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Video Edited By ⇨ prezoh
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Music by Wagner Koop
Voice by ProVoExpress
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Cold Ones
Cold Ones 27 dagar sedan
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BCBRAN 2 dagar sedan
Matt B McConaughey
Matt B McConaughey 6 dagar sedan
She must have blocked my region on onlyfans. I had to spank it to this video!
TrapINhd 6 dagar sedan
GamerboyAli 10 dagar sedan
Bruh. *[REDACTED].*
sky ly
sky ly 13 dagar sedan
@Joshua Abalos \w
Java Scales
Java Scales Timme sedan
You made this happen. December 25th, 2020 😍
Пётр Квилкин
Пётр Квилкин 2 timmar sedan
The amount of people simping over Max in the comments makes him look real dumb for not selling his own bath water.
Sufi 88
Sufi 88 3 timmar sedan
True _Orca
True _Orca 3 timmar sedan
The south africa arc is pretty interesting imo.
Vladimir putin is god
Vladimir putin is god 3 timmar sedan
Russia can’t have this gamer girl the vodka no!
clonetrooper576 4 timmar sedan
thanks i hate it
The Cipher
The Cipher 5 timmar sedan
She’s soooo Beautiful!!!! ..... we’re talking about the one with glasses right ?
Soopa Poopa
Soopa Poopa 5 timmar sedan
no one gonna talk about how cringey this comment section is
Destanee Burdett
Destanee Burdett 6 timmar sedan
So sad she got banned
Sattel 6 timmar sedan
I'm watching a bearded man trying to do an ahegao face instead of sleeping...
Yo, I'm GONE!
Yo, I'm GONE! 6 timmar sedan
She literally just admitted to playing dead for a possible murderer
Sissi Sinister
Sissi Sinister 7 timmar sedan
Everytime I try to make that face she does, I look like I'm being possessed by the devil 😂😂😂
sam Feldman
sam Feldman 7 timmar sedan
She was a business woman doing business
•⃤ 8 timmar sedan
SomeonExisting 8 timmar sedan
Well boys, she's finally doing it
Hugh M.
Hugh M. 9 timmar sedan
Attack helicopter loli Cato at the window I understand but this doesn’t count they must be purposely in Australia therefore it’s all a lie ! Angry attack helicopter cat face MEOW!!!
TheGreatPornholio 9 timmar sedan
Poor girl, craving for attention, a personality disorder and then 24:00 came and yup: daddy issues. The type of girl who's really charismatic and seems cute, but is a hell to live with. Trust me, been there done that.
BaeBleade 41 sekund sedan
don't forget she promotes p%dophilia, but i guess no one cares. Sickening
codafett 9 timmar sedan
You don't know her.
Dr Phil
Dr Phil 9 timmar sedan
TrxpleSix 9 timmar sedan
"it feels like I was on one planet then put on another" mmhm interestin
mudins 9 timmar sedan
she almost died on that last shot xD
Nexo 10 timmar sedan
wow she is actually pretty chill
MiderWr 10 timmar sedan
A female girl :o
Si mp
Si mp 10 timmar sedan
She gotta accent wtf
Ses 13 timmar sedan
Lol she actually seems decent
Biscuits The Anteater
Biscuits The Anteater 13 timmar sedan
Well now I’m conflicted. On one hand, she seems like she’s be an awesome friend. On the other hand, I’ve seen her leaks more times than I can count, which might make things awkward
kwola 14 timmar sedan
Bath water caused Covid lol
SHM Gaming
SHM Gaming 14 timmar sedan
She sounds so innocent
Xbear 15 timmar sedan
Max is Australian jimmyhere
Arya Private
Arya Private 15 timmar sedan
Honestly if she turned into a commentary channel, I'd watch her
Darkrin Shade
Darkrin Shade 16 timmar sedan
wait, Belle delphine HAS AN ACCENT
Boosted Savage
Boosted Savage 16 timmar sedan
She’s actually kinda cute when she’s out of character
Berk Yasik
Berk Yasik 17 timmar sedan
Plot twist- she is a normal girl
Greg Del Pilar
Greg Del Pilar 17 timmar sedan
I never knew Belle's a Brit.
PuK Soros
PuK Soros 18 timmar sedan
Two beta males simping to Belle Delphine
youtube name
youtube name 19 timmar sedan
Is that a bikers helmet wtf
Trọng-Hiếu Nguyễn
Trọng-Hiếu Nguyễn 19 timmar sedan
Damn, I like her voice! She's smart and has been on the internet long enough to know how it would reacts to anything.
matthew price
matthew price 20 timmar sedan
Damn what is that pink light in max’s room
Donny Mak
Donny Mak 20 timmar sedan
This interview is one of a kind, I wish this will help Belle Delphine grow into other aspect as a personality
Humberto Quadros
Humberto Quadros 20 timmar sedan
I really wasnt expecting the "how much did you make from the bath water" joke, oh my god, i nearly died laughing
DJ VICTOR 21 timme sedan
os alienigena brigando é bem mais legal do que ouvir eles falar
BigShotz 21 timme sedan
Shes playing the simps so hard
Yuliy 22 timmar sedan
I honestly don’t want to be attracted to her, but I am
Has the High Ground
Has the High Ground 12 timmar sedan
Same, I mean I swear I’m not a simp but she do be a cutie
Trekith 22 timmar sedan
I didn't know that she was brittish lol.
Jimmy Chen
Jimmy Chen 23 timmar sedan
Rip Her channel
Dont Matter
Dont Matter 17 timmar sedan
Its back..
Thumpingpine X
Thumpingpine X 23 timmar sedan
She sounds really down to earth and humble, I'm surprised.
God .
God . 23 timmar sedan
Oh she’s British
Yi An Ko
Yi An Ko Dag sedan
Lmao when they ask abt the amount of money for her to make a sex tape, their eyes are like🤩🤩🤩🤩
Taco 12 timmar sedan
Shes making one, it releases christmas
Dillazon Merrill
Dillazon Merrill Dag sedan
Love her charming, bubbly, and creative personality, it’s good to know the real person behind such a beautiful smile.
Alex Olley
Alex Olley Dag sedan
Never seen this bird before but she won me over when she starts by necking Smirnoff from the bottle 😂 what a legend!
Hector Ayala
Hector Ayala Dag sedan
I was informed that the FBI Agents Who terminated Belle Delphine's SEpost Account are Gay. All you fraudulent F.B.I's on these comments rather have Johnny Knoxville in Bad Grandpa get a whole Movie so stick to the assignment that I assigned you to.
The Parkour Fanatic
The Parkour Fanatic Dag sedan
This intro be like :()
Z Dag sedan
She’s only 20...
Name Dag sedan
Demian Edú Martin Fontes
Demian Edú Martin Fontes Dag sedan
11:53 ANYTHING!?
Haunted Lamp
Haunted Lamp Dag sedan
For the next Coldones Max should bring on MerryWeather since I saw in an old video of Max that he said they were friends.
danshyu Dag sedan
h3h3 was right, she's basically a performance artist.
Kafetti Dag sedan
Ok fine, i’ll simp
Cameron Seward
Cameron Seward Dag sedan
Yo imagine them getting tvfilthyfrank2 on here.
Kiani Kardi
Kiani Kardi Dag sedan
belle low key drinking water filled up in a smirnoff bottle....
The Godly Potato
The Godly Potato Dag sedan
She's normal?
meta.jpg Dag sedan
Shout out to Space Channel 5 in the corner there.
lobo Dag sedan
Ayoo, don't even follow her on social media. But she's pretty chill
R y
R y Dag sedan
Belle's bath water started covid
Grant Bauman
Grant Bauman Dag sedan
She is adorable
Laugh nCry27
Laugh nCry27 Dag sedan
"If you're good at something never do it for free"
Nuka Trader
Nuka Trader Dag sedan
check her twitter boys
Mona Marples
Mona Marples Dag sedan
What I learned from this podcast: Something Belle would nevee show? Her fridge. And god is stealing her hamsters.
bluewhale18 Dag sedan
Suzan wojcicki doesn’t like her
TheBossBoi12 Dag sedan
If her personality can overthrow the way she acts then i will tilt my hat and say that she can be rebillitated
Digbick Tigobitties
Digbick Tigobitties Dag sedan
Hahah she disregarded the h3h3 podcast 🤣🤣💀💀
Dizzle92 Dag sedan
? She went on H3H3 the next day
Forkee_ Dag sedan
Who else didn’t know she had an accent
Theo 9 timmar sedan
Everyone has an accent
Dysphoric -
Dysphoric - Dag sedan
I don’t know why anybody is overly surprised. There is no requirement that being attractive or expressing sexuality means you are incapable of having personality as well. It’s just internet theater when she’s doing her content. It’s the exact same on the other end: lot of these people that say incredibly toxic shit to her and about her would never actually talk that way to other people when face to face with them, whether because of cowardice or just because of that not being who they really are as people at the end of the day.
Dysphoric -
Dysphoric - 12 timmar sedan
@Dont Matter Guess we should consider ourselves lucky that you know a large sample of attractive people to be able to reach that objective conclusion, and that it isn’t a conclusion you just extrapolated from some stories about celebrities into being a fact in the majority of cases. I like your evidence, my man. 👍🏻 I also find it suspect to complain about the people getting opportunities for being attractive and not complain about the people who enable it. End of the day attractive people that do get status predicated on their looks only get it because of the people who are stupid enough to value that at the expense of considering any other qualifications. I consider that stupidity a far bigger issue than people who can’t help the appearance they were born with not saying no to free opportunities to have a better life, as if any of us would. And I know you would say you condemn those people as well, but the point is that isn’t who gets complained about most, or even equally. It’s the people who received those opportunities. The stereotype, in short, exists because people misplace their frustration with attractive people getting opportunities for free on them exclusively or primarily rather than look at the actual source of those opportunities, which makes it an ignorant stereotype. If you think it’s justified, you do you though. ✌🏻 Genuinely not trying to talk shit, just don’t think you’ve thought this through much.
Dont Matter
Dont Matter 17 timmar sedan
Welp to be fair, that stereotype does exist for a reason, as most do. Sure its not impossible to be both attractive and smart or funny (or whatever combination) bbbuuuuttttt a large chunk of attractive people (both men and women but especially women) generally aren't because they've been entirely reliant on the beauty part for most of their lives. Katy Perry, Brittany Spears, the KARDASHIANS..all dumb as rocks. Thats why celebrities are constantly in the news for doing/saying stupid things. Sure they get more attention to begin with, but also because they're constantly being stupid because their physical features got them the majority of what they have....
Marie Crider
Marie Crider Dag sedan
exactly, all these incels are like “woman has boobs AND brain??? impossible”
TERMO AZUL Dag sedan
Maybe its me but, South Africa sond to much like Argentina or maybe its me, idk
Hannes Winkler
Hannes Winkler Dag sedan
Anyone else notice the fluorescent tube on the right come down at 23:20
farasapt Dag sedan
Well boys, it happens just like she said it will. She's now banned.
Ivkovifi Dag sedan
daddy issues, poor girl
Dr.CanMan Dag sedan
she actually seems really lovely
Jokinen 17
Jokinen 17 Dag sedan
Holy fuck......SHE'S NORMAL!!! This is a side of Belle Delphine I have never seen before. Never thought in the end of time I would ever say this but. This is the first time I think she's pretty. She's usually a big turn off becuase of her videos and what she did. But in all honesty she's still weird and not normal enough to me if she does stuff to get her social media shut down and videos demonetized. Ok forgot about he bath water thing until they mention it. Actually a turn off still a turn off.
Miles W.
Miles W. Dag sedan
Why is she wearing a bicycle helmet 😂
Miles W.
Miles W. Dag sedan
@Jurass1c make sense
Jurass1c Dag sedan
Welcome to Britain mate.
Benny Marshall
Benny Marshall Dag sedan
My god, she sounds just as cute as she looks.
Pro constitutional Maniac
Pro constitutional Maniac 3 timmar sedan
Damn you got simped fast
Jaiden Mead
Jaiden Mead 9 timmar sedan
Ishan Nichols
Ishan Nichols 17 timmar sedan
Jerry Norris
Jerry Norris Dag sedan
Who's come back here from her tweet?
Waste my Time
Waste my Time Dag sedan
Me and chads dogs are both named Bella
Michael Weston
Michael Weston Dag sedan
Look what Belle was forced to do!
Rauhal Dag sedan
That is not the voice i was expecting
uulagen_ Dag sedan
Video begins at 1:54
kentacy Dag sedan
Thank you
Fourth Horsemen Death
Fourth Horsemen Death Dag sedan
I honestly forgot Belle was British
now i have a newfound respect for belle delphine
Baconater Tom
Baconater Tom Dag sedan
She is the smartest person ever to the point where she has two lives. One is a charming nice personality, and the other is a simp generator. But she seems like that girl in school when you when you.
loonyabsolutions Dag sedan
When you when you?
victor verdun
victor verdun Dag sedan
I can smell the simps arriving
Alex Gaylord
Alex Gaylord Dag sedan
Ok outside of onlyfans and everything, she’s actually really sweet
toadfan64 Dag sedan
I don't blame her though. If dudes are willing to pay, go make that coin.
CringePodcast Dag sedan
She's boring
TheUnknown PlayZ
TheUnknown PlayZ Dag sedan
Belle Delphine in Her videos : Weird/Creepy/Edot/Crazy Belle Delphine’s Real personality : Sweet/Charming and pretty much a looks like a good person Belle Delphine’s in her only fan video’s : You already know what she’s doing I don’t have to explain it.
iCrapBubbles Dag sedan
Seeing Belle faking a normal, intelligent persona is just weird.
Nova VR
Nova VR 5 timmar sedan
@iCrapBubbles no I’m pretty sure this is just her
iCrapBubbles 14 timmar sedan
@Xbear Yeah, it's obvious she's totally faking it
Xbear 15 timmar sedan
Faking ?
Fantastic Mario
Fantastic Mario Dag sedan
She seems nice lol
Filthystank 77
Filthystank 77 Dag sedan
first time seeing cold ones and it’s good
John Rayver Planas
John Rayver Planas Dag sedan
"I cant vlog my life's not interesting"
Red Lou
Red Lou Dag sedan
belle i think youd pop off as a streamer if u you like that. or like to try
Salty Shackle
Salty Shackle Dag sedan
R.I.P. Belle Delphine SEpost.
Ciatric Seahawks
Ciatric Seahawks Dag sedan
23 days into no nut November, and I also agree she has a great personality Oh also @chapo btw forgot to mention this comment was inspired by him or her
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