Among Us But Its A Reality Show 2

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There are two imposters among us. After lots of band-aids and medbay visits, our friends are back and better than ever, have once again found themselves in the dark and lonely confines of space with nothing but their spaceship and crewmates. Our group has to figure out who on the ship are murderers, while making sure they are doing their tasks so that their spaceship doesn't continue to barrel roll. Is red sus or is blue? Who is the imposter venting to kill? Who will be murdered, and will the body be found? Find out in this week's second episode of Among Us but it's a reality show (still).
Blue and Red- Oddest of the Odd:
Purple- Brantley: brantlycompton
White- Jordyn: jbatchhh
Black- Serg:
Orange- Austin: austimist
Green- Logan: lgn.bkr
Cyan- Emily: ghostgirlemily
BTS- Zach: zachquintana

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Laugh Over Life
Laugh Over Life 14 dagar sedan
hyper beam
hyper beam 4 timmar sedan
This is my favourite so far
Angela Bender
Angela Bender 22 timmar sedan
eYe Dag sedan
part 4 please ^_^
CaptBackwards Dag sedan
You know, this honestly could work as a real reality TV show in real world.
Kenzzie world
Kenzzie world Dag sedan
I think there will be 3 imposters
Inti Crack2.0 BS
Inti Crack2.0 BS 6 minuter sedan
blue always saves the game
Mario Dionela
Mario Dionela 22 minuter sedan
Pruple is the impostor
nathan time
nathan time 30 minuter sedan
6:08 he should have said MISSION FAILED WE'LL GET EM NEXT TIMEE
nathan time
nathan time 32 minuter sedan
We solved whos jack the ripper... TIS PURPLE GUY FROM FNAF!! also I just realized they both brits
Yxxsf 33 minuter sedan
if muslim plays among us Lying is bad u idiots lol jk
calamity jane
calamity jane 41 minut sedan
MEDBAYKFYBEIREHYR how white said it got me good
Hyper Mango
Hyper Mango 41 minut sedan
I just realised that purple is supposed to be *Bear Grylls*
Beaster Gamer
Beaster Gamer Timme sedan
Bruh I love blue
akhdan satriadji
akhdan satriadji Timme sedan
Map mirraHQ
ραяκ ςнαєγουиg
ραяκ ςнαєγουиg Timme sedan
no one: blue:I ThInK iT's MeH
akhdan satriadji
akhdan satriadji Timme sedan
Tree impostor
Lime Timme sedan
Among Us expectations: White: i swear its 100% purple Purple: Cyan is the other impostor, if not Cyan then me Orange: Its White Purple: if not cyan, vote me Cyan: guys its not me *Purple has voted, 7 remaining* *Black has voted, 6 remaining* Cyan: guys no- *Blue has voted* *Red has voted* Among Us reality: Purple: where Red: where Blue: where Green: where Cyan: where Black: where White: where Blue: red sus *Purple has voted* *Blue has voted* *Green has voted* *Cyan has voted* *Black has voted* *White has voted* *Red has voted* Red was not the impostor.
Julia Rañada
Julia Rañada Timme sedan
They're reputations 1.Cyan:Impostor 2.Black:Swag style 3.Orange:Playing very serious 4.White:Playing serious 5.Purple:Science guy 6.Red:Hates blue 7.Blue:Always sus of red
XxKing montoge
XxKing montoge Timme sedan
6:43 hehe
Ysel Balala
Ysel Balala 2 timmar sedan
Blue your so smart
Andropro Dejč
Andropro Dejč 2 timmar sedan
Purple nooooooooooooob
maya A
maya A 2 timmar sedan
‘ he is British, I don’t think we should trust him ‘ AAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAA that made me laugh so bad Especially bc I’m british
BestFerret 2 timmar sedan
i feel color blind but its still good no matter what
Iyo c. aguilar Aguilar
Iyo c. aguilar Aguilar 2 timmar sedan
Why green is alwats first deid
F1 Gameplays
F1 Gameplays 3 timmar sedan
5:57 Had me dying Lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ditdit Dee
Ditdit Dee 3 timmar sedan
Who's waiting for episode 4?
Muhammad usman Farhak
Muhammad usman Farhak 3 timmar sedan
Why does dark blue vote himself all the time
Emerson Orange
Emerson Orange 4 timmar sedan
Does anyone else realize that it's always up to blue to make the final decision??
Fatima Patel
Fatima Patel 4 timmar sedan
BLBLBBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLB from the wise man white
Fatima Patel
Fatima Patel 4 timmar sedan
I like how purple just held a gun to whites head and got away with it and he did it infront of everyone yeah these crewmate are idiots
nxhp Beatbox
nxhp Beatbox 4 timmar sedan
He said the Australian was British I'm pissed 🤣
WarshukPlayz 4 timmar sedan
chlomo mirk
chlomo mirk 4 timmar sedan
Y e s
Malgorzata Gumienna
Malgorzata Gumienna 5 timmar sedan
Blue is the dumbest thing I've every seen in my life but the dumbest thing I have seen is my brother
Vasilijan Nikolovski
Vasilijan Nikolovski 5 timmar sedan
The dude playing Blue is hilarious.
Pizza Universe
Pizza Universe 5 timmar sedan
wasn't that good this time
Saajid Daya
Saajid Daya 5 timmar sedan
Blue isn't actually this stupid in real life, right?
Tsunayoshi 27
Tsunayoshi 27 5 timmar sedan
2:35 𝐦𝐚𝐣𝐨𝐫 𝐯𝐨𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐝𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝
DinoGamerBoy 16
DinoGamerBoy 16 5 timmar sedan
Wait.... he's purple and he's British but he's also Australian...? Kinda reminds of someone that I've knew and loved...
Sid marcus Mendoza
Sid marcus Mendoza 5 timmar sedan
Purple looks like Mr Beast I'm not joking I'm serious
YsabelleYT Fetizanan
YsabelleYT Fetizanan 5 timmar sedan
Purple just show white the gun in front of him
YsabelleYT Fetizanan
YsabelleYT Fetizanan 5 timmar sedan
Steve Herbert
Steve Herbert 6 timmar sedan
Black: hes English we cant trust him Me:I'm English Also me: I'm unsubscribing Jk I was never subscribed but if I was I would unsub P. S I wasnt joking about being English
Loudy Tampan
Loudy Tampan 6 timmar sedan
Vinny Boberg
Vinny Boberg 6 timmar sedan
Did anyone else hear a voice crack?
Largy Lotts
Largy Lotts 6 timmar sedan
Can we stop for a minute and appreciate that they voted off the impostor during the *very first* meeting?
•Judd the Agressive Insect•
•Judd the Agressive Insect• 6 timmar sedan
God blue is the best.
I think blue is drunk :/
Captain Xiiooong
Captain Xiiooong 7 timmar sedan
2:35 that voice crack...
Israel Crawford
Israel Crawford 7 timmar sedan
"Don't worry we'll get him next time" cod4 ref
TS-FLOWZ 7 timmar sedan
Blue is the best
Caio Abreu
Caio Abreu 7 timmar sedan
stop killing the only woman first, thats not a good look
Jaxon Elgie
Jaxon Elgie 7 timmar sedan
Plz make more
Emile A239
Emile A239 8 timmar sedan
Captain price vibes on purple, anyone else?
Mateo Ojeda
Mateo Ojeda 8 timmar sedan
When Captain price is the imposter
Rin水韵 8 timmar sedan
Blue being stupid all the time but still won geniusly
Osvaldo Blancas
Osvaldo Blancas 8 timmar sedan
Javier Lopez
Javier Lopez 8 timmar sedan
When I get voted off when I’m innocent: 5:55
Angel PlayzRoblox
Angel PlayzRoblox 8 timmar sedan
red is always sus
id 8 timmar sedan
the fedora and quoting reddit memes has to be intentional
Delays 8 timmar sedan
Lmafo these are literally the funniest shit
Quest Eevee of Pokemon
Quest Eevee of Pokemon 8 timmar sedan
If among us was a reality show......*"2"* Because the team of among us payed us well, so we made a sequel. (I am not putting any hate whatsoever on this video, so please don't find this comment offensive)
Peanut TV
Peanut TV 8 timmar sedan
Peanut TV
Peanut TV 8 timmar sedan
6:41 😩
Peanut TV
Peanut TV 9 timmar sedan
Peanut TV
Peanut TV 9 timmar sedan
I like ya cut g
David Satrio Wibowo
David Satrio Wibowo 9 timmar sedan
why is blue so stupid hahahaahhaahah
Hector Meza
Hector Meza 9 timmar sedan
I like yo cut g
Agent _vibes
Agent _vibes 9 timmar sedan
Yo why does blue always come in clutch
Tillman Durkin
Tillman Durkin 9 timmar sedan
I love blue and red relationship
TrueRblxYT 9 timmar sedan
I still think it’s red
FUZION_ TWEAKS 9 timmar sedan
Why does purple be sounding like captain price
Jeanette Harris
Jeanette Harris 9 timmar sedan
Make a part three!!!
Noodl3 10 timmar sedan
Honestly i kinda hate and like blue
Vallene B
Vallene B 10 timmar sedan
Lol blue is winning ever time
shooter withice
shooter withice 10 timmar sedan
Come on guys. We all know anything that's purple and a guy, is evil
Luca mayer
Luca mayer 10 timmar sedan
Don’t worry we’ll get him next time Me:😂😂😂
Drizzy Adam
Drizzy Adam 10 timmar sedan
Who heard that voice crack when he said sian
The cool kids Flashso cool
The cool kids Flashso cool 10 timmar sedan
Francis Ros
Francis Ros 11 timmar sedan
how can they die in space when they are wearing astronaut suits?
Abraham loza
Abraham loza 11 timmar sedan
0;53There is a diabolical threat in amoung us and the inner sloth is the devils work look it up the sloth is a sign in the bible Frenchfries Frenchfries 11 timmar sedan
Intro song?
IsaacTheReaperLegend 11 timmar sedan
that gun bruh
totally not william
totally not william 11 timmar sedan
Blue: nah red sus.
Evin Stambaugh
Evin Stambaugh 11 timmar sedan
Everyone likes your cut G
Dolify Girl
Dolify Girl 12 timmar sedan
Me: What?! It’s not me!!! Blue: Guys it’s me. I think it’s me.
Andrey Guerrero
Andrey Guerrero 12 timmar sedan
Why thas blue never gets eject
Phil Midas
Phil Midas 12 timmar sedan
This was great and I love them. Also I know this is like three weeks later but I love all of of the episodes and I went the 4th episode to have 3 imposters!! PLEASE!!
Xan Lam
Xan Lam 12 timmar sedan
Andrey Guerrero
Andrey Guerrero 12 timmar sedan
Blue red an purple kill cremateds
j o
j o 12 timmar sedan
No joke people I played with blue like this once ONCE.
Checkers *
Checkers * 12 timmar sedan
There so dumb purple pulled a gun to whites head blue RED SUS HE HAD GUN TO HED
iighostxriderii 12 timmar sedan
On the second meeting, they completely ignore that purple has a gun XD
Hi Mister
Hi Mister 12 timmar sedan
Blue is that one player in every match.
Talon Flame
Talon Flame 12 timmar sedan
I love that blue always wins
Risky Oktavio Arafah
Risky Oktavio Arafah 12 timmar sedan
Ungu sama cyan imposter gue imposter 😈 tapi aku imposter di pesawat ku yang besar sekali
Larry 13 timmar sedan
Bad language
Per Kristian Antonsen
Per Kristian Antonsen 13 timmar sedan
If blue dont stop groaning ill punch a wall. so annoying xD
Chris Solis
Chris Solis 13 timmar sedan
I think blue is the imposter
ProfesserSavage 13 timmar sedan
How does blue never die
Elaine Joy Purganan
Elaine Joy Purganan 13 timmar sedan
When Orange think that it was white and and white said the funny word hahahaha😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lissette SANCHEZ LIRIANO 13 timmar sedan
People Is inpastr
Elaine Joy Purganan
Elaine Joy Purganan 13 timmar sedan
Blue is the best among us ever
J A 13 timmar sedan
Purple: that has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard Me: not if you’re a god tier imposter
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