2021 Las Vegas Challenge | R3B9 LEAD | Aderhold, McBeth, McMahon, Heimburg | Jomez Disc Golf

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Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO lead card's third round at the 2021 Las Vegas Challenge.
Card: Paul McBeth, Eagle McMahon, Ezra Aderhold, Calvin Heimburg
Course: Factory Store | Wildhorse Golf Club | Henderson, NV
BigSexyBarri Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling, Nate “Sexy” Sexton, Paul "Uli" Ulibarri
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Brent W
Brent W 4 dagar sedan
29:24 That'll be one for the WTF compilation XD
Zachary Suttle
Zachary Suttle 23 dagar sedan
Wow. Please win Calvin. I never get a good Calvin win. That's all I want to see
Ty 27 dagar sedan
I don’t really like the new music. It’s uncomfortable.
Jeff Tolbert
Jeff Tolbert 27 dagar sedan
These player profiles/interviews are awesome. Eagles was the best one so far, looking forward to more of these down the road.
waxmaniacal Månad sedan
What is the thumbnail from?
waxmaniacal Månad sedan
I'd have made that
DJ Roberts
DJ Roberts Månad sedan
All the other "player intros" were pretty tame compared to Eagle's freaking Doom level soundtrack.
Flogcsid Drater
Flogcsid Drater Månad sedan
Jomez will u start film in 4K? Or does it take too long to render
JomezPro Månad sedan
It takes longer to everything. But hopefully one day. The support we receive through Patreon.com/JomezPro and our shop at JomezPro.com help us increase our resources!
Joakim Månad sedan
"Boom-sauce for the Heimburgler"
Persiah 777
Persiah 777 Månad sedan
29:27 the most i've ever heard Jerm, Uli, or Nate laugh
Martin Josefsson
Martin Josefsson Månad sedan
18:50 that airplane pilot perfectly times the flight in behind the hole info top right corner. Impressive !
thecodyz Månad sedan
Uli is a McBeth hater 🤣
MrDiesel Månad sedan
Idk whats up with the "miked up" player talking and sounds but really degrades the quality. Tous think youd edit thag out
Katsuki Kubota
Katsuki Kubota Månad sedan
It would be cool to have a mini map pop-up with the Vangelis hole fly-overs.
ZQAR222 Månad sedan
I could listen to BigSexyBarri do commentary on bird watching
WC 'Strawberry' Fields
WC 'Strawberry' Fields Månad sedan
30:10 These Pros have ALL off-season to perfect a 20' Turbo putt, yet...
Bill McNatt
Bill McNatt Månad sedan
ROFLOL, Eagle on 14... "That's cool" ummm, yeah!
Christopher Fair
Christopher Fair Månad sedan
This commentary is SOLID. Ya'll're funny.
DigitalDharma Månad sedan
6:25 Heimborg with the sickness. Stunning back 9 from Eagle.
josh G
josh G Månad sedan
That was an unreal back 9 from Eagle, so good.
Quentin Smith
Quentin Smith Månad sedan
Calvin "Glitter Logo" Heimburg... Totally digging his shirt.... Sparkly!
Carl Holland
Carl Holland Månad sedan
upslope of 10 what? bushnell units?
-- Månad sedan
Paul McBeth at 10:40 with his best Joe Biden impression followed by his best Owen Wilson at 10:51.
Venom Pandya
Venom Pandya Månad sedan
Man the commentary in this is just soo epic 🤣😂🤣 I enjoyed every min of this video
TheRealSugarShane Månad sedan
"That's what an eagle looks like...and that's what an Eagle looks like." XD, y'all have really been cracking me up this event.
Dave Rector
Dave Rector Månad sedan
"words are tough"
Linky609 Månad sedan
If you look closely Calvin almost smiled after that eagle.
Damion Saintclaire
Damion Saintclaire Månad sedan
It's a learning experience for this young playa..... -Big Jerm- WE NEED THAT ON A T-SHIRT.
Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel
Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel Månad sedan
Hole 18 reminds me of that course in Utah
Tom Schufman
Tom Schufman Månad sedan
What is up with the hole fly by music??
Emily Kaczor
Emily Kaczor Månad sedan
Jomez music always on point
Robert s 309 pyro
Robert s 309 pyro Månad sedan
These little player interviews are pretty darn good.
Brett Simon
Brett Simon Månad sedan
Fart at 6:10
Talfo08 Månad sedan
eagles putting is crazy
Catfish Cameron
Catfish Cameron Månad sedan
Disc golf videos seem to be blowing up
CJ Månad sedan
To answer you on hole 14 Big Jerm with eagle's drive. You say i can't do it I say challenge accepted.
Oscar Heimdahl
Oscar Heimdahl Månad sedan
I would really like to see the distance in meters in the top right as well. I'm sure many non americans would agree!
Logan Manley
Logan Manley Månad sedan
"Because he has big muscles..." "Well done man!" Peak commentary! I can't wait to listen to these three all season!!
Lord Scottsworth
Lord Scottsworth Månad sedan
paul baritone
Kai Widman
Kai Widman Månad sedan
What song played for Eagle’s bio? That was a banger
trevor scott
trevor scott Månad sedan
My man Big Jerm with the John Elway shout out!!
Mentalhaze Månad sedan
Hahaha freaking Uli on 14..."I feel like Ezra can throw a bowling ball to this basket!" Haha
Ry Månad sedan
"Two eagles on the same card"...it would have been three eagles lol if Paul did, Calvin had his and Eagle Mcmahon
Ian Fleming
Ian Fleming Månad sedan
we need jomez pro "playa" shirts asap
Isaac Stewart
Isaac Stewart Månad sedan
I’m digging the new soundtrack
Martin ØP
Martin ØP Månad sedan
Love the coverage🔥🔥
DG GOD Månad sedan
Eagle has the best forehand on tour!! Absolutely incredible how much power he has!
STILL Månad sedan
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates⭕️
Ken Law
Ken Law Månad sedan
At 15:07 you can see Paul is on the lead card.
Oli Evans
Oli Evans Månad sedan
Best commentary ever. So entertaining! 😂
Tavvy Månad sedan
Calvin spoiled the Star Frame on the 11th hole, but I feel like that should mean they double the amount given to Edge foundation? Since he spoiled it with an eagle..
Disc_Golf_Wisco Månad sedan
Hood Jerm came out on hole 17, he was trying to say PLAYA, my playa. 💯🤙🏽 Did you see Mcbeasts face on hole 17 waiting, never seen that confused face on Paul before. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Joseph DeVictoria
Joseph DeVictoria Månad sedan
Paul is feelin the hurt of the beat in buzzz. Its a great disc, but they simply do not hold up to power after they break in for a few months, especially in the wind. Also Eagle 🔥
Evan Starr
Evan Starr Månad sedan
The commentary keeps getting better and better. Well done boys
rolazrei Månad sedan
Eagle is a club kid, not a metal head I do believe
Niki Lambert
Niki Lambert Månad sedan
Eagle shooting straight fire! Also, love the supportive nature I was feeling from this group.
Tim Lynch
Tim Lynch Månad sedan
Eagle on 12: what you guys doing? Gold from Uli
A B Månad sedan
It’s called a Turbo putt.
1andonlyMiro Månad sedan
I haven't had the time to watch every video of this coverage in time due to personal circumstances, but kudos to JomesPro crew for these thumbnails! 😂
Sebastian PS
Sebastian PS Månad sedan
look at Eagle man, so inspirational
Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior Månad sedan
19:36 I freaking died laughing 😂💀My God that was funny. So glad Paul is doing commentary this season.
Chole Sims
Chole Sims Månad sedan
I love how Nate and Paul have to spend the whole time cleaning up after Jerm and his dumb comments, wouldn't be the same without him though!
Steven Duncan
Steven Duncan Månad sedan
We love you, but please go back to 2019 or even 2020 music. This new music is awful. Just my humble feedback...
Mysterious Mister
Mysterious Mister Månad sedan
What's the name of the background music of Eagle's close-up?
David Olsen
David Olsen Månad sedan
You guys get better every single year.
Will Peterson
Will Peterson Månad sedan
Dude that Eagle highlight around 17:00 got me so fucking PUMPED UP
Dominic T
Dominic T Månad sedan
If I've learned anything from watching this event it's that Calvin compliments every good shot he sees and I love that.
Trustyabductee Månad sedan
Am I watching disc golf or Twin Peaks?
Tomi Ropponen
Tomi Ropponen Månad sedan
Eagle woke up and chose violence.
Aaron Zadorozhniy
Aaron Zadorozhniy Månad sedan
29:27 lol
Jon jons
Jon jons Månad sedan
I just love the production quality of this channel, it really makes the sport comfortable and interesting to watch. Keep up the awesome job
Phendra Dunlap
Phendra Dunlap Månad sedan
The sticky weeder summarily improve because sturgeon bioinformatically pass onto a few fierce shield. damp, male reaction
Kalle Sarlin
Kalle Sarlin Månad sedan
so hyped for the final round. Lead card dream line up
theshaft ishere
theshaft ishere Månad sedan
Paul being awful liberal with "terrible" today 😂
Tenshi Aurion
Tenshi Aurion Månad sedan
Really looking forward to seeing Ezra on more lead cards this season. So much potential and built up during such a short time, this guy's gonna go places if he sticks with it.
oilfan pw
oilfan pw Månad sedan
I would love to see Ezra throw a bowling ball up the fairway.
najssiness Månad sedan
that eagle montage was fucking awesome, maybe cause i like the metal. that said i like all the new interview/montage/introductions, they are awesome
Federico Pickthall
Federico Pickthall Månad sedan
26:19 does anyone know the name of that disc ?
xgymclass Månad sedan
I feel like Big Sexy Berry is working quite marvelously. I wasn’t too sure about the practice round 😅
Supraboosta Månad sedan
New song is fire!
Lizotte Fan
Lizotte Fan Månad sedan
Didnt like the music in Eagles interview
Querig Gawain
Querig Gawain Månad sedan
anyone else getting Twin Peaks Vibes from the new music? :D i love it
Brett Johnson
Brett Johnson Månad sedan
Look at that lead card for the final round. You couldn't draw it up any better.
pix3lpirat3 Månad sedan
Calvin has improved a lot in recent times. before, he always wanted to throw his first shot really hard, but now he puts a little less force and more precision to get into position and be in good position for his second shot. 2021 can be his year with Paul GOAT of course. Hello from France (Dijon).
Brett Johnson
Brett Johnson Månad sedan
Fragile Månad sedan
anyone know the song in between holes?
Frederik Nielsen
Frederik Nielsen Månad sedan
"Just muscled it up the fairway.... Cause he has big muscles" "Yeah" "yep" "...Well done man" That's just great guys :')
NzSw4t Månad sedan
Thanks Mike you are tight, the best disc golf editor alright! 🤑 woop woop
Kristjan Allemann
Kristjan Allemann Månad sedan
This sound on a background is so annoying...
Joona Joensuu
Joona Joensuu Månad sedan
I’d say trance fits Eagle better than heavy metal, wouldn’t you say, Jerm? 😉 (We do remember)
Grant Aberr
Grant Aberr Månad sedan
Let’s go Eagle! You got this!
Cyrus T
Cyrus T Månad sedan
Ezra often seems to be on the edge of foot-faulting his putts. looking at hole 10 2:44
Matthew Sanchez
Matthew Sanchez Månad sedan
He’s out of circle he’s allowed to step putt
Jango Jebo
Jango Jebo Månad sedan
What are Eagle’s shoes? Anyone?
KillerFinnish WR
KillerFinnish WR Månad sedan
29:33 looks like Paul is dying from laughter after that putt 😂
David Nauss
David Nauss Månad sedan
Not going to lie was a little worried how three people on commentary would work but it’s perfect. You would think these three has been doing this for year. Amazing work!
William Elkins
William Elkins Månad sedan
Calvin heimburg je ne sais quoi
flopkin Månad sedan
Eagle was on absolute fire, and I mean that blue fire from NHL Hitz 2003 after scoring 3 one-timers, not that regular fire crap. Dude went nuclear.
Jonathan Crayne
Jonathan Crayne Månad sedan
"back to back eagles" lmao Paul!
Kyle Weir
Kyle Weir Månad sedan
Mcbeth's shot on 12 might be the worst shot he's ever thrown on camera wow
Itsneight Månad sedan
Ulibarri hole breakdown is so much CRINGEEEEEE
Spencer Geniesse
Spencer Geniesse Månad sedan
Great commentary guys
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