Breazeale vs Wallin HIGHLIGHTS: February 20, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME

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Otto Wallin puts on an impressive performance over Dominic Breazeale and scores a unanimous decision after 12 rounds of heavyweight boxing on February 20, 2021, live on SHOWTIME.
#BreazealeWallin Fight Recap:
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MATTHEW cloke 3 timmar sedan
Otto is my boy! He is going to give the likes of AJ a run for his money, Fury was his first top level opponent look what happens when gets eased in!
dennis roofe
dennis roofe 5 timmar sedan
Damn Breazeal , you let me down , I predicted you to get the "W"
Robin Moss
Robin Moss 7 timmar sedan
Was I the only one who didn’t know this fight was happening
Lyle Batalona
Lyle Batalona 8 timmar sedan
This highlight was produced to salvage any value left from Breazeale as an HW opponent in the future or as a win on Wilder's resume. From the 56 seconds clip, you would think this was a close competitive contest. Breazeale is nothing more than a journeyman at this point.
Unclejack328 10 timmar sedan
Wilder vs Wallin next.
b spoon
b spoon 11 timmar sedan
dom is FINISHED that wilder ko took off 15 years of his life and he looks LOST out there
Travis Edwards
Travis Edwards 13 timmar sedan
Two heavyweights built like a can of biscuits looking sluggish as hell, no wonder the highlights was so short.
mijuo roui
mijuo roui 8 timmar sedan
Domonic NEEDS a better team, look how out of shape he is
mijuo roui
mijuo roui 16 timmar sedan
Wow the 2 hug each other on the floor like they re ready for adults scene 🤧😂🤣 , thanks pbc island 🤣🤣🤣
mijuo roui
mijuo roui 8 timmar sedan
Breazeale had no business in the ring. Every punch he threw he was grunting like it took all of his energy. Time to retire.
Tau musara
Tau musara 19 timmar sedan
Soldier Dag sedan
I see what Dominique Breazeale problem is, it took me a while to figure it out, he flights everyone toe to toe, that's a big mistake!!!! he needs to fight like tyson fury/ Floyd Mayweather style, hit and move,. Hit and move, run around the ring.
bilisha coli
bilisha coli Dag sedan
Wallin got popular from his fight with Fury. His commitment in preparation for that fight elivated him
mijuo roui
mijuo roui 16 timmar sedan
Breazeale girl fights and swings & twist with his body just like a girl his fighting makes me sick
Corey Gee
Corey Gee Dag sedan
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy Dag sedan
I think Derek Chisora could give him a good run for his money.
Professor P
Professor P Dag sedan
Is breazeale one of the greatest heavyweights of all time?
Opening Shift
Opening Shift Dag sedan
Yeah bro right up there with Tyson and Ali lmao
Gaitchecker 2 dagar sedan
What kind of highlight video is this?
bilisha coli
bilisha coli Dag sedan
One of rare those times you're thankful to PBC for uploading a 1 minute highlights video.
DIRECTOR MR. SCOTT 2 dagar sedan
I like that the heavyweights are getting more shine.
sup V
sup V 2 dagar sedan
Lol breazeale is so fucking garbage! How TF did he get a title March
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy Dag sedan
Breazeal.... let’s a punch go Me.....painting a wall Me....I watch the paint dry Breazeal.....still swinging the same punch
DATA WOLF 2 dagar sedan
why didn't I know about this fight? I need to subscribe and add the website to my favorites.
Sema Duqa
Sema Duqa 2 dagar sedan
Brezeale was robbed.
Vinícius Alves
Vinícius Alves 2 dagar sedan
man pbc´s highlights are trash
Mike Wood
Mike Wood 2 dagar sedan
😂😂😂 Breazeale is bum juice
Eddie Grider
Eddie Grider 2 dagar sedan
Breazeale had no business in the ring. Every punch he threw he was grunting like it took all of his energy. Time to retire.
ryan donnelly
ryan donnelly 2 dagar sedan
Domonic NEEDS a better team, look how out of shape he is
jakey wattsy
jakey wattsy 2 dagar sedan
id like to see ruiz vs wallin, be a good fight imo
Omo Ovbo
Omo Ovbo 2 dagar sedan
Career over
Gladys Rodgers
Gladys Rodgers 2 dagar sedan
Breazeale girl fights and swings & twist with his body just like a girl his fighting makes me sick
PopTymz 2 dagar sedan
Breazeal is a "B" level fighter and nothing more. Everytime he steps up in competition he gets hammered.
ALPHA-MALE 2 dagar sedan
Wilder vs Fury . Remember Wallin almost ended Fury 🤣
EDDIE HAYMON 2 dagar sedan
One of rare those times you're thankful to PBC for uploading a 1 minute highlights video.
in4mus85 2 dagar sedan
The delusion from Fury fans in these comments because Wallin arguably beat Fury 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
3rinity xo
3rinity xo 2 dagar sedan
Breazeal.... let’s a punch go Me.....painting a wall Me....I watch the paint dry Breazeal.....still swinging the same punch
Chris Alan
Chris Alan 2 dagar sedan
Otto Wallin is one hell of a competitor. The guy is a great at applying consistent pressure
Tha Truf
Tha Truf 2 dagar sedan
This was torture watching this 😂😂😂😂Was he high the whole fight???!!!
Real_Boxing_Stories 2 dagar sedan
when the highlights are 50sec long.
Life Is My Opportunity - Channel
Life Is My Opportunity - Channel 2 dagar sedan
I lost my job during the pandemic 😷 I created my channel believing for better for myself, you & the rest of the world 🌍
Ben 11
Ben 11 2 dagar sedan
Otto is the only guy who actually beat Fury .
Josh 2 dagar sedan
Is this slow mo?
Garvin Boateng
Garvin Boateng 2 dagar sedan
Loool wtf first broner now this shit fight
test cch
test cch 2 dagar sedan
I was NOT impressed with Wallin despite what people are sayin. He actually faded towards the later part of the fight and Breazeale was able to land some of his slow motion punches! Dominic Breazeale should not be winning any rounds against you if you claim to be a top 10 heavyweight
m k
m k 2 dagar sedan
After being Covid19 survivor Otto still won a fight. Respect
brian b
brian b 2 dagar sedan
Lemme guess Wallin wasn’t the pbc house fighter so they tried to make brazeele look good in defeat. What a joke this company is. Might as well be wwf.
John Edward
John Edward 2 dagar sedan
This the shit crap
John McCormack
John McCormack 2 dagar sedan
These video show brazael best moments. In actuality wallin dominated from start to finish, except for getting tired in the last 3 rounds.
Al Jackson, Jr.
Al Jackson, Jr. 3 dagar sedan
Lmao wilder is just levels above these guys. Funny how wailin gave the business to fury and breazeale walked wailin down. And DEONTAY killed brazeale in round 1.. Yet fury "beat" wilder?? Something doesnt add up here... 1st fight fury gets knocked down twice and arguably KO'd.. Then he comes back like superman and straight slaughters DEONTAY.. Sorry but it doesnt happen like that... Im smart enough to see through the BS... FURY IS A CHEAT. SAY WHAT U WANT BUT THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN ASTERIK NEXT TO HIS TITLES ESPECIALLY THE WBC
Graphix Master
Graphix Master 2 dagar sedan
Each fight is different 😂😂
Richard Man
Richard Man 3 dagar sedan
This fight has officially cemented D. Breazeale has the current and latest Gate keeper in town. Let him just retire I like him but he was slower than my grandmother.....frfr
chris daniels
chris daniels 3 dagar sedan
Maybe Otto is a lot better then people give him credit for
mr shab
mr shab 3 dagar sedan
People were laughing at wallin when fury fought him and sayin brazeale more legit 🤣🤣 where you at now you AJ casuals where you at ya silly dossers
in4mus85 Dag sedan
@mr shab okay Mr know it all I'm the only person who knows about boxing 🤣🤣🤣 Breezeale and Ruiz= Mandatory title defences Wallin = non title cab driver cherry pick between wilder fights.
in4mus85 Dag sedan
@ThePumpkin2006 the cut my friend, the cut.
KING SLENDER 2.0 Dag sedan
@mr shab Joshua defeated Wallin twice already and was his sparring partner in 2017 , Joshua is going to be having a lot of Fury die hard run out of boxing when he wins .
mr shab
mr shab 2 dagar sedan
@in4mus85 there's a huge skill gap in the heavyweight division which Eddie hearn takes advantage of to fool the casuals. Brazeale has always been a tomato can compared to the top 4. Wallin was also ranked in top with wbo or wba can't remember but the casual aj fan boys were still quick to mock. Here's a fact that the casuals can't see. Fury is way better boxer than aj no fatty on short notice would knock him out like aj got knocked out. Even aj knows fury is levels above him. So please casual fan boys sit this topic out its not my fault you get fooled by Eddie hearns pr machine
Ollie Grigg
Ollie Grigg 2 dagar sedan
Wallin would get absolutely smacked by Joshua, whyte or povetkin
George Goddiess
George Goddiess 3 dagar sedan
Who thought it was a good idea to comeback after a near 2 year layoff and a change of trainers to face a skilled southpaw! Wallin fought a great fight though he did tire out in the final third of the fight
Jock Odd Sock
Jock Odd Sock 3 dagar sedan
AJ and Fury leftovers. This is PBC boxing at its finest!
Mortality’s Fatal
Mortality’s Fatal 3 dagar sedan
Brezeale fights like a Footballer, oh wait a minute
PixelStacker 3 dagar sedan
57 second highlight & the best bit was the takedown at the end. completely!
GotDramaAllergy 3 dagar sedan
Dom still not in good enough shape and must throw straighter snap and retract rather than missing... Missing shot is wasted whif for nothing, and cosmetic swill. Breazeale is being left to train upon his own will and that is not enough. He was not moving efficient,seemed painful. I hate seeing him show up untrained. Train In Pain or no gain..
The Diesel
The Diesel 3 dagar sedan
Give me Otto Wallin vs Luis Ortiz this Summer. Come on PBC! Make it happen
Jaelkel Derarin
Jaelkel Derarin 3 dagar sedan
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Rough Spaghetti
Rough Spaghetti 3 dagar sedan
Don’t sleep on Otto. He gave Tyson fury a better fight than deontay wilder 😂
GotDramaAllergy 3 dagar sedan
Fury couldn't risk the "Help" with Wallin cause chances of being caught doubled...Didn',t feel he needed it
linda sapiecha
linda sapiecha 3 dagar sedan
Fat Apples
Fat Apples 3 dagar sedan
And this is why Wilder ducked that Wallin call out. Doesn't like that technical smoke
Ngeleiatoko 3 dagar sedan
Garbage highlights no free fights from PBC Complete trash boxing
splinter360 3 dagar sedan
Never wanna knock a man with the balls to enter a boxing ring....but man is Brezealle bad. No speed, no power, no defence. No nothing.
GotDramaAllergy 3 dagar sedan
Thank Unable Sanchez
Lee Pyke
Lee Pyke 3 dagar sedan
This version of Wallin, smashes Fury.
leon voulgaris
leon voulgaris 3 dagar sedan
Best fight of last 50 years
DOTTIE'S LIFE 3 dagar sedan
Sakhawat Rahman
Sakhawat Rahman 3 dagar sedan
I think Derek Chisora could give him a good run for his money.
MrErnieHanks 3 dagar sedan
I don't have anything against PBC but they need to start putting up 4-5 min highlights
Ametzvill 3 dagar sedan
When Breazeal swings it’s like slooooooooooow motion. His arms are so long I thought he hit the bell 🛎
ryan marengo
ryan marengo 3 dagar sedan
The most stupid highlight ever 😂😂😂 looks like breazealle was winning the fight😅🙄🙄
Adeyemi Ganiyu
Adeyemi Ganiyu 3 dagar sedan
Dominic should pursue another career path. Boxing isn't his calling.
The Stanimal
The Stanimal 3 dagar sedan
Brezeale is finished. Retire mate your Boring.
Peter Shortland
Peter Shortland 3 dagar sedan
I question how Breazelle got Wilder in the first place 🤔😐😕
Hanzo Assassin
Hanzo Assassin 3 dagar sedan
Breazeale fights like an old grandmother trying to hit her children.
Bs Bs
Bs Bs Dag sedan
sean lines
sean lines 3 dagar sedan
Most of the fight breeazle had him on the ropes
Star Dawg
Star Dawg 3 dagar sedan
I hope Otto comes to the UK he would get a great reception and lots of epic fights!
Raheem Williams
Raheem Williams 3 dagar sedan
Should of fought wilder that way.
Joseph Rigley
Joseph Rigley 3 dagar sedan
Breazeale looked better in these highlights than he has throughout most of his career to be fair, the man's a middle of the road kinda boxer not much skill decent physical attributes but clearly doesn't live the life of an athlete.
a a
a a 3 dagar sedan
This is the guy wilder thought he had to fight twice lmao cherry picker
Mjr.Mustang302 3 dagar sedan
Wallin got popular from his fight with Fury. His commitment in preparation for that fight elivated him
Jupiter-8 3 dagar sedan
I always wonder what largely inactive fringe contenders like Breazeale do between fights - do they have a day job in a bar or something?
SMASH 3 dagar sedan
Hey my kids just made a channel can you guys help out with a Sub, Thanks ;)
schiffwreck99 3 dagar sedan
And that's the end of your career buddy.
Darren Hatch
Darren Hatch 3 dagar sedan
Napoleon Salvador
Napoleon Salvador 3 dagar sedan
Un impressed with wallin
Animal Mother
Animal Mother 3 dagar sedan
Wilder and Fury's victims slugging it out
John 3:16
John 3:16 3 dagar sedan
Bad highlights made Breazeale look better than he was when Wallin clearly won the fight
Gabe Meadows
Gabe Meadows 3 dagar sedan
What that's crazy
William Halley
William Halley 3 dagar sedan
Wallin is rising. He gave Fury a ride for his money and god knows how he improved between the two Wilder fights. I think he deserve to get a fight with the top five
William Halley
William Halley 2 dagar sedan
@FastestDANCER I actually think he is
in4mus85 2 dagar sedan
@FastestDANCER 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
FastestDANCER 3 dagar sedan
He’s better than whyte
Karl Kindle
Karl Kindle 3 dagar sedan
thats all they could give us? smh
Steve Aguiar
Steve Aguiar 3 dagar sedan
I hate Breazele he looks like a loaf of bread 🍞
Kram Kalisthenics
Kram Kalisthenics 3 dagar sedan
Breazeale looked like he was on quaaludes.
Rick Flair
Rick Flair 3 dagar sedan
Breazeal is the worst heavyweight boxer I have ever seen 😂 the fact that he has fought for 2 world titles is the biggest joke ever 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ even more baffling is that they found 20 guys he could beat 🤯
Kyung Nim
Kyung Nim 3 dagar sedan
@Rick Flair not really. More like one level above but that's it.
Rick Flair
Rick Flair 3 dagar sedan
@Kyung Nim wilder is levels above him in every single way
Kyung Nim
Kyung Nim 3 dagar sedan
Same can be said for Wilder lol
John CGW
John CGW 3 dagar sedan
People getting on Wallin as some sorta force to be reckoned with. Boxing = horse racing. You can put your nag in with slow ones and it will look great, then step it up against top class and it gets exposed. This is what will happen to Fury when he gets in with Joshua. Fury aint all that, and Wallin dining on the back of a close fight with Fury is misleading. Truth is, Wallin is levels behind Joshua, Whyte, Parker, Povetkin and some others, including prospects. The cream rises to the top eventually, and if Fury doesn't delay or duck he will get knocked out by Joshua.
Bingy Linkz
Bingy Linkz 3 dagar sedan
Two lazy boxers.
PunchQuote 3 dagar sedan
Breazeale missed more punches than I've ever seen him. Sanchez sucks as a trainer.
GotDramaAllergy 3 dagar sedan
DRACO FURY 13 3 dagar sedan
WILL BENNETT 3 dagar sedan
Dominic is done! Wilder finished him.
YouTube Dick-tators
YouTube Dick-tators 3 dagar sedan
PBC with shit highlights. Fire the boss, fire the editors.
MT NENO 3 dagar sedan
Breazele is done
Hardworkin T
Hardworkin T 3 dagar sedan
Both looked like they had poor conditioning
Christian Vargas
Christian Vargas 3 dagar sedan
57 seconds lmaop what a joke
Jimmy King
Jimmy King 3 dagar sedan
Quite possibly the WORST! HIGHLIGHTS! I have ever witnessed 😳
Jonathan L. Real
Jonathan L. Real 3 dagar sedan
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