A Rant About "Vine Stars" (Especially Piques)

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Eddy Burback

4 år sedan

Sorry I've been gone guys! Leave some comments, let's talk!
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Northland Gaming
Northland Gaming 3 dagar sedan
I’ll be friends on SEpost with you? I don’t have any vids or viewers but we can be buddies
JonTheGamerGuru 6 dagar sedan
God these were the days. When saying you actively used iFunny wasn’t a death sentence
Amber Thompson
Amber Thompson 6 dagar sedan
I’ve done this so many times CAUSE I’M BORED
simongosimon 13 dagar sedan
Seeing 20 year old Eddy being mad at vine is somehow very funny
SuperDogzillaBros !
SuperDogzillaBros ! 18 dagar sedan
Jaustin 18 dagar sedan
Part of the ship part of the crew
Lendan West
Lendan West 20 dagar sedan
when he says, "there are a lot of viners I love," the subtitles say there are a lot of "minors" I love. 😂 2.15
Lendan West
Lendan West 20 dagar sedan
sorry I meant to put 2:15
The Cal Zone
The Cal Zone 25 dagar sedan
I love the anger in this video
aznhoops 12
aznhoops 12 Månad sedan
Cody ko was a good viner back then
LoW Davey
LoW Davey Månad sedan
Well said eddy....fk em...they have more than enough $ and it baffles me?!?! How tf did that happen when creators that bring substance struggle for the same "success" smh.
BlueHatter Gaming
BlueHatter Gaming Månad sedan
Ed your sub count is like mine steady but mine is 43
Sebastian Tempeny
Sebastian Tempeny Månad sedan
Ok I know in that one part you were talking to peekes but you kind of hurt my feelings
Lucy F.
Lucy F. Månad sedan
I've been watching you for a few weeks and couldn't place where I rememerbered you from, but today I remember! I knew it, Ifunny!
Cyldavor 2 månader sedan
Edy why is yory choic off cneter
Panagiotis Nikolopoulos
Panagiotis Nikolopoulos 2 månader sedan
Bro Eddy is going hard fuck
Jude 2 månader sedan
"this app called ifunny" we know young one, we know
No Stop it
No Stop it 2 månader sedan
Oh the good old days
cuspurs 2 månader sedan
Im 3 years late, but I am going on Piques insta right now just to comment that he is a piece of shit. That will show him.
Brooke Lamberton
Brooke Lamberton 2 månader sedan
I cAnT wAiT fOr ThE tIk ToK iNfVaSiOn
roundtowl 2 månader sedan
Why are you centered
Alamojak 2 månader sedan
When he mentions not having any friends on YT and looking at his videos these days where most of them are collabs with gus or the boys...... Way to glow up my dude
Desertedhail197 2 månader sedan
Moni macer
Moni macer 2 månader sedan
center yourself please
TheLeprechaunMaster _7707
TheLeprechaunMaster _7707 3 månader sedan
I didn't know that you have been making content for so long. You look so young.
bunnyleghair 3 månader sedan
i’m glad eddy has friends now
Ben10 Fishing
Ben10 Fishing 3 månader sedan
I'll take all the worst vine videos over any tiktok videos.
I dunno I guessed
I dunno I guessed 3 månader sedan
Comically big spoon
rpeters330 3 månader sedan
New video in 2 days?! Wow I didn’t realize there was a time where Eddy frequently uploaded lol. (In the very slight chance you see this I’m jus goofin, you could take years to make a video and I’d be there the second it drops)
Allie 3 månader sedan
Not to mention that piques also made a shit ton of content centered around racist and sexist stereotypes. That man is a walking piece of shit.
PlatinumPlonker 3 månader sedan
I love you eddy but Ifunny? Really? No offense but Ifunny is the worst thing
PlatinumPlonker 2 månader sedan
@Nico H I've barely used Reddit. Redditors are predators and all that
Nico H
Nico H 2 månader sedan
Prozy Studios
Prozy Studios 3 månader sedan
2014 was a different time
Plantalope Legend
Plantalope Legend 4 månader sedan
I swear to god, if I see piques in comments he can eat my
Savannah Rangel
Savannah Rangel 4 månader sedan
“You couldn’t pay me enough to be you” *chef’s kiss* AMAZING
Danny Cole
Danny Cole 4 månader sedan
makes me sad not to see him mention the boy Cody Ko... I genuinely create false narratives where Eddie and Gus are secretly a best friend duo with Cody and Noel. Gotta be true in some alternate universe. :( Also Cody loves Danny Gonzalez so I guess theres some hope?? pls
Elliott Wood
Elliott Wood 4 månader sedan
I hate that it’s centered
Brenden Brown
Brenden Brown 3 månader sedan
Same man
TV cats 2
TV cats 2 4 månader sedan
bro i love how you speak the truth man!!!!!!
Tharuka Herath
Tharuka Herath 4 månader sedan
Crabby Scrappy
Crabby Scrappy 4 månader sedan
And Danial Gonzalez!
blue sansball
blue sansball 4 månader sedan
2:43 Eddy Steddy
blue argue
blue argue 4 månader sedan
The Viber Marlin Webb was basically my childhood but now that I'm older I feel like it's not gonna be funny anymore
Katherine Thielen
Katherine Thielen 4 månader sedan
You’re my best friend, and now you have a lot more friends too, but I’m the best one
Jonathan Shaw
Jonathan Shaw 4 månader sedan
Okay, you can copy my homework but don’t make it obvious Piques: 7:43
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor 4 månader sedan
At 2:08, I was gonna ask “Where’s my boy Drew Gooden?” but then I saw him
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor 2 månader sedan
Odin Kusters Yes I’m doing the Danny=Drew joke
Odin Kusters
Odin Kusters 2 månader sedan
Are you doing the Danny=Drew joke or is he really on it?
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor 2 månader sedan
Odin Kusters Yes he is
Odin Kusters
Odin Kusters 2 månader sedan
He aint on it
Jackson Burns
Jackson Burns 4 månader sedan
So weird watching this now and seeing people compare Eddy to Drew and Danny knowing that they're friends now and stream together
Callum Lambkin
Callum Lambkin 4 månader sedan
"nobody wants to be friends with me on SEpost" 3 years later is friends with most of the biggest commentary channels alright
Morgana Grave
Morgana Grave 4 månader sedan
Don’t worry eddy one day in the future you’ll meet a blond moustache man who will be your very good friend and look like your pale twin
Josh Girndt
Josh Girndt 4 månader sedan
Zackary Strange
Zackary Strange 4 månader sedan
I gotta find Eddy burbacks ifunny
YourAvarageKyle l
YourAvarageKyle l 4 månader sedan
Bobby boi 2.0
Bobby boi 2.0 5 månader sedan
Notice how he didn’t say drew 2:05
i dont like poptarts
i dont like poptarts 5 månader sedan
Sad that not even emily was on the list
Lima Romeo
Lima Romeo 5 månader sedan
Wow. Eddy has evolved from a little beta boy into an alpha dad
pizza dude productions
pizza dude productions 3 månader sedan
Lima Romeo ok
Lima Romeo
Lima Romeo 3 månader sedan
pizza dude productions I saw you edit your sins away. The wrath of god is infinite and inescapable and the eye of Burback sees all. Nary a sin unseen, nary a sin unpunished.
pizza dude productions
pizza dude productions 3 månader sedan
Lima Romeo umm it was a typo. I didn’t say anything to make you think that I was trying to “hide” it
Lima Romeo
Lima Romeo 3 månader sedan
pizza dude productions don’t act like I didn’t see you typed “loo”
pizza dude productions
pizza dude productions 3 månader sedan
VariaBoi 5 månader sedan
"Nobody wants to be friends with me on SEpost." Just you wait, Eddy. The boys'll be there for you.
Diego 5 månader sedan
this video n e e d s more attention
Michael Dierkes
Michael Dierkes 5 månader sedan
2016: Vine shuts down 2020: A wild TikTok appeared
ruski muejek
ruski muejek 5 månader sedan
Why aren't you off center?
Peter Connaghan
Peter Connaghan 5 månader sedan
I just learned this guy was 22. I honestly thought he was like 30
JawsPaws 5 månader sedan
Wow, idk there was such a thing as an eddy burback video from more than 3 years ago?!?
BrianRadical 5 månader sedan
god, i wish ifunny didn't turn into a racist, pedophile filled, edgelord wasteland
ACDGamer 7
ACDGamer 7 5 månader sedan
It's crazy you're friends with Danny now
America Is my city
America Is my city 5 månader sedan
My dad had classical music playing in the background and it was mars by gustav holsts lol
pia adapwar
pia adapwar 5 månader sedan
Why isn't your couch centered...
Justine Kessler
Justine Kessler 5 månader sedan
I found you and Gus only a couple weeks ago and aside from my music channels you guys are my favourite youtubers! You guys are funny, relatable and attractive lol
Cameron Pearce
Cameron Pearce 5 månader sedan
Vine=tik tok that shit is fucked
Nagotov 5 månader sedan
Holy shit what was your iFunny??
Aiden Dine
Aiden Dine 5 månader sedan
I just like Cerny coz she hot as fuck
Sondog 5 månader sedan
Vine is dead now 😂 and you can tell he’s a snake from one comment quick to be an asshole
KidTrigger 5 månader sedan
You were a big part of the vine community but never made vines? How does that work?
Bello Thompson
Bello Thompson 5 månader sedan
dude look at king bach’s content rn. he ain’t right.
Derek Nadeau
Derek Nadeau 5 månader sedan
“It’s just a gif” - nah bro he straight up stole from you. I also dislike him, and this added fuel to that fire
Brandon Rilling
Brandon Rilling 5 månader sedan
Watching this in 2020 is weird
WIC Debunked
WIC Debunked 5 månader sedan
Ari Ali
Ari Ali 5 månader sedan
i remember vine came out when i was in the 7th or 8th grade and i loved all the big people (Jerry Purpdrank, Lele Pons, etc) and then it’s like a switch flipped in the summer and i just didn’t think they were funny anymore. like i would watch their new stuff and the vines that i used to love they just felt dumb lol. i really got scared and thought i had lost a sense of humour. They’re kinda toxic all in all though cuz like i’m in college now but back then that “latinas be like” or “black people be like” kind of comedy really took root in me cuz that was all i knew and it got me in a lot of trouble in high school cuz even though i had outgrown that content the ideas of it were still there and i was always saying some dumb slick racist shit
The Calvinator
The Calvinator 6 månader sedan
Gus poisoned your belly button
Ethan Isayas
Ethan Isayas 6 månader sedan
what was your last post mates order
111 111
111 111 6 månader sedan
You probably would've been super successful online if piques credited you, but you would've had to owe your success to piques, so what actually happened is probably for the best.
liamhello 6 månader sedan
Revisiting this 4 years later to absolutely confirm that eddy does still FUCK.
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous 6 månader sedan
Leaning a little to the left
Wolf Rayne
Wolf Rayne 6 månader sedan
There's a difference between "a line used" and "taking the entire concept and only changing a couple of things" This piques guy has evidently never been to college, because no teacher in the world would've taken his argument as "oh, you're right, I guess that's not plagiarism."
Mack Williams
Mack Williams 6 månader sedan
Amanda Cerny just isn’t funny
Yeety Redding
Yeety Redding 6 månader sedan
I really loved marlon webb vines but after it shut down his content went downhill for me
E&A Productions
E&A Productions 6 månader sedan
u luk vewy angwy...
CantaloupeOwl 6 månader sedan
Even when Eddy is center, he leans to the side. What a prick.
JiggyJigster 6 månader sedan
holy shit is your name edward?
JiggyJigster 6 månader sedan
edward burback sounds like a medieval king
Cassandra Taylor
Cassandra Taylor 6 månader sedan
Yessss Eddyyyyyyyy!
Apex 0283
Apex 0283 6 månader sedan
Ah pre gus eddy
anbthree 7 månader sedan
7:20 drew??
Caelan Winans
Caelan Winans 7 månader sedan
He hated Logan Paul before it was cool
The Stripper Life Of Piper
The Stripper Life Of Piper 7 månader sedan
People are usually off center bc of the rule of thirds 🤷‍♀️
ACDGamer 7
ACDGamer 7 5 månader sedan
You right, but that's usually because you don't want it to seem like they're talking directly to the camera. Eddy talks directly to the camera.
MrGoldenFresh 7 månader sedan
Eddy... Ur on ifunny? Hol up bouta check it out
Star7Communicator 7 månader sedan
Damn. It's one thing to re-tell a joke you heard on the Internet but stealing *for profit* and then lying about it? What a coward. A stupid one, at that.
T megawool
T megawool 7 månader sedan
Thomas sanders was not on the good Viners list......FIX...NOW...
mojohvncho 8 månader sedan
I actually liked Jerry Purpdranks vine
papa john
papa john 8 månader sedan
Jerry purpdrank was one of the good ones untill he hung with the popular ones and his humor changed from funny to i'm popular and got hoes
Casey Chapone
Casey Chapone 8 månader sedan
Vine closed because they were losing money on it because they refused to put ads on it. Everyone says “why didn’t Vine just put ads in between the vines like all the other social media platforms do? Then it would still be around!” But I’m guessing that those same people would be complaining if Vine did put ads on. People would leave the app, it would shut down, and then they’d be saying, “why did Vine put ads in? That’s what ruined the platform!” And I wouldn’t blame them. Vine was doomed from the start because they didn’t have ads.
V Johnson
V Johnson 8 månader sedan
Thomas Sanders was good viner and is a good SEpostr and makes good content.
Hoodie Films
Hoodie Films 8 månader sedan
3 1/2 years later he’s nominated for a Shorty for best comedian. Love ya Eddy
ZombiByte 8 månader sedan
Holy shit. I haven’t used ifunny and years and just realized J was subscribed to ZADStudios. Bruh.
Bray Sain
Bray Sain 8 månader sedan
Notice drew wasn’t on the list
Lmao O
Lmao O 8 månader sedan
Jerry purpdrank now killing SEpost with a solid 3k subs in 3 years.
Dan7016 8 månader sedan
why isnt drew gooden on that list of favorite viners
CallMeKremit 8 månader sedan
Now eddy has youtube friends, proud of you bro
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