Ben Askren *LEAKED* Fight Week SPARRING FOOTAGE Breakdown!! l Is He Ready For Jake Paul??

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The W.A.D.E. Concept

23 dagar sedan

We are only 4 Days Away from the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Fight!! So today I decided to take one final look at some of Ben's recent training footage and well, let's just say I have mixed feelings.. What do you take away from Ben's Training?? Let's Debate!!
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The W.A.D.E. Concept
The W.A.D.E. Concept 22 dagar sedan
I can’t put into words what the support you guys bring to this channel means to me.. Just know I love you maniacs, Thanks for making this channel so great 💪🏻💪🏻
Hans Pennyloaf
Hans Pennyloaf 16 dagar sedan
@Designated Marxman Lmao I mean you clearly don't. You watched Ben's workouts and actually thought he was going to win. Anyone with a set of eyes should have said to themselves "wow Ben isn't keeping his hands up or his chin tucked and he's not moving his head at all, he's definitely getting knocked out." Which is exactly what I told you before the fight while you were telling me how great he looked and was going to "destroy Jake" so I don't know what to tell you other than the proof is in the pudding.
Designated Marxman
Designated Marxman 16 dagar sedan
@Hans Pennyloaf makes sense, something like 25 years around it, but don't know what I'm looking at.
Hans Pennyloaf
Hans Pennyloaf 16 dagar sedan
@Designated Marxman That wiki page is hilarious on that we can agree, there's more funny stuff if you scroll down. But I think I finally have you figured out, you are indeed a die-hard boxing fan with a lot of obscure knowledge of the sport, but you just don't know wtf you're looking at and clearly don't have an eye for what boxing skill actually looks like. That's the only possible way you could be such a big fan of boxing and still actually think that Ben stood a chance of winning that fight.
Designated Marxman
Designated Marxman 16 dagar sedan
@Hans Pennyloaf I just checked Love's record to make sure I wasn't wrong about the failed test (I wasn't - NC against Rosado, fined $10k and suspended for 7 months) and his wikipedia currently says "Known for being the son of mma champion Tyron Woodley." LMAO I might become an mma fan after all this.
Designated Marxman
Designated Marxman 16 dagar sedan
@Hans Pennyloaf you are 1000% stupid kid lol I know who love is, he's a bum that pissed hot and got smoked by David Benavidez lol Wade is the dude who repeatedly said he has an amateur background that you follow. But he's a football playing fitness model with no USAB card 🤷
Diane Austin
Diane Austin 18 dagar sedan
Great respect for Gabe Rosado. I still remember when he fought GGG. He gave it all even though he lost.
Diane Austin
Diane Austin 18 dagar sedan
This ages really well.
Miguel Escobar
Miguel Escobar 18 dagar sedan
Hello yea guess what happened😉
YDE Luffy
YDE Luffy 18 dagar sedan
Which side yall got?
jjstratford 19 dagar sedan
I have a sneaking suspicion 🤔 that Jake goes full speed and power in sparring, while his partners are sparring correctly. This will, of course, lead to him overestimating his own skills and underestimating his opponent’s skills. Might be a bad night for Jake.
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed 19 dagar sedan
vest or chest ?
C Farnwide
C Farnwide 19 dagar sedan
Ben is gonna troll Jake all eight rounds and wear him down. I’m to much of a casual to make a prediction on who wins but I do feel comfortable saying it’s not going to be as easy as Jake thinks... (Edit: I just subscribed a week ago. I’m not an MMA nor boxing fan but I’ve really enjoyed your presentation and analysis of this upcoming fight. I understand the art of boxing so much better after watching)
Ethan Stover
Ethan Stover 19 dagar sedan
when are you gonna drop some merch?!
Gaza 19 dagar sedan
Askren is getting stopped and if doesn’t then that’s pathetic on jake pauls part, Askren doesn’t look like he’s trained at all smh
Rrok Daragjati
Rrok Daragjati 19 dagar sedan
Guys learning? Guy was a mma champion and got dropped by fake traitor Judas masvidal fluke. You know nothing
Rrok Daragjati
Rrok Daragjati 19 dagar sedan
You know that’s Freddie roach right? Doesn’t even say his name. Wow
Rrok Daragjati
Rrok Daragjati 19 dagar sedan
All these kids taking about shit they don’t know. Please go to tik tok and do a dance. Ben isn’t Nate Robinson. Deji did better then Nate. What do you honestly think Ben is going to do to him. Tire him like a dog. Ben is going to kill that’s fraud
Rrok Daragjati
Rrok Daragjati 19 dagar sedan
You know nothing.ben is going to dirty box him to death. Good luck head hunting with 10 oz gloves. Will feel like being hit by pillows. Jake is a horrible boxer. That the truth. Ben is a fighter and that also the truth.
Corey Flanagan
Corey Flanagan 19 dagar sedan
My main arguement is ben can get hit by jake Paul's best shot and keep going no problem. Ben's going to eat shots and take him into deep water. Easy dub after that
Dennis Youngblood
Dennis Youngblood 19 dagar sedan
This is how I see it happening, Jake comes out and blows his load in the first 2 rounds, then he realizes he can't knock Ben out, gets dejected, then gets put out by Ben in round 5, 6, or 7
_ verts
_ verts 20 dagar sedan
God loves you all!!!
Nataniel Padalík
Nataniel Padalík 20 dagar sedan
I dont care anymore
I dont care anymore 20 dagar sedan
And who are you? A boxercise coach?
astewart1003 20 dagar sedan
The thing that should give you the most confidence is this. Defending punches and being pressured is far more exhausting than attacking and pushing your opponent around. That is bens key to victory. Jake wont be able to breath after the 2nd round. Jake may be a better pad hitter, but not a better fighter. His technique is reliant on his natural abilities. Bens is years of competition, grit and confidence.
FX 20 dagar sedan
30%?? what the actual fuck, 30 from Jake and then whatever after taxes, is that even worth it lmaooo Jake literally hangs around leeches, he's deff making most of his money from them.
knifemaster20 20 dagar sedan
I really need Ben to knock the snot out of jake
Ant Simmons
Ant Simmons 20 dagar sedan
Where are your scars or boxer nose? Are you qualified to critique you say some good things but others ya say is way easier then done no .atter how good ya are
matt william
matt william 20 dagar sedan
🍊 H E U P E L 🍊
Obie Thrice
Obie Thrice 20 dagar sedan
Just watch Ben moving his head in MMA. He rarely got hit on the feet. And Robbie Lawler didn't knock Ben out. You're saying Jake Paul has more power with boxing gloves than Robbie Lawler with MMA gloves? Also are you Ace Enders brother?
EM0tional Goose
EM0tional Goose 20 dagar sedan
Ben is gonna bang him mark my word.
Rough Spaghetti
Rough Spaghetti 20 dagar sedan
I hate Jake aswell but I don’t see how someone could put this much effort into hating on someone. You literally only post about the Paul’s and that shit is sad af that they get you that emotional that you need to dedicate your whole channel to hating on them. They’re living in your head my guy 😂
Ryan Fry
Ryan Fry 20 dagar sedan
Ben needs to make Jake fight on the defensive and control the pace. If he sits back and let’s Jake control the pace, then Ben will be getting knocked out cuz he doesn’t have a good enough counter punch to catch Jake off guard.
Grappler Baki
Grappler Baki 20 dagar sedan
I really want ben to win, I just can't see it happening. He is NOT a striker and never will be.
Gaming for adults Adults only
Gaming for adults Adults only 20 dagar sedan
Be. Doesn’t have the head movement
Gaming for adults Adults only
Gaming for adults Adults only 20 dagar sedan
The mma community don’t take bens side he is a wrestler always has always will.
Justin Meagher
Justin Meagher 21 dag sedan
Your really good dude. And not cocky the way you come off or fake at all. Legit dude. Impressive
boz_man 21 dag sedan
If Ben had 6 more months, I think he'd win. He's learning fast.
Bear 21 dag sedan
Jake has a chin. He doesn’t have a nose 😂
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor 21 dag sedan
Bens gonna smash him. Gonna be a different fighter on the night. Round 3
Shane 21 dag sedan
Its like mirror boxing, working on form and technique vs speed and power
Oliver Breitenwischer
Oliver Breitenwischer 21 dag sedan
Love your channel 😁 lol if Ben wins I’m gonna be so damn happy I want Jake to eat his words and curb his confidence
Gamer Nance
Gamer Nance 21 dag sedan
I wish it was mma fighting
Puku Bee
Puku Bee 21 dag sedan
Who the fook is this guy commentating?
Zachary Yon
Zachary Yon 21 dag sedan
I honestly think the thing that'll throw this for Ben is gonna be muscle memory or like he'll be in a position and do something that he use to do in MMA that won't work in boxing.
Dhruv Chaturvedi
Dhruv Chaturvedi 21 dag sedan
Bro he has new sparring footage please release an analysis ASAP I wanna hear your opinion on itt
Sam Hernandez
Sam Hernandez 21 dag sedan
That Was like in his first or second week....fake
CarlosRen 21 dag sedan
On the clinch, I get why your saying you want Ben to be lower but I think making Jake carry his weight plays in to Ben’s overall strategy of taking him to deep waters
Not that Good
Not that Good 21 dag sedan
I hope everyone watches this fight on stream lmao. Do not pay these fucking clowns
Dolphin 21 dag sedan
At this point I think I told be a boxer
Tony 21 dag sedan
New footage up of Ben hitting pads for 11 mins .
Legion 21 dag sedan
New video bout ben, react to it already!!!!!!!!!!!!
yonne 4
yonne 4 21 dag sedan
I hope Ben shut this cocky bully jake down
Armin Moheb
Armin Moheb 21 dag sedan
Is this pretty much a reaction channel based along ben and jake
itsfranmelvi 21 dag sedan
Let’s all be honest, ben will not beat Jake
Nahum Gonzalez
Nahum Gonzalez 21 dag sedan
Bro, you deserve more subscribers, you create great content 👌🏻
MediTruth 21 dag sedan
Ben has been trolling the entire time
golden retriever
golden retriever 21 dag sedan
why do I want Jake to win
Water Lover
Water Lover 21 dag sedan
Just hope Ben comes out on top
Jay Kon
Jay Kon 21 dag sedan
Beautiful analysis. You’ve earned yourself a subscriber. This channel is about to explode off the Askren v Jake Paul fight alone.
Mr GMC631
Mr GMC631 21 dag sedan
I'm worried askren may be paid off to take a L ...... the money could set his family for life .... let's see if he really gives it 100% .... Jake probably told him here take 5 million and just make me look good .... you and your family be set for life if your wise with your spending...
Rolland Saxton cars, careers and common sense
Rolland Saxton cars, careers and common sense 21 dag sedan
What worries me is Ben only trained with roach fir a week according to George St Pierre I'm sure you can clean up your game in a week but I just wanna make sure he is training properly, but he does look better and snappier like you stated
Joe Peters
Joe Peters 21 dag sedan
Jokes bombed! Jake gonna win this fight!
Elephant Ju-Jitsu
Elephant Ju-Jitsu 21 dag sedan
You are talking about Jake Paul like he is a professional boxer. He isn't and he isn't even close. I agree with your points on Ben but you are giving Jake Paul way too much credit.
Elephant Ju-Jitsu
Elephant Ju-Jitsu 21 dag sedan
He has horrible technique even though he is improved.
Joe Quince
Joe Quince 21 dag sedan
We need an update after Ben’s new training video!
Jack H
Jack H 21 dag sedan
I can't believe I am considering renting this.
Focu 10
Focu 10 21 dag sedan
You need to watch bens public workout, he has been trolling us
Vesica 21 dag sedan
I'm going to make a prediction you're wrong about all this s***. No one's getting knocked out it's going to decision. Remember everyone's a knockout artist when you're picking your opponents.
The Unfunny Bone
The Unfunny Bone 21 dag sedan
I hate the guy but I can't see Jake losing to Ben.
Founding Fodder
Founding Fodder 21 dag sedan
Here are some gems: Ben's jaw is a beast. Ben's tempormant is controlled. Where Jake's will cause him to go full throttle in the beginning and gassing out. Being hit with mma gloves conditions you to take hits by someone wearing boxing gloves.
Emilio Dunn
Emilio Dunn 21 dag sedan
am i the only one that thinks jake might win?
kinimon 21 dag sedan
Watch the newer footage. He was trolling us all along!
unpersonned person
unpersonned person 21 dag sedan
will you be reacting to his open workout?
John Micheal
John Micheal 21 dag sedan
I have not see jake fight but Ben's style is triggering my anxiety!
Jason R
Jason R 21 dag sedan
So just saw one of your videos for the first time yesterday and honestly solid content
mystical being89
mystical being89 21 dag sedan
i swear i saw better footage of ben boxing like yesterday
lewiss45 21 dag sedan
Now react to his public work out 👀
Zain Al Saadi
Zain Al Saadi 21 dag sedan
Please react to the open workout of both!! Jake had the weirdest open workout that I have ever seen
Chrisgains 100
Chrisgains 100 21 dag sedan
Thank you so much for all the updates! Can’t wait to see the fight! I’m going for Ben 🥊
chase1170 21 dag sedan
Jakes opponent here is stamina. He has to be able to hold his gloves up ad scrap for 8 rounds. Ben will weaponize cardio. He can already take pauls punches. The fight starts when ben feels jake is spent. It will be quicker than you think
nathancofer 21 dag sedan
His new footage. Jake is gonna drown.
nathancofer 18 dagar sedan
@Tatums Gaming 👍🏼 I was very shocked at how terrible Ben was. I got that one all wrong.
Tatums Gaming
Tatums Gaming 18 dagar sedan
@nathancofer yes i did
Tatums Gaming
Tatums Gaming 18 dagar sedan
@nathancofer yeah we should do this again it was fun
nathancofer 18 dagar sedan
Just verifying that you received.
nathancofer 18 dagar sedan
@Tatums Gaming I just sent the money. See, I am a man of my word. Maybe we can have a friendly wager in the future on other fights. This was kinda fun, and a unique way to gamble. 😂
CanabudTV 21 dag sedan
I understand and like how you analyze the art but plz tell me why you are talking on jake like he’s mayweather haha half of what your saying jake will do is not even close to how he actually moves physically once again Nate is 5’6 in person jake has most likely more backyard nerd boxing wins of course that actually means something in the fight game getting comfortable throwing hands is important I’m sure you know that
The W.A.D.E. Concept
The W.A.D.E. Concept 20 dagar sedan
@CanabudTV Jake has shown pull counters in all 3 of his fights, it’s a weapon he absolutely has, and he understands how to use it. Gonna be a fun fight I just think both guys will have their moments, it comes don’t to who is going to step up and take this fight home💪🏻
CanabudTV 20 dagar sedan
@The W.A.D.E. Concept not once did I write that you said mayweather the way your predicting jakes possible counter acts is as if your simulating a mayweather type caliber that’s what I meant by writing my opinion
The W.A.D.E. Concept
The W.A.D.E. Concept 21 dag sedan
Never once said Jake was close to Mayweather, in any sentence ever. I give the guy credit for getting better in the sport that’s all
FarewellFix 21 dag sedan
Where can I watch the fight?
Osama Manan2
Osama Manan2 21 dag sedan
He is doing these combos for just combos. But i am sure he will keep his hands up in real fight. He will defend well.
josh friedman 7⃣
josh friedman 7⃣ 21 dag sedan
Jordan Fonque
Jordan Fonque 21 dag sedan
Does anybody know where to illegally watch the show for free?
Steven Skates
Steven Skates 21 dag sedan
I’m sorry to say this but there is no way in hell or heaven Bens knocking out jake. There is just no way.
Micah Johnston
Micah Johnston 21 dag sedan
React to the new footage from the open workout
Anthony Laner
Anthony Laner 21 dag sedan
Ben trolled everyone.
Retro Active 23
Retro Active 23 21 dag sedan
Yo, you should check out Ben Askrens new open workout footage. I genuinely believe that he's been trolling EVERYONE this hole time lol. His stamina looks amazing as well
Dylan Martino
Dylan Martino 21 dag sedan
This man is talking about Jake like he’s a prime Mike Tyson.😂😂😂 bruh chill
Jay Thao
Jay Thao 21 dag sedan
Correction: Wrestler vs Boxer. Not MMA vs Boxer.
Nate G
Nate G 21 dag sedan
Wade, watch the new live workout released. Ben has DEFINITELY been hiding his speed and footwork from all of us. Break that down, this will be a better picture of what to expect going into the fight. New Triller workout footage shows that he’s been hiding his true progress!
TheRetroguitar 21 dag sedan
In my opinion Ben needs to utilize his hip way more. Stil work on his speed, and clearly utilize his headmovement, keeping up his guard while throwing his jabs and left hook. Play to his strength, and utilize his endurance. All in all loads of improvement, compared to last month. I'll be routing
Chase Mason
Chase Mason 21 dag sedan
Need to watch bens hubtv video made 13 hours ago Ben got some fucking hands🤣💯 don’t make your prediction yet
The W.A.D.E. Concept
The W.A.D.E. Concept 21 dag sedan
@Chase Mason vid in 20 mins 😎
Chase Mason
Chase Mason 21 dag sedan
@The W.A.D.E. Concept bet lookin forward to it
The W.A.D.E. Concept
The W.A.D.E. Concept 21 dag sedan
Coming soon.. Breakdown and Prediction 😎
Paul Cummins
Paul Cummins 21 dag sedan
Cant wait for this fight yup
tenzin01 21 dag sedan
Ben Askren new video
None 1
None 1 21 dag sedan
Komi Chan
Komi Chan 21 dag sedan
If Jake wants to be considered a legitimate boxer. Why doesn’t he box a legit boxer from his own weight class?
Myem 21 dag sedan
Should've been an mma fight too bad jake is scared of an actual fight
TheString Breaker
TheString Breaker 21 dag sedan
Dude you have to check out Ben’s open workout!
The W.A.D.E. Concept
The W.A.D.E. Concept 21 dag sedan
Tomorrow 😎
Cadester 21 dag sedan
Watch jakes new vid with his bro. He looks fasttttt!
clifford hammontree
clifford hammontree 21 dag sedan
Even if Askren just survives Jake Paul will never be respected as a boxer unless he fights a boxer or even a respected MMA striker next not a wrestler or basketball player. A boxer would be best but I'll always hold out hope that there's a falling out with Masvidal and they go 8 rounds. But Masvidal would have to lose to Usman next weekend and if that mistake in the first round of Usmans last fight with Burns happens with Gamebred you dont survive that.
YY XY Wiseman
YY XY Wiseman 21 dag sedan
Ben should have sharpened up his striking years ago n maybe he wouy have done better In the ufc.Who the fuk was training him.Stupid and unacceptable.Someone should have been Sacked♠️
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