Butch Hartman's Weird Kickstarter ft. Gus Johnson

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Eddy Burback

2 år sedan

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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 2 år sedan
more like bitch fartman am i right lmao lol haha lol (i still really love butch and his shows but don’t tell anyone) lmao xd 😂😂😂😂
Alex the remote control fridge
Alex the remote control fridge 17 dagar sedan
Love his shows but he’s not a good person
Ethan Delaney
Ethan Delaney Månad sedan
It’s not a pyramid scheme it’s a Ponzi scheme
Callum Lambkin
Callum Lambkin Månad sedan
Nah fuck butch lmao, his shows are cool but he sucks
Cass W. Casucci
Cass W. Casucci 2 månader sedan
Hi Eddy
Alec nolastname
Alec nolastname 2 månader sedan
“If you’re not going to do it right then I’ll put it away.” Just going to reserve that line for the next toothy “bowjob” from some barwench.
jake s
jake s 22 minuter sedan
Hey dosent butch know if you expose them to horror and death at an early age they will be more mature in later life
Sean Stanton
Sean Stanton 4 timmar sedan
Wait isnt Disney+ this automatically I mean you won’t find much adult stuff there
Mariana V
Mariana V 4 dagar sedan
How is the scene where Timmy's dad implied Timmy's birth killed his dreams family friendly?
goob 6 dagar sedan
SuperRay64 7 dagar sedan
Oaxis js the name of the company that made a cancer cure drug thag turns people in to monsters that the hero has to expose/fight to save his daughter.
Rachel McDonough
Rachel McDonough 7 dagar sedan
I mean I kind of get his point. When I was little, I had really bad anxiety issues and was easily frightened, and often a really graphic episode of some crime show like Bones or Law & Order would come on IMMEDIATELY after a sitcom and my mom would be rushing to switch the channel before I saw a mutilated body. Idk about the "family values" stuff but at least have a commercial break between the shows.
James Allen McCune’s Butthole
James Allen McCune’s Butthole 11 dagar sedan
It was most certainly not hard to find something more inappropriate the 90s & 00s were so unbelievably horny and often really sexist like weirdly so looking back
James Allen McCune’s Butthole
James Allen McCune’s Butthole 11 dagar sedan
“We’re gonna use the technology of the iPhone to our advantage” butch that’s every app and streaming service
James Allen McCune’s Butthole
James Allen McCune’s Butthole 11 dagar sedan
Oh, Access? New network by tough lungman
James Allen McCune’s Butthole
James Allen McCune’s Butthole 11 dagar sedan
James Allen McCune’s Butthole
James Allen McCune’s Butthole 11 dagar sedan
Spritestuff 12 dagar sedan
I think it's a bit unfair to characterise Butch as a creepy guy who talks to 8 year olds about horror movies when it's way more likely he simply just asked the kid "what's your favourite movie?" Or " what kind of movies do you like?" Which is a perfectly friendly question to ask during a fan interaction
Piskelo10 13 dagar sedan
Im 13 and ever since i was 11 me and my dad have been watching horror films together. Its extremely fun! We also watch shows with mature themes like the orville and Fargo. Its not a "negative influence" its just...fun? And my parents happen to be ok with me viewing adult content? Whaaat???
Huckleberry Lachow
Huckleberry Lachow 14 dagar sedan
god eddy sucks so much hahaha it’s sad
mtandscav 15 dagar sedan
Oaxis sounds like the name of an evil corporation from a spy movie
Sean Stanton
Sean Stanton 16 dagar sedan
Hey too the fictional family maybe don’t watch something that would have a sex scene murder scene and horror scene in it (I know it’s for the commercial but I can’t let this go)
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 17 dagar sedan
Eh, since the internet picked up (Days of Danny Phantom and Fairly Odd Parents came out before the smart phone and YT and all of that) a lot of these people who made a success back then are now trying to con people using these crowd sourcing platforms.
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert 17 dagar sedan
Wholesome like with bugs bunny and the black hunter? Wholesome!
SwissSauce 18 dagar sedan
why not just oasis that's a cooler name i don't get it don't bring axis into this butch fartman
Jude Watson
Jude Watson 22 dagar sedan
The thing about them trying to have oaxis-friendly news sounds insane. Newsround on CBBC did the whole "news for kids" thing by cherry-picking stories but if something really important was happening they never bullshitted you about the reality of it, they would tell you straight "these soldiers are killing each other, these people are dying from famine". This sounds like they'd just filter everything out to "protect" people.
Santino Garetto
Santino Garetto 22 dagar sedan
But Eddy, you have 705 k subs, not 100.
Kaylynn Davis
Kaylynn Davis 25 dagar sedan
As someone who can get pretty scared by horror movies....I will never understand why people think The Exorcist is so scary. It's not scary. I thought it was a good movie, but that's it. It's in like top 10 horror movie lists and I just don't get it.
Liam Dœs Stuff
Liam Dœs Stuff 21 dag sedan
You honestly don't find the thought of something unexplainable happening to your child with you left helpless to do anything? I mean, to each there own but I find that horrifying. Regardless though, most fans agree that Exorcist 3 is by FAR the scariest movie (don't bother watching Exorcist 2 because it's bad and not even considered canon).
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water 26 dagar sedan
di a forty-year-old man trying to sell me molasses
Anna McLain
Anna McLain 26 dagar sedan
the first eddy burback video I watched. it's great.
Micheal Scott
Micheal Scott Månad sedan
The strange Chihuahua
The strange Chihuahua Månad sedan
Genuinely concerned woman: "How did you get in here????'' Butch: *A H A H A H H AH H. D O G G Y D O O R*
Zippy Månad sedan
Butch has the same voice as Jason Bateman.
Emilio ovalle
Emilio ovalle Månad sedan
Can't wait to watch 50 shades of grey on Oaxis
Ryoshii !!!
Ryoshii !!! Månad sedan
7:02 I literally do not have a phone and I'm 14 -_- I honestly hear that all the time from older people and it's like You guys just casually did some real bad things as kids and now are just like 'oh some of the Internet is bad so its all bad' or 'do you know what your kids could be doing on the Internet rn??' Please stop, there were multiple articles found that were about even older generations against paper, bcs 'chalkboards are old and timeless, and paper will ruin that industry' (or something like that) they're just doing the same thing but to us now
Kenton Dangerous
Kenton Dangerous Månad sedan
Is it just me or does Butch's face look like it's been slapped on someone else's head?
SuperAce350 Månad sedan
9:33 anyone else try to scan the QR code?
JhongYT Månad sedan
Remember when Oaxis was never a thing?
Tin Can
Tin Can Månad sedan
well the only real fair point is the over abundance of sex scenes, but in ADULT shows... i personally find it annoying because alot of the times its random and completely irrelevant to the story, and sometimes awkwardly long, and that would be fine if alot of high budget shows didint take it too far and have about 3 scenes per episode. so i dont have to sit through 5 minutes of random characters awkwardly moaning multiple times per episode... i get why, its filler, and alot easier to fill up 5 minutes of the show than writing extra dialogue.... cause grunting and moaning doesnt exactly take much rehearsal XD. i mean im not against it, it doesnt bother me in moderation.... but when im watching it alone and im cringing at the awkwardness of it... you know its excessive..... the worst was the new season of ozark where that kid fucks that psycho heroin grandma. sometimes i just ask... why? why does anyone want to see that? so yea, that kind of thing, shock value, but it really doesnt contribute anything to the story, if anything it backtracks on a few points in the story leaving some plot holes. i mean who watches a show similar to breaking bad (not nearly as good) looking for softcore geriatric porn? but then again, to be fair that is a netflix series, they consistently seem to mistake gross and awkward for entertaining.... like their new disaster little cuties or something. id rather just not, atleast its in the name there.
Emil Oom
Emil Oom Månad sedan
Oasis is far from safe. I mean, it is pretty self explanatory. All cretures need water. What makes an oasis an oasis? Water. What does that mean? Every fucking animal will be there What does that have to do with this app? Absolutly fucking nothing. That's all I had to say
King -RadioactiveLighting
King -RadioactiveLighting Månad sedan
A Crazy Nut!
ThePhoenixAvalon Månad sedan
My mom is older than Butch and she saw _M_ and _Rosemary's Baby_ when she was a child, none of those exactly "kid friendly". So no yeah, hard to find something inappropriate back in the day? All out lie.
GhostPants Månad sedan
If you, for some reason, need any more convincing that this whole Hartman venture was pretty much aiming to be a cult-like scam from the very start, check out this archived snapshot of its homepage from early 2018 in which he lists "How I can pray more accurately for the needs and vision of OAXIS" as a question that might be answered by subscribing to his newsletter: web.archive.org/web/20180303210542/www.oaxis.tv/
Ajc 7575
Ajc 7575 Månad sedan
I just realized butch did a bunch of scholar’s cradles and I didn’t notice.
Lee Mana
Lee Mana Månad sedan
When I was a kid in 1999 I used to watch the real life forensics shows (Forensic Files/Medical Detectives and Exhibit A) which tell the story of real-life murders and show actual barely censored crime scene photos because I was really interested in forensic science and criminology and also liked horror. I recently tried to re-watch the episodes as an adult and I couldn’t stomach it. I also don’t watch horror movies anymore because they scare me too much. So not every piece of media that we consume as a child will have a major impact on us later in life. Some kids just like spooky shit for awhile and then might grow out of it. 🤷‍♀️
Elias Guevara
Elias Guevara Månad sedan
alternate title: “Butch Hartman Stole Our Dicks”
Jewel R
Jewel R Månad sedan
didn't,, butch say,,, he could cure autism???? via god????
Andrew Lammers
Andrew Lammers Månad sedan
sparta ultimate
sparta ultimate Månad sedan
You forgot Italy in the axis ma man.
Zach Matthews
Zach Matthews Månad sedan
Please help Butch Hartman deleted my penis.
I exhibit the big hungry
I exhibit the big hungry Månad sedan
I cannot wait for the podcast
Owen Mattravers
Owen Mattravers Månad sedan
New solution: just maybe don’t show kids movies with sex scenes. Like there’s ratings, pg 13 can have a mans but at most and that’s the cap, it’s not that complicated.
Riley Willoughby
Riley Willoughby Månad sedan
Currently, on an update for Oaxis. It has reached it's goal and hit over 268k. Nothing new has come from it since January 2019.
Sean Stanton
Sean Stanton Månad sedan
How they hell did he get video games on a streaming service ( unless that’s only on console )
EnderEli Månad sedan
Gus looked so fuckin bored the whole time XD
Kenny Laysh
Kenny Laysh 2 månader sedan
Oasis. Axis. (In my head, hahah, I hope it's not "Oaxis", that would be dumb)....*seconds later
Alex Faudel
Alex Faudel 2 månader sedan
Legend has it their goal is still to impact culture
Sean Stanton
Sean Stanton 2 månader sedan
I really want a video of Gus,eddy, and Danny Gonzalez
Altorin 2 månader sedan
When I hear Axis I only hear nazi.
Joey K
Joey K 2 månader sedan
Maybe that 8 year old had good parents that were able to explain how horror movies aren't real and are just made for fun because people like being scared.
Yellow- Banana-Pan
Yellow- Banana-Pan 2 månader sedan
no one in the world looks more like they should be named butch than butch hartman.
Mike Blue
Mike Blue 2 månader sedan
Only watched because of Gus, Eddie is not funny
Pazuru. _ .
Pazuru. _ . 2 månader sedan
Butch has the reality stone
Isaac Whitson
Isaac Whitson 2 månader sedan
Bruh, I'm just watching this video and I've never heard of it. If you go to the OAXIS website it still says "streaming service coming soon"
Kyle Goat Eyes
Kyle Goat Eyes 2 månader sedan
What is that family watching that has sex scenes?
Zir Jaeger
Zir Jaeger 2 månader sedan
I mean sex in movies in my opinion is awful and unnecessary, but fuck getting rid of extreme violence
Cameron Stricker
Cameron Stricker 2 månader sedan
It’s all a Ponzi scheme to make a streaming service for Danny phantom and fairly oddparents
Michael Mcdowell
Michael Mcdowell 2 månader sedan
So if I get 3 people to get subscribers they become part of my downstream
Michael Mcdowell
Michael Mcdowell 2 månader sedan
100k brag
Bulbasaur 05
Bulbasaur 05 2 månader sedan
It’s funny, cuz he keeps baiting the dp fandom with “reboots” and “continuations” of Danny Phantom. Butch does not own the rights to Danny Phantom anymore. He has no say in whether or not more DP content is made.
faisal alshuaibi
faisal alshuaibi 2 månader sedan
Bruh I’m twelve I don’t got no phone
weasle min
weasle min 2 månader sedan
I'm pretty sure I saw the exorcist on netflix kids one time
Luke Mancl
Luke Mancl 2 månader sedan
Just seeing this now but OMG you have to do a revamp of this and show that they didn’t make it anywhere in two years 😂
Sabi Blankenship
Sabi Blankenship 2 månader sedan
when he reveals oaxis name... butch randomly defocuses the entire screen for half a second
Nosmo90 2 månader sedan
8:49: I expected Eddy to form his hands into a triangle after mentioning pyramid schemes and clapping, so I am mightily disappointed. xD
SFX SkiD 2 månader sedan
Eddy and Gus look like two generations next to each other. They’re like a year apart
Psycho Raccoon
Psycho Raccoon 2 månader sedan
i feel like i just watched a Universal park rules and expectations video describing what the ride is like -.-
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 2 månader sedan
The more of him i see the less i like... He should just work on a good cartoon and sell it on Netflix
Devin Crum
Devin Crum 2 månader sedan
TV shows back in the day were WAY less kid friendly than shows today. I believe they were worse. Remember the original Family Feud host trying to make out with all of those little girls? It was fucking repulsive!
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs 2 månader sedan
You win me over when you use Huey Lewis.
Jesús Velarde
Jesús Velarde 2 månader sedan
So, they actually managed to raise the 250k, or at least they say they did. They've been giving out some updates on their website. The last one is from September 2019. It said: Happy September, Oaxis Family! We are so blessed by your continued support! We love hearing all your wonderful encouraging messages every month so please keep sending them! As you all know we have a vision that will be birthed! We are very determined, excited, driven and focused on this vision every day. We do not let a day go by without doing something that moves us toward Oaxis. Whether a phone call, email, zoom meeting, in-person meeting, traveling to a meeting, etc. We are so excited to tell you that we have begun to have meetings with several individuals who have very big names in the entertainment industry. I know that some may say, “Who cares about what they’ve done? Do they care about the vision of Oaxis?” As a matter of fact they do! Any person or group that we consider bringing onto the team HAS to have the same values we share at Oaxis. It’s a big vision so each person - no matter what their experience is or isn’t - MUST be on the same page as the original people who were given the original vision: Butch & Julieann Hartman! As we write this newsletter we can’t help but encourage you as well! Make sure you take time out of your day to pursue your vision, dreams and goals! No one else will do it for you. You must be a “self-starter”. We’ve always tried to be that. No matter what vision we’ve worked on in the past, we’ve always been the first ones in and the last ones to leave for the day! We start our week on Sundays: talking about our plans and writing down every possibility to help us take steps toward our weekly/monthly goals. We don’t stop until we fulfill everything we set out to do at that given time. Thank you all for being on this journey with us. It’s so important to us that you all care so much about Oaxis. We also wanted to give you an update about the partnership opportunity that we spoke about last month. We certainly appreciate all the “I’m In” responses you’ve sent! Yet, before we can pursue this path we would have to have at least 200 people (to start) be a part of the partnership program. Right now we are just under 100. We will keep pursuing this opportunity and we look forward to a VERY exciting September! If you didn’t receive the previous newsletter update about the partnership program please reach out to us so we can get that to you asap! Enjoy your blessings, Butch & Julieann Hartman CEO & COO Oaxis Entertainment
Herobrine 2 månader sedan
Hey is that kickstarter still up?
Miguel Holguin
Miguel Holguin 2 månader sedan
Of course Butch is one of those dipshits who thinks that content that "uplifts" and inspires is the only thing that makes something good. Ohand that being a family man makes you trust worthy.
bagamingshow 2 månader sedan
I'm leaning more towards hiding the internet altogether from my kids. Have you seen the weird Elsa or Five Nights at Freddys or Mickey Mouse weird creepy body horror shit? It's on Netflix for Kids now too. My nieces watch it and it actually makes them stupider...I love my nieces. But that shit makes them stupid AF.
queerly departed
queerly departed 2 månader sedan
The name sounds like a 11th hour portmanteau because both Oasis and Axis were taken already
that one kid in school who eats glue
that one kid in school who eats glue 2 månader sedan
I don't know that doggy door line was funny to me I didn't find it to be cringe
I'm Sorry Rumham
I'm Sorry Rumham 2 månader sedan
Brock Swisstee
Brock Swisstee 2 månader sedan
Butch Hartman does a lot of coke. A lot of coke.
Elsie 2 månader sedan
Butch Hartman: "I wanted to give my streaming service a name that really meant something. So I called it a made-up word"
Lily Liao
Lily Liao 2 månader sedan
fyi butch is a terrible person
tubarao feio
tubarao feio 2 månader sedan
it seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on tv But where are those good old-fashioned values On which we used to rely?! is practically the sales pitch for this godforsaken service
Rowan Sídhe
Rowan Sídhe 2 månader sedan
please do an update on where this went, what other weird scams he’s inevitably been involved in, and that $200 art commission from a week ago Butch clearly traced
Lonely Recruit
Lonely Recruit 2 månader sedan
12:19 "Our goal is to impact culture, like these stab wounds impacted this murder victim "
Sean O'Donnell
Sean O'Donnell 2 månader sedan
SEpost Kids?
Hundura 2 månader sedan
Butch Hartman took my dick away :/
SirTorture 2 månader sedan
How does gus seem more timid than eddy in this video
deep mind
deep mind 2 månader sedan
Shoulda named his thing oaxaca instead of oaxis. Now i won't donate. Shame
Josh Woofter
Josh Woofter 2 månader sedan
Gus where did Eddy go. A quarter of the way through it said that Butch was with you now. I can't find Eddy. Gus help.
Caleb Crouch
Caleb Crouch 2 månader sedan
🤣😂 can you imagine if when your a kid and a sex scene comes on the tube and the next thing you know is your parents beat the shit out of you. 😂
Miffin_Man 2 månader sedan
Bitch Hartman: I wanna be family friendly. Also Bitch Hartman: *Has dirty jokes and such in his shows and even has some, questionable things.*
Cbear1 2
Cbear1 2 3 månader sedan
Still a cutie
Anthony T Neros
Anthony T Neros 3 månader sedan
Technically it is a pyramid scheme from a point of view
Taylor Moravec
Taylor Moravec 3 månader sedan
he’s acting like The Exorcist is so bad 😂😭💀 man I don’t like this dude..... childhood ruined
Luke Hurley
Luke Hurley 3 månader sedan
So when Butch makes his appearance and the family is all looking at him, isn’t the murder/horror/sex scene still playing on the tv?
Alex De Leon
Alex De Leon 3 månader sedan
Half the time eddy sounds like Sean Evan from hot ones
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson 3 månader sedan
Ironic that Butch Hartman was responsible for a show about fighting ghosts and then he turns into a Satanic Panic mom from he 80s
keaton winsor
keaton winsor 3 månader sedan
You know what, he makes a good point. It seems today, that all you see is violence in movies and sex on tv!
Calvin Clark
Calvin Clark 2 månader sedan
Where are those good old fashioned values, on which we used to rely?
Corbah 3 månader sedan
This whole ad felt like the videos you see at the beginning of the line at Disneyland *a cringy clusterfuck*
Christopher Leamons
Christopher Leamons 3 månader sedan
That name.. that word... it doesn't roll. Imagine a three year saying "Oaxis".
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