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Justin Hitoki
Justin Hitoki 4 timmar sedan
LOL He admitted he took jokes! And everyone said he took notes when people were performing! He said he NEVER watched anyone perform, unfortunately, video said he did, and he was taking notes! 😆
Kai Proctor
Kai Proctor 13 timmar sedan
I can write an apology for you if it would make you more comfortable ?
Mo D
Mo D 21 timme sedan
What’s the name of that song that plays at the end??
JYUNbeats 22 timmar sedan
Carlos "I just don't know WHO to apologize to?!" Mencia.
Old School
Old School Dag sedan
Damn Ned you cought a big L on this one wey
mrspenguinlips 2 dagar sedan
This was probably my least favorite ep of Tiger Belly. Carlos was a bad guest and a poor conversationalist. He loves to hear himself talk and interrupts others constantly. For a comedian, he inspired NO laughter in two hours. Kudos to Bobby and Khalyla for trying to help him but this is someone who has clearly created a revised history in his mind. His inability to address what happened is why he remains persona non grata in the comedy world.
Jordan Urashi
Jordan Urashi 2 dagar sedan
Ned says "its not that im defending" as he is defending
Marky Sharky
Marky Sharky 2 dagar sedan
Fervently comparing rape to joke stealing as a means to make it look like you could never doesn’t sit with me right.
NotMe, 3 dagar sedan
Mancia sounds like Rogan for some reason...
Rich Jenkins
Rich Jenkins 3 dagar sedan
Horrible person Ned is. The bumping story is excuses and bad shit.
J 3 dagar sedan
"Pride goethe before destruction" - Dude is really ready to die on a hill that he's already lost on. It happened and it has already destroyed so much of your career, why double or triple down and not take the multiple outs that has been offered to him in just this one episode alone. Just feels like so much raw talent, as far as delivery and charisma alone is going to waste. Whether you hate that he stole jokes or not, you can't take away that he has the personality for entertainment. Just own up to it and apologize for it to get rid of the cloud that hovers over you everywhere you go and then keep grinding using original material. Cold truth is you're not getting any younger man, need to do something before it's too late to revive anything that resembles what once was.
Ryan Kirk
Ryan Kirk 3 dagar sedan
The problem with Ned is he doesn’t listen...unless it’s new material for him. OHHHHH!!!
furnitureconsortium 4 dagar sedan
Jesus.... The amount of delusion is off the charts On top of that, all the bullshit you talked shit to The D.O.C.? And Shaq was the one who chilled things? Dude, Shaq was still playing in Orlando during that time period. He just happened to be there? I call bullshit on that entire story. He throws these bullshit stories in to deflect away any chance to actually address the real glaring issues and that’s his noted thievery of material. Ned is a joke and will always be one
Hunter Dood
Hunter Dood 4 dagar sedan
Hey isn't that the guy who wrote the "fish sticks" joke??
Russell Smith
Russell Smith 4 dagar sedan
Ned is such a narcissistic person. Holy shit. Everything good that's ever happened to a comedian, he somehow puts himself in the mix to take credit.
Dominic's & Abe's Game Review
Dominic's & Abe's Game Review 4 dagar sedan
Dude just fucking own it and apologize damn it's proven homie man the fuck up
Ketch A. Body
Ketch A. Body 4 dagar sedan
y2jose285 5 dagar sedan
Good for Carlos fuck the hate and everyone that is jealous of his success
Malikai Johnson
Malikai Johnson 5 dagar sedan
This fool said he didn’t send thugs to Bobby then ended sayinh he got family and friends that he stopped from doing fucked up things to people. I feel like that was hella directed towards him. This whole thing was awkward to me.
Lefty southpaw 336 * 631
Lefty southpaw 336 * 631 5 dagar sedan
Damn Bobby really Manned up on this one! Props to him. But I'm not Mad at Carlos, everybodies job is hard .
* Koppe22
* Koppe22 5 dagar sedan
Every story Mencia tells is some sort of glorification of something great he did, everything is tinged with narcissistic nonsense . He stole jokes but that aside he's incredibly delusional and unlikable and has no self awareness .
New to the Game
New to the Game 5 dagar sedan
I thought carlos ed did alright skating around subjects and said his story well but he fu*ked up at the very end when he mentioned his people wanted to go after the guy (joe rogan) that ruined his career. Way to look stupid acting like you're hard as fu*k.
Jackson 5 dagar sedan
The denial of Mencia’s joke stealing is crazy. There’s no way he’ll ever admit to it. Period.
Alex Lafuente
Alex Lafuente 5 dagar sedan
I used to not like Carlos but if has the receipts and has recorded his shows since 1993 . Shit then why don’t people just confront him about it and go through the videos . Evidence triumphs at the end of the day .
Lefty southpaw 336 * 631
Lefty southpaw 336 * 631 5 dagar sedan
Just here for the roasting
HASTE 5 dagar sedan
What type of person who wants to help people looks for guys with father issues? Really creeped me out 😱
David G
David G 5 dagar sedan
Ok, now he’s just making me sick. I can’t watch anymore.
David G
David G 5 dagar sedan
Oh, and I emulated, which is just a way of saying I stole without saying it.
David G
David G 5 dagar sedan
Stealing is like rape? Then Mencia is a serial racist.
David G
David G 5 dagar sedan
Mercia is clearly prevaricating when it comes to joke stealing. He is transparently guilty as sin. “I recorded all my shows and no one will tell me what I stole” are just the best he was ever able to come up with to deflect.
i69trucknuttz 6 dagar sedan
Lol back when all that shit happened I was the biggest mencia fan. And everyone would be like omfg rogan roasted him for stealing jokes but I never got an answer. Fuck it tho
Karim T
Karim T 6 dagar sedan
e had the opportunity of a lifetime to apologise. And chose to fighting words instead. 😂🤯
gg diaz
gg diaz 6 dagar sedan
Bobby is just as much of a liar! He told Ari Shaffir that he didn't call Mencia and tell him to fire Shaffir but in this interview Mencia talks about Bobby calling him and telling him to fire Shaffir. Bobby is as much of a liar as Mencia. And the fact is Bobby admits Mencia is the reason he has a career! Dude, your a backstabber! Even if your friend was wrong that's something you say TO him not BEHIND his back (or on video). Bobby has the mentality of a bitchy high school girl. Get over it and move on!!!!!!!!!
Angel Espino
Angel Espino 6 dagar sedan
I hate how he doesn't let Bobby or his girl finish their questions...its like he doesn't want to be put on the spot 🤔
The Honest Writer
The Honest Writer 6 dagar sedan
looks like carlos was the victim of plain ol comic envy
Inf Know
Inf Know 6 dagar sedan
Love Bobby but he's too timid to do this interview. Need someone who would make Carlos take responsibility. No excuses.
Fredi Enriquez Jr
Fredi Enriquez Jr 6 dagar sedan
They should have him take a lie detector test! That would answer everyone's questions lol
Zac 6 dagar sedan
I love that Carlos tries to talk over the nurse like she wouldn't know exactly what a medical term meant.
pacone420alday 6 dagar sedan
Wtf dude. You have a chance to talk about what happened with a friend someone that clearly wants to help and all that comes out is bull shit about your the guy that put on comedians. Clearly your looking for everyone to say ahhh pour guy. Everything you said on here felt like a lie all because you are to stupid to realize you fucked up and the only way to move on is to apologize
peace Johnson
peace Johnson 6 dagar sedan
I think Bobby was better then " Carlos" at the start because he wrote his own jokes and premises
James Clark
James Clark 6 dagar sedan
Masks do not help you
chris Margerison
chris Margerison 6 dagar sedan
Some people are so full of themselves and you can just tell they’re lying from the moment they open their mouths. This guy is one of them
Christian Morales
Christian Morales 6 dagar sedan
Great podcast. Watch the whole podcast. Some valid points on Ned POV why he never apologized to the internet. There’s worse comics that have committed crimes and were allowed to continue their craft months later. Yet he has been cancelled for over a decade and half.
James Clark
James Clark 6 dagar sedan
"Untrustworthy" 🤣
aquabomber 6 dagar sedan
Joe Rogan now just shakes his head.
Chatoyante 7 dagar sedan
They way he keeps talking so that Bobby or Khalyla can’t show him facts is soooo cringe.
Russ Wallace
Russ Wallace 7 dagar sedan
Carlos is SOOOO full of shit and you can see it on Bobby's face, every time he knows Carlos tells a lie Bobby looks side to side at everyone in the room.
Jimmy Melonseed
Jimmy Melonseed 7 dagar sedan
They need to show this guy the compilations of him stealing jokes. There’s a list of people he needs to apologize to, but he’s acting like it’s a huge mystery
Smort Guy
Smort Guy 7 dagar sedan
Wow this really went in circles lol
eddie rodriguez
eddie rodriguez 7 dagar sedan
24:48 lying about being iron deficient when one of the main foods he ate were beans 🤔
MrBennie830 7 dagar sedan
I don’t sympathize with him too much but he does have a point about people criticizing him for his name or for using a Mexican accent! That’s got nothing to do with stealing jokes!
Alex 7 dagar sedan
"I don't know how to apologize to nobody and everybody at the same time" lowkey that makes sense tho
Lefty southpaw 336 * 631
Lefty southpaw 336 * 631 7 dagar sedan
Mencia talks like hes a fckin GOAT; Carlin, rock or something. Lol. If I wasn't alive when his tv show was briefly out, I wouldn't know who he was 💯💯
Jose Villa
Jose Villa 6 dagar sedan
I remember all the stupid poor kids in middle school liked him. Something about his face pisses me off
cesar torres
cesar torres 7 dagar sedan
that rape analogy.... definitely not the best thing to have used...
Luis Ceja
Luis Ceja 7 dagar sedan
I watched Mind of Mencia once and I just didn’t get why it was on tv. He’s not funny at all to me. Still, I want to know exactly what jokes he stole. I don’t like bullying.
Felix Ramos
Felix Ramos 7 dagar sedan
I watch these podcast to hear the intros music
Travis Johnson
Travis Johnson 7 dagar sedan
"in america" "I'm an american" you guys never heard of native americans??? Stop saying in america u mean white people
Johnathan Munoz
Johnathan Munoz 7 dagar sedan
Anyway we can get Ned on the JRE?
Johnathan Munoz
Johnathan Munoz 7 dagar sedan
Shut ur mouth, open ur ears and remove the blinders Ned. Please...comedy wants u back.
The King Samson
The King Samson 8 dagar sedan
This shit is so saddening because I used to love Carlos growing up. But seeing this breaks my heart. I see a broken/post maybe still suicidal man. He admitted he stole bits and even said he used emulate comedians like Paul Rodriguez etc. What more does everyone want. He said he got cancel cultured before the internet made it popular. That shit was deep. He didn't rape women or kids. He "stole jokes" he asks in multiple interviews to show the jokes he stole and show him in his stand up when he used them. And I haven't seen one interviewer do it. Also you can see that Bobby truly loves this man. If he was really a scumbag no one would have love for him at all. Ima end my rant on this. My favorite Menica bit and as far as I know he did not steal this. He once said "God is funny if you don't believe me just go to Walmart and just look at people." Fucking hilarious.
EJM3 8 dagar sedan
Is there a follow up to this podcast where bobby tells everyone how much truth Mencia was talking in this video?
Dinco422 8 dagar sedan
Disliked because of mencia stealing jokes and not because of the pig killing shit.... That's normal ...
Jon 8 dagar sedan
Wow. This bag of smashed assholes cannot stop the shit show. That annoying guy everybody knows and loves to hate that has had everything happen to him and 1-ups your every fucking story...that's him. Nedless to say, as most everyone has surmised, Carlos is a classic narcissist.
Sandeezy Bombeezy
Sandeezy Bombeezy 9 dagar sedan
This guys memory is too good to say Oh ThAt'S rIgHt YoU dId ThAt JoKe BeFoRe
Slocum Maxwell
Slocum Maxwell 9 dagar sedan
Ned needs to just admit that he fucked up. This episode made me nauseous
Sebastian Zamorra
Sebastian Zamorra 9 dagar sedan
Ned seems like he has to much pride in admitting he stole , it’s like he will never say I fucked up guys sorry or admit he got joe kicked out of the store .. I never really thought he was funny I’m not to sure but once he blew up was when Dave took off to Africa..
B p
B p 9 dagar sedan
Joe Rogan should give Ned a spot on his show
Udale Migs
Udale Migs 9 dagar sedan
I listen to mencia talk and I realize even more how much of a goat Dave chappelle is
Udale Migs
Udale Migs 9 dagar sedan
As this podcast progressed the more and more I wanted to punch Carlos in the face 1. After he wouldn’t let Bobby talk and 2. When he said he wouldn’t call Chappelle to “antagonize” him lol clown
Udale Migs
Udale Migs 9 dagar sedan
I haven’t listened to many tiger belly podcasts but what I have listened to I can tell both Bobby and Khalyla’s energy was off for this.. gave the guy a chance to make it right and down the drain
B p
B p 9 dagar sedan
Carlos kept making his openers make new jokes so he can have more material 😂
Austin Hagan
Austin Hagan 9 dagar sedan
Having Menc...Ned on your podcast should cancel you. Stolen jokes
CJ32 pull2
CJ32 pull2 10 dagar sedan
Almost 2 hours of not what we waited to hear 😂
Slim Charles
Slim Charles 10 dagar sedan
Favorite mencia bit "This nigga's having a tough set, hang in there Kramer!"
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson 5 dagar sedan
Fam this joke is way too underrated
Mahmoud Chalabi
Mahmoud Chalabi 10 dagar sedan
1:17:48 "ohhh you fucking blew it".
SomeBlackGuy 10 dagar sedan
Stealos Menstealia
Ketch A. Body
Ketch A. Body 4 dagar sedan
You look like some black guy
Hector Gomez
Hector Gomez 10 dagar sedan
Just accept & apologize to your fans. Easy fix
Douglas Smith
Douglas Smith 10 dagar sedan
I was gonna write “Why’d you put that stealing piece of shit on, whatever it is, all of this.” But didn’t want to steal Carlos joke
Ami Leopard
Ami Leopard 10 dagar sedan
Stealing jokes is nothing compared to rape. Like nothing compared to it. You can not even compare the two. That's kind of fucked up. Also damn is he conceited. It's all about him the whole time. Pride will ruin a person.
scuba steve
scuba steve 10 dagar sedan
Holy shit this guy is a textbook narcissist
jimmy king
jimmy king 10 dagar sedan
Enjoyed this conversation very much. There’s an edited version on youtube that is total ass.
Hoganply 11 dagar sedan
Is he still under the delusion that all the evidence against him can be massaged into oblivion, or is Ned just _that_ constitutionally incapable of admitting his wrongdoing?
Käptn Haddock
Käptn Haddock 11 dagar sedan
Yeah... Never invite him back.
I Buy houses
I Buy houses 11 dagar sedan
Is this Carlos Mencia or Jaun Gabriel?
fa peap w!
fa peap w! 11 dagar sedan
who is this guy, he should get on JRE
Bill Blasky
Bill Blasky 11 dagar sedan
Ned is more more concerned about himself. He talks too much.
RIVI7 11 dagar sedan
Carlos goes for Real Madrid!! I'm convinced that assholes love that fkn team🤣🤣🤣🤣
Justin Solte
Justin Solte 11 dagar sedan
He would rather have his own kid die than issue a blanket statement. What a fucking joke lol The narcissism is CRAZY🤦🏻‍♂️
SvsRyder 11 dagar sedan
Carlos is a madridista. Awesome.
moneyline420 11 dagar sedan
Y’all need to get off Joe Rogans nuts! He isn’t that funny and got more famous from trying to punk Mencia! Cancel movies, podcasts, songs, clothes and everything that is copied or rewritten by a person. Seems like bitter “comics” supposedly but have hurt feelings lmao.
km5658 11 dagar sedan
This dude chose to ride this train to his death... he could have easily apologized 14 years ago and reset his career, but nope, he'll just be a laundromat comedian for the rest of his life.
Akash Murty
Akash Murty 12 dagar sedan
Mancia saying "Bobby called me to cancel Ari's show because he'd beaten him up" is contradictory to what bobby said to Ari when he came to tigerbelly years ago
Medicinal Cannabis
Medicinal Cannabis 12 dagar sedan
Bobby Lee I give you so much props for actually calling Carlos out because he needed to be called out by you and he will probably not apologize I am posting while I'm watching so I don't know if he apologizes at the end but I highly doubt it and if he does he really needs to go on Joe Rogan show and let him show him again every single clip of him stealing other people's jokes and full beds
Medicinal Cannabis
Medicinal Cannabis 12 dagar sedan
who is worse. Ned aka Carlos or Dan nianan or however you spell that phycopaths name. also Carlos you only taught comics how not to be a comedian..
James Estrada
James Estrada 12 dagar sedan
Everyone is so quick to give Carlos shit, and call him a narcissist etc, but you can’t see past your own noses or open your ears to what he’s saying. If you did, it actually makes sense. If someone genuinely doesn’t believe they did anything wrong, why are they going to apologize?! He admitted that he stole and incorporated bits and pieces from many of the greats when he started out as a young comedian and apologized for it. He admitted that he prevented open mic’ers from getting their stage time because he was an arrogant asshole, and he apologized for it - and I believe some of them retaliated by taking Joe “Jamie can you pull that up” Rogan’s side when he made a mockery out of Carlos. You have to remember that at that time when all this went down, Carlos was number 1, and Joe played second fiddle (something even Joe’s admitted) so there was some motivation for Joe to hate on Carlos out of jealousy. Lastly, like Carlos said, if you’re a comedian who felt wronged or betrayed, come out and say it so he can apologize. He shouldn’t have to apologize to anyone who genuinely wasn’t “ripped off” by him by issuing a meaningless “blanket statement”. Rape is a serious ass crime and if you were accused of it, but knew you were innocent, are you going to apologize just to look better in the eyes of some?! Fuck no! You’re going to stick to your guns and maintain your innocence until you die! That’s what a truthful person does when being accused period. That’s what he was trying to say by using that analogy. Do you not think that after 15 years Carlos isn’t smart enough to realize that a political apology will make this largely go away so he can “redeem”himself in everyone’s eyes? Yet he still maintains the same stance as he did when this all went down 15 years ago. If he’s lying about plagiarism, then he’s not a narcissist, he’s damn glutton for punishment! He never stole 1 damn joke from Rogan, so to those of you who are against Carlos, tell me which comedians he ripped off. And don’t give me the likes of Bill Cosby, Paul Mooney or Paul Rodriguez just to name a few because he openly admits that he burgled them in the beginning of his career.
joseph 12 dagar sedan
I think carlos is kind of being honest....he is saying what he believes...but he is a delusional megalomaniac. Everything revolves around him and his ego
Carsonotto Cullen
Carsonotto Cullen 12 dagar sedan
On Carlos’s IMDB page at the very bottom of a long Bio explaining everything he’s accomplished, it just says “Career got derailed by his joke thievery” haha
Mr818joker 12 dagar sedan
Does Carlos have Covid?????? In the last 2 interviews he's been on he's been coughing alot 👀
joseph 12 dagar sedan
Orange is the new black was his proof he doenst steal 🤣🤦‍♂️ . Kind of.proves the opposite...shows how bad his jokes are if he writes them himself.
G H 12 dagar sedan
Ive always kept up with Bobby, Theo, and Toms podcasts and always heard about this guy. Not as funnny as i expected
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