and didn't believe it but it was so true
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose 3 dagar sedan
This video ended and now I'm drunk. Great.
Riley Dragoncrow
Riley Dragoncrow 3 dagar sedan
Eddy in the ad at the end gave me Julien Solomita vibes 😀
equal89 3 dagar sedan
who drinks coors lite when we have corona extra
Devon Paul
Devon Paul 3 dagar sedan
My friend and I sang that exact same credit report song everytime we walked into algebra 2...people did not enjoy it
The Pale Sk8er
The Pale Sk8er 4 dagar sedan
how do you make your blue yeti sound GOOD
man with cow
man with cow 4 dagar sedan
Ahh yes. This is definitely your year.
Dracowolfie 4 dagar sedan
Lmao I literally get full body tingles as that Chef Boyardee commercial plays
Circular Snail
Circular Snail 4 dagar sedan
I always feel like the shamwow guy is trying to sell me
JB Nelson
JB Nelson 4 dagar sedan
Predicting Kars4Kids is in here without watching yet...
Jordan Mackey
Jordan Mackey 4 dagar sedan
u unlocked sum warm ass memories from my childhood , cheers buddy
John Wayne
John Wayne 4 dagar sedan
Awe shit 23 gang
Nina Schirmer
Nina Schirmer 4 dagar sedan
Wow, I thought Eddy was 35.
General Grievous
General Grievous 4 dagar sedan
As soon as the Wendy’s one popped up another Wendy’s ad played on my tv 😂
Lisa Leite
Lisa Leite 4 dagar sedan
"how did gen z get so funny?" it's the trauma :)
wo1f gaming tm
wo1f gaming tm 5 dagar sedan
We got a few shamwows they were actually good
Shady Goose
Shady Goose 5 dagar sedan
I didn't think you were 35, I thought you were 41. I mean, the mustache and stubble, it's all so confusing.
Charidude 5 dagar sedan
As soon as I heard “Chef b-“ I knew it was the rolling can
Vernier 5 dagar sedan
Amy L
Amy L 6 dagar sedan
The part they didn't show was chef boyardee beating the kids' parents
PriceYT 6 dagar sedan
It's the beard.. makes you look 35 instead of 23
Money Squeeze
Money Squeeze 6 dagar sedan
Didn’t even talk about OxiClean. That was Billy Maize’s masterpieces.
BIGboi_Chanka Blyat
BIGboi_Chanka Blyat 6 dagar sedan
Enjoy spicy goodness
Mike L. Scott
Mike L. Scott 6 dagar sedan
Billy’s from my city. I just visited his grave a few weeks ago! Sat there and watched the Oxiclean ad with him
Spooki boi
Spooki boi 6 dagar sedan
*once I got rickrolled by a Spotify add*
Hot Dog King 230
Hot Dog King 230 6 dagar sedan
its gonna get bad in 2020 November
Poppa Time
Poppa Time 6 dagar sedan
My parents got a sham wow, it was a piece of shit
Abigail Fisher-Adams
Abigail Fisher-Adams 6 dagar sedan
*Drinks soda water elegantly*
Madi 6 dagar sedan
please upload the uncut footage.
Emory Elise
Emory Elise 6 dagar sedan Tell your friends, tell your Dad, tell your Mom Never mind, they've been singing our song since we first showed up with our pirate hats on If you're not into fake sword fights, pointy slippers, or green wool tights Take a tip from a knight who knows Let's go!
Emory Elise
Emory Elise 6 dagar sedan
I know all the words to all of the free credit report ads!! I thought I was the only one who loved them so much ❤️❤️
Jeeshified 7 dagar sedan
If you didn’t live in the Midwest you didn’t know the true pain of seeing JG Wentworth ads inbetween every other ad
Kalpana Chadha
Kalpana Chadha 7 dagar sedan
my favorable adds are the carmax ones with andrew daly and the lemu emu ones are cool too
Pesky Alpaca
Pesky Alpaca 7 dagar sedan
The genuine fall in his mood when he remembers that Billy's dead is so sad
The Dark Voyager _
The Dark Voyager _ 7 dagar sedan
13:58 bruh every friking night i see this ad on my mightmares what have u done
Spore 95
Spore 95 7 dagar sedan
What is the name of the song at 1:30
Michael Westbrook
Michael Westbrook 7 dagar sedan
Eddy saying Billy Mayes sounds like Billy Mayes.
MrPiggy Squiggles
MrPiggy Squiggles 8 dagar sedan
wow ur 23 i thought u were `12
Elliot action sports
Elliot action sports 8 dagar sedan
Wow bro your 23?! Dang bro I thought you were like 35... wow
I got mynigga pass from affirmative action
I got mynigga pass from affirmative action 8 dagar sedan
I got mynigga pass from affirmative action
I got mynigga pass from affirmative action 8 dagar sedan
Erica Wilson
Erica Wilson 8 dagar sedan
Me at 14 home sick from school: Everest college guy: You're sitting at home watching tv and your life is passing you by. Me: oh my god you're right
Seth Smith
Seth Smith 8 dagar sedan
My respect for you went 📉📉📉 over JG wentworth. That shit was great
Jamie Lievesley
Jamie Lievesley 8 dagar sedan
Well thanks... now I've got this stupid JG Wentworth song stuck in my head, several days later, and I'm not even from America
S T 8 dagar sedan
Billy Mays was on dwugs:(
Toad the squealer
Toad the squealer 8 dagar sedan
Lol he predicted a future not at all a lie
AnonymousPotato 9 dagar sedan
i felt GENUINE joy seeing the intro to the chef boyardee commercial like woah
Preator_Vallum 9 dagar sedan
I knew the jg Wentworth was gonna be brought up, in a commercial video how could it not be mentioned?
David Kapral
David Kapral 9 dagar sedan
How can you not like the JG Wentworth ads?
AI Totem
AI Totem 9 dagar sedan
The Chef Boyardee commerical and The Office live in the same universe. Change my mind.
will daniel
will daniel 9 dagar sedan
Phik swift is the modern billy maze: change my mind
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 9 dagar sedan
Ahh, Chef Boyardee, ready to roll forcibly into your home and give your kids diabetes. Who the hell feeds that shit to their kids five nights in a row? Also, imagine the mom seeing that and suspecting her kid stole it.
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 9 dagar sedan
Gah damn JG Wentworth. I honestly wanted that bus to crash.
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 9 dagar sedan
Not the shamwow brand, but there are cheaper versions (oddly enough) that worked way better. Still, just go to the dollar tree and get sponges.
Mr. Bubz
Mr. Bubz 9 dagar sedan
You forgot to put the liquid slam commercial in the video!
Jeff 9 dagar sedan
perhaps the funniest commercial of all time- the ORIGINAL Geico caveman commercial:
Ryan Mc
Ryan Mc 9 dagar sedan
I can’t lie 877-CASHNOW is big meme energy in my friend groups. Like yeah it was annoying at the time, but worth the memes.
Adam Bright
Adam Bright 9 dagar sedan
😂 I thought you were closer to my age, like around 30. I would rather people think that I was that age instead of assuming that I'm like 17 when I'm actually 27.
DankoleClouds 9 dagar sedan
I love Eddys videos because I'm the same age and can relate to them.
that random goth
that random goth 9 dagar sedan
My mum got a shamwow it was shit and some paper towels are better
Kai Larsen
Kai Larsen 9 dagar sedan
Shamwows actually did wonders no cap
colbi mitchell
colbi mitchell 9 dagar sedan
you are gen z the cut off was 1995 you would have to be 25 to be millennial. not trynna gate keep, I'm just letting you know that you are as funny as any other gen Z.
R3dakt3d 9 dagar sedan
Im only 11 and im drinking beer. Rootbeer that is mhmmm so good
Dave's Smithy
Dave's Smithy 10 dagar sedan
You only dress like a 35 year old dad. Gus is guilty too. You have a lot of success as a 23 year old while the majority of millenials want to kill themselves and have had their dreams killed and are wondering if they're going to be homeless with one big expense. So kudos to you dude.
David Gordon
David Gordon 10 dagar sedan
My Guy looks like a rejected Mario Brother I love it
Gloucester Cooks
Gloucester Cooks 10 dagar sedan
you dont look a day over 90
spicy boyz
spicy boyz 10 dagar sedan
For real tho 23?
Tubbo Time
Tubbo Time 10 dagar sedan
i got a sham wow and it was good for 1 use lmao and it was shit ever since
Mr. Turtle
Mr. Turtle 10 dagar sedan
Billy mayes phill swifts mentor
CF 3300
CF 3300 10 dagar sedan
I hate the Doritos commercials.
Alumnus 10 dagar sedan
I fucking loved the JG went worth commercial
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