Chris Kläfford - Tennessee Whiskey, Kitchen Session [S02-E01]

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Chris Kläfford

Månad sedan

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Mixed by Erik Birkelöf

Chris Kläfford
Chris Kläfford Månad sedan
Last year was a total rollercoaster! I am so happy I’ve got this platform where I can communicate with you guys. I’ve been doing Kitchen Sessions for a while now, and in a way I’m thankful I’ve had the time to do more of them In 2020. I’ve been focusing a lot on writing new music for an upcoming album this past year, and I´ll keep focusing on writing. Sometimes it´s just nice, taking a break, doing a cover song in my kitchen. 😄 I loved doing Kitchen Session season one for you all, and I hope you’ll join me for season two! ❤️
Diane Mae Robinson, Author
Diane Mae Robinson, Author 13 timmar sedan
You are absolutely amazing! Love it.
Glenn Ausland
Glenn Ausland 4 dagar sedan
Kan du gora "someone you loved" med louis capaldi?! Tyckar den passer perfect for din stemme!🥰 shout out from Norway!!
Momzilla 6 dagar sedan
Hey Chris, I'm a News Junkie so I always catch up on AGT a few years later. Today I saw you for the first time, and YOU BLEW MY MIND! Just had to keep searching and I found you have your very own channel. Just awesome. Not sure if you have a Kitchen Session for February yet, but be sure that I will be checking for that next. I haven't got the spare bedroom ready yet, but if you need a place when you visit Toronto Canada know that you've got a bed if you need it, and I am a pretty good cook if you will sing for your supper? Tell your Mamma that this Mamma is super proud of you! Pitch perfect!!! God bless!
Yolanda Banks
Yolanda Banks 6 dagar sedan
You are awesome 💕👍
Mary Nash
Mary Nash 8 dagar sedan
Chris Ross
Chris Ross Timme sedan
Ok that's it! This song has reached its peak! No one can ever top this song now. Great job Chris! I may be a metalhead but nothing compares to listening to your music. I was wondering what happened to you after AGT (saw your "Imagine" cover and smiled the whole way through thinking "this version is absolutely amazing!")
WGV 10 timmar sedan
Unbelievable talent. Voice of an angel.
A Young
A Young 12 timmar sedan
My Aunt was in the hospital with COVID for 9 days & for those 9 days the only thing she ever asked for was to have Chris Kläfford on repeat so that she could stay calm & so that she wouldn’t feel lonely. She passed away last Friday with our entire family gathered outside of her hospital window.. So now, in order to calm myself down & to feel a little less lonely, I listen to Chris ♥️
France Labrecque
France Labrecque 14 timmar sedan
wow........... super bon belle voix
Lillian Crosby
Lillian Crosby Dag sedan
WOW. Amazing!
Moon Rise Cottage Soul Tarot
Moon Rise Cottage Soul Tarot Dag sedan
Thank you Chris, just gorgeous.
Autumn Knight
Autumn Knight Dag sedan
No words - only a profound appreciation.
Nooner Garage
Nooner Garage Dag sedan
Chris, simply amazing. I'm just rediscovering you now since your TV appearances and boy am I glad I tuned in here. New subscriber for sure. Looking forward to seeing you live somewhere/sometime. Take care.
shaesdad56 2 dagar sedan
Best rendition of Tennessee Whiskey EVER!!!!!!! Thanks Chris!
Sal Mad
Sal Mad 2 dagar sedan
I became a fan today
Kosta Triantafillou
Kosta Triantafillou 2 dagar sedan
Phil Brownsey-Hughes
Phil Brownsey-Hughes 2 dagar sedan
Who needs the gift of a family business? When you already have such a natural gift! Your voice , Stay true to your heart man!
TwizidOkitty 2 dagar sedan
I am simply in love with your talent . .
jer48888 3 dagar sedan
My goodness brother! Just a colorful voice that cuts straight to your soul!
Judith Reynolds
Judith Reynolds 3 dagar sedan
Hope all your family is very proud of you! You should be very proud of yourself!
miou miou
miou miou 3 dagar sedan
Could you please put it on Spotify? I really need it!
Mick Mc loughlin
Mick Mc loughlin 4 dagar sedan
Sweeeeeeeeet lord my man your voice has something very very special. As a singer myself i only watch in absolute awe at your performances. Thank you from every musical piece of me.
Philipp John
Philipp John 4 dagar sedan
Great version! Loved to listen to your voice and passion! Send you love and light from Germany! May you be blessed!
Nina Lindström
Nina Lindström 4 dagar sedan
Du är på en helt egen nivå, din fantastiska röst är en gudagåva, finns inget annat sätt att förklara det på. Jag hoppas du uppfyller alla dina karriärsdrömmar för du är lätt en av de bästa sångarna som existerar just nu.
richard foster
richard foster 4 dagar sedan
Fantastic voice Please Don't stop we need talent like you to make our life just that bit more soulful
Jan Can Cook - Cooking with no kitchen
Jan Can Cook - Cooking with no kitchen 4 dagar sedan
What an amazingly stunning work of art!
Asmin Rosario
Asmin Rosario 4 dagar sedan
what a humble and handsome song to sit down in the winter brewin' coffee in the morning for relaxation
D Jr
D Jr 4 dagar sedan
Killed it! Awesome job Chris!
Michelle Theel
Michelle Theel 4 dagar sedan
Your voice is music to the soul. Amazing!
Teresa Skyles
Teresa Skyles 4 dagar sedan
OMG just so beautiful this is one of my favorite and man you do one-hell-a-va job singing it.KEEP GOING
Jaiboiz 4 dagar sedan
I demand that this be put on Spotify... NOW!
Izak Niemann
Izak Niemann 5 dagar sedan
Perfect! I can't find anyone who sings better than you ... you are the best Chris!
melissa Castillo
melissa Castillo 5 dagar sedan
I love your passion your voice is amazing
defect2889 5 dagar sedan
great song thanks
FrogThatEatsMushrooms 5 dagar sedan
Your a very special person 😍
xfsiren 5 dagar sedan
Stay in God's word. I pray for you... Entertainment industry is sketchy. Stay true to who you are. God Bless you... I love your voice.
Vivi Z
Vivi Z 5 dagar sedan
MY Favorite rendition of Tennessee Whiskey. I just wish I could download it on Spotify or buy it on iTunes.
Robert Rinfret
Robert Rinfret 5 dagar sedan
Great version wonderful my friend
Heretech 6 dagar sedan
Bro. Everything you do is incredible. I think you're my favorite vocalist now. Such a powerful voice. Would love to see you and Teddy Swims do a collaboration haha
Kevin Mahoney
Kevin Mahoney 6 dagar sedan
Nailed it!!!!
tyrsting 6 dagar sedan
Respekt fra Danmark .
Giovanni van Wyk
Giovanni van Wyk 6 dagar sedan
this guy has such a strong voice. Chris stapleton has a great voice but this guy he made the song better, he cn even take high notes which i doubt with stapleton
Dan Baker
Dan Baker 7 dagar sedan
Normally when people cover this song I stop listening after 20 seconds or so but you sir smashed it 👏 bravo
Moni Hogg
Moni Hogg 7 dagar sedan
You are phenomenal mate :) !!!
Mary Hjort
Mary Hjort 7 dagar sedan
So happy to find you here ... I love your music.
Johan Martinsson
Johan Martinsson 7 dagar sedan
Bland det mest vackra jag hört! Grymt! ❤️🇸🇪
Martin Nielsen
Martin Nielsen 7 dagar sedan
Best cover I've ever heard.
Håkan Tedman
Håkan Tedman 8 dagar sedan
Du är bara sååååååååååååå grym.
rizwizriz7 8 dagar sedan
This is like butter. Dude. Cmon.. So damn good. What a gift you have. So jealous. Amazing. I enjoy all your stuff
jack herbert
jack herbert 8 dagar sedan
Now, this is true music!
Giovanna John
Giovanna John 8 dagar sedan
❤heartbreaking voice
Pat Gü
Pat Gü 8 dagar sedan
this is just ... goosebumps and tears in my eyes... that was missed
Dram Willie
Dram Willie 8 dagar sedan
The voice, the rasp, the vibrato, the range, the timbre-he's one one in a million! Keep generating songs Mr. Klafford.
Andrea Sbikowski
Andrea Sbikowski 9 dagar sedan
wow, you are wonderful!
Murman Elbakidze
Murman Elbakidze 9 dagar sedan
Murman Elbakidze
Murman Elbakidze 9 dagar sedan
Carnivore 150
Carnivore 150 9 dagar sedan
David Allen Coe would be happy to see where to see where his song has gone. Excellent work Mr Kläfford. Excellent work.
Graham Mayles
Graham Mayles 9 dagar sedan
Absolutely superb! Brilliant version of this number. Thanks so much.
Smidty Autosports
Smidty Autosports 10 dagar sedan
Zach 10 dagar sedan
i see you moved up from epic mealtime to kitchen sessions. well done, man.
Jason M
Jason M 10 dagar sedan
You are absolutely incredible. Amazing voice. Pure talent at it's finest!
summer45able 10 dagar sedan
WoW. Your voice is so absolutely beautiful. Thank you. 🙏❤️🇨🇦
Lemalie Ford
Lemalie Ford 11 dagar sedan
Keep at the music bud, love your voice... You are the man!
John McCarthy
John McCarthy 11 dagar sedan
Dije Berdyna
Dije Berdyna 11 dagar sedan
To me you are a LEGEND!
Karynn MacKinnon
Karynn MacKinnon 11 dagar sedan
Keith Tate
Keith Tate 11 dagar sedan
One of my favorite Chris Stapleton songs and you rocked it... Nice job!
Christine McCullough
Christine McCullough 11 dagar sedan
Gosh I just love your singing such a handsome man 2 and I love that song Tennessee whiskey hopefully someday I'll meet someone like him
Amy Hotzel
Amy Hotzel 11 dagar sedan
Wow amazing better than Chris Stapleton!!! Would love to hear you sing with Angelina Jordan!!!!
peter storbacka
peter storbacka 11 dagar sedan
Fan chris du är grym
Jennifer Mead
Jennifer Mead 12 dagar sedan
You make every being pause to hear the gift of your voice! What a gift it is!
getonlygotonly 12 dagar sedan
sounds great, keep writing, never give up never give in.
Tobias Collin
Tobias Collin 12 dagar sedan
Tobias Collin
Tobias Collin 12 dagar sedan
Görgen Sjöholm
Görgen Sjöholm 12 dagar sedan
When u start singing, u make a grown man weep tears of fulfilled joy.
Maria Paz Malate
Maria Paz Malate 13 dagar sedan
Yah ...its real voice....I feel like inside the bar right now... thank you chris awesome voice❤
Joacim Persson
Joacim Persson 13 dagar sedan
kan du inte sjunga med molly sanden?
Mitch Hudgins
Mitch Hudgins 13 dagar sedan
This is probably the best cover I’ve heard
Robyn Buxton
Robyn Buxton 13 dagar sedan
Best voice ever! Keep singing
Kevin McGann
Kevin McGann 13 dagar sedan
The 113 👎 must have shit in their ears!!
Michele Crocco
Michele Crocco 13 dagar sedan
Wow! I could listen to him sing all day. Beautiful voice!
Henrik Holmberg
Henrik Holmberg 13 dagar sedan
The voice of the world!
Hiphopopotamus 13 dagar sedan
Would love to hear you tackle a 'Van Morrison' song, think you'd do it justice and more.
Anders Jensen
Anders Jensen 13 dagar sedan
Tack Chris 👍
Joonas J.A.R.Studio
Joonas J.A.R.Studio 13 dagar sedan
Mother of God!!!!!! THATS..... what i call a voice man! I am a musician (keyes/piano) by profession, and this voice, with an absolutely stunning "color of vocal control, i disappeared momentarily 100% to nirvana. with such a singing voice, all the people around are silenced. is extremely nice when you don't have to stress the limits of a singer's vocal limits or make small mistakes, trying to hard and so can just focus and enjoy the music. Greetings from Finland and I admit that our dear neighbor Sweden does not cease to surprise with its talents in music. 🙏✌️👌👌👌👍👍👍
Ruth Hasty
Ruth Hasty 14 dagar sedan
When you sing I stop breathing. So pure. So many overtones. Just beautiful.
Felix Palmberg
Felix Palmberg 14 dagar sedan
I’m just curious how high notes he could reach if he went all out with those power notes
PimpSolja49 15 dagar sedan
Beard game strong my guy!
Sunshine715 15 dagar sedan
ERVITE, SHEM M. 15 dagar sedan
This was the one of my favorite covers of Tennessee Whiskey
Marcelo Alves
Marcelo Alves 15 dagar sedan
Só queria uma harley e uma estrada muito longa ...
winkyhorsley 15 dagar sedan
wow, what a voice
rebornnowami2013 15 dagar sedan
I just today watched your AGT performances. You are sooooo talented and I love your voice and guitar playing. Please don't stop! ever!
Michelle Ludlow
Michelle Ludlow 16 dagar sedan
Anyone who doesn't dissolve into a puddle listening to ANYTHING this man sings is clearly made of stone. Incredible cover!! I need a drink.....and a mop.
Langgaard19 16 dagar sedan
This version of Tennessee Whiskey is absolutly amazing!
Michelle Johns
Michelle Johns 16 dagar sedan
Dang...great voice!
Jeremiah Talent Scout
Jeremiah Talent Scout 16 dagar sedan
Oh my, I got chills all over me! This is sooo goood! Your voice is so amazing! Keep it up! 💯👏🔥
Alan DoubleYou
Alan DoubleYou 16 dagar sedan
That beard tho 😍
Jason Statham
Jason Statham 16 dagar sedan
Du är grym Chris! Bästa covern jag hört på denna låt.
jon göransson
jon göransson 16 dagar sedan
Sherril Hicks
Sherril Hicks 16 dagar sedan
Yes finally you did this song and on my Birthday!! It was the best birthday present ever! You need to do simple man (shine down version!) A lot of people are asking for it!!!!!! You have one of the best voices I have ever heard! I can listen to you for hours (I actually do!)
Jay Kier
Jay Kier 17 dagar sedan
Great job on a great song Chris. Perfect blend of soulfulness and rich technique. Sam Cooke is looking over your shoulder from the beyond bro.
Algonquin Ari Adventure Man
Algonquin Ari Adventure Man 17 dagar sedan
You are the REAL DEAL , Love the sound brother
patrik 18 dagar sedan
chris to listen to your songs ...Keep going !
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