BATTLEFIELD 6 gets a NEW Developer!

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Battlefield 6 has added a developer to its roster today and announced a couple of big things! The Next Battlefield game now has 3 developers working on it. DICE, DICE LA and now Criterion. Crazy times... Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

Syketherapper 2 dagar sedan
Battlefield should not have a battleroyal, especially if they are going to mimic other battleroyals...
Eqvaliser 4 dagar sedan
That sucks, Criterion was the studio behind firestorm.. lack of attention and just rubbed one out, short pleasure but dont last more than a few months.
Arnaud Borne
Arnaud Borne 5 dagar sedan
I understand that they would do a standalone br but I wouldn't want it to overshadow the main game like warzone did
Dustin Montgomery
Dustin Montgomery 6 dagar sedan
It should be the communist countries vs the capitolist ones. Would make for an excellent game.
Jules 6 dagar sedan
asdf0401 7 dagar sedan
I just want BF4 with better graphics and new sandbox system
Aces and Jacks
Aces and Jacks 8 dagar sedan
I hope battlefield 6 is free to play like battlefield 5
Jochen Jo
Jochen Jo 8 dagar sedan
Bf3 was amazing but I love the customisation of loadouts like in warzone. BF3 with more realism like bf2 would be amazing.
Buddy Snackit
Buddy Snackit 9 dagar sedan
All this was is propaganda. It will be a cheat fest. Needs a server that allows the owner to create "accounts" for its players. Then you ban cheaters and tada you are done. Personally I'd have a 1 time $100 CC charge that gets refunded after a month of game play. So that would GREATLY reduce the hackers.
RadioWeirdness 15 dagar sedan
I hope campaign but i will try mp
Fly 5
Fly 5 22 dagar sedan
you think its going to be 48v48 or even 64v64?
MAarshall 22 dagar sedan
I get that you're hungering for a new BF title after you were served that poop sausage called Battlefield V. But they haven't shown us anything yet, only words on paper and yet so many of you are already lining up to pre-purchase. Are you for real? Google "Marketing" please.
Follow me other channel ViP๛RoMeoYT
Follow me other channel ViP๛RoMeoYT 22 dagar sedan
Wow multiplayer available like pubg mobile if yes definitely game go high level 1 in the world
Savage Gamer
Savage Gamer 26 dagar sedan
Battlefield 6 CIVIL War would be sick
DerpingTurtle 27 dagar sedan
I want a more realistic BF with TTK like insurgency sandstorm.
shilipsy 28 dagar sedan
Dinosaur mode confirmed
BigTimmy94 29 dagar sedan
Bruh I can't wait to see the ONLY IN BATTLEFIELD moments again. WHOOHOOO
BOPIS 29 dagar sedan
I just hope that next game they will improve their Anti-Cheat system coz BF5 is swarming with it.
Sean Daigle
Sean Daigle Månad sedan
Thank god can't wait for this game i gave up on COD warzon game is complete shit.
Warnerchild Månad sedan
I haven't played battlefield in 4 years - so to say a lot is riding on this is an understatement considering the amount of hours i put in the franchise prior to stopping - I hope I can return to gaming
Greg Månad sedan
PLEASE no loot boxes or cash shop...
Papa Kiff
Papa Kiff Månad sedan
Codemasters eh yeah I remember Jericho
NovaLand Månad sedan
Need for Speed: Battlefield a.k.a "Roadrage"
TobyPlaysGames Månad sedan
Can't wait for the new battfield
JEDITS Månad sedan
I can’t believe how hyped I am. And I know they’re just trying to win back some brownie points after everything they messed up, but I like the transparency
Deadwing Månad sedan
There's nothing transparent when it's coming from a corporate talking head kiddo. Shareholders first, consumers dead last.
Vice Gaming
Vice Gaming Månad sedan
As long as it's as good a bf4
foapitbulls Månad sedan
If they do make a BR mode I agree.. it must be stand alone. it will really be good if they had every version of battle field mixed into a BR mode. BF3 vs BF4 vs WWII vs WWI all in one arena.
Lala Papa
Lala Papa Månad sedan
It's stil a little bit ...iffy when it comes to Centurion, but meh.
Deitus Månad sedan
Battlefield royal
Martijn M
Martijn M Månad sedan
they say everytime the same if they make a new battlefield... booooring....
Will Winters
Will Winters Månad sedan
I’m sick of SHIT video games
enigmaPL Månad sedan
Battlefield 3; High-Ticket Metro and Karkand battles for hours per match. Incredible times.
Cal Ford
Cal Ford 5 dagar sedan
Those were the days
Stempy Månad sedan
I'm glad they are taking this seriously. They were too cocky with BFV and it backfired, glad they are being careful and I hope it pays off.
Mehmet k
Mehmet k Månad sedan
I want to use a helicopter now
Cody Månad sedan
Firestorm was so fun. I wish they would have made it F2P. I had alot of people want to try it but didn't want BF5.
Sada Twinkletoes
Sada Twinkletoes Månad sedan
But I'm an uneducated racist how am I supposed to buy the game
Andrew G
Andrew G Månad sedan
If it’s modern I’m getting it if it’s from the past I’m not
Andrew G
Andrew G Månad sedan
If it’s modern I’m getting it if it’s from the past I’m not
killerclown2014 Månad sedan
are they gonna fuci it up again? all they have to do is make a good game properly
Cam H
Cam H Månad sedan
im really glad that we are leaving the era of half finished games. hopefully we can do away with the drip feeding system for content
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart Månad sedan
I don't know about financials, but given the choice of having an SP campaign or a BR game, I pick the latter since I always play the SP once and then never touch it. But I feel I'd play a BR game more if it had the BF tropes. Make it a separate and free game like Warzone. But as always, the core interest here is the BF experience and the 'only in Battlefield!' mantra.
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart Månad sedan
It's good they delayed NfS because I think Codemasters have a game this year so why cannibalize yourself? I just hope for tech sake BF6 will be next gen exclusive. I can't find a PS5 to buy myself but when I do I want BF6 to be my first game on it.
Antirevomag Månad sedan
criterion is known for racing games. They might not be great picks for helping with a project that doesn't involve urban vehicles. As such, it's sounding like this new one might involve some urban vehicles. Meaning it might be something like hardline.
Coroner Chris
Coroner Chris Månad sedan
I feel like since there is going to be greater scale they could literally use all of the maps for battle Royale and make random loot spawns not a whole separate game with one map
Leonard Müller
Leonard Müller Månad sedan
I can't wait! :)
Edgar P
Edgar P Månad sedan
I hope they keep the amazing sound design of V. My god its the only thing that keeps me coming back. I hope they get rid of the stupid skins customizations. Unless its modern era.
Killerwestwolf Gaming
Killerwestwolf Gaming Månad sedan
I hope they take there time and make this a epic game again 🙏 I think people will forget cod anything when this drops
Zoldyck Månad sedan
We just need another bf4 lol
Natedoc808 Månad sedan
With Criterion on board you know the vehicle play is going to be rad! I sure hope we get something better than BFV this time around.
Magus Mirel
Magus Mirel Månad sedan
As long as it is really close to BF3 or BF4 Gameplay it will be good.
Varga Bercel
Varga Bercel Månad sedan
i hope battlefield 6 is not going to be like battlefield 1, 5 its not my type
Antemax Månad sedan
Just imagine the technology, gameplay and graphics of BF1 and BFV on a modern era Battlefield, with just as much weapons and gadgets than on a BF3 or BF4. I hope they took more time than usual to really make a good game
Romanulvasi Månad sedan
90 years later: Battlefield 69
Bwhhc 14
Bwhhc 14 Månad sedan
I've been playing cold snore for ages now I cant wait 4 bf6
Drakeziel Mathis
Drakeziel Mathis Månad sedan
BF4 with larger maps, 128 count servers, and in vehicle radios and I'm satisfied. Hated BF1, BFV had the best Single Player Campaign IMO but Multiplayer was lacking in quite a few areas.
Shawn Lang
Shawn Lang Månad sedan
idk how loud i have to say it but please for the love of god do not make battlefield a battle royale. Battlefield was never meant to be a BR
Serdar Joshua
Serdar Joshua Månad sedan
i really really hope that it's not a modern setup, hopefully it's more like Battlefield 1.
SupeR FightS
SupeR FightS Månad sedan
just got word it will be 500 player maps
Upen Graden
Upen Graden Månad sedan
I'm just thinking about all of the logos in the startup of the game
Anders Christian Hald Pedersen
Anders Christian Hald Pedersen Månad sedan
it only need to be focused on Rush to be a major success ... a game mode they are the very best in the world at doing... plz dice return to Rush-focused maps with a progression through different enviroments and settings
amidnightstroll Månad sedan
In before bf6 plays like battlefront 2, but everyone is wearing fortnite skins and there are no jedi
Mohamed Alganodi
Mohamed Alganodi Månad sedan
Fall comes around: *Need for Battlefield* Laura: “wut?!”
thomas ellis
thomas ellis Månad sedan
Hopefully gun's are accurate and actually do damage.
rhys davies
rhys davies Månad sedan
Re-make Battlefield 2 .. There you go best battlefield made.
Yamin Aqeeli
Yamin Aqeeli Månad sedan
So does that mean so impressive car mechanics in bf6
Yamin Aqeeli
Yamin Aqeeli Månad sedan
Then 2 months in its a ww2 game
Val Månad sedan
I’m really missing the modern day battlefield like bf4
ckrowlands Månad sedan
"Dice - please" 😂😂😂
Chris M
Chris M Månad sedan
Not interested in the slightest in battle royal
armand jordaan
armand jordaan Månad sedan
I like how I get the noti for this vid 5 days later
Kyle Perry
Kyle Perry Månad sedan
Jack I know you have seen the game plz like my comment if this game will bring back bf
Alcatraz 2099
Alcatraz 2099 Månad sedan
Thing is, I prefer world war 1 and 2 setting compared to the modern era. That why am not so hyped about it
Dave7heRave Månad sedan
It won't hurt to just give this one a miss
Lootjunior Månad sedan
lmg stop pushin battle royales everywhere, maybe they should just make a good bf game and stop copying everything thats succesfull
Sam Seller
Sam Seller Månad sedan
Burnout Paradise was incredible, welcome the Criterion team onboard!
Davvid Brandt
Davvid Brandt Månad sedan
I still play BF4. No games can match the fun you can have in Battlefield. Absolute chaos. I cant wait to see it on a even larger scale. Cross platform is a must.
Hardy Harr
Hardy Harr Månad sedan
Im scared, I think BF6 will be just if not more arcade than COD WZ...I hate WZ bc it is soooo arcady....BF has let me down since BF4
AD Faried
AD Faried Månad sedan
when will Battlefield follow Call of Duty Mobile? ^^
KB228 Månad sedan
3 years and theyre only at an alpha? this games about to flop like every BF after bf3
Aqeel Slamang
Aqeel Slamang Månad sedan
Bf5 was whack. But I must say playing battlefield 1's campaign felt really good. They knew what they were doing... Especially with the music.
Dallin Månad sedan
I’m worried how it’s gonna perform on the last gen consoles as pretty much no one can get their hands on the new ones and a pc is too expensive for me
Hase Månad sedan
Hope they do 6v6 gamemodes instead of a battle royale so they can put some competition on Call of duty
john kaltine
john kaltine Månad sedan
I just want modern battlefield to return
Nigel Abdullah
Nigel Abdullah Månad sedan
I really liked Battlefront II better than BFV actually. We hope BF VI gonna be the best BF game ever😭.
Ash Tray
Ash Tray Månad sedan
i hope it will be a real battlefield no women with robo arms no funky punk uniforms etc. just a battlefield wich is as realistic as possible with a lot of cool maps a lot of guns and a real story without that warstory crap
erick Månad sedan
@Ash Tray but there is not a singel gane who is accurate, tell me a ww2 shooter where the main protagonist spend weeks in the ttench until he dies of a rat bite? oh and wait until you hear that people did not actually survive a bumch of gunshots by takinh cover for 5 seconds
Ash Tray
Ash Tray Månad sedan
@erick i would say i hate unrealistic games. especially when the games were known to be more accurate then other games in terms of uniforms etc.
erick Månad sedan
in a real battlefield soldier are not going to be running like headless chickenz but i guet it you hate femoids
Siffrin Månad sedan
Finally, I can stop using irons.
nirmal lamichhane
nirmal lamichhane Månad sedan
bf is better than cod
Extirpo Månad sedan
On BR mode: be carefull what you wish for. CODs Warzone is slowly but surely strangling the classic multiplayer.
Meteor Media
Meteor Media Månad sedan
That is by far the dumbest press statement I've ever heard.
Grampy Gamer
Grampy Gamer Månad sedan
I hope it's better than the not so WWII shooter. I want back BF3/4 days of fun
Sukeru PlayZ
Sukeru PlayZ Månad sedan
pls have bots and mods
BARRTEXAS Månad sedan
Why do I have the feeling that even after all this support Battlefield 6 is still going to launch as a buggy mess and it won't be a legitimate game until 5-6 months of patches/extra content.
Dave7heRave Månad sedan
That's the trend in the gaming industry it seems
FBI Månad sedan
It better not be no dumb (back in the day) style we need the modern battlefield 4 style
Rev Engine
Rev Engine Månad sedan
It should be free to play
Graham Masi
Graham Masi Månad sedan
Corporate word salad
jwinturbo Månad sedan
ngl nfs heat is just taken over by the fans modding the shit out of it
jwinturbo Månad sedan
making it a better game imo
usmcrtr Månad sedan
Don't much care how good it is if they cannot control cheating and do not implement a system to kick cheaters out during the game.
WhipperSnapper Månad sedan
people dont like this, because its pushing back the next nfs but honestly idc, cause its been waaay too long without a bf game
Topgunz81 Månad sedan
I would like to get an updated Vietnam war battlefield title. Not if you give it the bfv treatment but really go for it. Could be awesome
Nelson Riesdorph
Nelson Riesdorph Månad sedan
good but terrible news, i wanted that nfs game soonish😭
ADAM GRAHAM Månad sedan
not that im that in to it but didn't a heap off the top Dice guys leave after bF1 leaving the average to make BF5? i play BF1 and the servers are always full as, BF5 , have not played for over a year
Battlefield 4 is still PHENOMENAL!
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