100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]

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Luke TheNotable

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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft Superflat worlds are very notable. The entire world is SUPERFLAT, with only 3 layers of dirt and then unbreakable bedrock. In this video, I will survive for 100 Days in a Minecraft Superflat World on Hardcore mode. If I die my entire world will be deleted. So watch me run from the slimes and make hella profits in 100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]
World Download - www.mediafire.com/file/y4xqwxuck8jpcqz/100_Days_-_%255BHardcore_Superflat%255D.rar/file
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Editor - Tors
0:00 Day 1 - 10
3:12 Day 11- 20
5:48 Day 21 - 30
8:39 Day 31 - 40
11:37 Day 41 - 50
14:32 Day 51 - 60
17:21 Day 61-70
20:33 Day 71-80
23:50 Day 81-90
26:57 Day 91-100

Luke TheNotable
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Me cool Of course
Me cool Of course 9 dagar sedan
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Sasuke Uchiha 9 dagar sedan
U too
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Ed McDonald 9 dagar sedan
You too
sara drummond
sara drummond 9 dagar sedan
Me and my sister LOVE these videos of 100 days in Minecraft
Lober wit da Sweata
Lober wit da Sweata 9 dagar sedan
Josh 6 minuter sedan
Wait i used to watch you play fornite ages ago wtf
Jack MacDonald
Jack MacDonald 13 minuter sedan
why not 3000 days?
dwadw adwad
dwadw adwad 31 minut sedan
comment for the algorithm
Ms Summerville's WAP
Ms Summerville's WAP 37 minuter sedan
Does anyone else remember how Superflat worlds used to make the Nether flat?
dumby thick 99 jr dumby thick
dumby thick 99 jr dumby thick 56 minuter sedan
Were 3000 days
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comment for the algorithm
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Frankie Payne Timme sedan
More flat earth!!!!!!
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Vít Salava 30 minuter sedan
y e s
Kazi Hannan
Kazi Hannan Timme sedan
It's very difficult in flat 😄😄😄
Thies Wolda
Thies Wolda Timme sedan
How did he get a lodestone compass if he only got one piece of ancient debris
Nog opzz
Nog opzz Timme sedan
Please can you do 100 games of rocket league
Vilik Semerak
Vilik Semerak 2 timmar sedan
respect to you sir
Vilik Semerak
Vilik Semerak 2 timmar sedan
respect to you sir
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Robotic Mango 2 timmar sedan
commenting so the algorithm favours this video
Sean Jershon Kwan
Sean Jershon Kwan 2 timmar sedan
Sir LUKE! :> When is 200 days with the TORS!
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Helga Walczynski 2 timmar sedan
The bouncy delete intriguinly rule because picture shortly unfasten beyond a accessible century. truthful, tangy lan
Mgoldenboyz 2 timmar sedan
Man has thousands of hours in Minecraft and still calls nether wart nether rack
Aaron Adelyn Liu
Aaron Adelyn Liu 2 timmar sedan
I didnt know this is possible 😂
Llama Guy
Llama Guy 2 timmar sedan
please make 200 days or 1000
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Jeffrey Baker 3 timmar sedan
The questionable slope histologically double because willow contradictorily release next a tender tense beach. amused, economic prepared
ChoBro 1449
ChoBro 1449 3 timmar sedan
We need the part 2
Tony Le
Tony Le 3 timmar sedan
continue this series!!! it's awesome
Noahplays Minecraft
Noahplays Minecraft 3 timmar sedan
Keep up with the good content👍
Seegwan Mason
Seegwan Mason 3 timmar sedan
Try vr mine craft for 100 days
Bass Beginner
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Jing Lira
Jing Lira 4 timmar sedan
I wont you to make 2000 days in MINCRAFT luke
Briar Rose
Briar Rose 4 timmar sedan
you even manage to make superflat survival entertaining, but I gotta say I would love to see you try modded survival!
ProAtBeingNub 4 timmar sedan
Notable’s base: *Walls* Me an intellectual: *Attack On Titan*
Ghost_bunny 4 timmar sedan
Jeffrey Baker
Jeffrey Baker 4 timmar sedan
The regular interest reportedly spark because state conspicuously examine athwart a eager revolver. torpid, subsequent spike
Adanthegamer1036 4 timmar sedan
U should do 100 days on education edition
Cheese Sandwich
Cheese Sandwich 5 timmar sedan
10:00 Netherack Is EVERYWHERE You Mean Nether Wart Didn't You?
Itgel Gantaukh
Itgel Gantaukh 6 timmar sedan
Do it with 3 people pls if you don’t have people to play with then you can call me pls but we might have some hour different I live in 🇲🇳 Mongolia
Charlemagne Cabinatan
Charlemagne Cabinatan 6 timmar sedan
Bruh you have to build a house you cut the tree😑 you need to build a house😑
Unwanted Person
Unwanted Person 6 timmar sedan
This is why I play minecraft and other games, Keep up the good work comrade.
SwitchGamer27 6 timmar sedan
Didn't the nether used to be superflat in superflat worlds?
SwitchGamer27 6 timmar sedan
This man can do more in superflat then i can in normal...
LB 6 timmar sedan
Wait, how did you get trees? With trees it isn't that hard to survive in superflat
no one
no one 6 timmar sedan
@SwitchGamer27 yes
SwitchGamer27 6 timmar sedan
Sapplings spawn in villager chests. Nothing else needs to be said
no one
no one 6 timmar sedan
he traded for saplings or found them in a village chest.
Memebank24 7 timmar sedan
*Пфффф я потерял 100 дней жизни смотря видео по Майнкрафту* 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
no one
no one 6 timmar sedan
translation: Pffff I lost 100 days of my life watching a video on Minecraft 😂
Aiden Olson
Aiden Olson 7 timmar sedan
Can you do 200 days with the tours
Abraham Ndraha
Abraham Ndraha 6 timmar sedan
i agree
Ares _XSnipe
Ares _XSnipe 7 timmar sedan
100 days in hardcore rlcraft (I would love to see you try this/attempt it)
Remy Nadeau
Remy Nadeau 7 timmar sedan
I wanna see 200 days on super flat
Chanel Black Widow
Chanel Black Widow 7 timmar sedan
10 million views yet only 569 likes... what is wrong with these people???
_Skeleman_ 7 timmar sedan
@Poptart r/woosh
Poptart 7 timmar sedan
The K means thousands
Poptart 7 timmar sedan
You mean 569K likes?
Minecreep 42
Minecreep 42 8 timmar sedan
I was inspired they did this on a super flat world but I didn’t record it!
Liam jacob Torralba
Liam jacob Torralba 8 timmar sedan
200 day superflat or 200 days with tors pls like if you agree
JAMES FLORES 8 timmar sedan
The dysfunctional crow phylogentically live because shears noteworthily depend per a zonked song. perfect, workable feather
Mr.DarshGamer 8 timmar sedan
I need the seed of this World pls
ԫLGS丨Alex 8 timmar sedan
200 days if you get 600k likes
Found 8 timmar sedan
Remember when this guy played fortnite?
R&J Gaming
R&J Gaming 8 timmar sedan
yeah i mainley watch his old vids sience im a fortnite fan
Chanel Black Widow
Chanel Black Widow 8 timmar sedan
X MyDays
X MyDays 8 timmar sedan
can you do 100 days on sky block
Dr. Butter
Dr. Butter 8 timmar sedan
Lone wolf2000
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all comments are in secconds and minutes
Lone wolf2000
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@Andy_t2012 - Roblox waiy you play roblox
Andy_t2012 - Roblox
Andy_t2012 - Roblox 8 timmar sedan
Yea so stop spamming
Lone wolf2000
Lone wolf2000 8 timmar sedan
all comments are in secconds and minutes
Liam jacob Torralba
Liam jacob Torralba 8 timmar sedan
stop spamming
Lone wolf2000
Lone wolf2000 8 timmar sedan
all comments are in secconds and minutes
Liam jacob Torralba
Liam jacob Torralba 8 timmar sedan
stop spamming
Lone wolf2000
Lone wolf2000 8 timmar sedan
all comments are in secconds and minutes
Liam jacob Torralba
Liam jacob Torralba 8 timmar sedan
stop spamming
Lone wolf2000
Lone wolf2000 8 timmar sedan
all comments are in secconds and minutes
Liam jacob Torralba
Liam jacob Torralba 8 timmar sedan
ill reprt you for spaming if you dont stop
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Joanna 8 timmar sedan
Do Fortnite 100 days lazy lake
LStudios 9 timmar sedan
I started a super flat world after watching this video thanks for showing me this hit the like button been subbed for like a year now
Esther Yang
Esther Yang 8 timmar sedan
How do you start a superflat
Blake Bricker
Blake Bricker 9 timmar sedan
Luke, did you or did you not generate your world with strongholds? Default superflat worlds do *NOT* spawn with strongholds. It's sad but true. :(
Sarah Kuder
Sarah Kuder 9 timmar sedan
The probable degree predominantly spark because magazine quantitatively unpack a a unadvised friday. scandalous, thoughtful ptarmigan
The Naturals
The Naturals 9 timmar sedan
Make 200 I want to Torres
Liam jacob Torralba
Liam jacob Torralba 8 timmar sedan
me too
noglas uncle
noglas uncle 9 timmar sedan
Luke’s house be looking like my 8 year old one
Robert Curry
Robert Curry 9 timmar sedan
Happy early birthday luke. Saturday you’ll be one year older! I share a birthday with you so I’ll be celebrating with you. I hope you enjoy your birthday just as much as I enjoy mine.
huskycloud 10 timmar sedan
Please do part 2 :)!!
Shuttle 10 timmar sedan
Vincent Brier
Vincent Brier 10 timmar sedan
"some slime protested my wall so I killed them" Kinda sounds like a specific government, if you know what I mean
od_acid 8 timmar sedan
No sounds like some boys in the east
NinjaDerp500 10 timmar sedan
Gee I think it does sound like a country maybe like that United place, but I’m not sure
Liam Sefton
Liam Sefton 10 timmar sedan
I love this
Cyclon 10 timmar sedan
Make this a series
Keenua 10 timmar sedan
Hey Luke when are you gonna play fortnite
Wheatley has a Vector
Wheatley has a Vector 10 timmar sedan
VampiricN1ght 10 timmar sedan
Super flat nether was a thing in older superflat, but they removed it eventually... still don't know why
Ender Mine
Ender Mine 11 timmar sedan
Do more
Noah Doyle
Noah Doyle 11 timmar sedan
Slime rancher???
Aetriz 11 timmar sedan
Im so suprised that u can do all this in a superflat world
Bryce Brown
Bryce Brown 11 timmar sedan
Do Fortnite 100 days lazy lake
Karen McDonnell
Karen McDonnell 11 timmar sedan
Subscribe to MXT ned
FTW DETTAH 11 timmar sedan
I forgot I subscribed to this guy. I subscribed for halo content years ago
rufus and viridis
rufus and viridis 12 timmar sedan
Does your dad work at Minecraft
EpicFatMann 12 timmar sedan
Is this modded?
aeronaut707 10 timmar sedan
Itss Clarity
Itss Clarity 12 timmar sedan
The frightened frightening full fumbling functional currency evolutionarily crush because calculus excitingly flash including a agonizing screwdriver. uttermost, staking goose
EtherRanger 12 timmar sedan
Luke you can find floating strongholds in super flat and you can find floating mineshafts
SiegeTurtleZ 12 timmar sedan
Wait elytra is not pronounced eh-lie-truh? Thats so wild lmao
DippyDoo 12 timmar sedan
Hey, I know you don't really do this anymore but for your fortnite videos, how do you decide how many drops you do eg. Frosty Flights - 20 drops, Polar Peaks - 100 drops
Mark Lanier
Mark Lanier 12 timmar sedan
Please continue!
Joanna 12 timmar sedan
SHADOW LORD 12 timmar sedan
Luke why do you play minecraft with the alex skin
Bot killer Uze
Bot killer Uze 10 timmar sedan
Because he’s wants to
Mattijs Provoost
Mattijs Provoost 13 timmar sedan
I would recommend doing 100 days desert only world Getting saplings is really tricky but possible
Luke the Nuke
Luke the Nuke 13 timmar sedan
PLZ DO 200 DAYS!!!!
Dave_playz YT
Dave_playz YT 13 timmar sedan
I got baby yoda in one day, and this is what happened.. (my concept for this battle pass )
richplayz games
richplayz games 13 timmar sedan
Do 100 days terraria
Amy Major
Amy Major 12 timmar sedan
Check out happydays he did 100 days hardcore terraria
Ethan Estrada
Ethan Estrada 13 timmar sedan
Richard T. Rogers
Richard T. Rogers 13 timmar sedan
PLEASE do another 100 days!!
Jackson Nee
Jackson Nee 13 timmar sedan
Hey Luke, you should go check out this guys SEpost channel called: LockDownLife, and search the video that says We survived 100 days in Hardcore Minecraft- Duo Minecraft Hardcore 100 days and skip to days 85-90 and their will be A surprise their for you.
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 13 timmar sedan
this series is cool please keep doing it ;)
Matej Šajdík
Matej Šajdík 13 timmar sedan
Am I the only one who just want to listen to his voice?🥲😍
Nap 14 timmar sedan
Idk why this Alex is crying.
Connor Birch
Connor Birch 14 timmar sedan
The spotted pediatrician effectively fill because tramp prominently damage anenst a aromatic printer. macho, unusual soccer
Anne Mulvany
Anne Mulvany 14 timmar sedan
Umm what does at least 1 of those words mean!!!!!!!
Nyan Prime
Nyan Prime 14 timmar sedan
he should try terrara
Hanna Berggren
Hanna Berggren 13 timmar sedan
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