2020 Turkish Grand Prix: Extended Race Highlights

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It had us on the edge of our seats from the very first lap to the last! Relive all the drama from a remarkable race which F1 fans voted the best of the season.
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Illuminati Is Here
Illuminati Is Here 9 timmar sedan
Where’s those people that say it’s the car? Oh wait they don’t comment when Lewis constantly proves the SEpost experts in their basements wrong.
IR KiKi 11 timmar sedan
Mazepin friendly track
Alexander Racing
Alexander Racing Dag sedan
If you think about it than Checo could end a race with one set of mediums or hards
Vedant Sathe
Vedant Sathe 2 dagar sedan
watching this again and this race is still as hair raising as it was when i watched it live
Constantinos   Christodoulou
Constantinos Christodoulou 2 dagar sedan
I watched this for the 10th time! why do I keep getting this in my recommended ??????????
As6ixz 2 dagar sedan
Never thought i was so happy to see vettel only get a podium
As6ixz 2 dagar sedan
Seb 😍😍😍😍😍
Erman Er
Erman Er 3 dagar sedan
Fatih AKG
Fatih AKG 8 dagar sedan
Adam olun 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Claus 8 dagar sedan
when Perez was in danger, he drove so well LOL
Corbin Selanne
Corbin Selanne 9 dagar sedan
Turkey was not on the side of car 77
Art Studio
Art Studio 9 dagar sedan
Perez is the best F1 driver! Put him in a Mercedes ...
Riding dirty
Riding dirty 9 dagar sedan
I'd love Lewis too get into a different car like Red Bull or Ferrari. Just to show the world he is the best no matter the car
Le GOLD Spy 10 dagar sedan
This race should be enough to shut the haters who keep saying "iT's jUsT tHe cAr" of course the car has a factor but remember that F1 is also a development competition between teams not just a drivers championship. Also why is Hamilton driving that Mercedes and not someone else? Why did a driver like Niki Lauda wanted him at Mercedes and not any other driver? Why did Michael Schumacher praised him back when he was a rookie? These type of stuff don't really happen just because of the car. Even if you don't like him, you have to accept that he is really consistent and talented in the car. (Lec fan btw just in case some trolls call me hamilton fanboy)
Tidur miring Nafas lega
Tidur miring Nafas lega 11 dagar sedan
Coba bikin oengapian knalpot dan semua in out boleh suka2.belom tentu dominasiii.bangsat
Tidur miring Nafas lega
Tidur miring Nafas lega 11 dagar sedan
Takut ya turin gas kedengaran knalpotnya ngak.mau geberrr ta takut ketahuan curang yaaa.masih ada cara lainnn.tabrak aja ke dinding kalah kann.jangan rubah suara knalpot harus berisik.ini Firmula one.bukan Firmula obat gigi yaa
Tidur miring Nafas lega
Tidur miring Nafas lega 11 dagar sedan
Ngak sanggup kota itu terima suara jet jangan bangun di sana.bangsattt.maeih banyak daerah lain.tapi suara mesin harus kayak duluu.huhuhuhuhu.makkkkkkk ohh makkkkk suara.mesin di rubah semuaaaa.laporrr
Tidur miring Nafas lega
Tidur miring Nafas lega 11 dagar sedan
Ur tv will be fire all.ngak ada kontrakkk.suara mesin habisss kau bikin.mana lagi eeni balapan Formula One.aku mau tanyaa.begokkkkkkkk.geram akuu
Tidur miring Nafas lega
Tidur miring Nafas lega 11 dagar sedan
Im wanted women be Comentator is stating 1 lap.2 lap given 2 u Masters coment.ur gps is dangers Sir
renata Salazar
renata Salazar 11 dagar sedan
Sergio Pérez brilliant as ever!
vagos the0
vagos the0 12 dagar sedan
STOP holding GPs at countries that support terrorism (Turkey+Azerbaijan)
Nick Evans
Nick Evans 11 dagar sedan
As does the USA
Federico Modolo
Federico Modolo 13 dagar sedan
may 2021?
Lie Khiun
Lie Khiun 13 dagar sedan
F1 Turkey Is Back In 2021 See You At 11-13 June
django1123 13 dagar sedan
The more you watch this highlights, the more you realize the GOAT Hamilton is
JayJay 13 dagar sedan
Enilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes
Enilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes 13 dagar sedan
Wow this moment for a special
enzi_ramsey 14 dagar sedan
@Netflix are you gonna miss this adventure again? Like @CodeMasters ?
N O T Z E PELAA 14 dagar sedan
So nobody saw hamilton in the 1st corner tapping Ricciardo
Zachary 14 dagar sedan
10:44, little did they know...
Arda 14 dagar sedan
Knock knock! guess who's back?
Stanley Lau
Stanley Lau 14 dagar sedan
Back here for 2021. Hoping for more excitement in Istanbul Park.
Kerem Şahin
Kerem Şahin 14 dagar sedan
Legend come back
David Ellis
David Ellis 14 dagar sedan
So we are going back to Turkey in 2021 great stuff,as the Canadian GP got the chop, hopefully the track will be better this time, and we will see the cars blasting through turn 8 which we were denied last year .
Eyup Mert Sahin
Eyup Mert Sahin 15 dagar sedan
WE ARE BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
سيتيا سوباندي
سيتيا سوباندي 15 dagar sedan
which will be held in 2021 have not
Chasedi9 15 dagar sedan
Don’t mind me, just watching this after the announcement that Istanbul will replace Canada this year.
JM 15 dagar sedan
Who's here after Turkey replaced Canada?
Louis 17 dagar sedan
Don’t mind me guys, just rewatching this again
Héctor 17 dagar sedan
Checo Vs Ferrari 👊🤠👌
Rakstarr Unlimited
Rakstarr Unlimited 17 dagar sedan
10:46 Aged like milk
cash nk
cash nk 18 dagar sedan
MultipackJam 18 dagar sedan
Crofty is just awful
chumleyok 19 dagar sedan
Lol. Hamilton is such a cheesy nerd.
Kadıköy Sakini
Kadıköy Sakini 19 dagar sedan
Zachray John Ninan
Zachray John Ninan 19 dagar sedan
He also wants to forget his weekend in Imola, he’s trash in rainy weather. Does donuts all day
Milton Flusk
Milton Flusk 19 dagar sedan
This race just proved you can't buy a W
Sheikh Muktadir
Sheikh Muktadir 20 dagar sedan
Sebastian Vettel is back on the podium 💚💚💚💚💚
Kshitij Sirohi
Kshitij Sirohi 21 dag sedan
10:47 "Lewis hamilton surely cant go to the end of the race on the tires he is on".. That aged sweetly so as the tires!
Adams Leye
Adams Leye 22 dagar sedan
Speed, wheel to wheel racing, tire management, a lot of drivers have those talents but the ability to bring all of those into masterclass racecraft and making the absolute best of the package and the conditions throughout the race as it happens? I can only think of two who outclass everyone else: Hamilton and Alonso. The only difference is Hamilton has had the results and stats on his side. What a way to win! If it's not dramatic it's not Ham.
The Internaut
The Internaut 23 dagar sedan
This is so much more exciting than the british grand prix
davidca96 23 dagar sedan
lamelton zzzzzz
CheedeeTV 24 dagar sedan
Crofty : "Lewis Hamilton can surely not get to the end of the race with his set of tyres" Hamilton : Hold my slick inters
Luu Duong Hy
Luu Duong Hy 24 dagar sedan
Ocon radio after spinning in first corner: Mein got mut a sein, Ricciardo is an idiot!
Trauma 25 dagar sedan
Onboard cams are so much more interesting, watching from the top the cars seem so slow
Sven de men
Sven de men 26 dagar sedan
Still think stroll could have taken the dub this day. If hé Just ignored his team and didn't have damage😂
Indigofruit 26 dagar sedan
The impressive thing about Valteri's spins was that the TV showed all of them. I am surprised they didn't rank them afterwards.
Alexis Heude
Alexis Heude 26 dagar sedan
Ban Turkey, a terrorist country!
Giuseppe Cavataio
Giuseppe Cavataio 26 dagar sedan
La Mercedes fa un campionato a parte,schifo Ferrari,come al solito!!!
Wildflower villa
Wildflower villa 27 dagar sedan
They should have Williams VSC because it the slowest car on the grid
Sam Freeman
Sam Freeman 28 dagar sedan
The edit on Lewis visor
badis hamzaoui
badis hamzaoui 28 dagar sedan
u can see how much people like this race for the simple fact it saw a lot of overtaking
Semih Aygün
Semih Aygün 28 dagar sedan
Turkish Grand Prix is back
Martin Anders
Martin Anders 29 dagar sedan
Formula 1 without an audience is not Formula 1, just a private event.
Vishnu Sharma
Vishnu Sharma 29 dagar sedan
Ferrari will be disappointed as they failed to sabotage sebs race The great Ferrari masterplan stopped working in this race due to absence of Sbinnoto
Vishnu Sharma
Vishnu Sharma 29 dagar sedan
Will go down as one of the best races ever
Roque Santa
Roque Santa 29 dagar sedan
The greatest of all time??? You can’t make that statement, lewis Hamilton would have go head to head with Ayrton Senna with the same car to determine that. Lewis Hamilton has had a way bigger advantage car wise then the other drivers over the last years, only now things are getting more even
nugax 29 dagar sedan
After watching this again. Just one sentence: FuNk you Netflix 🖕🏻 Seriously!
Axel Mgs
Axel Mgs Månad sedan
I've never seen a weirder race start lol
Greg Lialios
Greg Lialios Månad sedan
The silent kilometer technically tickle because dragonfly feasibly hook past a abrupt gauge. spurious, confused look
doom guy
doom guy Månad sedan
Hamilton showed us he is a real driver in this tough conditions not just in soft conditions.
Willem Mevius
Willem Mevius Månad sedan
If you see this race it is clear that there is a rule change necessary: a race should be postponed if it doesn't rain.
AMJITH MA Månad sedan
Bottas spinning in sympathy 😂
XSG_ Majs
XSG_ Majs Månad sedan
Bottas drift 😂 7:58
Nick Barnes
Nick Barnes Månad sedan
The warm weasel retrospectively fax because orchestra postnatally educate pro a innocent duckling. jumbled, remarkable cockroach
Joshua Dunn
Joshua Dunn Månad sedan
18:13 jesus christ he chucked that thing up there
John Micheal
John Micheal Månad sedan
I've never seen a more well rounded driver than Hamilton in my life! He studied speed and defense from Senna, he fine tuned the art of overtaking from Alonso and he mastered and expanded on Button's brilliant tire management. And when him and Max finally had a chance to rumble mono y mono, he took the young prodigy to school while at a disadvantage. All without ever having to cheat. Hamilton, I salute you brother! As if that wasn't enough, you are following in the foot steps of the brave leaders before you that fought for equality for all across the board. Greatest champion of all time IMHO!
MitsuFQ400 Månad sedan
2021 season needs to be all wet.if we wanna see even olaying field. all car control skills.
Noel Kevin Siason
Noel Kevin Siason Månad sedan
Seb really squeezed the limits of that Ferrari. They had a pretty bad 2020 unit.
Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird Månad sedan
The plain blue characteristically untidy because field univariably bubble toward a organic authority. meaty, quickest whorl
El Duderino
El Duderino Månad sedan
Race of the year for sure! What a great track!
hacktop amasdos
hacktop amasdos Månad sedan
Ferdi Månad sedan
sad for alex albon :(
Jan Verboven
Jan Verboven Månad sedan
To the Dutch: Verstappen has 'verstapt' himself again - as in the opener of 2021 - Clearly he has the race craft but has been given everything of the best material in the Red bull way - again.
Ersin A.Cevahir
Ersin A.Cevahir Månad sedan
Was the best 2020
Nero Månad sedan
Hamilton is the tyre management magician
Nico Zana
Nico Zana Månad sedan
*best race of the season*
Kucing Kejeblos
Kucing Kejeblos Månad sedan
Vettel is still ferrari last race winner and last podium finisher
MuDdY Mudd
MuDdY Mudd Månad sedan
Worst commentator ever ; no excitement!!
Raymand Doks
Raymand Doks Månad sedan
15:05... Really? 18% of the vote for The winner who came from 3rd and made his tyres last all the way? He is the 3rd best driver of the day? Whatever, biased F1 fans 🤣🤣
M&M 123
M&M 123 Månad sedan
M&M 123
M&M 123 Månad sedan
S4M 134R10W
S4M 134R10W Månad sedan
Stroll he’s such a little brat it’s unbelievable 🤦🏼‍♂️ little daddy’s boy
Nick Barnes
Nick Barnes Månad sedan
The tan swiss generically attack because postage obviously whistle midst a wretched cardigan. wild, vacuous bangle
Sonam Ghale
Sonam Ghale Månad sedan
Simone Trafford
Simone Trafford Månad sedan
The second bridge continuously unite because dungeon clasically thank onto a hushed handsaw. foregoing, odd parrot
waseeoe9 Månad sedan
18 Minutes of Race Highlights and Netflix completely ignored it.
1000 Kelvin
1000 Kelvin Månad sedan
hamilton got lucky there verstappen and albon spun he basically got 2 free places if they hadn't have spun he wouldn't have won
Toro Loco
Toro Loco Månad sedan
so you're saying driving better, conserving tyre life and not spinning is now luck??
Mert E
Mert E Månad sedan
gokhan sari
gokhan sari Månad sedan
most excited race in 2020 that's why it should be in 2021!
Beatrice Hudson
Beatrice Hudson Månad sedan
Bring back Turkish GP pleaseeeeeeeeee
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