Apple AirTags Unboxing & Demo!

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Marques Brownlee

21 dag sedan

AirTags and the new "Precision Finding" in action.
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AirTags provided by Apple for review.

Italia Guzman
Italia Guzman Timme sedan
I’m putting this on my dog
K.G.B 2 timmar sedan
Smart tags are better in my opinion if you have shitty memory.
Arjun Mehta
Arjun Mehta 2 timmar sedan
The security feature seems to come with a downside. Let’s say you hide the airtag somewhere on your bike, and then your bike gets stolen. If the thief has an iPhone, they will be notified that there is an airtag nearby because their iPhone will think there’s an airtag following them. So then they’d be alerted to find and remove the airtag. Any thoughts on this?
Arjun Mehta
Arjun Mehta 2 timmar sedan
jk I just found out that it only alerts them if it’s been following them for 3 days
Ivan Villarruel Marin
Ivan Villarruel Marin 4 timmar sedan
I’m not losing my bike anymore! I wonder if my bike got stolen can I call the police to come with me?
l Ashwani l
l Ashwani l 4 timmar sedan
Forget if you lost it in up & Bihar .😂😂
Craig R
Craig R 4 timmar sedan
Ankle bracelet next.
Terabytetech 4 timmar sedan
you send airtag in space and still able to find.tie it on balloon.
Sexy is being you
Sexy is being you 6 timmar sedan
Watched a TikTok that made me think I want this and it was for my dog. On his collar. Might get the multi pack and my cat can have one too.
Thor 9 timmar sedan
Pfffffft 10 timmar sedan
The fact that Apple wont even get these manufactured in the US is disgraceful, supporting chinese made stuff as you're supporting genocide and an evil dictatorship.
Housekeeping 01 Quality Hotel Friends
Housekeeping 01 Quality Hotel Friends 13 timmar sedan
full of shit its shuld be more then 50 ft
EpicDuty 14 timmar sedan
Yes! I buy 24 of them and then I will never lose my checkers again.
Don't Click Me
Don't Click Me 16 timmar sedan
05:58 You use discord?
jesus rangel
jesus rangel 17 timmar sedan
What’s the farthest it can go ?
Wild-Coma 19 timmar sedan
So make sure to track all your friends that have androids!!! :D
Baron Of Hell
Baron Of Hell 21 timme sedan
So it is a tile but 5 times more expensive.
Michael Kare
Michael Kare 23 timmar sedan
One of the best product videos I’ve watched. Easy to understand you. You cover everything. It makes sense. Simple stuff but people don’t get it. Thank you.
Matthew Peterson
Matthew Peterson 23 timmar sedan
Crazyyyyy wonder how Google will compete
C 23 timmar sedan
Are we just gonna ignore how many devices he has on find my?!?!
GreatProperties Atlanta
GreatProperties Atlanta Dag sedan
What happen to thing more than 30 feet again?
Vander Cooks
Vander Cooks Dag sedan
I know Tile is punching the air right now, knowing they about to go out of business
Toni Lähdekorpi
Toni Lähdekorpi Dag sedan
"The AirPod turns on"
gokul s
gokul s Dag sedan
In India : Useful for finding nail cutters🤣
Kamri Mouhcine
Kamri Mouhcine Dag sedan
I can use it as gps truker for my moto
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Dag sedan
I'm putting one in my hold luggage
Admin G4hi
Admin G4hi Dag sedan
Gavin McCandliss
Gavin McCandliss Dag sedan
Buy a bunch of them then play rich checkers
Fake as fuck
Fake as fuck Dag sedan
A wallet situation? No...just a wallet. Dickhead
Fake as fuck
Fake as fuck Dag sedan
I see you found your banana. That’s good
Adam Jeffries
Adam Jeffries Dag sedan
Not a big fan or pretty much anything Apple. But this is absolutely brilliant. It's making me consider moving from Android to IOS just so I can use this.
kltf34cgsdawe Dag sedan
when you use your 100% brain :- AirTag to find my other AirTag
Amelia Granata
Amelia Granata Dag sedan
Please tell me y'all thought about ppl stealing these expensive lil tags and everything it is connected to
Chan 160138
Chan 160138 Dag sedan
So put that on your kid so you can find them even when they run away lol
Toni Capone
Toni Capone Dag sedan
But will it help me find my dad? He's still not back from that milk sale.
All The Kids Are Right
All The Kids Are Right Dag sedan
Cheap motorcycle stolen finding device.
Wsoares89 Dag sedan
There's literally stickers from Japan that help you locate your keys and s*** that are always cheaper
Alexander Wong
Alexander Wong 2 dagar sedan
tile existed century ago... RIP apple...
Ilikedahrice 2 dagar sedan
Awesome. Now I know when someone steals my bike. Probably would be too late but good to know.
TheDaily Daily
TheDaily Daily 2 dagar sedan
damn my girl wants to buy that for me and want me to use it for my " keys " hell naaaaaahhh!!
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Dag sedan
owner might still be there.
Google I am
Google I am 2 dagar sedan
I really thought this plan when I was pursuing my engineering 10years ago. Not on Bluetooth but on IR.
CheekyChipolata 2 dagar sedan
Now I can track my girlfriend’s every move! She’ll be thrilled.
Susie 2 dagar sedan
I feel like putting the tag on the outside of backpacks or luggage is a bad idea. If your bag is stolen, the first thing the thief will do is remove the AirTag. Better to hide it inside the luggage so they won’t know right away it’s in there and you have some chance of recovering it.
Seieukos 2 dagar sedan
Dude. Shoes on carpet?!
Robert Goodwin
Robert Goodwin 2 dagar sedan
Very helpful video. Bought some air tags for my wife for Mother’s Day. She promptly handed me one back and said, “Bet you use it sooner than I do.” Unfortunately i have an iPhone 8 - which works fine, but apparently won’t lead me right to me air tag. Wonder if apple did this on purpose?
aaronSanchezz 2 dagar sedan
These suck if you dont have an iPhone 11 or 12 dont bother... useless
IM the MVP
IM the MVP 2 dagar sedan
I’m definitely getting 1 and I have the Apple Card to BET
Spirit Moon
Spirit Moon 2 dagar sedan
The cost of an iphone, apple should include one with battery when you buy a new phone. They can keep their sticker & lightning cable.
ThatCrazyChick 2 dagar sedan
did anyone notice how many times he said airpod?
Ummf 2 dagar sedan
Some hackers gonna have a field day with these in every goddamn purse on the streets
Alison Sturla
Alison Sturla 2 dagar sedan
Is there a way that they can attach to a MacBook? Because I have lost it before and went through a hole deal trying to find it, and I have ordered one but will it even attach?
B O 2 dagar sedan
Could you use it to find location of your lost cat?
Alan Wang #36
Alan Wang #36 2 dagar sedan
You expect people who has your lost stuff to give it back to you? That's so nice.
Alan Wang #36
Alan Wang #36 2 dagar sedan
@gioyu comi you can already track your phone.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 2 dagar sedan
They should’ve make the silicone case as a tracker for your phone
DJ O 2 dagar sedan
was hoping to place in my wallet, oh well
Vaultism 2 dagar sedan
The problem is if I leave my bag on a train other people will be notified and will just steal my shit, while if I didn’t have one they might not think about stealing it because the owner might still be there.
RoadRunner Dag sedan
How about the fact that once you’re notified that one is “following” you, you can disable it...
Michael Hydehill
Michael Hydehill 2 dagar sedan
so if a thief steals my backpack or wallet or keys or bicycle, car etc… apple will notify them that im aware of their location. lol.
Abhyudaya Gupta
Abhyudaya Gupta 3 dagar sedan
If someone intentionally steals your stuff with an airtag on - if they have an iPhone they would be notified of it and they could locate the airtag and toss it out - rendering the Airtag useless ?
None Other19
None Other19 3 dagar sedan
Hey why don't you do a review on the Samsung tag?
JTra 3 dagar sedan
Hahahaha omgggg typical fcking Apple scam!!!
The Satanic Gamer From Hell#9279
The Satanic Gamer From Hell#9279 3 dagar sedan
Finally a gps tracker for lost items i had this idea in like forever BUT APPLE REALLY?! i refuse to buy an over priced tracker
Brannie Chan
Brannie Chan 3 dagar sedan
Sir Fap A Lot
Sir Fap A Lot 3 dagar sedan
so broadcasting false tags on BLE could get ppl warned in traffic they are being followed? .. that would be fun to make people paranoid :tf:
Snufflepuffy 3 dagar sedan
yet another way to track all our movements
TheHankMiller 3 dagar sedan
great video as always! Thanks Marques!
Sindri 3 dagar sedan
the airpod? 1:23
RJ C 3 dagar sedan
So.. if I find something lost, and I'm an Android user.. how do I identify the owner??
MBO Da FAM 3 dagar sedan
They should’ve make the silicone case as a tracker for your phone
Hawp Media
Hawp Media 3 dagar sedan
Wow apple allows you to replace the battery in a product 😂
AJ Jones
AJ Jones 3 dagar sedan
so does it work (the finding the tag) with iphones like iphone se 2020
Timucin Ercan
Timucin Ercan 3 dagar sedan
So basically if someone steals my bag it will alert them that I have a airbag in the bag so they can easily find it and get rid of it 🤦🏻‍♂️
James Ramsey
James Ramsey 3 dagar sedan
Everyone is talking about the huge advantage AirTags have because there are a BILLION Apple devices out there that can help find them. But how many of those billion devices have cellular AND iOS 14.5? I took an informal poll of my facebook friends and only about 50% of the iPhone users are on iOS 14.5. I wonder if even 100 million of those billion devices can actually help find an AirTag.
Cavin Rauch
Cavin Rauch 3 dagar sedan
Cant actually believe this is only a thing in 2021. Im pretty many of us wanted something like this back around something like 2010.
Meet The Alphonses
Meet The Alphonses 3 dagar sedan
Now I know where my wife is located at all times. Just joking 😂
Carpenter Family
Carpenter Family 3 dagar sedan
About the luggage tag ~ I’ll get a holder for my Air Tag which also has a spot for me to physically write my name & phone number ~ I want both.
TheMrbean76 3 dagar sedan
Can you put it on your
sree charan
sree charan 3 dagar sedan
What if I couldn't find my mobile phone?
Random By Makarov
Random By Makarov 3 dagar sedan
We need car tracking
Wolf 3 dagar sedan
Made in China by slave workers 🤦🏽
Jako Szn
Jako Szn 3 dagar sedan
That moment when air tag directs you to a dark cave
Roy Piper
Roy Piper 3 dagar sedan
Ummmmmm.... it's only good for 30 feet? LOL!!!!!!
TaswcmT 3 dagar sedan
A Norwegian website tested them against what's already out there, and was not impressed at all. The sound is so weak that its reach is less than half that of even the worst of the competitors. And the sound is easily muffled - how often does something get lost in a "conveniently open location"? And you can't just attach it to something by itself, you need to buy something that costs more than the unit, to put it in. Added bulk and cost. Their conclusion was that Apples offering was weak, and reminded them of something from 2015. But Apple has only cared about the "6 and 7 digit crowd" for years now, turning into Gucci. $349 for a Key Ring? That'd better be attached to the keys to a Lambo, or your biggest concern is to not lose the leathery piece d'art from Hermès. With prices like that, the accessories to these things may prove more enticing to thieves than whatever they are attached to.
miko foin
miko foin 3 dagar sedan
Can't wait for mine to arrive!
T R 3 dagar sedan
Great, just what the stalker in your life needs, hide it in your car, he/she will know where you are every minute, everyday.
Leon Weiquan
Leon Weiquan 3 dagar sedan
Wonder if it can be used as car tracking ?
Kris Rhinehart
Kris Rhinehart 3 dagar sedan
MKBHD opens the find my app, scrolls down through 6,000 connected apple devices . . . Adds 2 minute running time to video ... awarded Guinness Record for most under hyped flex in world history. Congrats👍😉
Nasir Jesani
Nasir Jesani 4 dagar sedan
If I’m spending this much, I want the AirTag to fly or walk and come to me.
David Bazel
David Bazel 4 dagar sedan
The only problem is that I attaching it to my phone want work
Brenda Vo
Brenda Vo 4 dagar sedan
Is there a max range to where you won’t be able to play the sound to find your item?
Galya Alfreihi
Galya Alfreihi 4 dagar sedan
I'm putting this on my kid
John Petan
John Petan 4 dagar sedan
Now you just have to educate people in returning the lost item, because most people don't, sigh
Nathen Vaughn
Nathen Vaughn 4 dagar sedan
Wow! Apple actually used a common battery! I thought they would make it to where you had to get the battery from them. lol. I did not expect a CR2032 battery.
Haylie Chen
Haylie Chen 4 dagar sedan
Jean Quad VanDamme
Jean Quad VanDamme 4 dagar sedan
you should have called the tag Markey's
Worsin 4 dagar sedan
Now the next time Apple gets hacked the hacker will have direct knowledge of the location of everything you hold valuable starting with your keys.
Ashu khandelwal
Ashu khandelwal 4 dagar sedan
Oh, now I’ll be able to find my lost girlfriend. It’s gonna be a life changer for me.
Ashu khandelwal
Ashu khandelwal 11 timmar sedan
@doire aintu I think its easy to register but yea can’t promise in case of girlfriends 😁
doire aintu
doire aintu Dag sedan
i can imagine someone searching up this video bc its not working lol. happened me to many times when ur just like "WELL I CANT REGISTER IT AFTER NAMING IT!"
City Lock a polytechnikey llc company
City Lock a polytechnikey llc company 4 dagar sedan
Ah, and They even let you REPAIR it by replacing your own battery? wait till Airtag 2.0 comes out, and you can't. I tried this item, would not work. Samsung could not help
Jo T
Jo T 4 dagar sedan
Can't wait for mine to arrive!
Eduardo Padilla
Eduardo Padilla 4 dagar sedan
Deadly Queen
Deadly Queen 4 dagar sedan
Imagining people who would pay 30$ because they can't remember where their keys are 😂. It's also making it easier for Big Tech to track your location.
Deadly Queen
Deadly Queen 4 dagar sedan
@Brittany Segura I didn't say they can't, I said it makes it easier. Learn to read.
Brittany Segura
Brittany Segura 4 dagar sedan
They can already track locations with our phones…lol. Who are you anyways that you’re so worried about tracked?
Trev Elvin
Trev Elvin 4 dagar sedan
Interesting product. So if somebody finds your airtag and doesn't want to return it to the owner is there a way they can reset it and use it for themselves or is it useless to anyone but the owner?
doire aintu
doire aintu 4 dagar sedan
At 5:40 my inner perfectionist screamed out in pain at the unholy sight of unchecked notifications
Ryo Arya Esya Setiawan
Ryo Arya Esya Setiawan 4 dagar sedan
made in indonesia battery👌🏻
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