Can Everyone Stop Being So Weird?

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Eddy Burback

År sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback År sedan
what’s up burback squad! eddy is trying to save Christmas and beat the grinch and he needs your help! all you have to do is follow him on twitter and instagram @eddyburback !!! hurry up and save christmas!!!
Tom Nook
Tom Nook 9 dagar sedan
Kevinb1821 15 dagar sedan
So how many kids coped this and caught their parents having sex
Bobby Lipshitz
Bobby Lipshitz Månad sedan
I’ll lay you the fuck out
Phi Tsf
Phi Tsf Månad sedan
Did your parents ever call you eddy bareback?
OptimalDiffusion 2 månader sedan
Ketchup Syrup
Ketchup Syrup Dag sedan
The dobre brothers content is so boring. It's made for kids, so it should be loud and they should do different things
igoy 1267
igoy 1267 Dag sedan
At 12:32 it sounds like 2 hobos brakes into a house and they get caught, oh wait that what it is
Arando14 Dag sedan
3:55 I want the gun to my head to win
Banjo Peppers
Banjo Peppers 2 dagar sedan
Realizing they weren't running around outside with a labrador or something but with a GOAT was pretty mind-blowing.
smallpete 3 dagar sedan
Why is it that in the babysitter one they are playing the kerbal space program music?
Brother Molotov
Brother Molotov 6 dagar sedan
Why am I waching this
Brother Molotov
Brother Molotov 6 dagar sedan
2:05 I saw that was going to go in the corner an commit Harry Caray
Caseydilla57 6 dagar sedan
Perfect title for anyone with a younger sibling
BallisticDrizzt 6 dagar sedan
SEpost is shit
Cole Ballard
Cole Ballard 8 dagar sedan
11:00 uhh... "spending time with eachother. hmm..
Meme Craft
Meme Craft 9 dagar sedan
Title of video: can every one stop being weird Me: that’s what iv been asking
Savagepanda 704
Savagepanda 704 10 dagar sedan
Kara Adams
Kara Adams 11 dagar sedan
Why did Cindy Lou Who just "Devil Went Down To Georgia" the Grinch?
Perry Dunetz
Perry Dunetz 11 dagar sedan
Your friends? You mean your friend, they’re the same person
Fancy Dog
Fancy Dog 12 dagar sedan
You have quickly become one of my favorite youtubers
I am definitely a human And don't question that
I am definitely a human And don't question that 13 dagar sedan
“And I’m not a child!” You sure bout that bud?
Tim Cook
Tim Cook 13 dagar sedan
Preorder the new iPhone 12 mini for $699 Starting on October 16
Tim Cook
Tim Cook 13 dagar sedan
Preorder the new iPhone 12 mini for $699 Starting on October 16
Levi Trisler
Levi Trisler 13 dagar sedan
I hate what humanity has become
Simon Singh
Simon Singh 13 dagar sedan
Watching this makes me realise the Paul brothers are probably out there planning their future family SEpost content, and that makes me feel very icky. Also is there some political figure that can look are extending child labour laws to SEpost, again it’s all very yucky.
Owen Streams
Owen Streams 13 dagar sedan
Why did that clown from nightmare before Christmas dm me this video on dicors
Evan clouse
Evan clouse 14 dagar sedan
awwwwwww the gout
Zach Cole
Zach Cole 14 dagar sedan
I think parents have to explain to their kids what SEpost is and how it's different from other streaming media. Unfortunately, not every parent can do that. The closest thing I can think of from my childhood was when I'd get really low-budget videos from local video stores and the library, or when I'd end up finding the cable access channel. But those didn't have comments or algorithms.
Billy The Catfish
Billy The Catfish 14 dagar sedan
The videos are for 0.1 year olds of course it's weird.
Fuyuhiko With A Gun
Fuyuhiko With A Gun 18 dagar sedan
Ok but the little girl was so cute I hate it even more-
Z_Daddy 66
Z_Daddy 66 19 dagar sedan
I deadass didn’t even acknowledge the goat
Logan F
Logan F 20 dagar sedan
"Hey honey our neighbor is acting weird again" "What is he doing now?" "He is dressed like the grinch, but to be honest his impression isn't that bad."
Benny_Plays 22 dagar sedan
My entire body was paralyzed from cringe for about 15 minutes after seeing that intro to the grinch thing.
cubbleshasreturned 22 dagar sedan
The only comment I want to leave about these kids is how adorable they are
Toppings Toppings
Toppings Toppings 26 dagar sedan
No shit, I left this video to watch "Hereditary" and found it less disturbing and uncomfortable than this
Ethan Delaney
Ethan Delaney 28 dagar sedan
Please please please please please say the grinch is those kids dad????? Please please please, it’s sooooooooo fucking creepy
Jerkface Productions
Jerkface Productions Månad sedan
the witch was like a daz black skit
Zippy Månad sedan
I'm sure these kids are gonna be _thrilled_ to see themselves part of these fucking weird videos when they grow up. =D
Chance Farrow
Chance Farrow Månad sedan
the lamps you have in the back is the same one that i have
Slurpy Månad sedan
Grinch impression is on fleek
High Ping Gamer
High Ping Gamer Månad sedan
It's a good point that your favourite performers don't owe you any of their time. They don't have to make a video for you if they don't want to. I saw a band I was a big fan of walking through my hometown once when they were here to play a concert. I did walk over just to say hi and tell them that their music is awesome. They were clearly busy and said hi back and thankyou but didn't slow down one bit. This is fine, they didn't even need to acknowledge me if they didn't want to and I honestly didn't want to impose on them by stopping them in public. Celebrities don't owe us a damn thing.
lozimia Månad sedan
I'm sure folks who didn't grow up with TV in the early 20th century had similar feelings about programming directed toward their children, that it just seemed weird and exploitative. Apples and Oranges I suppose.
Fart Smucker
Fart Smucker Månad sedan
Parents that raise their kids online with videos and they share it simply because, get real, they want as many people as possible to see em no different then some trash thot or some bad internet rapper, are absolute garbage.
5_ qm
5_ qm Månad sedan
Bro original blues clues was the fucking shit back then. New blues clues isnt good anymore :(
Xd Beastyy
Xd Beastyy Månad sedan
just so you guys know pistachios are like the grinches nuts, green and salty
Willem Bear
Willem Bear Månad sedan
is that fucking ksp music in the background 4:41
Swirly Månad sedan
You know, I think this IS horrible and damaging😖
Ajc 7575
Ajc 7575 Månad sedan
13:39 I mean it is kind of a condescending asshole thing to do, but I get what he means, kinda.
да папочка Translate it
да папочка Translate it Månad sedan
At the end I was really hoping that Gus was going to slam open the door and yell at Eddy.
MGM Skate Co
MGM Skate Co Månad sedan
That one dudes speech impediment drives me insane
The building Blob
The building Blob Månad sedan
Imagine look I out in the street and seeing the 2 weird kids outside with a black customs and a drone
Grant1122 Månad sedan
bro its the until dawn guy
Seahawkfan12 Månad sedan
Suite life of Zack and Cody kinda of the best
Jacob Jacobi
Jacob Jacobi Månad sedan
I pine for the days of eurikas castle T-T
Connor Månad sedan
13:30 I know this is old, but I believe Rami thought the fan was asking him to like..say hi to her friend as in call her, or something. I don't think he realized she meant "say hi to her while i film you"
August Osani
August Osani Månad sedan
I like how the title tells people to stop being weird but in the beginning he starts standing on the chair
Lamp Post
Lamp Post Månad sedan
Who the fuck is Zack and Cody
Kam the man
Kam the man Månad sedan
Honestly, I think the grinch video was fine, except for the parts where the kids would ask to comment. As long as the kids aren't shown the kinds of stats the channel has, or the comments are disabled.
ded tree
ded tree Månad sedan
we cant talk because, um.... telletubbies
Tom Platypus
Tom Platypus Månad sedan
What was that? those strange people, how do children watch that?
LankyB Månad sedan
It’s like the fake kids shows you see in the background of a series or movie, but has become a reality. A horrible horrible reality...
Erica Katherin
Erica Katherin Månad sedan
i’m sorry i don’t know if this is like an actual problem but i swear to god every single one of the dobre brothers speech skills are. so bad. why is it always the richest people who just can NOT speak
Jacob Griffis
Jacob Griffis Månad sedan
They sound like two kids who are maybe five or six but they are how old, oh thats right! 24 years old as of 2020
Phi Tsf
Phi Tsf Månad sedan
If he's in the middle of a press tour, and a fan comes up, that's got to be FAAAR different to say interrupting his dinner or something. How hard would the word "HeLlO" have been to say? Top autism moment.
Phi Tsf
Phi Tsf Månad sedan
This is the quality content I contributed nothing to and didn't ask for.
jamster mr.hamster
jamster mr.hamster Månad sedan
My sisters watch it so much this stupid channel and I saw both of them those @$#%#$#
keystorius Månad sedan
my dumbass instantly thought of sean and cody when he said zack and cody *help*
rapterslayer22 22
rapterslayer22 22 2 månader sedan
Tim hansen lets sit down
London England
London England 2 månader sedan
It's kind of like LazyTown though. Disney live action kid shows are even cringier. I'm not defending them, but "regular tv" can be even worse.
Jesse Thiessen
Jesse Thiessen 2 månader sedan
Clearly Eddie has never seen community
Janos K
Janos K 2 månader sedan
You chair stander you, I could hear your voice in the Southern Hemisphere too Eddie. Oops, Eddy.
Eldritch_Midnight 2 månader sedan
Legend has it he is still falling to this day...
TicklishCrown 2 månader sedan
I know this might be insensitive to ask, but do the twins have fetal alcohol syndrome? That would honestly explain a lot about how they talk and act
Corporal McMuffin
Corporal McMuffin 2 månader sedan
I’ll say it! I’m gonna say it. “The Grinch has resting bitchface.”
Fredrik Von Malmborg
Fredrik Von Malmborg 2 månader sedan
plot twist, everybody stop being wierd and your youtube channel dies :(
William Park
William Park 2 månader sedan
5:35 I agree with this because the show is so educational, I don’t think wanting kids to learn important lessons and school curriculum while having fun is being, “That guy” Eddie.
Jonald Smithone
Jonald Smithone 2 månader sedan
9:36 Community Moment
Nathan Howlett
Nathan Howlett 2 månader sedan
Growing up: dont use your real name on the internet, dont post your picture, dont tell people where you live..... 2020: hi iam dave and iam 5, i live here and this is my daily scheduale..... the internet now is like a turkey shoot for creeps and pedophiles. good job parents
Ethan Pit
Ethan Pit 2 månader sedan
The goat is for the sacrifice later in the evening
HeroKid 127
HeroKid 127 2 månader sedan
My sister watches these all the time, I find a big problem with these channels are the "daily vlogs" Where they go out, take one activity and then stretch it out into several videos across the time span of a week or do pointless challenges like this. this is ok to be honest, it is a kid baking cookies, thats fine. On the other hand you have "3AM 24 Hour Bouncy castle Prank Super Scary Challenge Daily Vlog" witch you can tell is totally staged and offers no value to the kids or platform at all, SEpost kids seemed like a good idea when it was released but I feel like now it is just one big exploit. All that aside though, I think the biggest problem it has is the fact that the kids that watch this will attempt to do it, Like i have legitimately come home to a bathtub stained in blue and filled with water and glue from a bathtub slime challenge, Whenever my sister is not dragging me, my parents, or someone else into a pointless recreation of a challenge because we honestly have better things to do, she is complaining "this is not what a real family does" She films herself making slime and since I am the only one who knows how to semi-edit videos and upload to youtube she wanted me to help her start a yt channel, after seeing that she had absolutely nothing to offer to make her channel diffrent from the others, I saved her the embarrassment and turned her down, Witch I was made out to be the bad guy but oh well, I mean I am only about 16, but watching my sister grow up on youtube kids, seeing her copy the trends and the stereotypes, It really opened my eyes to how much people on this platform can manipulate children. Mind you my sister is 11 and still acts like this. She watches the fake and over exaggerated reactions the kids parents make them put on for the video and now any little inconvenience to her has to convert out house into an opera show. I don't know, I just feel sorry for the other parents who have to deal with this.
Stone S
Stone S 2 månader sedan
Eddy, you live in LA now... You're out of the loop if you don't have a goat in your kitchen.
Jolanta Veitaitė
Jolanta Veitaitė 2 månader sedan
Ah yes canser
s 2 månader sedan
cindy lou is adorable but thats probably the whole point 🙈
OptimalDiffusion 2 månader sedan
Eddy, you fool! Why do you think gus-chan forbade the use of feet on chairs?
Ruler World
Ruler World 2 månader sedan
Eddy is always saying he doesnt know if theres anything wrong with bad kids content because we dont know the long term affects on their brain bUT we DO know the long term affects on the brain of GOOD kids content. I watched exclusively PBS until i was like 11 and found youtube and ive always had an above average reading comprehension, high test scores, good performance in school when i apply myself, and just general goodness. My younger sister and brother on the other hand? My little brother watched fnaf minecraft roleplay videos where grown adults would literally pretend to shit themselves in diapers in daycares in minecraft while also being fnaf characters. He had to repeat the 1st grade and constantly struggles with critical thinking, complex thought beyond whats happening in front of him, and reading skills. Those first ten years of your childhood are extremely inportant because youre literally a human sponge and if you soak up the wrong stuff its no beuno
MuffinCountry 2 månader sedan
I mean it should be obvious that shows like sesame street and adventure time are better than child exploitation. How are kids even interested in watching other kids open toys?
Rim Beeper
Rim Beeper 2 månader sedan
The Dobre bros could have said, “hey, you guys have been acting weird, what’s up?” I get that it’s fake but still, even a four year old could get this
Monkey Person
Monkey Person 2 månader sedan
Ha luckily I don’t have parents
Filbator 2 månader sedan
Foreigners shouldn't be allowed to have SEpost channels
Nikola Mitricevic
Nikola Mitricevic 2 månader sedan
im scared
Halls 3
Halls 3 2 månader sedan
Thank you for saying that eddy about him. I’m glad you addressed the fact that he does have personal space and he is in the spot light probably all the time so he probably on wanted a picture
Seawolf 2 månader sedan
I think Gus Johnson should win the challenge
WellKanyeWestObviously 2 månader sedan
I love that eddy was looking at his phone before gus called
Iain Ronald
Iain Ronald 3 månader sedan
Why is The Todd from Scrubs painted green and taunting two children? o.0
blazereh o/
blazereh o/ 3 månader sedan
parents exploiting their kids: "they just love making videos!!" the video: fully monetized despite the kids not having any concept of how money works
ParaDucks ¿
ParaDucks ¿ 3 månader sedan
5:41 *casually summons star platinum*
Olivia Dixon
Olivia Dixon 2 månader sedan
LMAO took me a sec.
Kale Minor
Kale Minor 3 månader sedan
The mom was definetly looking at them
Majestic 3 månader sedan
Celebrities absolutely owe something to their fans. Without the fans they wouldn't be able to make millions of dollars from doing essentially nothing. Don't bite the hands that feed you.
Elliot Rentz
Elliot Rentz 3 månader sedan
the grinch
Cly Marin
Cly Marin 3 månader sedan
GROUNDPOUND69 3 månader sedan
Gus is like a shitty foster parent in eddy’s videos
Tempatch The Very Weird
Tempatch The Very Weird 3 månader sedan
i mean that grinch looks better illumination grinch
Amity Goldring
Amity Goldring 3 månader sedan
I’m sorry but what is a family room? Is that a lounge room? I’m genuinely confused.
Soul Mechanics
Soul Mechanics 3 månader sedan
Children's programming has always been creepy and awful, and not without reason. It is PROGRAMMING.
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