96 Hours Inside Afghanistan in 2020

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This week, I went to Afghanistan and discovered something about this incredible country that I never expected. We can't wait to see Noor's school develop and are so incredibly grateful to this community for giving us the ability to make these life-changing dreams come true.
Check out Drew Binsky’s video on the trip here!
Check out Noor’s Tour company “Let’s Be Friends Afghanistan” on Instagram:
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Yes Theory
Yes Theory 2 månader sedan
Hey everyone, this is obviously a sensitive video for a few different reasons but I hope that you watch it with an open mind and enjoy an unusual story that I think is rarely told. Either way, I’m happy you’re here 🙏
Sharon East
Sharon East 32 minuter sedan
@Mau Mendoza hi Mau. Yes sure, his Facebook page is Let's be Friends Tourism in Afghanistan. I'm his first volunteer over here, helping with the school project. Currently trying to bring together the thousands of offers of help that Noor has had !! Thanks for your interest 😊
Mau Mendoza
Mau Mendoza 6 timmar sedan
@Sharon East hello on facebook i saw a page its him to?
Sharon East
Sharon East 20 timmar sedan
@Mau Mendoza hi there... you can contact Noor via his Instagram... letsbefriendsafghanistan
Mau Mendoza
Mau Mendoza Dag sedan
Anyway i can contact noor?
Ahmad Zia Masud
Ahmad Zia Masud Dag sedan
Thank you bro for visiting Afghanistan let me know if you want come again
Daylon M
Daylon M Minut sedan
If you say no to tea and hash no one trusts you
Centerer16 36 minuter sedan
Jag visste inte att du kom från Sverige
Patrick Turpen
Patrick Turpen 36 minuter sedan
I lived in Turkey for 2 years...and I felt the same thing
Rebekka Deforce
Rebekka Deforce 41 minut sedan
I hope his school wil also allow girls
Alisa Timme sedan
Epic video .... I didn't see any woman, is it disrespectful to film woman or are they busy behind the scenes ????
Nooikende Niko
Nooikende Niko 2 timmar sedan
to be really honest i dont believe the guy is going to build a school at all, first he said, with that 10000 we can buy land, oh no we have land, we need a wall, if he has land they should have asked let us go there NOW and see what you have
Selam dessta
Selam dessta 3 timmar sedan
This is The beautiful side of Afghanistan that a media won`t show you.
oreo 4 timmar sedan
Why don't you go to Syria?
Niklas Rose
Niklas Rose 4 timmar sedan
Thank you so much for sharing this adventure with us. This is absolutely amazing!
Dawr e Kabul
Dawr e Kabul 5 timmar sedan
amarhosseintalpur 5 timmar sedan
Wait, how generous and kind this local guide guy is ♥️🤩 May Peace prevail in beloved Afghanistan ..
Marshalm&ms 5 timmar sedan
My parents had to go to Afghanistan because of the military.
Nisar Ameenzai
Nisar Ameenzai 7 timmar sedan
Thank you guys for coming and exploring the unseen side of Afghanistan. as the guy said in the video, we have the energy and talent to make it a better place for everyone and that's true!
alo len62
alo len62 7 timmar sedan
My dear fellow. you were being had, your funny costume was a billboard " nice but gullible foreigners" -" okay to be nice to them". Glad you visited and had some fun & giggles.
Astrid Melodie
Astrid Melodie 8 timmar sedan
Beautiful kids...So sad for all the unnecessary wars that will take all their innocent away. I really would love to visit, could you please provided me with the contact of the driver.
KULDEEP RAJDEV 9 timmar sedan
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love over fear
Ale Marin
Ale Marin 11 timmar sedan
Vince Haylem
Vince Haylem 12 timmar sedan
i remember when you were a super small channel, so glad and sad u made it big, i really enjoyed our small conversations we used to have and interactions and just being the undderdog
Carter M
Carter M 14 timmar sedan
Why not just give him what you make off this video it already had 6 million views lol
Hannah Jochems
Hannah Jochems 14 timmar sedan
Unless this was filmed before March 2020, Why would they feel the need to do all that travelling during a pandemic?
b lion
b lion 14 timmar sedan
Mian iamgine for a moment it the World had no borders we could call world everywhere we go, That wish hope one day coming true Love for humanity cheak my channel I have good song thanks
jasonx409able 17 timmar sedan
Im not scared to go travel there. Im scared to go there and get kidnapped and be held for ransom.
Jeffrey M
Jeffrey M 17 timmar sedan
takes trip to most dangerous country, no problem gets tested 4 times for a virus that kills 0.02% of people, then wears a mask. makes no sense
YRU Sweaty
YRU Sweaty 14 timmar sedan
You don't only wear a mask to protect others you wear one to protect yourself, just because he tested negative doesn't mean he is immune,
moonieminjoonie 17 timmar sedan
This was so touching i loved this
V T 18 timmar sedan
thank you🙏🙏🙏
Young Artz
Young Artz 18 timmar sedan
iKwebu 18 timmar sedan
11:09 lmaoooooo "fuck me like a pornstar"
WeflyHigh 18 timmar sedan
It’s so sad what happened to the people of Afghanistan
Max 18 timmar sedan
Would be cool if you guys made a GoFundMe for Noor, I bet a lot of people would contribute and make it way more than $10000 even.
Rami Ziad Jaffar
Rami Ziad Jaffar 18 timmar sedan
Hello, i love your vids. Jag kan prata svenska och jag föddes i Sverige men mina föreldrar är från Iraq. Så jag brukar kalla mig stjäla en person ifrån iraq vad skulle du kalla dig stjäla? snälla svara
asim bilal
asim bilal 19 timmar sedan
I love afghanistan . From Pakistan asim bilal
Bhaskar Prasad
Bhaskar Prasad 21 timme sedan
You done a great job 💯 bro love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳
David BM
David BM 22 timmar sedan
The relieved bugle pivotally bolt because seal histologically hunt towards a bashful copy. handsomely, lame yoke
The One
The One 22 timmar sedan
Its actually the second most dangerous country on earth. The first one is Venezuela in North Africa
Alica Rahmani
Alica Rahmani 22 timmar sedan
They look so amazing in Afghan clothes
Mitchy G
Mitchy G 22 timmar sedan
That donation at the end, is personally, what I needed to continue my faith in humanity. Thank you!
Mau Mendoza
Mau Mendoza Dag sedan
Any way i could contact noor??
This was so inspirational
Archenita Dag sedan
Wow, this video has been absolutely beautiful.
David Martin
David Martin Dag sedan
Great video. What was the cost to travel to Afganistan and to be there with guide and everything?
Lil Karen
Lil Karen Dag sedan
Atefeh Mohammadi
Atefeh Mohammadi Dag sedan
This is my love tooo, he is really brave guy.
Lachlan Inglis
Lachlan Inglis Dag sedan
You guys are awesome!!!!!!!
Minlun P
Minlun P Dag sedan
Mihajlovic 128
Mihajlovic 128 Dag sedan
People love each other where ever you go!!! Politicians and their sick Politic make war and us to suffer !!! This was very nice! Bravo!
SelfieTamilan Dag sedan
afghan so friendly people
King brother Ozair
King brother Ozair Dag sedan
I’m Afghanistan
Smart Boy
Smart Boy Dag sedan
7:47 very beautiful women behind
Sebastian Scharf
Sebastian Scharf Dag sedan
nice to see this country, from other point of view, the other side of the medal.
Joe Torres
Joe Torres Dag sedan
Afghanistan🇦🇫 mucho love from Mexico🇲🇽
Roberto Calzadilla
Roberto Calzadilla Dag sedan
Your care with infection upon travel is truly exemplary.
Husain Eh
Husain Eh Dag sedan
I miss my country
Lindsey Carpenter
Lindsey Carpenter Dag sedan
Wow! What an honest and beautiful story. It’s really inspiring! Thank you.
valentine Dag sedan
I was born in afghanistan, but I left my country when I was 6 years old to come to canada. I studied first grade there and made many friends, all my classmates and teachers were very friendly. From my experience, afghans are really nice people but unfortunately the media makes it look like we are all terrorists. I've also been called names for being an afghan in Canada. It really makes me sad how people are suffering in my country because of the political issues, poverty, and war. Hopefully soon enough Afghanistan can become a peaceful country and the worlds perspective can change. Thank you for making this video ❤️
raha1277 Dag sedan
23:46 Banksy take a trip ?
RebelMusik Worldwide
RebelMusik Worldwide Dag sedan
no matter what side of the world that i have traveled every where i go i see the children's eyes and i cry. The gleam of hope, the smile of compassion and most of all the need for education. I have really appreciated this video. Blessed are the teachers and the peace keepers.
Brennen L
Brennen L Dag sedan
what. a. wholesome. fucking. video. I have thoroughly enjoyed this. It would be cool if all of you travelled back to help [Noor?] to build the walls, etc., of the facility.
Jay Jackson
Jay Jackson Dag sedan
Is there a direct link to donate to Noor's school?
Sb 153
Sb 153 Dag sedan
Wow first Yes Theory video that made me tear up. Very beautiful and eye opening❤️👌🏼
JORGE I. Dag sedan
This video made me cry. omg... this is so strong, real, this is truly amazing.
pashto world khan
pashto world khan Dag sedan
Thanks guys to show our real life to Peoples of world 🙏
Mary Schachner
Mary Schachner Dag sedan
Did you have stomach problems during your stay? very interesting video!
Tessa •
Tessa • Dag sedan
well here I go crying again at the end there damn it Thomas
Olivia Green
Olivia Green Dag sedan
I was teary eyed this whole video. Just absolutely beautiful.
shahin soro
shahin soro Dag sedan
I love they culture and and i Love Farsi language very sweet language.
Quinton Dag sedan
wait can you have more than 1 wife here? or does the female have to escorted by a male everytime she goes out?
Rainbow of Boxes
Rainbow of Boxes Dag sedan
Dude visiting Afghanistan: "This is step #1 of blending in right?" Afghani: "It's kind of respect to the culture, the outfit... people really like it when they see you with this normal clothing; it automatically creates a friendly atmosphere." Me: "So... why don't muslims dress like other cultures when they visit there? They don't want to create a friendly atmosphere and respect other cultures? They only respect their own and expect everyone else to? Kind of hypocritical don't you think? Maybe practice what you preach? Wow!" Also Me: "May God bless the people there and allow them to evolve out of the dark ages."
reyspec Dag sedan
What the hell !!! So much history there so much beauty... I envy you now.
Kaim Show
Kaim Show Dag sedan
Yup! Go bomb them and destroy them first and then offer help to rebuild!!! Hahaha I don’t even know what to call this - hypocrisy?
Afghan Girl
Afghan Girl Dag sedan
fazail-e-Quran By Afghan Girl sepost.info/dev/video/z3qnzstpZYTTpLk.html
Sharyl Michele
Sharyl Michele Dag sedan
The drab sardine perioperaively license because soil rationally examine up a wide-eyed school. dapper, obedient ukrainian
Noah Jäger
Noah Jäger Dag sedan
I wonder how the German license plate got there 🤔20:19
Moe Everyone
Moe Everyone Dag sedan
Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq used to be the world centre of culture, art, and science until they became the battleground of the Soviets and western countries. The history of the middle east is unbelievably sad!
Luis Gomes
Luis Gomes Dag sedan
Just can't thank u guys enough for this type of content
Ishshaun Singh
Ishshaun Singh Dag sedan
amazing video 👌
koen klinkhamer
koen klinkhamer Dag sedan
Thanxx for doing this man. So Nice to see you going there with an open mind and just honest interest in a beautifull culture and its people🙏🏼 Respect
Morgan Dag sedan
I love this. It gives me hope that there is still a chance in our world for respect, humanity, and love. Thank you!
Richard Maurin
Richard Maurin Dag sedan
Go to sweden
thorelia Dag sedan
Aren't you from USA? Why do you keep telling people you're from Sweden?
steinen93 2 dagar sedan
Hello from Norway my SWE brother ;) this looks amazing my friend. Love your videos. This is definitly not what u expect when u are watching the news and im happy for that. Safe journey.
Rise of Justice
Rise of Justice 2 dagar sedan
You ruined the video with smoking the weed. It’s not a national pastime a conservative country. That 0.01 minority ruins the image of the country. There’s so much rebuilding going on and you’ve gone into one of the reasons why the talban opposed this and are still fighting. So much you missed in the video, the children’s education, the girls freedom from warlords brutality, communism and so much more
Rise of Justice
Rise of Justice 2 dagar sedan
Should read the book by Mullah Zaef, my life with Taliban. Will open you’re eye to the wars, Russia, American intervention and Pakistan isi. How a country has been in wars for over 40 years with no breaks.
Hamid Jalal
Hamid Jalal 2 dagar sedan
Typical Afghans: what I can do for you? 🥲❤🇦🇫
Trevor Risley
Trevor Risley Dag sedan
Absolutely beautiful people in every sense of the word.
Ben Haj
Ben Haj 2 dagar sedan
Hashish was a best part😂😂
Michael Blamphi
Michael Blamphi 2 dagar sedan
Great video!
LE 2 dagar sedan
Beautiful people. Sad to see them suffer and affected by conflicts
Goldstomp 2 dagar sedan
there are many people there with beautiful topaz coloured eyes
Wilson Thomson
Wilson Thomson 2 dagar sedan
can someone here share ideas to me on how to grow my wealth and income in couple of weeks
Bean_Can _D4n
Bean_Can _D4n Dag sedan
This isn't the place to do that. Go away.
Jo Dag sedan
Lmao making multiple accounts to scam people like that, you're really disgusting.
Jory Henrika
Jory Henrika 2 dagar sedan
before going into investment make good search about it have a little knowledge but the best is to seek the advice of a professional broker everything is a risk but sometimes that risk we are scared of taking might change our life for good
Jerimahia Welthy
Jerimahia Welthy 2 dagar sedan
I got his mail here on youtube but he gave me his personal whatsapp contact for quick communications
Jerimahia Welthy
Jerimahia Welthy 2 dagar sedan
carltonjefferson76@gmail. com +16508644641
Endar Permana
Endar Permana 2 dagar sedan
so friendly peoiple there , why america always hate them ?
pepe fernandez
pepe fernandez 2 dagar sedan
Amazing video enjoyed every moment of it thanks 😊
Jericho Dizon
Jericho Dizon 2 dagar sedan
Fleaz 2 dagar sedan
I love how the professional guys outfit was a suit jacket over the afghani outfit
Awxzi! 2 dagar sedan
96 hour is a very short period... as an afghan i assure u there are places that feel like heaven.. places u wont believe that exist.. majestic landscapes .. this was my home city, herat. I used to live there and now i am in canada. Everything u saw I visited once. This was just the city area.. once u leave and visit the nature.. u wont believe ur eyes .. in news and movies u see very old homes and structures but the landscapes are unbelievably beautiful. As an afghan living there once, we had no fear whatsoever because the bombings and the war became a normal thing in our life. Were we scared? Nope. We lived a happy life but we were too busy living our lives and so used to the war that it didnt effect us one bit.
Jaiden Dennis
Jaiden Dennis 6 timmar sedan
So Yk that he could have easily died if he traveled anywhere else.
Danny ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Danny ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 2 dagar sedan
9:34 Me & my crew when the teacher lets us out early for lunch
Vince Bay
Vince Bay 2 dagar sedan
Afganis look like dollar store saudis. I’m sorry
Lemarocity Dag sedan
you didnt even see 1 or 2 ethnic groups. There are more than 14 and they all look extremely different from one another
Slim 2 dagar sedan
So you are sweeden ?
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers 2 dagar sedan
This is a wonderful video. Thank You
sponk mcdonk
sponk mcdonk 2 dagar sedan
you told those bros you were from sweden? lmao good call..
Frank N
Frank N 2 dagar sedan
From what I remember during the 70’s people did not dress like this.
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