Animals That Asked People for Help #3

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Animals That Asked People for Help #3
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Trouble might find animals on land, in water, or even in the sky! And often they come to humans for help, showing a lot of trust. Watch this video until the end and you’ll be amazed!

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G8MPL8 7 minuter sedan
i'm amazed that a turtle can get a plastic fork up his nose. Like, how? i feel sorry for those animals
Baroudi Baroudi
Baroudi Baroudi 10 minuter sedan
Jorge Esquives
Jorge Esquives 55 minuter sedan
This is so sad very sad I feel bad for all of these animals
Jorge Esquives
Jorge Esquives 55 minuter sedan
This is so sad animals
Shatho Lopang
Shatho Lopang Timme sedan
Awooooo I so happy for the wolf
PurpleSanto 605
PurpleSanto 605 Timme sedan
1:50 I can’ttttttt way to adorable
Amatres Şêrvan
Amatres Şêrvan Timme sedan
A young cat gotten stuck between two walls sounded like crying for help but I couldn't help it cuz I was scared of its strong voice and fangs to put my fingers in that place. I couldn't ask for help, was helpless, tried for hours and eventually cried. That was really tuff. I don't remember how but I could free it at the end
Chanelle Burt
Chanelle Burt Timme sedan
People are sooooo kind
Sweety Dove
Sweety Dove Timme sedan
Squirrel who likes hentai, I am
Squirrel who likes hentai, I am Timme sedan
"..make sure t-"
Michael Juwono
Michael Juwono 2 timmar sedan
Im gonna cry bro other animals need saving
Stormtrooper Lonkar
Stormtrooper Lonkar 2 timmar sedan
That turtle part was cringe 😬
Mini BUILDER 2 timmar sedan
Toucan is the saddest part:(
Mini BUILDER 2 timmar sedan
8:00 noooo not the poor bird the boys should be in prison rn
Gabriel Gray
Gabriel Gray 3 timmar sedan
If you cut yourself on the Barnacles they can grow inside you also by the way LMAO but that's the great thing about what these people did is that they might have even endangered themselves help these animals
Gabriel Gray
Gabriel Gray 3 timmar sedan
That whale might not have shown aggression but that's the thing they're unpredictable as hell and they'll toss you around like a rag doll thinking that you're a toy all out of nowhere
Gabriel Gray
Gabriel Gray 3 timmar sedan
The only one I would have let die is that orca whale, there's no way you can convince me in a million years get in the water with that thing
Tomas Rivero
Tomas Rivero 3 timmar sedan
Btw your pictures of the Egele is a book
Anton Bruce
Anton Bruce 3 timmar sedan
I,m like that very mutch
Zakky Fatra
Zakky Fatra 3 timmar sedan
When I try to be kind to animals The animal: holy sh*t it's hooman run!
Ophelia Chan
Ophelia Chan 4 timmar sedan
me watching really touching movie: no tears me watching this: cries a river
Skaptic 4 timmar sedan
2:30 The wolf is just hungry, probably has nothing to do with affection but practical thinking. However, the difference between affection and practical acts is hard to tell.
Shreyas uttam
Shreyas uttam 4 timmar sedan
i live in india
the legend bg
the legend bg 4 timmar sedan
I also want to help animals but I can't coz I not see any animal that he need help😭😭😭😭
eliaslolidk 4 timmar sedan
of course the bear thanks the russians
Blaze Layron
Blaze Layron 4 timmar sedan
This is so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺 I ges there is still love and hope in this cruel world
eliaslolidk 4 timmar sedan
the first one made me smile so much jk THEY ALL MADE ME SMILE SOOO MUCH
RobertQuin 4 timmar sedan
Those who don’t like this story are certainly heartless! God bless all the noble -hearted people in helping the animals.
zabi masoud
zabi masoud 4 timmar sedan
I’m so happy that tger Ar real people Tatar will help animals
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 4 timmar sedan
Plz be kind to animals
ash dar
ash dar 4 timmar sedan
So eagles cut there beak wwhen they turn 40 take off there feathers and then they go in a cave to rest they do this bcz do be feel yound and have better stuff fun fact
Nur Syuhada
Nur Syuhada 5 timmar sedan
So cute 🥺
Rick Ogden
Rick Ogden 5 timmar sedan
Humans are usually kind and considerate and love animals....It's the politicians who make us look bad.
Shannon Kingi
Shannon Kingi 7 timmar sedan
Keep up and do some of these activities in your life and make a happy life for you in life and you will be very proud
Kausar Abikay
Kausar Abikay 7 timmar sedan
Вххввххв автор рассказывал на английском а в некоторых роликах были русские
Raiden Davis
Raiden Davis 7 timmar sedan
some of this might be fake and also teaches the wrong message to children and people this could get children killed in ares with wolves
Tony Lee
Tony Lee 8 timmar sedan
유리지니TVᆞ333movieᆞ 8 timmar sedan
아인슈타인의 한마디 ㆍ 10만분의 1도 모른다. We still don't know one hundred thousandth of what nature has shown us. (Albert Einstein) 우리는 아직 자연이 보여준 모습의 10만분의 1도 모른다. 알버트 아인슈타인
M. Naz im
M. Naz im 8 timmar sedan
People helpings potatoes
M. Naz im
M. Naz im 5 timmar sedan
It means that the friend is the enemy
M. Naz im
M. Naz im 5 timmar sedan
See you letter
Rick Ogden
Rick Ogden 5 timmar sedan
The enemy of my enemy is my friend
M. Naz im
M. Naz im 5 timmar sedan
And sorry
M. Naz im
M. Naz im 5 timmar sedan
JANA Abubaker
JANA Abubaker 8 timmar sedan
omg I feel so bad for the bird that lost its beak :(
Shiekh Waleed Mir Al-Protein
Shiekh Waleed Mir Al-Protein 8 timmar sedan
Im never using disposable plastic equipment again.... Ever!
Sampath.S 9 timmar sedan
💜 🇮🇳
Terry Tyrannosaurus
Terry Tyrannosaurus 9 timmar sedan
These scenes are so heart warming. ☺️
Woodworm 9 timmar sedan
People who attack animals for no reason have a special place in hell
Mc Irian Calimpong
Mc Irian Calimpong 9 timmar sedan
Now I kinda want a pet wolf
Sherlock Wayne
Sherlock Wayne 10 timmar sedan
So humans save animals and then they buy meat from the shop to eat waooww, God must be laughing at us for being most intelligent stupid creatures 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ashwani kumar burman
Ashwani kumar burman 10 timmar sedan
Plot twist : people also eat fish and cows and other animals.
KingTb3 10 timmar sedan
Waoo.. God is. Amazin for making such a beutifull world with animals i think we humans are so evil bruh we disturb there animal with calm heart
Sreevathsan R
Sreevathsan R 10 timmar sedan
Very good person in the world . God will bless you👏👏👏👌👏❤️
SM Classes
SM Classes 10 timmar sedan
Biggest harmful animals on earth are humans (with humanity)
Ayaz • 12 years ago
Ayaz • 12 years ago 10 timmar sedan
0:10 watch this video till the end and youll be a maid
Mathews W D20CM109
Mathews W D20CM109 10 timmar sedan
Earth hasn't been destroyed because of these people
Chellsab 11 timmar sedan
God bless those people and animals 🙏❤️✨💪
Karen Guimbal
Karen Guimbal 11 timmar sedan
i was almost crying cause of the dog it was very heart touching i love it
ẞrãjmøhãñ Sîñgh Jûrêl
ẞrãjmøhãñ Sîñgh Jûrêl 12 timmar sedan
A Big Salute To These People's who helped that all animals 👍
NK Royale Gaming
NK Royale Gaming 12 timmar sedan
Happy to see, good humans exists❤️
Tokoyami Fumikage
Tokoyami Fumikage 13 timmar sedan
My dog died becuase he eated a bone accidentally R I P
Rajasthani folk sangeet
Rajasthani folk sangeet 13 timmar sedan
I am from rajasthan India👍👍👍👍👍👍
DINESH KUMAR 13 timmar sedan
Most of the animals are saved in India that shows how indians have more emotions toward the animals
ꕥMagzStudioꕥ 13 timmar sedan
The sad music in the background really does it for people.
ꕥMagzStudioꕥ 13 timmar sedan
Who else started to cry when you heard the Orcas?
Can't Animate but tried so hard-
Can't Animate but tried so hard- 14 timmar sedan
I'm sorry, but I can't take the fact that they lightly threw the bear cub at 3:26 seriously
Fronky 14 timmar sedan
My dad did the same thing with a squirrel
Tracie Sataraka
Tracie Sataraka 14 timmar sedan
“Always help animals that are stuck” The toxic people:
DtLS 14 timmar sedan
I'm guessing that bull was the cow's stepbrother.
thunde1 ff
thunde1 ff 14 timmar sedan
Very good ppl
Casey Stuart
Casey Stuart 14 timmar sedan
Removing barnacles from turtles is actually not beneficial. Turtles that have abundant barnacles attached is a sign of serious health problems. Pulling off the barnacles and then releasing them opens them up to serious infections. It may seem like a kind deed but a huge misconception.
عبدالكريم فتحي
عبدالكريم فتحي 15 timmar sedan
ويكولون الأجانب ماعندهم انسانية ☹️❤️
Brandon Wallace
Brandon Wallace 15 timmar sedan
BANANA 15 timmar sedan
Humans are the shittest animal to ever exist. Prove me wrong
Jessie Gil
Jessie Gil 15 timmar sedan
I remember the eagle with the broken beak I remember reading a book when I was in 2nd grade
Krishoplaz 16 timmar sedan
All humanity should be like this, yet were the exact opposite
shivanand vadatille
shivanand vadatille 16 timmar sedan
@ 4:30 he is not a common man , he is an Indian police offer. 🇮🇳 ❤️
kri-kri acosta
kri-kri acosta 16 timmar sedan
I'm going to call you cuz it won't so sad
your new editor potato
your new editor potato 16 timmar sedan
This is what is going to bring humanity back we have to learn from this
Brantley c
Brantley c 16 timmar sedan
I miss that bird I did that
avatar2317 16 timmar sedan
youssef ibrahem
youssef ibrahem 16 timmar sedan
frankie jay
frankie jay 17 timmar sedan
lmao they threw the hell out of that bear
Galaxy Husky
Galaxy Husky 17 timmar sedan
William Worth
William Worth 17 timmar sedan
3:26 was mean
Raven St4tely
Raven St4tely 18 timmar sedan
Why aren't the Aliens doing this for us???
Alice Carman
Alice Carman 18 timmar sedan
I love animals they are so cute and if one of my dogs got stuk I would help them right away
onewhohasseen 18 timmar sedan
This reminds me of all the articles out last week and this week about not interacting with animals especially with photographers because then they get used to humans and come around more... they say it's unethical and yet you see a being that is asking for help. In national parks they had to kill foxes and bears because they became comfortable around humans.
Arif Khan
Arif Khan 18 timmar sedan
Good work keep it up 👍
•Королева ютуба ГачаЛайф•
•Королева ютуба ГачаЛайф• 19 timmar sedan
2:49 Such a cute octopus!
•Королева ютуба ГачаЛайф•
•Королева ютуба ГачаЛайф• 19 timmar sedan
1:57 They know eachother already
•Королева ютуба ГачаЛайф•
•Королева ютуба ГачаЛайф• 19 timmar sedan
1:57 О, я знaю этот канал) Oo, I know this channel
FrostKing Gaming
FrostKing Gaming 19 timmar sedan
I wish those boys that destroyed the toucans beak learned a lesson after that
Jennifer Soto
Jennifer Soto 19 timmar sedan
The poor animals
Jennifer Soto
Jennifer Soto 19 timmar sedan
The whale shark video reminds me when i was a kid i went to a aquarium with a whale shark and i fell in the tank but the whale shark saved me
Asian Mcgee
Asian Mcgee 19 timmar sedan
Man Russians are built different, just chucking a bear
Wade Reuty
Wade Reuty 19 timmar sedan
Frees bear from bear trap, body slams bear when done lmao
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 20 timmar sedan
I remember when a bird was stuck I help him and now I see him EVERY MORNING trying to thank me. I still feed him
Sonicglen101 20 timmar sedan
Tomsonuss 20 timmar sedan
Dang... World would be better without humans. Air pollution, entire Islands of plastic, global warming, hunting for endangered species. This is what we do to our planet.
Boba Tila
Boba Tila 20 timmar sedan
After the first one I actually wanted a pet squirrel now
loves ham
loves ham 21 timme sedan
Awful. No eagle????? Thumbnail??? Cringe
Josh The Red Pen
Josh The Red Pen 21 timme sedan
God bless each rescuer. Bless them for life
Josh The Red Pen
Josh The Red Pen 21 timme sedan
I want to be like these blessed people. I think you should too. I believe you can.
Mini Bunny
Mini Bunny 21 timme sedan
The. video about the squirrel was made by a Russian SEpost and now they have two squirrels living together and I actually watched that video also give them credit for the snip of the video
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