10 Winter Car TIPS & TRICKS you NEED to Know

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If you live somewhere that gets snow, this video will teach you some helpful tips and tricks I have learned over the years to prepare your car for the snow! Learn how to remove ice from your windshield and how to remove snow from your car quickly without scratching the paint. I also show you how to prevent your door and lock from getting frozen shut and many more tips and tricks! I even show you how to use a car detailing spray to prevent the snow from sticking!
Windshield Snow/Ice Shield: amzn.to/3dsj3Aj
Silicone Spray: amzn.to/3blnREZ
Snow Removal Brush: amzn.to/3pG3OpY
Windshield Washer Fluid: advanceautoparts.rt8x.net/jWXJd6
Ceramic Spray: advanceautoparts.rt8x.net/15eZAx
Strong Leaf Blower: amzn.to/3bg1II4
How to get more traction on snow and ice: 0:40
How to get out of your driveway or parking spot safely: 1:48
How to top off washer fluid: 2:51
How to prevent doors and locks from freezing: 3:13
How to prevent ice from sticking to your windshield: 5:55
How to prevent snow from sticking to shovel: 8:29
How to prevent scratching your paint while removing snow: 9:25
How to remove snow without touching it: 10:10
How to remove ice from glass: 12:43

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ChrisFix 5 dagar sedan
Hopefully these tips are helpful. The weather has been horrible here with snow ever couple of days which has put a hamper on filming my regular How-To videos. Hopefully the snow melts soon! I have some awesome videos coming!!!
abo abdo
abo abdo 10 timmar sedan
A question about rebuilding the engine please and thank you
freddie cruz
freddie cruz 12 timmar sedan
The best recomendation I can gave personally is , have a old car to use in winter and don't use the new cars to avoid the corrosion , and if your going to use your new car , put grease underneath the chasis and the floor , in my experience the car does not rust , you have to spread the grease well that covers everything and withuot much excess and after the winter wash it with degreaser and put 6-56 marine oil to lubricate all , I do it personally and it works but if you can not use new cars in winter better. And follow the tips of the video , very good ideas.
Roy Casiano
Roy Casiano 16 timmar sedan
@Burncrash05 pop
Baptist Joshua
Baptist Joshua Dag sedan
@TheClumsyNinja Wow! Thanks! I really appreciate this. I will have to research this model. "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;" Romans 3:23 "But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8 "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Romans 6:23 "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast." Ephesians 2:8-9 “Now we know that what things soever the law saith, it saith to them who are under the law: that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God. Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin.” Romans 3:19-20 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16 "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation." Romans 10:9-10
TheClumsyNinja Dag sedan
@Baptist Joshua I loved my 2010 Dodge ram 1500 quad cab it was great looked good. I drive 30 minutes to and from work and I only had to fill up once every 6-7days (not including the occasional drives with the boys)
robert papp
robert papp 2 timmar sedan
I moved to Florida.. No more problem.. :D
Derek Macdonald
Derek Macdonald 2 timmar sedan
lol wipers up. i use a tarp and all i got to do is take it off and no snow or ice. been doing that since high school. i use a 20 x 16 tarp.
Riyadh can play any games
Riyadh can play any games 2 timmar sedan
Hey Chris! I missed your 1995 ford Windstar
Julian Ortega
Julian Ortega 2 timmar sedan
Hey ChrisFix i recommend using a high end leaf Blower like an echo 8010. They are nice and have tons of power!
Caleb Ofori
Caleb Ofori 2 timmar sedan
You should open a repair shop. I can see you being the owner of multiple “Chris Fix” chain repair shops
Paul T McNulty
Paul T McNulty 3 timmar sedan
or you could park in the garage which is easier but we had a snowstorm and the lights went out couldn't get the car out had to get a ride to work who wouldn't thought combat parking never heard that one
Lucas Garcia
Lucas Garcia 3 timmar sedan
Here I am, a brazilian watching this video just because I love the content.
kk84 kk84
kk84 kk84 3 timmar sedan
Snow storm tips just in time for spring!
Master Blake
Master Blake 3 timmar sedan
Or, just park your car in the garage Lol
332sdfsd 3 timmar sedan
You kept the Jaguar?
Hassan Rahman
Hassan Rahman 3 timmar sedan
Why not create a DIY shelter to cover your cars in the drive way so you don't even need to worry about snow,rain, hail etc
TheFairburn 3 timmar sedan
I've never heard of back-in parking referred to as 'combat parking', but I'm using that from now on 😂
Benito Camelas
Benito Camelas 3 timmar sedan
keep ur cars in the garage- 2021 words of wisdom
Corey Archer
Corey Archer 3 timmar sedan
Hey where did the driftstang go I really want to see it drift again
Prodigy Manny
Prodigy Manny 4 timmar sedan
smallfaucet 4 timmar sedan
smallfaucet 4 timmar sedan
Are we just going to ignore the CEL?
YoMationn 4 timmar sedan
Who else is here just because it looked interesting here where I live it never snows lmao
Koltrain 4 timmar sedan
Ah yes a winter tips and tricks video after winter is over
TheOfficialBexis 4 timmar sedan
Chris Fix making life hack videos now
Xendo lawesome
Xendo lawesome 4 timmar sedan
So I have a real question for Chris. I saw on Instagram of someone drilling holes in their exhaust to make is louder, and I don't mean in the very end but in the container just before the pipe at the very back (don't know the term) can you please let me know if this is real or not. I would highly appreciate that
OloVed 5 timmar sedan
What about cold start?
Brendan Carpenter
Brendan Carpenter 5 timmar sedan
I'll be sure to send this to my mom and sisters...and I'll continue to do things like a man.
Riyadh can play any games
Riyadh can play any games 5 timmar sedan
I hope u get 10M subs to get a diamond play button
Emilio José
Emilio José 5 timmar sedan
I don't know what am I doing here, because I live in the caribbean... 🌅🏖️🔥
Joe Blanco
Joe Blanco 5 timmar sedan
Hey Chris. Can u make a video on how to fix a fuel gauge. My reading isn’t consistent.
DD___DC 6 timmar sedan
If ur ever in a pinch just wack ur windowz like ur playin wack-a-moe 🤔🤔😂😂 stay tuuuned more chrisfix Tipz
DD___DC 6 timmar sedan
1.3k dislike diz video r car windows installers 🤔🤔😂😂
DogSter06 6 timmar sedan
Chris you must play car mechanic on your channel and tell ues how realistic it is
Ty Trotter
Ty Trotter 6 timmar sedan
I cant believe you drive a jag and didnt buy 2. Don't you wanna drive one while your working on the other.
Nathanael Stephens
Nathanael Stephens 6 timmar sedan
I live in Minnesota.... Chris, you're great, but you just don't get it.
Miquel Alis
Miquel Alis 6 timmar sedan
Man, i live in Andorra, i’m used to snow storms and i can tell you the only thing you need is gas and nee good snow tires, with that you can go anywhere
TheRyansLion 6 timmar sedan
I would’ve liked to see snow driving tips as well. Maybe a future video idea?
BigLeagueChew 6
BigLeagueChew 6 7 timmar sedan
Chrisfix went off the deep end these videos suck
M A 7 timmar sedan
Instead of going through all that trouble, why not simply buy a car cover ... couple of quids and they protect the windscreen, side mirrors, hood and everything.
Luke Southworth
Luke Southworth 7 timmar sedan
I have better ways and cheaper way
Endy Udo
Endy Udo 7 timmar sedan
One more tip from russia: When its snowing, open windows and doors for 5 minutes before closing your car. It's good to cool down wind glass and snow will not melt on hot glass. Next day there is no ice on wind glass, just fresh snow 👌 Thanks for the videos!👍🏻
Luke Southworth
Luke Southworth 7 timmar sedan
U dont have to back it in and the de icer dont de ice lol
Luke Southworth
Luke Southworth 7 timmar sedan
Just put a some tape over it and put a sheet on it
Kristen Vaughn
Kristen Vaughn 7 timmar sedan
Hi Chris- My 10 year old son is a huge fan of yours and wrote you a fan letter. Do you have a PO Box we can send it to?
Eurobeatmachinist 7 timmar sedan
Pov: you are from texas and you just got 1" of snow.
jakubkrcma 7 timmar sedan
3:04 Like a boss... :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) The engine bay is now very clean... :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
StarNinjaPlayz 7 timmar sedan
Hey Chris I just had a massive snow storm and all your tips really help thanks!
Savage 2021
Savage 2021 8 timmar sedan
My tip is to put in a garage or put on a a car cover way more simple
Dustin Pomeroy
Dustin Pomeroy 8 timmar sedan
I don't deal with that noise,I just let the car run and wait,I'm a patient man
Mariiov ._.
Mariiov ._. 8 timmar sedan
I live in LA, why i watch this whole video
Alem Luksiya
Alem Luksiya 8 timmar sedan
When ur gonna drift again I know it’s 1year ago but I mis it soo mutch
Derrick Hamilton
Derrick Hamilton 8 timmar sedan
i know your hnds cold chris. love the vids can you make a video about what to do if theres oil in 1 of your spark plug wells
Sten netS
Sten netS 9 timmar sedan
There is good and bad with backing in the car, if you have front wheel drive you never get stuck “wheels spinning” if you reverse, I have always (mostly) traction when reversing my front wheel in mud/snow/slippery stuff. I have always driven in to park when it isn’t plowed or whatever “risk to get stuck” case it might be, and always got out.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 9 timmar sedan
Watching this while living in an area it never snows
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 9 timmar sedan
My favorite way is punching out the ice off the glass if you roll down the windows or you could try to punch out the windows too both work 10/10
Mr. Meeseeks
Mr. Meeseeks 9 timmar sedan
Perfect for Texans rn
Jonas Schinkler
Jonas Schinkler 9 timmar sedan
Pro tip, build a small car port. A simple, low cost project that will shield your car from the elements.
Akshay Awhad
Akshay Awhad 9 timmar sedan
I live in India... We never get snow in our place😂
Michael Werbick
Michael Werbick 9 timmar sedan
shuttsco snow rake is the best and does not scratch your paint. Well Ive used mine for 10+ years and never scratched it. works with heavier snow too. Also, dont drive with high heat on the windshield. That way when its snowing when you drive, it wont ice up if its still snowing.
Larry Hadley
Larry Hadley 9 timmar sedan
I’m 64 and thought I knew it all, me bad, thanks for a few new tips Chris.
Petzouqi 9 timmar sedan
I used cold water on hot glass at the age of 9 and I broke the RAM 1500 Windshield. Learned my lesson lol
Cam Dunlop
Cam Dunlop 10 timmar sedan
I run a small space heater in my car overnight. Melts all the snow/ice and the car is toasty warm in the morning.
Sithika Nanayakkare
Sithika Nanayakkare 10 timmar sedan
Him:10 Winter Car TIPS & TRICKS you NEED to Know!! Me,a 12 year old who dosen't have car and lives in tropical climate:oOh iNteReSTiNg
Nicholas Beer
Nicholas Beer 10 timmar sedan
Snow like that you just hit the wipers once and drive away.. the snow will just blow off as you drive
Dorian Perez
Dorian Perez 10 timmar sedan
An old cd works pretty good to scrape off ice. Thx for the tip n your vids very informative
ÄitisRakas 10 timmar sedan
When using hot water in bag to melt ice off the windows remember to wipe windows so they are dry or that water will freeze and u cant see enything
Bryan 10 timmar sedan
3:54, what you doing step can??
Nisco Racing
Nisco Racing 10 timmar sedan
3:10 Never fixed the cap, Chris you told us you would fix it!
YTPandy 11 timmar sedan
Goose 11 timmar sedan
Hi, great tips, especially for me because I live in Northern Ontario where we have to deal with snow and ice for months at a time each year, plus I'm a driving instructor so always on the road. I'm guessing that silicone spray can work for frozen gas tank doors/latches, too, eh?
FreakzRitual 11 timmar sedan
How about a tip to keep the ice buildup in your wheelwells?
PyroX 11 timmar sedan
My favorite way is punching out the ice off the glass if you roll down the windows or you could try to punch out the windows too both work 10/10
Stefandi Citrajaya
Stefandi Citrajaya 12 timmar sedan
no snow on my country but this is very good to watch :)
Tyler 12 timmar sedan
this guy deserves whatever youtube rewards and pay that is available. He's the best teacher on youtube
It's FatBoyMike
It's FatBoyMike 12 timmar sedan
Park in a heated garage. No snow, no ice, no frozen locks. Clean, warm, and ready to roll.
Carlo Reyes
Carlo Reyes 12 timmar sedan
👍👍👍👍👍... ✌🏻🇨🇦...
Awdconnor 12 timmar sedan
Zachary Hartman
Zachary Hartman 13 timmar sedan
What tires are on that Toyota pickup?
DenzyPlayz 13 timmar sedan
I don't need to spray my hood latch with the silicone, because 1. there's not much snow in Texas. 2. The hood latch doesn't work. 3. I know exactly where the hood latch is to open the hood. And 4. the car doesnt start with a jumpstarter anyways
Dan Arganbright
Dan Arganbright 13 timmar sedan
sweet truck!
Mostafa B
Mostafa B 13 timmar sedan
My country never snows but i still watched the whole video 😂
JJ JJ 13 timmar sedan
Two words, "remote starter".
Viktor Hardt
Viktor Hardt 13 timmar sedan
Just use magnets for the trasch bags
xavier sanchez
xavier sanchez 14 timmar sedan
Hello Chris, I’ve being watching your videos they are awsome very informative, I wanted to ask you about a 2011 forester AWD, last week I try going up a tiny hill w/ snow. My front wheels kept spinning but my rear wheels did nothing.!!! I have zero codes, zero warming lights, no big noise, there’s no fuse on the fwd option. My car drives smooth, runs good. But awd doesn’t engaged Do you have any idea what could cause something like this??
mdroproductions d
mdroproductions d 14 timmar sedan
What radio is that in the Ranger?
hacatan24 14 timmar sedan
I sometimes pray that blue bottle that you use on my front windshield because when it's snowing it doesn't stick
Alex Econ
Alex Econ 14 timmar sedan
Hello Chris do you have a gadget to worm the engine and maby the transmission oil before we start the engine to avoid the damages ?
Jorge Tijerina
Jorge Tijerina 14 timmar sedan
people in texas watching this
Soroush Hosseini
Soroush Hosseini 14 timmar sedan
Me: lives in a desert city haven't seen snow in 7 years. chrisfix: car tips for winter and snowstorms. Me: clicks on video.......it's better to prepared
Abdulllah Alshawi
Abdulllah Alshawi 15 timmar sedan
My car is frozen and I have to get to work Please help me
The Rooster
The Rooster 15 timmar sedan
12:41 oopsies😶
hugos sotos
hugos sotos 15 timmar sedan
If big brain was a person, not hating tho. His lifehacks are actually useful NGL
Jameson T
Jameson T 15 timmar sedan
ChrisFix firsts: Ceramic coat a snow shovel
Serdean Denis
Serdean Denis 15 timmar sedan
How to combat the snow: start your car , let it warm up,blast the heat while you clean the snow from car, use good winter tyers and you are good to go
keti. n
keti. n 15 timmar sedan
I used to melt the ice on my wind shield with hot coffee I prepared for the road. I don't know why I got so lucky for it to never even crack.
Casper Bendix
Casper Bendix 15 timmar sedan
Where is the mustang
Matthew Gille
Matthew Gille 15 timmar sedan
Nice cars dude can’t even afford an suv or newer cars
Space-Man Gympy
Space-Man Gympy 15 timmar sedan
This video would have been great for us Texans two weeks ago.
Jordan Seymour
Jordan Seymour 15 timmar sedan
Don't lift your wipers! Most winter storms are accompanied by strong wind, and I have seen many windshields cracked by wiper blades coming down during a storm. If you're concerned about freezing, use a trash bag over the wipers similar to the zip lock bag over the side mirrors.
Ali Nasir
Ali Nasir 15 timmar sedan
Why am I watching this I live in Dubai
Gustavo Lorenzi
Gustavo Lorenzi 15 timmar sedan
I do live in brazil, why am I watching this?
Cup of Joe
Cup of Joe 15 timmar sedan
Also make sure there is no snow in the exhaust before you start your car. It can plug up the exhaust and cause it to go into the cabin.
VIP-Jad 68
VIP-Jad 68 15 timmar sedan
Do yo live in canada
Avon Lame
Avon Lame 16 timmar sedan
He really pulled through with the rhymes🔥
Lekë Prapashtica
Lekë Prapashtica 16 timmar sedan
i am not even old to drive but i like your videos
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